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Looking at the entire gaming industry makes the question pointless.

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It's launching in a crowded period. But there is nothing like For Honor. It's like a mix of the Dark Souls games and various fighting games.

It has raised the bar for sword fighting games.

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Yeah, well first real big open world game :P

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Both look great and both are pre-ordered. But I would go with Zelda without blinking. A new IP is always exciting and it looks good. But this is the first open world Zelda game and it looks absolutely amazing.

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It's NPD that is reporting this. This is basic knowlede to anyone following the gaming scene. Or it should be.

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Well it is...

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Not bad for the best selling console game of 2016. And that's not just in USA but worldwide...

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A PS4 is so cheap today that if you want to play one of the many awesome exclusive games for the system. Then just buy it.

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So far it's not showing off. 9-18% is revenue from the PC market. The rest is consoles. It's been like this for years now and with Yves Guillemot really not liking the PC platform I would not be surprised if they said F it and went console only.

Especially seeing how much shit the PC community is giving Ubisoft. Add that up with Yves Guillemot and the smallest income pr platform....

I doubt it would happen. But if it did...I would be as I say. Not...

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I honestly would not be surprised if Ubisoft will be one of the first big AAA game studios that says F it. We will no longer port our games to PC.

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Seeing many big AAA games are having a hard time these days. I was really skeptical about WD2 after getting burned on the first one. But reviews are good. Word of mouth is good. And the 3h demo was good. Defiantly picking this up at one time. Most likely when a game of the year edition comes along with all the DLC.

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I'd rather take out my phone and do those things when on the go. At home most have much better options. So it's no deal breaker at all. But it would be nice if Nintendo added it later. It's never bad having options!

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Blizzard have asked if Sony can do something about it. Not that Blizzard will ban players using it. PlayStation is even promoting keyboard and mouse accessories on their homepage.

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Said no one ever that owns a 4K HDR TV.

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It's not as black and white as that... Sure if the game is rendering at a native 1800p then the jump up to 2160p is not that big. But as soon as the resolution gets lower the difference gets quite big.

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I yet to play a game that is not repetitive... What matters is if your having fun or not.

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PlayStation is advertising for keyboard & mouse accessories on their homepage. It's something they openly support on PlayStation 4.

I don't know how much clearer Blizzard needs it to be...?

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Seeing how extremely much better it is to play RE7 in VR then on a old flat image I can see why they would. They really have raised the bar.

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Depends on how popular Switch will become. If it's a huge success and the demand for something simmelar becomes an topic.

Then I don't see why both Xbox and PlayStation could do the same. But with the base station having substantial more power.

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They should just pull it down. Cancel the early access on PC and push on the XBO version. Denuvo is not only protecting their property but it's also hindering people from tempering and altering files. And in online games this is especially important as PC has a big problem with cheaters.

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