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Played Titanfall on my XBO while chatting with a friend that was playing on his PC via the Skype app yesterday. I love the possibilities the XBO have. #4
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The XBO almost sold as many as PS4 in the US in February.

PS4 - 284k
XBO - 256k

In Mars/April I would not be surprised if the XBO sold more then the PS4 in the US. #16
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You commenting here is being monitored. Especially now when I write the word BOMB. There, a algorithm system have started monitoring.

Your phone can be tracked at all times with GPS. The microphone can be activated, so can the camera.

Your tv if you have a smart tv can be hacked. Activating the camera and the microphone.

You laptop can be hacked and your camera and microphone can be activated. And your location known to the hacker.
... #30.1
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I think it's strange some games don't cost more. Prices on games has more or less been the same for 20 years.

I find it strange that with the cost it takes to make a game today and with inflation that the prices have more or less not changed.

I'm glad they have not risen, but I don't feel we should complain about the prices when they in 2014 and beyond should probably be higher. #13.1.1
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Prices on games are fine. The price of the new consoles are fine. The price for Xbox Live and PlayStation + is fine.

Articles that forget that articles like this have been made for decades. Doom articles that just make a fool out of them self each time. #13
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When it comes to Metacritics the review section from users should just get closed. #11
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I don't think parents that buy a $499 console to their kids will sweat about buying 1 year of Xbox Live. #8
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From what I am reading the XBO and PS4 is selling incredible good. #4
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I want Resident Evil,Eternal Darkness,Zelda,Metroid and Luigi's Mansion to mention a few.

When the Wii U get's one of those (new version) I will throw my PS4/XBO controller over my shoulder and run down to the store to pick up a Wii U. #8
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If games like Halo and Call of Duty can be system sellers for Xbox I think Titanfall has a superb chance of being a system seller.

The reviews are great and it brings something fresh to the multiplayer genera. #15
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I own and buy everything I want...so I win regardless.

Perks of being a adult man. #24.1.1
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I'm not going to complain about the graphics downgrade and the false advertising Ubisoft have been doing since E3 2012.

But I am going to complain about using my time to click and read this article. #8
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Just ordered the game for XBO. Nice to have something exciting to play while one wait for something remotely interesting to launch on the PS4. #24
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If we are talking hardware and performance the PS4 is best. There is no denying that.

But there is more to a console then graphics. I have both a PS4 and a XBO and even tho I know the graphics and performance are better on my PS4 I want to start up my XBO and mess around more then on the PS4.

I had a hard time a while because I like most people like good graphics. But I just was not comfortable with the PS4 controller or the system in general.

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I'll spare you the time reading the article.

Resolution do matter. #7
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They are doing a damn fine job. #2
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GTA V looks better.... #10.1.2
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Going to be interview and Q&A @ March 7 – 9pm [CET]

Going to be interesting to watch...I recon the chat is going to a mob of angry gamers.

http://www.twitch.tv/ubisof... #6.1.1
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Yeah I hope so... #1.1.1
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Then they better show a video that shows it. It looks nothing like what have been shown earlier. It looks downgraded as hell to be honest.

For people that have pre-ordered that is called false advertising. They have payed or ordered a product not close to what they thought they were going to get.

Ubisoft is going to have a live stream on Twitch in some hours. Going to be interesting to see what they have to say or show. I smell lawsuits coming Ubisoft's... #6
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