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This and with the upcoming refund feature is gold for consumers. Take note Nintendo and Sony.

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And yet here you are. A ray of sunshine.

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Both will use checkerboard yes. But that don't mean both will be the same. Different resolution and effects. That's if Ubisoft does both consoles justice.

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No point taking a look. Resolution and graphics don't matter anymore. If it's not a exclusive it's not worth your time. And anything below true 4K is just a fuzzy mess.


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Based on THAT footage Forza 7 looks like a league of it's own as far as the visuals goes.

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I dont know what version I've seen. Just som trailers and some clips people that have been in the closed beta have uploaded.

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The visuals are stunning! It's just to bad the cars STILL sounds like vacuum cleaners. Forza 7 looks just as stunning and the cars sounds like beasts. As they should considering whats under the hood.

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Yeah it's kinda sad reading some of the comments on this site. Some clearly have some issues.

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This is looking promisingly. By the looks of things the X can be a good alternative to those who want more but don't want a PC.

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Why do you have to pick one? It's not like we're talking about a insane amount of money to do so.

I got hundreds of reasons in the shape of multiplatform games to own a Xbox One X AND a PlayStation4 Pro.

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This has been known for a long time. And is how it should be. Games should be on all platforms. Regardless of what fanboys and shareholders say.

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Seeing allot of people not understanding why there is so much noise around this. And compare it to what's often been done with both the PlayStation and Xbox in the past. But things have change now with these new console iterations.

Imagine if Nvida showcased their GPU lineup with a new big AAA game. Saying its running on a GTX970. While it was really running on a GTX1070.

It's misleading. It's fals advertising. Its setting the expectations cos...

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Sony has from what I read uploaded a new video where they (EA/Sony) have done a better job at hiding the Xbox buttons. Story will most likely update at the source over at Eurogamer confirming this shortly.

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Digital Foundry confirmed by looking at the footage that it was not your typical vertical slice. But one using checkerboard rendering and with texture assets loading in etc. Far from what a vertical slice would be.

And if that was not enough EA confirmed to Digital Foundry that it was as they assumed. Running live on a Xbox One X.

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I'm not a christian. But I'll say amen to that.

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Sure. But better graphics,performance and sound just adds a nother layer to that immersion. Imagine playing games like Horizon Zero Dawn and The Witcher 3 on a PS3/X360 compared to the new consoles or even better. A high-end PC.

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Problem is these kids complaining here are playing on a tiny monitor or cheap 1080p TV that they most likely got from their parents.

It's no wonder they have no idea what better visuals and sound can do to a game. And if they do they try to downplay it. Kids today... :D

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