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1865d ago by A imed x S hot | View comment | Immature
It's called sarcasm.. #69.1.3
Really? I mean are you serious? Think before you post...lol L for loser, what are you 5? #61.3
No one cares what you have to say about the wii, this article is about move now move along... #15.1.2
The amount of BS that comes out of your mouth with each post you make just blows my mind. #8.5
Yea i read it and so what if he played the game all they did was hit a disagree button....:/ Hitting a disagree button is not trolling, get over it. #3.4.5
Why can't someone disagree with him? Oh noooo someone disagreed with him ban their account! #3.4.1
And that's what he said.. #15.1.1
Let me guess you think dead space is a FPS.. #1.13.2
Yeah ok? so i have to buy this in order to upgrade my HD? no.. #22.1
omg it's a troll! #8.2
Quit stating your opinion as fact...you people are annoying. #1.30
"Besides all that, the best games have been on Xbox for the past two generations."

Lawl I Hope that was sarcasm...nice opinion man to bad it's not a FACT. #1.29
Same in power?? Maybe you should play some ps3 exclusives and you say we're the ones in denial... #27.2
"Xbox wasnt forced because they've been on the throne (so to speak) however sony is finally catching ground and M$ are trying to tighten their boots."

Huh? Uncharted 1...finally catching ground yea ok buddy. #1.30
The zune hd is bulky? #7.2
so thick is your head..haha #8.3
Get your FACTS straight...every phone manufacturer puts out a new model every year...GOD #7.4
The 3gs comes in 16g and 32g flashdrives so no it wouldn't be cause of a bigger harddrive #1.8
No sir you can't text other phones it's not allowed! lawl #7.3
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