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I knew Rockstar would do this. The wait will be soooo worth it! :D #30
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I got way more excited to watch the Sony press conference. The exclusives they showed got me more excited then what MS had to show.

And when we know that every multiplatform game will perform and look better on a PS4 it's clear as daylight that Sony is again this year big E3 winner. #79
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Nintendo showed games for children. If that is what interest you then yes they won.

Zelda looked stunning and is so far the only game they have shown since they launched the WiiU that have some appeal to me. #215.1.1
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Sales numbers say something else #4.2.1
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Nintendo is so lost they are not even in the same league anymore. #212.1
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There is no doubt that it's Sony that "won". Knowing that every multiplat game we have seen will run better and look better on the PS4. And with more exciting exclusives. Sony "won" this year also. #215
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Male feminine gamers are so cute.... :P #23.3
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It will take about 6sec after you have put a VR headset over your eyes what the big deal is a all about :)

It's been almost a year since I tested the Oculus Rift and the memory is so extreme I cant wait to try it again. And for all people that are skeptical to try.

It's a mind opener. Get excited :) #20.2
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There is more to a next-gen gaming experience then fps and res. When are some of you people gonna get that trough your heads? #8.1
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Next-gen! Next-gen! Next-gen!

What you gonna do about it? #9
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Microsoft has allot to prove at E3. We are only days away from gaming christmas :P #50
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"X1 outputs every game and all the content at 1080p"

It can upscale yes. But that is not the same as a native 1080p picture. #1.4
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Big multiplat AAA games usually sells some hundred thousand copies like this on PC. The console versions sells millions.

It's ironic that the PC platform that is for the enthusiasts is the platform that get the less attention from game developers. #15.2.1
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And 500.000 and counting downloaded it... PC gaming is a niche market for games like this. Been for years now. #15
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Played it for a while on PC and I liked it. But I want to play it with a controller so waiting for the PS4 version.

Hope they don't need more then 6 months to get it ready. #10
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Not same developers making this game... #75.1
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Hope Sony will do this outside the US. #7
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This is definitely a buy for me! #69
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It's come to the point where these comparisons are not necessary anymore. The PS4 will always have the upper hand on multiplat games. #8
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It's not far more powerful. But it IS more powerful. The XBO have 768 shaders and the PS4 have 1152. It's not out of this world more but it's more. That combined with 8GB GDDR5 vs 8GB DDR3 and the architecture on the PS4 is why the PS4 will always have the upper hand.

Dishonest,bullshit and hyperbole? Have you lived under a rock since Microsoft presented the XBO and up to now? Microsoft is in a storm of negativity from gamers an... #32.3.3
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