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I own both systems and although ps4 edges it I have to say Xbox all round is better. Ps4 download a game then wait for install, Xbox does it both at once, better controller goes to Xbox, best online goes to Xbox, best games exclusives goes to ps4. Ps4 interface is full and unexciting, Xbox has too much going on and I still get confused after 3 months with it.

Both have pros and cons but hey it is what it is. #1.12
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Why would they make it cartridge! It's probably cloud based due to the connectivity #1.12
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I guess it's a starwars thing but the controller doesn't look nice in my humble opinion. The ps4 is the same black for with a cool pic on it. They should have it in white with that graphic and it would set it off nicely. #31
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Not on my birthday they didn't. #22.1.1
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I got one for my bday which I had to print and assemble....lame and I certainly didn't. Money deals or a free game would have been better not this and I'm not a sad 36 year old or a child. #22
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Gimmicks have always been the next big thing so let's not confuse innovation for gimmicks. DS and the second screen, touch pad, Anologue stick, rumble pack, motion control, shoulder buttons, virtual boy and now we are hailing the oculus and morph.

The game pad and A symmetric game play ....ok you can have that one. #2.4
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Pre-order and get it holiday 2016 lol com on son #10
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It's a disgrace and even more so because of the bs games every month. I got my XBOX LIVE for £20 for 12 months and I will do the same with PSN once I feel it's worthwhile. Shame Nintendo dont have 3rd party titles otherwise thats where I would be. #1.7
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Wow. They really knew how to baite you fanboys didn't they. 😂😂😂 enjoy all the systems or your chosen system. Smh #63
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I totally agree.

I am not a fan of remasters unless i haven't played the original but this game made me get my XBOX before I was ready. I was waiting for Gears 4.

They have done such a great job and I can't wait. #4
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I can't see the difference #13
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I believe Hype, going after Ms at E3 and dropping all the things liken DRM and the price to make MS look stupid and against gaming. Before you all moan I actually have all three systems. I recently got the Xbox one for gears and I find the interface and usability so much better than my ps4. All the systems have pros and cons though but as.a gamer I'm just enjoining what they all have to offer. Although the wiii u isn't offering me anything right now lol #17
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I said no xbox till Gears. The shocked me with the re-release so I got one last week instead of 2016. Love this series and cant wait to get online with the guys. #7
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first and only remaster I have purchased and what made me finally get my xbox one. #1.1
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What kind of sad prat/s keep disagring with people saying RIP? The Internet and sad fcuks is disgusting.

May ur soul rest in peace. This is a very sad day and you sad gits need to respect others who aren't being so stupid like yourselves. #241
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I am very surprised. Don't take this the wrong way but you must hate movies or the terminator brand to believe this movie was good. Each to their own and respect for admitting that you thought it was good lol #2.2
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Static theme for a static film. I second the no thanks 😂 #2
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Yes their reputation isn't good and i hate to say it but Iwata is to blame.

@FarEastOrient, what date is your reference to Forbes published and are you just looking at the USA because I know your figures
are actually wrong! #1.3
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Just to correct you. As a company Nintendo is worth more than the entire Sony corp, so they are in a good place but their reputation isn't.

They as a company also have more money than Microsofts gaming division I believe but do correct me if I am wrong.

They have messed up with the Wii u and that's the long and short of it but it was a decent console for 3 years. Just got the Xbox to finish of tue collection of consoles. #1.2
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I'm back in the Xbox camp just because of this game. The reunion with the gears online community is going to be epic and the stuff of legends. This game introduced me to people I have never met but we were a fierce squad. Glad to be back and reporting for duty. #14
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