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Did this guy just say game content and lack of with Nintendo. Wow. My ps4 is dusty right now, no xb one till gears or something compelling drops, so guess which one is being used most...yes the wii U.

Nineteen do clearly made a mistake with specs and that stupid name wii U/messaging but they do hve the best games currently and the quality shows as they don't beed game updates every month like Sony and MS.

Also this new system won't be out for at least... #1.2
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I have been saying this for ages. Currys, Groupon etc do the same thing also. I'm very price aware because I like tech but others are being robbed. This should be a trading standard Case #2
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They are doomed, they are gong under, Nintendo isn't gaming, they have made such a big loss they will go under, they should go third party. Haaaaaaa. That's why I will always be Nintedo first. They are purist #4
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Errrr how about on the Snes #10
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But a Sony or xb game for £50-£55 isn't exoensive and yet a £30-£40 Nintendo game is. I shall not even water my time giving this idiot views #11
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Errrrrr who seriously cares! #14
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Errrr, Nintendo. Wii U, 3ds, New 3ds and the Amibo crew lol.

Seriously who the hell cares. They make money and we get what we want as consumers. End off because Stone Cold Said So. #7
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This wasn't a wii u problem it was a ubisoft taking the piss problem.
Many owners where willing to support but to delay it for so long when the game was done etc and then release it on others whilst keeping others waiting, ubi sent a bad message.

I didn't support Rayman or this because of that very reason. Very disappointed and I didn't purchase it or others on any other platform. They can whistle in the wind till they show equal suport in this gen or next. #39
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Still not buying it and I haven't even played it on my ps4 or Xbox one. I hate the way ubisoft did things and I shall not support. #10
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Considering they were probably built there I doubt your ignorant comment. Also, they seem to rake gaming more seriously over there, to the point it's a part of everyday life and a competitive sport.

Not everyone is about raw power because the games do matter and come first to a lot of people there.

I wonder if you would know a good console if it smacked you in your face HARD! #2.2
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If they actually release it after everyone else then they are idiots and frankly like other third parties are out to watch this machine fail.

I would have actually purchased the wii u one as I enjoyed ghost on that more than he others in multiplayer #5
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If you have already played this game this isn't worth paying full whack for again just for enhanced graphics and a fps mode that isnt changing the world. The way the car drives, why would an fps mode be great? The foot levels maybe but still not worth £50 again #6
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Playing COD with the DS4 is the worst experience I have had this far on the Ps4. I think I need an Xbox specifically for this game sadly. Won't get one till gears of war though #15
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I will if it cost £20 but I'm not pay gg full wack to play a game I have finished just because it's got higher graphics. It's still the same game. #10
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I bet Michael Pachter feels like an idiot right now lmfao😂😂 and I hope EA and Ubisoft. Feel like idiots also.

I suppose Nintendo done a wrong play with the wii name, power and lack of features but this proves their theory of good material sells systems. Going out strong for the holidays. #7
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They have done a hell of a job with their games and dlc. They prob have the best and purist dlc that's not a rip off like why other companies offer. Third parties abandoned them and I think this shows they should by or partner up with studios to give thier next platform some diversity and abandon third parties all together. EA Ubisoft suck #11
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Explosive which part? This is sadly a miss. It's infamouse with jokes and mismatched voice actors to characters #7
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Had kinnect come out for the first time with the Xbox one instead of tacking to the 360 so it could compete with Wii, they would have ran away with the industry. The success and the surprise of it all would be huge. Sadly it was rubbish when it came out and the forced it on us this time around with no real need for one.

Oh well, it's a failure and one that costs the company a lot. #17
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I have a ps4 and tbh xbox looks more compelling. Ps has the edge on graphics but it isn't the be all end all of games play. #25
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Awesome demo and can't wait for the main game #10
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