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You're talking like that's a challeng. It's not difficult to set up your own site and be sarcastic. :-)

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Your comments read like an insider.

"Can't wait to play a new Ratchet & Clank game on PS4"

Where else would you play it and why drop all the main names lol

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You remind me of the issue with gamers. You want the bell and whistles but dont want the price tag.

Yet if they make it affordable without the bells and whistles then you complain and say they have lost it. smh

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The wiiu doesn't have friend codes so why would they do that again?

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It's funny how many people are eating humble pie right now. When the controller was thought to be real, there was 250 plus comments and in 21hrs there are only 70 odd comments. Hmmmm

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God Jesus help these gamers and keyboard battlers. A pic and you are all in arms. Just hold on to see the dam thing in action and if you don't want it other people will so bye to you.

Also, Nintendo innovated over and over and over again the controller as we know it so why would they do something with no physical buttons.

Think back to the patent. It sits within a case which is based on a traditional controlled.

The long and short wait...

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God some of these headlines are so annoying. What WAR is there?

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Same. But was Oculus optimizing or xbox one?

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How can anyone look at this piece of crap and think Nintendo would create an entire screen on a pad that your hands would block part of the image? Gullible much!

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lol sorry to laugh.

One thing about Sony that no one can deny is their design so I am defo not worried about that with my big head and glasses.

The greatest company in the world (Apple) learnt from Sony and I am not a fan boy.

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At last someone speaks sense and ain't being blinded or a fanboy

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Calm down mate. They hadn't even stated what the numbers are.

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Was it not EA that announced they were not going to do E3 this year?

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Lol. I love how everyone one was all in till the prices were revealed. Ps VR might be Cheaper but only because it will only work on the one device.

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Welcome to the world of paid content. They will charge the hell out of the extras and sadly this wont stop if gamers keep buying into it.

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I dont think that's what it is. I think they have looked at what listening to you consumer has done for Sony and the PS4 and how it's kind of helped MS with the xbox.

Good on them though and I cant wait

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The state of gamers mind set is so ridiculous. Things pop up and even when it looks fake they get excited or moan. Things will be announced officially so sit back and wait. If you hate Nintendo consoles and games then don't comment.

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This is fake and it's written all over the fact they keep saying NX. I've never known a company to mention/advertise the code name of a system outside of their own company. Also, the description and what's in the box is suspect.

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