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Again with the sales pitch? Seriously? I dont work with sales analytics or have a sales analytics interest or hobby. I play games.

PC? It's suddenly about PC now? Come on now....the jig is up.

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Xbox has loads of games. But not loads of exclusives. There's a difference. I dont even own a Xbox and even I know the features and services on Xbox is better then what I got on my PS4Pro.

PSN is way more unstable and slower then XBL. PSNOW is streaming trash and expensive compared to GamePass. EA Access is awesome and something Sony did not want to compete with PSNOW. And soon the refund system will be in place like on Steam. Giving gamers great consumer rights. Games ...

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What's with the "you and us" thing? And are you an investor since you have so much interest in sales numbers? Who gives a fuck? We're gamers right? If you want to preach to fanboys or wannabe sales analytics then your humping on the wrong legg man.

Your going out of your way trying to downplay the new Xbox as hard as you can and for what? Stop being an idiot and join the rest of us gamers enjoying games on the system you prefer.

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Yeah you are probably more then right. It's just America that comes first to mind. If a large part of the population there sees a nipple they lose their mind.

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Same here. I buy the games I like. But I wont pay anything more. The exception is a few DLC's for games I just loved. But I can count those on one hand.

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Just let the Americans be and let the rest of the modern world enjoy adult games?

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Ever considered that maybe they just did not like the PS4? That they preferred the XBOX ecosystem, controller, features, services and because it was what their gaming friends would buy? I dont doubt that many Xbox One owners have been irritated that their preferred console have had games that have looked and performed less then the competing console that is the PlayStation4.

Well now those who did will get the Xbox One X to rectify that. So you can basically take your igno...

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I know. And is why I wrote "better". If we can get higher resolution and maybe some better textures on the X it would be great.

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As long as support is better then on the PS4Pro then I'm happy. Hopefully we will see less of 1440p titles on the X.

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Yeah I have little hopes Microsoft have any big AAA exclusives to announce at Gamescom. Especially since Phil Spencer wont be attending this year. I expect more Xbox One X hardware and pre-order news. And news about big AAA games that take advantage of the machine.

I can understand the traditional console/brand gamer will be disappointed if a game that would be just coming to their plastic box is not announced. I have found the exclusives on the PS4Pro to be good. Some even...

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Hopefully they announce that pre-orders are open this coming Sunday under the Xbox event at Gamescom. And it would be awesome if we got some news and video on some big Xbox One X enhanced games. I dont expect much more to be honest. Everything beyond that is just a bonus.

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That's the same as saying PS4Pro owners dont own a PS4 system anymore. Makes zero sense... And the death of XBO? We all know Xbox is behind. Even far behind. But the death? That's just silly.

McDonalds is much more popular then Burger King. Should Burger King just say "yeah were not nr one. Let's close shop". That's not how it works. At least not in the real world.

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That's quite obvious isn't it? XBO owners that wants better performance and better looking games and still be in the Xbox ecosystem will get that option in November.

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If it wasn't for PlayStation4 exclusives then mostly everything about Xbox today is better. And with the upcoming Xbox One X it just gets even better. Makes you wonder what position Xbox would be in if they took to their senses and started investing heavily in first party studios and exclusive games.

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Microsoft should never have changed their plans. Again and again we see that these vocal gamers are totally under representative of the larger gaming community. It may have been Microsoft was a bit early with their always online console in 2013.

But today something like that would make sense as more and more services are online based. Where games are services of their own.

It's coming that's for sure. But if it's Microsoft that does it first r...

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That is what different the boys from they men.

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I just love how gamers around the world is giving a flying F to what "gamers" are moaning about in the commenting sections.

Again and again proving that they don't matter at all. A little insignificant group of the gaming community. Now if only developers of both software and hardware stop listening to these people.

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Looks nice. Hopefully it will take full advantage of the X.

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One of few games I will remember from this console generation. Graphic quality at a cinematic level you can't even find on the most beefy PC's you can build.

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