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It`s funny how many people try to ignore the fact as well.

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No source to go along with your baseless claim? Shocker.

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I`m seriosuly laughing at all of the baseless claims being thrown around in this article, I don`t care what side of the fence you`re on.

"360 has a 5 million unit lead!" Proof? Let me see the source.

"360/PS3 is winning worldwide currently!" Proof? Numbers? Stats? Links?

The last time both Microsoft and Sony reported numbers, it was a 3 million unit gap. Please, give me a link that shows OFFICIALLY what both consoles are a...

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PS3 = 4 years
3DS = -2 Months

Lol, jk.

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Well, they should. I doubt the average person who shops just by looking at the shelf, and sees "DC Universe Online" for PS3 knows any better.

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I thought this was confirmed a while ago.

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The worst part about his trolling is that he is wrong, lol.

Last we heard from official (OMG SALEZ) reports, the 360 was in a distant last for 2010. I would like to know where this guy gets his info, lol.

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You`re being serious? It`s called a design choice.

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Socom 2 is easily the most hardcore online game to grace consoles.

@Ceekay: Hopfully Socom 4 can bring back the traditional Socom style, but from what I have seen, it doesn`t really look very good to be honest.

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A decent read. The PS3 is without a doubt the slowest burning console ever released. It`s funny though, I`m still seeing people preaching PS3 failure. Comparing it to the PS2, and somehow coming to the conclusion that is has failed, saying outlandish things like "Oh no, Sony has lost market share, what a failure!" I hate to be a Pachter, but the PS3 is going to outlast its current competition, and even has potential to be the longest lasting home console ever. The 360 after 5 years ...

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Sterling is just that guy who tries to be different. He`s that guy who thinks he is better, or edgy just because he goes against the norm, desperately trying to give off the appearance that he knows more than everybody else. Newsflash Sterling, you`re just a douche, nobody likes you and your opinions don`t matter. Not giving him a hit.

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If any other console in the history of hacking is any indication, then I would have to say not much.

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Well yeah, ports vs. remakes.

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Lol. Looks like the original chart upset some 360 fanboys, lol.

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The guy was kind of weird and annoying, but the other contestants were not much better by constantly provoking him and yelling at him when he was minding his own business. Just a bunch of idiots, him and everybody who provoked him.

Edit @ Dead: Hmmm. Yeah, I always thought it was weird why the contestants were CONSTANTLY taking shots at him, and ganging up on him too. Anybody who does that is lame. Even if somebody is annoying as hell, you don`t just take 5+ people and relent...

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This just confirms that we are in year of the PS3. Not only does PS3 have the best selection of multi-plats, but it crushes the competition in exclusives as well, even the PC.

As far as the 360 goes, weak exclusives, but good multi-plat selection.

And for the Wii, ouch. Coming from an amazing 2010, it`s a shame things are looking so bare.

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Yeah, it is nice. Then again Sony`s studios are all top-notch developers of the world, masters and pioneers of the craft, why would they talk smack when they all know they are better than everybody else? Lol.

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Yep, nothing but raving reviews, can`t exactly say I`m surprised though.

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Not to be like overly negative or anything, but there is a good chance the 94 will shrink a little over time, that`s usually how it works. I just becomes harder to maintain that high of a score with more reviews coming in.

Make no mistake however, LBP2 will be AAA no matter what happens, an absolutely tremendous start for PS3, just like everybody has been saying.

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Lol. I`m sensing a lot of butthurt coming from this post.

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