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I want to see SLI or tri-SLI of these babies, then i bet real-time ray tracing at [email protected]+ would be on the cards(pun intended)the only problem with that would be no dev would do it for the 20-30 people in the world that has a system like it. Shame.

If money wasn't an issue I wonder if games could look like a bluray film.

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I eat babies as well!
Orange and black ones are the best.

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"Excuse me so everyone who owns that EVGA GTX 670 superclocked are having their cards with artifacts on normal windows as bullshitting as well?"

So its nvidias fault if EVGA have messed up?

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Fear not peeps and do not believe every piece of bullshit you read.
I've been pushing my 670oc with more oc and playing Pcars on 3 screens for hours at a time and my clock speeds haven't dropped a bit.

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Slam me if you want, I do not give a t*** but Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is becoming annoying

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@markoghc "let's hope the physics are on the same level as visuals."

The physics at the moment are very good and there is still 11-12 months of development before release and they are always working on the physics it just keeps getting better with every new build.

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Why wait for it when you can get it now.

if you like to race you would be mad to miss out also the door to get in on this fast developing game/sim is about to close.

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anyone can try monthly builds of the game for a little as 10 euros @

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I can't wait for the day all 2nd hand goods become illegal: sarcasm

if the software industry manage to stop 2nd hand game sales what or who next Ford, Apple, Ikea, blackburry this would indeed make for an odd world all them things that work just fine will end up on a tip.

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I will not buy a steam console for one simple reason.
I do not like digital content, I want my games on disc and if I can not get the game of choice on disc that is a simple one I just don't play it, there loss not mine.

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>"jeenyus"< Do I have to put anything else, LMAO.
Oh yeah of 'coarse' I do, bitter ass comment.

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EA will only learn when there market share starts to drop. With any luck if that does happen it will be too late for them.

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"I wonder if this has anything to do with the backlash from ME3?":
No i think its all of EA games, rushed and incomplete.

"Though it's not like they ever had the best track record to begin with."

"They did pioneer online passes, after all."
Don't forget Origin yet another stupid idea.

For me its the way they treat the small companies that develop the games for them ...

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I know this is a PC performance analysis but this is how a review should be "informative" and not full of lets polish this turd so we keep getting free stuff.

Good read DSOGaming.

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If consoles could do all these things it would be a pc so just buy a pc.

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Hmm, Is it wrong to fall in love with a graphics card if so I need HELP

Good bye ATI/AMD after many years, hello my first NVIDIA card

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I am thinking about getting in on this game but I need to know some more before I make the jump.

What GFX card would I need to max out the graphics?

Have they built online yet?

How big is the community?, it needs to be really big or it will flop like shift 2

Is there support for 3 screen's.

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I don't understand why this story is in the PC section because Game have hardly sold any PC games for the past 4-5 years thanks to the publishers stopping the sales of 2nd hand games(one game to one account) and once they manage to do this with consoles then everyone will see a huge drop off in sales of new games for consoles then all the blame will be put onto people who pirate software then once they manage to sort that little problem out then it will be mass layoffs(hundreds of thousan...

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Still looks like the trees need a bit more work so do the rock faces apart from that I am looking forward to this game. I am just hoping I do not get bitten twice (shift 2)

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