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"Real gamers play games designed for buttons/mouse&keyboard.&qu ot;

What a load of bullsh*t... I hate to put people in booth's but a "real gamer" play games on any system as long as it's fun. #12.1
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Haters are not intelligent people. Nothing more to say really. #10
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For being a "dead" game it sure sells allot of copies. :D #3
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The Playstation 4 will be the best version on the new consoles. You have to have your head far far up Microsofts behind not to understand why. #61
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Indie games are the future of gaming. AAA games have become bland and boring. #8.1
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Man, I can't believe that there are some people still oblivious to the word preferences. #4.1
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Low end or budget tv's wont have 3D. Medium to high end quality tv's will have 3D.

3D is like smart tv functionality a standard thing now. #17.1.3
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I have a problem with it because I have absolutely no use for it. And when I play in the dark it's so bright it lights up the room and it shows on my tv. #8
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I hope PS+ members gets access to the beta. #19
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AR as it's now is kinda pointless. But with VR it could be incredible cool. #25
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I was somewhat disappointed with the footage they showed after E3. But I gotta admit that I am super excited after seeing this clip.

Looks really nice and it most important...fun! #12
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This and Heavy Rain on PS4 would be great. #19
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Then fuck the future and fuck King Games.

I'll start playing board games instead. #16
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People who moan and complain about buying it again should lift the PS4 over their heads and drop it. Repeat until numb in head. #18
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Why in God's name did I read that crap.. #1
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Already played it on PS3. But I am so excited to play it again on the PS4.

There are not allot of games I could say that about...but The Last of Us is definite one of them. #13
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I own both XBO and PS4 and the difference is big in my opinion. That said I play on a 65" TV so I see differences much faster then what you would on let's say a 32" TV.

That said there is nothing wrong in buying multiplatform games on the XBO. Buy and play on whatever system you like.

But if you like me like to get as good graphics as possible on a console and you have both consoles. There is no question on what system you should buy games for.... #40
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Premium devices for enthusiasts. You cant compare "cheap" gaming headsets with premium devices like this. That said I have not tested these so cant say if they are any good...but for the price it should be. #7.1
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Comments like this is going to be so funny to read in a couple of years.... :D #5.1
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F2P is cancer. #1.12
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