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yes! driving in the weather like rain or snow, and at night is really crazy. it's very hard to see so you have to stay on your game. have you ever drove in the rain and turned off your windshield wipers?

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Thanks Black-Helghast, have a Funny bubble yourself. infact bubs all round. It is thanks giving. Minus the trollers of course. But it is still Thanksgiving Weekend, and we should be able to say a little bit more here. Does Alphamale always get the last word?

We love you ALpha, but still bubs up for all on my post.

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For me it's dependent. 120-240hz turns everything into HD TV Show quality. It's like the film was filmed through an HD handycam. So in sense a lot feels very realistic, but a huge part of me loves that movie depth that isn't there with motionflow. I think for more EPIC movies the 240hz is great, but for some classics like Pulp Fiction, I really enjoy the DVD quality. It's film noir. BUt at the same time, Reservoir Dogs on bluray is really sexy, but I guess cause that whole mov...

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That's a blantant troll remark and that is why people here do not like you.

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Feel free to retract that last statement gents:

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This is a very thorough read. Very in depth. I know it's from PS3attitude, but it doesn't kiss any butt or leave anything out(only part one still) It tells you everything that you will experience about the game and is clearly written after a good amount of time spent with it. The greatr is in here, and so is some of the not so great.

They refer to it as a Racing Role Playing Game(RRPG). I agree. You are growing as a race car driver. You are learning to drive countle...

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WTF is this one?

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you have to pay twenty dollar to charge it?

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I support the creativity brewing here, but this looks like it would be hard to play.

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Well that's hard to say. Maybe best car sim, but dude Twisted Metal, Mario Kart 64, F-Zero were amazing.

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No Alan Wake and Fable III fell to the same fate. Games have to come out of left field like Uncharted 2 did or LittleBigPlanet.

I kind of think The Last Gaurdian will get a nit picking treatment like this. But since they really have nothing to compare it too(ie GT5 with Forza) then good frickin' luck.

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a marketing video made it look great? no way?

Selling a barely improved controller at a higher price is bullcrap. It's the same as a game.

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3D is tough to call. Nintendo isn't pushing 3D from the main stream like Sony is, but they are using it in the 3DS. I think it is still a good possibility but I think their next console will focus on the visuals and online play.

This may sound like an attack, but I assue it's not. I personally would believe that the Wii 2 will have a lot of GC/Wii games upscaled to it's system. The 1080p zelda, the 60frames in Mario Kart, DLC characters and Maps in Super Smash B...

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82 average.

So the concensus is the gameplay isn't perfect. But the story is and world is amazing? I think it'll be worth a go through, and I hope that it comes to PS3 still.

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the 5 rating system is flawed. It's not perfect but its great. You only get 5 percentages this way. So there can never be a 90-99% It's either an 80/B or a 100/A+. It's kind of unfair. A great game with minor flaws will either luck out and gets its 5/5 or get screwed and only get an 80%. It's an imperfect system.

Not that scores should matter, but they do and they effect sales many times.

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Can we forgive you?

Shame on you for wanting 16 cars on the track at one time, or 1080p, or dynamic damage and weather. God help us all for your need for head tracking or 3D, or 70 tracks, or a track editor, or NASCAR, or Go Karts...

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I really like clip two. The grenade looked great exploding and it also deafened the ears of the other two who didn't die. Very realistic how he held his head from the concussion.

Also, did anyone nitce the Full Throttle vending machine. Product I which they added more of it. Yeah it's a marketing tool, but personally, real places and products add a sense of immersion that I like.

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The environments are going to make me crash. i'll have to remember to focus and not look at the pretty fireworks. This game is sexy.

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yes, I was glad Broken Steel came first to PSN. By the time you beat Fallout, youre basically maxed out. I think it's a waste of time, to play two full DLC packs without getting any XP, becuase the third one has your level cap increase. The last three packs did give you a lot of XP, but I still found myself grinding a bit. I don't mind it, but it's nice to continuosly gain levels without having to do uneeccessary grinding.

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AH I get you guys. I completed the main quests up to Vegas Strip. Getting lost in one seemingly small sidequest will send you 5 hours aways on 10 other mini

I havent touched FNV in a week or so. So I wasn't 100%. I personally like collecting things and didnt mind becoming all-powerful. But it would be nice to get an advantage in New Vegas. It is just a harder game in general until you get past level 20.

I do love it though.

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