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I enjoyed Knack much more then I thought I would after reading so much negative reviews and user feedback. Will buy Knack 2 if it comes.

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Jumping from sub 30 to 60 fps is not slightly inconsistent performance...

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So to sum it all up. Never....ever....go full retard.

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The time for exclusive games and people jerking of to a brand on their plastic boxes or computers are coming slowly to an end.

Microsoft is helping making this turn faster with getting more games on both XBO and Windows. If Sony would start doing the same then in time people can just pick what system they like the most and play games.

Games...some of you remember what that is? The reason we have this hobby. Not brand names.

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Pathetic narrow minded fanboys.

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It's a massive blow to XBOX fanboys. And a big win for gamers.

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Console owners still get their games. It only matters to fanboys if the games comes to other platforms.

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Reason 1: You will get an arrow in the knee.

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Yes, holding a steady 30 fps is key. I read that the team behind the game are working with both Sony and Unity day and night to solve the issues with the PS4 version.

Here's hoping they sort it out soon. It's a great game and it shouldn't get in the dark by these issues that will be resolved hopefully soon.

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It's really beautiful. To bad the game is running in 30 fps and with problems maintaining it on PS4. Everything really just pops and comes so much more to life when you double the fps.

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I'm all lubed up and ready.

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As I see it it's more true to the original Doom. Fast and wild.

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Yes for almost a day it was the most selling game on Steam.

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While I dont personally like the level of quality of the games Destructive Creations makes. I do however really like that they got such big balls to make games that are provocative. To many game developers play it to safe and don't push the limits as movies and tv-series and heck even books do.

So for that reason I am giving Destructive Creations a thumbs up.

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It's just to bad it has went downhill for Blizzard a while now.

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I mainly buy fps games for the campaign. Multiplayer is mostly a bonus feature.

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This shouldn't be a shock to anyone. The consoles run the show and they have been doing for quite some time now.

That said I tested both the beta of The Division on both PS4 and PC. And the PC version was better in all ways possible.

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You can say the world is round and these people will dismiss it.

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There is no thing as smooth 30 fps frame rate. Stable no no.

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That's allot of paying beta testers.

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