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It's the stock market and no stock just stays up.

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Errrrr they have been trading higher than Sony many times before so I don't know why this is surprising. Sony haven't done well as a company in years but the PS4 helped them dig themselves out...for now.

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I'm not sure if you actually know anything or bother researching but I suggest you so. Nintendo is 1 of 3 companies who own the copy right to the Pokemon Francise. They are getting more than 10% and even if you assume 10%vwas true then tell me what is 10% of $7.5 billion added to Nintendos stock value in the last 2 days not including the 35% it went up again last night? There is nothing worse than hating for the sake of hating and not being able to back it up with your own knowledge. Kind...

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These dumb articles yet again. It's not proof of anything apart from what we know which is they make games people want to play. Now if you don't what a full experience on a Nintendo console then go with a shallow experience in a mobile. Absolute stupidness if you ask me. It's like telling apple to put their key things on Android and vice versa. No! If you want to play Nintendo games then invest in their platform and if you don't stop wish it to be on other systems. I own all t...

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It's proof that people should buy Nintendo systems.
You tits can P off and dream about Nintendo games on Sony or MS. Nintendo gave MS Rare and look what they done to that once great studio. If you don't want to buy a Nintendo system them don't and stop moaning.

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What planet are you from? Maybe Sony should make better games that Sony fans are happy to play instead of wanting games from people Nintendo.

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Eerrrrrrr it really doesn't look like much went into the upgrade. I would re buy it just because of some spit abs polish but I would buy if had never played them. Good game

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Why should it when Sony doesn't of an OS on PCs and laptops? Smh

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Nintendo doomed. They are done they can't afford to take chances. Give it 5 minutes and everyone will resume saying the same thing and not look at the facts.

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I don't believe it will be them big cartridges from back in the days.

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No it really isn't. It's Sons of Anarchy meets the last of us. What idiot wrote this! Smh

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So when it comes to a Ps4 game having poor graphics people don't care but yet when it's Nintendo or Xbox one it's a laughing point. Smh

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My god how bored are these authors? Did they not watch the conference to write something with such a dumb header?

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My issue with MS conference was they showed the majority of the games from 2015. This is why there is no point of showing a game that isn't coming in the next 12 months. It was a big fail for me and why announce Scorpio with nothing to show more than a year in advance. It was a dull conference.

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Shock horror...he is black last the last actor. Wonder what idiot racists will say now.

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If Nintendo came out with this people would laugh. Comments to follow to follow lol

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Jesus Christ, you would think a new console generation is coming when it isn't. Keep calm people, it's just a .5 upgrade.

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In gaming we have played with white male characters for years so it's been conditioned. In this day and age I think it's not hard to program a game so we can pick the sex and race of the character to represent ourselves. However, I'm glad UBI soft done this as we black gamers are very much under represented and I hope you have to use this character till the end of the game so you get over your stupid and immature mindsets.

It's funny because gamers love to ...

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The grammar! :-(

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Reaching much!

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