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He probably laughed hysterical the whole time...I know I would! :D #19
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I'm seeing it in commenting sections around. People writing things like "cant wait to play X and X in VR".

They are going to be disappointed when they realize that they cant play the next X or X in VR because of the hardware limitations. #2.1.1
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I think it's really important that Sony clarifies that VR is not something you use for all PS4 games. Many think that they buy any PS4 game and play it in VR.

VR will be an addition to gaming. It will have especially designed games for it. And it is more demanding to run games in VR so it wont be the same as traditional games.

It will be something different. And hopefully something amazing. #2
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I just don't see the appeal. It's a very predictable lineup and the games that are timed exclusive I'd rather wait and play on PS4 with most likely what will be the definitive edition. Like it has been in the past...

I will maybe pick up Halo if it's great. But if they have not innovated and made it better then I'm gonna skip that one also.

I cant see why this lineup should sell more XBO machines. The people that love forza,gears,halo alr... #10
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It's and satirical blog people... #9
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There is no unity. It's fragmented into so many bits and parts. PC gamers are more focused on discussing performance most of the time and rarely about the games.

Physical games are more or less gone and everything is digital and sterile. What PC gamer goes to the store to buy a game and talk to other gamers there?

PC gaming represented at E3 is a joke. There is not one big community but a bunch of them all fragmented and mostly toxic. Earning trophies/ach... #4.1.3
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Personally I think PC is the most soulless way to play and enjoy games. The only part I truly love is to build them. #4
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Why do you have to copy your profile? You copy the save files on a USB stick/drive. Log in yo your PSN account on any other PS4 system. Copy the save files and away you go. #4
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Fail article! Most of that is most likely NOT for gaming oriented machines. #13
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No one with any sense would even consider the idea that Apple would go head to head with PS4 and XBO. It's just click bait articles. Nothing else.

Just like this one is. #15.1.2
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It's sad that a site like Kotaku have to write click bait articles like this. One would think they had enough web traffic because of good articles?

Guess not.

The AppleTV is foremost a device for watching movies,serier and live TV. But just as the phone is foremost made to make phone calls. It can also do other things.

On of those things is casual games. #15
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Because their phone is kinda tiny compared to a TV? #11.2.1
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Are you guys really so thick headed that you don't see or understand who Apple is targeting with the AppleTV. Let me spell it out for you.

Casual gamers that don't give a shit about PS4 or XBO. #11
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Fail review. Move along. #4
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Waiting for my Pip-boy edition myself. So no your wrong :) #5.2.1
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No it tells me it will be rated M for mature. But will be catered to teens with teen content. Made for "adults". #5.1.1
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It tells me that Fallout 4 will be more or less a children's game. #5
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Physical media is going no where anytime soon. Microsoft tried for a digital always on approach with the XBO and gamers around the world said clearly NO. And there is no way the Internet infrastructure around the world will be good enough for a solely digital console platform. Today games are 30-60+GB. In 5-6 years I would not be surprised if we are up at 100GB for one game. There are to many benefits with physical games and it is an essential part and charm of being a console gamer. Here is... #69
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So many people said that about this gen-consoles also. And Microsoft tried and gamers around the world told them to go F themselves.

And there is no way. NO WAY. That the majority of the consumer base have the Internet speed needed to download these big games. And they are just getting bigger and bigger.

And console gamers want physical games. There are to many benefits with physical.

So this is just nonsense. Most likely most of us are dead... #51
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Click bait review. Gamers love it and good reviewers give it good scores. #13
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