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I don't believe it will be them big cartridges from back in the days.

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No it really isn't. It's Sons of Anarchy meets the last of us. What idiot wrote this! Smh

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So when it comes to a Ps4 game having poor graphics people don't care but yet when it's Nintendo or Xbox one it's a laughing point. Smh

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My god how bored are these authors? Did they not watch the conference to write something with such a dumb header?

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My issue with MS conference was they showed the majority of the games from 2015. This is why there is no point of showing a game that isn't coming in the next 12 months. It was a big fail for me and why announce Scorpio with nothing to show more than a year in advance. It was a dull conference.

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Shock horror...he is black last the last actor. Wonder what idiot racists will say now.

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If Nintendo came out with this people would laugh. Comments to follow to follow lol

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Jesus Christ, you would think a new console generation is coming when it isn't. Keep calm people, it's just a .5 upgrade.

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In gaming we have played with white male characters for years so it's been conditioned. In this day and age I think it's not hard to program a game so we can pick the sex and race of the character to represent ourselves. However, I'm glad UBI soft done this as we black gamers are very much under represented and I hope you have to use this character till the end of the game so you get over your stupid and immature mindsets.

It's funny because gamers love to...

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The grammar! :-(

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Reaching much!

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Is this idots article serious with a title like that? look how dragged out the last gen was and you then take the time to write some nonsense like this.

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They had no choice like Sony but they will change the playing field with this and oculus support. Very good news.

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Hell no it's not. It's a good game but it's not a great game. Uncharted 2 is still king IMO.

This has a such a deeper story but a lot of repetitive moments like the chest you have to pull and the half cut ladders. I also think some of the climbing parts are unnecessary but bar that I'm loving the game...but 2 is still the absolute truth.

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New IP in March 2017 points to NX

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SD card can't be considered cartridges.

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You're talking like that's a challeng. It's not difficult to set up your own site and be sarcastic. :-)

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Your comments read like an insider.

"Can't wait to play a new Ratchet & Clank game on PS4"

Where else would you play it and why drop all the main names lol

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You remind me of the issue with gamers. You want the bell and whistles but dont want the price tag.

Yet if they make it affordable without the bells and whistles then you complain and say they have lost it. smh

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