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People, Nintendo make Nintendo systems for Nintendo games so get over it as they will not make games for other console system.

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TBH, MS doesn't have anything for me this year so my focus will be back on PS4 which is a shame as I prefer the Xbox controller

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Well it's not coming to any other systems as it didn't sell well the 2nd time around.

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Initially I was pissed but then I thought how do you make a truly portable system, online and communicate? This isn't as stupid as I initially thought.

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It's on my pc, TV, tablet, PS4, Xbox one, mobile phone etc so why the hell does this matter?

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Do you not have these features on your phone, tablet, tv, PS4, Xbox one and so what's actually the problem?

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Well it has an hdmi and so you can just connect your Surround sound or sound bar to the TV and just have it running through. It's not that trivia. My ps4, xbox etc all run that way.

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You make some really good points.

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Do you feel Nintendo is the parent that abandened you? You sound so bitter and hurt. Do you want a hug, a kiss or both? 😂😂😂

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Why are people having and wanting this companies downfall? If you don't like their offering don't buy it and shut up. That goes for any company.

They have made many wrong moves and the pricing of their accessories is ridiculous but just because Peter Moore ended Sega doesn't mean a Japanese in control of a Japanese company will do the same so get over it.

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It's WII U tracks, DLC tracks and New
Battle Mode tracks

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I actually have no games I want to play for the xb this year and So I'm letting gather dust till Scorpio. Nintendo switch is a must but the launch window line up Isn't impressive. What happened to all the fakes they were porting over etc

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You are funny but funnier is the 55 likes who clearly don't know what you're talking about.

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Peter Moore has already tweeted that's it's custom built by EA for Switch so the article is Bs

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Well it's only a few months old so if they gave up on it now what would it be saying! 😂

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They were not timed and came to other systems as wii u didn't sell well

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Errrrrr the 3Ds and other systems were just portables that didn't need graphic intense processors so wtf are you on about?

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We want Nintendo games but we don't want to pay for your hard work. 😂😂😆 gamers! I give up

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When Dualshock married and sexed Xbox controller they created this thing 😂

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