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Sadly the PS4Pro version is not as good. Running at around 28 fps very often. But a patch could fix that before it launches this Friday.

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Well Xbox One X has already outsold the PS4Pro on Amazon. So I personally think Xbox owners are so hungry for a more powerful console after playing in sub HD for years that even those that dont own a 4K TV will buy it.

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Game reviewers don’t think that’s the only thing that matters clearly. And I agree.

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Yeah I know. I think based from the demo that it's awesome. I just find the verbalization strange... :D

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It's the lowest scored Gran Turismo game ever. And it's returning the series to greatness?

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Yeah I’ve been crossing fingers for so long now. But it’s not looking like it will happen.. :(

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Driveclub is great. But it’s a blur feast compared to GTA Sport and it’s higher resolution.

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Great commercial with a broad appeal. Not long now...

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Counting with GOG wont make the XBO sales number shrink... But it will look smaler compared to total sales numbers of course. Personally I think Cuphead is coming to PS4 in 2018.

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It's sold over 1 million copies. So around ~250.000 copies.

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Tried both demos and I was blown away.... Both look so incredible good. GT Sport felt more "serious" and wheel & pedal set felt like a must have.

Forza 7 however felt more fun and better with a controller. Finally one more game that uses the impulse triggers... And a game I think works fine without a wheel & pedal set.

I'm getting Forza 7 first. And if I really, really like it. Then I'll invest in a wheel & pedal set and an a...

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I cant take developers serious that say things like that. As game designers or in this case a team that ports a game. They should. No. They/He knows how important resolution and FPS is for some games. And DOOM is certainly one of them.

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I'm starting to get really excited and impatient now.. Thankfully not long now! After seeing how much better Shadow of War looks on the X. I have hopes it's just the start of a long range of games that will look great on our 4K HDR TV's.

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Bought that game for my Switch the other day. And it’s FANTASTIC!! And perfect on the hybrid console.

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Nintendo Switch is probably gonna kill it this holiday.

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And this is why Xbox One X will be my main console until something better comes along. Probably in 2020 with the PS5.

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Yes Xbox it’s most likely going for third place this holiday with PlayStation4 in second and Switch at first. I would be surprised if that won’t be the case.

But that don’t mean much. All three consoles are doing fine.

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Xbox will be fine. They usually lower the price a bit. Bundle it with some of the biggest titles that year and sell just fine. This year they will most likely also throw Game Pass on top of that. A service that’s perfect for those who come this late to this gen consoles.

But Switch will most likely be king this holiday.

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It’s two racing’s games but at the same time two very different racing games. If I was a gear head and a simulator enthusiast I would go with GT Sport.

Im just a gamer so I personally would pick Forza 7.

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It’s coming to PC. Rumors started lately about a Xbox version also. But it’s just a rumor as of now.

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