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Classic 🙌🏿

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And this is when bobsmith knew...he f-up 😂

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I'm waiting for God of war on Ps. All multi plats will be on my PS4 this year as Xbox is dry till we see what Scorpio brings. However, gaming on the go is sooo nice.

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@InTheLab I'm playing Zelda. I'm not even a fan but this game is too much. Getting Mario kart tomorrow sadly as I didn't want to buy it again. However, them dam reviews and YouTube got me.

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Oh well. Nintendo and platinum had a 3 game deal like they did with Sega and the sonic franchise.

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You do realise it includes wii U, genius. LMFAO When fanboys look silly because od misguided hate for no good reason.

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I don't think so this time around. I'm hanging right for E3. CoD on the go, Fifa on the go, NBA 2k on the go and Nintendo games on the go at this level makes me a very happy gamer indeed.

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My PS4 and Xbox are gathering dust. I have no games I want to get for the Xbox this year so all games will be PS-Switch

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It does but when it was on sony and xbox I know I like many didnt invest

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Switch E3 I await you.

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😂😂😂 you know it's Switch so stop

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You can tell that from a screen shot. 😂

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That's not a hard question to figure out. I went to HMV looking for a switch and they tried to sell me BOTW even though didn't have any switches in stock. It's hard to find both together so you have to take what you can get so you can marry them up. Simples

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Exactly 😂😂

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I don't think many people expected this at all because they had no faith in Nintendo. You were probably one of them lol

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And I just got my switch. Wankers

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So did Xbox one S

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Nintendo can not expect people to buy this game again and even worse when they paid for the dlc. It upsets me and for once I can't defend this.

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Very much so 🙈😂😂 28514;

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