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I'm just gonna wait and buy the PS4 version with all the extra content. And hopefully some other improvements as well. #29
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There will always be those who need to elevate themselves and validate their choices and investment.

The problem with these people is that they think their situation and interest is universal.

Here's a hint. It is not... :D #14.1
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Until AMD or NVIDIA delivers a real PC next-gen GPU that will push visual fidelity considerably beyond what we have today. It wont matter.

That could happen next year if the rumors are true. Problem is as it always have been with PC. It's high-end products and not for the average consumer.

So until something happens in the PC ecosystem that gives incredible performance at a low price. Nothing is going to change and console gamers will not care one bit. <... #13
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The article should list 5 reasons why PC gaming is not better also. #1
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^^This! #28.1
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Of course it's still the underdog. It's millions on millions of units behind its competitor. #79
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And it has nothing do with most games probably will be digital only.... #2
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I think "we" sent a clear message to the industry about that :) #3.1.1
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Consoles are going to be relevant for as long as there are people to play with them. In one way or the other. #3
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The people that hate on it is probably the same people that hate Indie games and just play AAA games. And thinks games has to be X or it can't be called a game.

In other words uneducated narrow minded people that has no clue what gaming is in 2015. #28.1
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I wouldn't say 1.3 million sold copies of The Order 1886 is anything near a flop. That said it's clear the game needs improvement. Hope that is something they handle with what is hopefully a sequel. #29
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I use both. Some games the remote is actually preferred. But the third-party controller is nice for longer sessions. But need more games! And the price is a tad high I think.. #5.1.1
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Had it since launch and it has to few games. Bring good games to it and it could be a good micro console. #5
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So far I haven't seen anything on PC that excites me about VR with the Rift. But allot of what is shown for PSVR I think it looking really fun.

Anyone have a site to recommend that has a overview of what is out and on the way for VR on PC? #4
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I don't see why. The PS4 is cheap. #16
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Actually he doesn't. He is using old information that is no longer valid.

I however understand that some are disappointed with the graphics. And expected to see AAA games but in VR. And the thing is that VR is extremely demanding.

Even on PC we are not seeing AAA graphics in VR. And we wont for a long long time.

But I can assure you that even with this sub par graphics as you call it. It will be incredible. When you are no longer watchi... #4.1
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I have tried Oculus Rift and the latency is not an issue anymore. Neither is the screendoor effect. Even on my iPhone 6+ with a VR casing the screendoor effect is a non issue (and that's with cheap optics).

And when it comes to the PSVR and the res on the panels. That is being handled by the optics department at Sony. They have years and years of experience with optics for cameras. And from what first hand experiences are saying. It's superb.

Even Tom... #5
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To sum it up. Greedy spoiled gamers. #39
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Yeah I think they did a huge disfavor for VR in general. I know VR is great and that even "simple" games that was shown will be fun.

But the average Joe don't know that as he/she has not tried VR. And need it to be demonstrated in a way that makes them excited and intrigued to try it out. And Sony totally failed to do this. It was embarrassing to watch and it was basically a waste of a key moment to sell VR to more people. #27
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The entire show was extremely disappointing. #23
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