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When entering a new map/are it can sometimes do this. But it's not a problem at all.

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But it's hopefully the last console built upon a old and decades outdated practice with locking hardware in a time bubble for so many years.

About time. And with that Sony will have to follow up. It's not like we will get a PS5 with locked hardware for 5-6 years while the Xbox Two? get's a update after 3 years and with every game looking much better.

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It's the same with almost every online game these days.

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What a load of horse crap. And I'm a PlayStation fan.

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If you don't care about the added graphics and performance then you skip upgrading the Xbox. As Phil Spencer said all games will be backwards and forward compatible.

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Sony should most definitely care. It wil make the PS4 and all PlayStation consoles that follows weaker if Sony don't follow.

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I don't care if a game is made by 1 person or 200. If it looks good I will pay the asking price.

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Then do that. But for those who don't want to deal with PC hardware and everything else that comes with PC.

An more powerful XBO would make console gaming more enjoyable for those who want to stay in the console echo system but still want better looking games.

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Seeing how console gamers have started to focus on resolution and frame rate. My guess is that Microsoft would make the upgraded XBO capable to run every game in native 1080p with a stable 60 fps. And with better AA,shadows etc etc.

It wouldn't demand much of a cost to achieve that. And in the progress make the PS4 and the base model XBO look like the outdated piece of technology it is.

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But now they don't have to jump to a PC. They just buy a more powerful Xbox.

And you would stick with on older XBO model because you don't care for the extra performance or have money to use on a more powerful model.

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If a new Xbox One model can deliver better graphics and performance why would you stick with a PS4 for all games?

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If I could buy a XBO that can do native 1080p, 60 fps in all games. And with better effects I would change from PS4 as my main console platform without blinking.

I hope they come out with a standard XBO but that has a high bandwidth port for an external power unit as we see in some laptops. Giving those who want the basis model an option to upgrade later. And then also release a more powerful Xbox. Call it Xbox Two or whatever.

It would be awesome.

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Got my code. Downloaded and installed. A few but welcoming additions. Hope we can test streaming from PS4 to PC/MAC at some point.

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I'm liking Phil Spencer more and more. So many retarded gamers that need to get a reality call.

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I don't see why?

If you don't care about better performance or visuals then you skip buying the add on that gives the XBO more juice. It's not like games won't work on the entry model XBO.

The only irritating thing about this is envy and irritation knowing that others are playing a better looking game then you on XBO.

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The time where a console could be put in a time bubble is at an end. Technology progress is so fast that those days are over.

To put things in perspective. 8 years is how long it took from the X360 came to the XBO came out.

That is as long as the launch of the first iPhone to the launch of the iPhone 6+.

If you compare it to almost every technology it's clear that in this time and age. Putting a console in a time bubble is not viable any...

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I enjoyed 4 of them very much. Two of them I haven't played yet.

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I don't care that I sound like a dirty pig. But I cant wait to see what the porn industry is going to to with this.

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Going to be interesting to see the turn when gamers stop complaining about modern and future combat. And starts to complain that reloading takes forever and they cant shoot fast enough etc etc...

You all know it's going to happen..

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It's old new yes. I'm surprised so many/most have completely missed it.

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