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I was extremely impressed by the new Tomb Raider game on PC. So impressed that I am actually forking out $60 again for the PS4 version. #4
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I hope Twitch and Sony make a 18+ section people can stream whatever they want. There is so much crazy stuff happening that are violating the terms both Sony and Twitch have sett.

I find it incredible cool that we can turn on our PS4 and watch games AND crazy people do stuff in Playroom.

But they should be in a special section rated 18+ so that they don't get banned or people go in shock when some crazy stuff happens :) #13
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Been in the beta a while now and it has allot of potential. But I will not support a business platform designed to milk costumers of way more money then a normal retail game. #6
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I think Nintendo should get hard to work on their next system. Go back to the roots of Nintendo and call it "Nintendo Entertainment System".

Not a soul would misunderstand what it is and it's just such a great name that they should use it again for a new next-gen Nintendo system.

I think they are beyond saving the Wii U. The name is to confusing. The hardware is not nearly good enough and the system if we look at the big picture has no games. <... #32.1.1
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Cant say I am surprised at all. A weak system with little or no thirdparty support. And to few Nintendo games.

No wonder Nintendo is bleeding money. #32
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Poor XBO fanboys that can't handle facts and get a kick out of clicking Disagree. Like it's going to validate their choice of a brand and ignore the facts that the XBO is a slightly weaker gaming device. #34.1
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Me to on my PC at max settings. It is a incredible beautiful game.

But there are assets in this version that is in no other version. Everything from a remade Lara Croft to little details like the wind and vegetation that move.

Enough reasons for me to pick up what is a great game and play it one more time on the PS4. #7.1
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You honestly think that developers will pick higher fps over higher visuals? What do you think sells better to the average costumer? #3.5
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Frame rate and resolution is confirmed. Now it's going to be interesting to see what they maybe have removed or down adjusted on the XBO version compared to the PS4 version.

If we think pure hardware the PS4 version should look better. But that is all up to the developers. Not many days now before we prob know everything. #34
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The hard core Nintendo fans have probably already bought a Wii U. And I just don't think Nintendo have the hardware or the software to tempt people to buy it over a PS4 or a XBO. #4
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If you have a PS4 and have not played it before you really should buy it. It is a great game and I cant wait to see how the visuals will be on this new version. #1.2
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So who is buying this for the PS4? :D #7
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Okay so I might have gone a wee overboard with the cancer part. Heat of the moment and all that jazz.

But come on..who don't have Netflix in 2014? :D

Joke aside... In your case you don't have the time to play as much as you probably want and you don't feel it's worth paying a monthly fee to play a mmo game.

And you would like a F2P version of the game and with all the changes a F2P model have. And if I can make a wild guess yo... #4.3.1
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You have that same opinion on your cable/satellite subscription? Or with Netflix,Spotify or Hulu subscriptions to mention a few?

I understand your issue with paying for playing a game you barely have time to play. But what about everyone that have the time to play a traditional mmo? Why do we have to play a casual gimped "pay for this and pay for that in your face" type of game?

Most of us have gaming as a hobby and put allot of time into our hobby... #4.1.1
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F2P is not what gamers that want to use alot of time in a game should want.

It's only young people with little to no income and the super casual players that think that F2P is how all games should be.

F2P is a cancer in the gaming world and the sad thing is so many dont see it. #4
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Why should they do that when they earn millions each year? People buy it because they want it..

As long as it sells as good as it is they are not going to change much and they sure aint going to wait 2-3 year between each release. #5.1
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Strange...I find it to be one of the better. #3.1
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7 million people bought a console in 2 months, and many are still waiting to get their PS4's. So no..not even close. #10
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I don't think so... #16
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The latency is either going to break or make this service. Going to be interesting to see how they solve that in the months ahead. #5
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