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Hence, "correct me if I'm wrong" but they were showing this game of only on the Wii U a month after it was out.

Also if it was in development at the same time then why is it delayed? either way it's a Pi$$ TAKE #4.1.1
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I wasn't going to get this game but correct me if I'm wrong but was this game not in production for the Wii U a good year before PS4 and Xbox One were released?

Yet again it's a pi$$ take for owners of just a Wii U.
something has to give with the following generation where Nintendo kills 3rd parties and makes their system just for their games or they need to make it on equal footing with others so they stop being mistreated or treated differently as it... #4
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A ban for you @Beastforlifenoob. You need a timeout in the corner with a dunce cap on lol #2.1.4
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ps3 want a comeback at all and the media didn't want it to fail so I disagree with your comment @ballsack.

media hated one wii even though it swept the industry. #1.1.2
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I work for a media company and this was common knowledge a year ago.

It shouldn't have taken E3 to see what a crap move that was, but this is what has helped Sony. they are all doche bags anyway bar Nintendo who genuinely do care about games and gamer but getting it wrong. #9
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Does it really matter?

Does it really matter that the Wii U can do 1080p native and the xbone one cant?

Does it really matter that it's now a standard and MS ignored it?

Well, does it? *Clint Eastwood Voice #34
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Grow up and take a chill pill.

You clearly are demonstrating why console wars should be for responsible adults only.

Such childish comments is what will damage this industry. #1.1.6
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Such silly comments. Have we really become this sad and loyalist to bits of plastic whilst forgetting we are gamers before consumers. #61.1
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Welcome to the rise in cost in next gen games that people cry for.

Could they be the first casualty of next gen?

Nintendo ain't looking so stupid now for their so called sub par system. Unless you are EA, Rockstar, Activation, Nintendo or UBISOFT, you can't afford to take such hits by the looks of it. #62
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F me someone actually called out the elephant in the industry of online journalism, gaming and blog site. Why is a dam good question which I don't understand. Support or don't, simple. #9
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I hope they won't buy. Look what MS did to a great company like Rare.

Developers are better selling to over developers so there is that shared business mind. #21
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It's a good idea that they are not because the tech wont be cheap.

Everyone is getting excited for it like when the new consoles were being announced and yet once the price was mentioned they cried bloody murder.

Sony's VR set is said to be coming in between £500-1000. Hellllllllllllllllll no #10
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Who cares?. play the game or don't, buy the system or don't.

It's like when these bedroom journalists spoke about the wii's graphics fir 5 straight years.

Get a life. #9
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zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz #7
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Fake media hype and the western worlds answer to PR and marketing is making stupid things like this up of winners and losers/console wars.

Fanboyism is so stupid by playing into hand of all this rubbish.

Nintendo, gave the best presence, MS humbled and toned it down and Sony went back to their cocky selves.

All in all it was a good E3 and people need to remember that it's about us as gamers and the industry as a whole.

... #1.19
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They are still streaming live experiences at E3. Excellent job!

They really pulled out the stops for gamers even if not a lot of games to see. #2
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To be fair you can't call a system next gen based on just the power. If that was the case as some idiots like to make out then consoles are all several generations away from a powerful pc.

Nintendo are just masters of quality. shame about marketing or naming a successor to a new console #1.6
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That's such a Microsoft move. Are they trading places me wonder and Sony getting cocky again and MS are being humbled #48
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I think I will be sitting very comfortably in my sofa in front of the 4k 50".

sorry couldnt help it lol #6
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Personally I thought it looked dull in gamplay and more of the same #2
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