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1219d ago by A7XfangoDeathbat | View comment | Bad language
well I didn't know that but know i do.... #3.1
It's just you. Or it's just me. 'Cause after All is XB360 for me @.@ #2.2
well im taking it down. HAVE FUN! #2
That baby is ANGRY! :D #1
Well sometime people just make you angry, like Nazeem in Whiterun, and you just want to kill them. Being in the Dark Brotherhood allows you to, I don't know, feel professional about it. With the Thieves Guild, you have the ability to pay off you bounty. They ae both there just to make the game more interesting. #3.1
For some reason that actually surprises me. They seem like they will never die... #1.1
Yah I agree.... The range of spouses was pretty low... and btw you do know that Astrid is married to the werewolf guy right? #2
Wow That Picture came out really big O.O
Feel free to comment. In fact, I encourage you to. (Btw, I'm the maker of this blog) #1
Why thank you. But Bethesda doesn't HATE PS3, they just simpathize for XBOX360 players because of all the money they spend. Online costs money, the controllers use batteries, so they try to give them something to be happy about. At least that's the way I see it. #1.1
Idk. It published so I think people liked it. I don't know if I should Disagree or Agree... Ima disagree. And I didn't italicize anything. Ur making me get confused @.@ #1.1
ugh im confused @.@ #12
lol oh wait ur a bot @.@ #11
Wow now we have ads for fake prizes on N4G
And your even a real person!
don't tell lies dude
"Post it on the Forum" XD #10
Dude if you want to demand that a game have more players, try elsewhere. 24 players is alot. Try other games, like LBP or something. To me, 24 players is enough. #1
Wow very long O.O #1
By the way dude, even though your blog is game-related, it's not ABOUT a game. Thats why it has been reported. But I am sorry about your system malfunction. #3
I see what your saying. Very agreeable. And I DID say game, not video game, so yes, your right. #1.1
dude i think PS Vita is a ripoff. Why download games that you already have. Its stupid #2
I'm not unhappy about the upgrade and btw i am 13. I love my 3DS but I would have liked to be able to play my GBA games. I just would've thought I could still play my games. And it was a lifesaver that my mom replaced my old DS because the top screen was acting really strange: it was a light shade of BLUE. even when i wasn't playing it. #1.1
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