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What? No way! This is very sad.. :( rip

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Disappointed that portable ops isn't part of the collection. It plays a big role as a prologue to peace walker

Also, the majority of people did not hate MGO, people just hated konami ID, that was the biggest barrier from allowing you to play MGO. I personally had a blast playing MGO on mgs4.

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Awful speaker? His speeches remind me of bob Ross and his explanations of what he's doing on the canvas....happy little clouds man..

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We're going to get trolled.., I can sense it :/ all I wanted was to swing my crowbar and crack some heads in hl3....

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Showing off your wang in public doesn't make you look cool.

The majority of gamers play on consoles for obvious reasons brah. Pick up and play.

I have a gaming pc, and I don't talk about how big the size of my computerized penis is..... Because its stupid to do so.

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Lets be honest here, with or without launching in Japan, it is eventually going to fail there either way.

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When I see this, I feel as if I am trolled by squeenix...I mean wtf.... Go duck yourself square...no really...

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he better GTFO... the xbox business has been going downhill since 2009..

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good GTFO!!! you pretty much ruined the xbox business after 2009.

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thats not Doctor Madnar, thats Kio Marv, from MG2.

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this rumor was bought up from a credible source on neogaf the other day concerning Demon Souls 2...hopefully its true :D

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We've all be trolled!

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"ND's games look good because of ND, not because of how powerful Cell is"

correction, their games look good because they mastered the cell processor. Other Devs didnt. the Cell processor is a very powerful chip if programmed for correctly.

developers didnt wanted to #dealwithit. hence, why we're back on x86 hardware.

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"Xbox One exec says Sony PS4 tech specs are "meaningless", games more important"

the irony of this statement is, Sony has a trustworthy 1st party and has more games in development than microsoft...

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CBOAT told us this was happening.


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not really, people are talking about infamous: second son, and thats a sucker punch title. people are buying a PS4 for lots of other reasons besides naughty dog. you can never go wrong with Sony's 1st party studios, they always bring their big guns.

Also, Mark Cerny is the Bob Ross of gaming, just because of how he explains what he did with the system. Happy little clouds...

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well, thats surprising ,considering that its a western type of game. congrats to naughty dog. they were able to break through the Japanese market with a damn good game.

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It's not that they make too much, it's when they buy for too much, raise expectation levels, and when the dissapointment comes in, they blame the gamers.

Look at EA for instance, they get huge by buying devs such as bioware and pandemic, look what happened after... Although bioware survived, and still lives, pandemic is dea in the water, and they blame gamers for buying used games or piracy, when the fact of the matter is they bought a company for a large amount of mo...

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It just proves what CBOAT had stated back pre-E3, Microsoft payed developers to get on stage and pretend that these multi play games are exclusive to the x1

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