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I built my own PC at a age of 14 years old. That was before we had Internet and Youtube. It's something I would go so far to say that everyone can do if they use some time to watch some Youtube tutorials.

If I as a child could do it without any help surly adults or today's kids can do it with all the information available.

All Steam Machines is to be installed with Steam OS. Steam OS is a Linux based operating system and you wont be able to play all g... #9
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I just cant take game and movie reviewers serious anymore. When it comes to games and movies I don't have count on how many times the score and the reasoning for that score is just mind baffling.

And when reading and talking to gamers and movie fans I see that they agree. Here in Norway two of our national newspapers reviews movies and whenever they give a bad score. People know the movie is most likely good. And the visitor numbers are higher then normal.
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I started playing FarCry4 on PS4 with some doubt as it was only in 30fps. After 40h of playtime at no point did I stop and thought that this is bad and that I would wish it was in 60fps.

But...and this is a big but...not to be confused with a big butt. That's something different..

If I had a 60fps version running beside the PS4 version. And I could swap to play that version and back on the fly. Well that would have made me start thinking. I know what 60fp... #17
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I'm happy to report that it's now confirmed as a timed exclusive deal. It's coming to the Playstation 4 also. #5.6
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This is good news for many. It means we don't have to have a Xbox that we use only to play a handful of exclusives anymore.

If we can play those on our PC it would be great! #45
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I don't understand why they would release first on the console that have millions less users? Money have most likely changed hands here.. #5
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So this is what winning looks like!

And 20.2 million PS4 sold to costumers! Can't wait for Microsofts numbers on how many X360/XBO they have sold to retailers and that is stored in warehouses around the world.... #9
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I wonder if this means HBO Nordic will adapt this app to the Nordic costumers. I sure hope so... #8
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Just proves that when one of the better reviewers out there cant review a game from what it was designed to be. But from what the reviewer wants it to be. It's time to stop listening blindly to these people.

Its like reviewing a car but giving it bad scores because the reviewer was expecting to review a plane that day. #85
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If you have a TV that is below 50" you would in many cases have a hard time seeing the actual resolution differences. But once you go above 50" you start seeing the differences from 900p to 1080p.

The bigger the screen the easier it is to see.

So if you have a big TV. And want the best looking experience and a console is your budget. The Playstation 4 is the only and best option. #55
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If Nintendo didn't have the 3DS we would see Nintendo games on mobile for sure. And I think it would be great to play some of Nintendo's franchise on mobile or tablets. #6
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just proves again that reviewers are "dead". Watch gamers play games and talk to like minded gamers if you need help deciding to buy a game.

Reviewers are "dead". Long live the gamers. #32
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We are Playstation: for we are many. #9
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Sony will most likely not make a new handheld for a long long time. The company is facing financial troubles and the Vita just as the PSP is not selling good enough. #35
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It depends. Nothing is as black and white as some want it to be. #6
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I have thought "oh damn it would be nice to have a suspend/resume now" option about...... zero times since I got my PS4... #23
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More remasters please. #31
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Well I found the cinematic experience in this game to be really good. One of the best I have seen when it comes to games.

It can't stand up to big movie production of course. But then again this is an interactive experience and not a traditional movie.

I think it's a great game and will recommend it to people who likes games like Heavy Rain,Beyond: Two Souls and even some of the Telltale games.

It's clearly not a game for everyon... #35.1.1
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The Order | 1886 is many things. Boring is not one of them. #29
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If I was to score it from 1-10 I would also score it a 8-10. But I would rather put a "recommended" stamp on the game.

It's recommended for gamers that want a cinematic gaming experience. #35
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