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I don't think Sony will sit idle by watching Xbox dominate the growing 4K market with the only 4K gaming and Blu-ray console available.

Late 2018 early 2019 and a new iteration of PlayStation will most likely launch. And and I write iteration because I think Sony will change their stance about console generations when Xbox is embracing the "all games will work" philosophy.

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The only reason Switch is a success with it's weak hardware is because of Nintendo games. Zelda alone sold more then the console itself...

So no. Microsoft or any other shouldn't even try to go for the handheld market. Sony tried and failed misserably. Twice!

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If I'm not mistaken Microsoft is the last one having a conference this year at E3? Could be they want to see if Sony will have a price dropp announcement and adjust accordingly.

I'm guessing depending when the PS4/PS4Pro gets a price dropp that it could be as low as $399. But not higher then $499.

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Own a PS4Pro and PC. And a Switch. And the Switch is the plus one console.

It's the worst of them all but it also the best handheld console. I buy games that fit that usage for the Switch. It is not good enough to stand on it's own feet. It's the plus one console.

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Fools like me know it's consumer data TV manufacturers have gathered that say 3D is not something people want or use at home. And as far as my country goes the number of 3D showings on cinema has been considerably lowered.

Before there was just a few that was in normal 2D. Now the tables are slowly turning. And hopefully 3D in movies will soon be gone.

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TV manufacturers have removed 3D in their 2017 lineup. Nintendo is removing it from their DS. If we now just got ridd of it in cinemas everything would be as it should again.

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Kotaku at times write some really dumb articles.

The game was the best selling console game in 2016. And I wouldn't be surprised if many of the haters also bought it.

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"The difference is huge from 900p to 1080p"

"It's a negligible difference from 1440p~1800p to 2160p"

Fanboys can be such idiots. And the funny thing is that probably most of these boys don't even have a PS4Pro and a 4K HDR TV. So they are still stuck at 900p/1080p meaning the difference is even bigger.


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This is a game I would definitely wait for reviews on... Or in worst case there is the 2h refund option in Steam.

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Yes I was really disappointed myself. Especially considering this is a big AAA game. Hopefully they will come with a PS4Pro patch at launch...but they lost a pre order from probably allot of people when releasing this demo.

Sad really as they should get kudos for releasing a demo with 1h of gameplay in 2017. Who does that anymore...

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The demo can hardly be PS4Pro optimized. It looks like a 1080p game with jaggies.

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I'm surprised they released a demo considering the quality level the game is as far as the demo is concerned.

Jaggies, low res textures and an overall poor visual presentation for a AAA game of this caliber. It doesn't help that the enemy is boring and the music queues are completely off most of the times.

And many are reporting horrible input lag. Something I did not.

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There is no 4K HDR monitors out yet. But they are hopefully coming soon.

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"Let's do a games and exclusives showdown."

And then do a: does it matter that every game besides PS exclusives will be better on Scorpio?

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The comment "it's all about the games" is something you hear often when there is a discussion about Xbox vs PlayStation. And I agree. It's all about the games. And basically every game except PlayStation exclusives will from the launch of Scorpio be better on it.

Big AAA games like Destiny 2, Call of Duty WW2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Red Dead Redemption 2 will all be best on Scorpio.

I perfectly understand that many who owns a Xbo...

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The resolution is to low for it being a good movie experience. The 3D effect is good since we have a screen for each eye. It's just to bad 3D is soon new TV manufacturers are adding it to their products. So it's just a question of time before 3D Blu-ray is no more.

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As I mentioned in the start I have milk and cookies for the fanboys.

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Translated: The gaming industry is running out of ideas.

Come on's not like developers are reinventing the wheel with every game. Just as with movies. If you seen enough you are more or less just seeing other versions of it. With some twists here and there. Same with games with the exception that they are starting to look better and better.

Sure there are exceptions and especially in the Indie scene. But it's hardly not gonna happen anyt...

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You take it out of context. When I write first and third party games. I obviously mean on Xbox as I state that I also have a Switch and PS4Pro.

But yeah I will play the handfull of great exclusives on my PS4Pro that interest me each year. And everything else on the upcoming Xbox. I totally get it that many are more then happy enough playing on their Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Pro. But I'm the type of gamer that the Pro and Scorpio is made for. Gamers that wants the be...

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Phil Spencer is a cool guy. Glad it's not a stiff suit running the show but a gamer and feet on the ground type of guy. And I like that he acknowledges the existence of other platforms and exclusive games. And I am just that type of gamer he describes. I got a Switch and PS4Pro and will buy the Scorpio for the best place to play first and third party games in 4K.

E3 cant come fast enough!

EDIT: I got milk and cookies for the fanboys.

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