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Its going to be really interesting to see what developers will be able to squeeze out of the X. Especially seeing what is possible on the PS4Pro in a game like Horizon.

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Graphics looks good. I've always been interested in Egypt and the pyramids. So I'm gonna explore the hell out of that game. But I'm really concerned about the voice acting...because what was shown here was bad. Plain bad.

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Hopefully regardless of this marketing deal. They stay clear of the bullshit with exclusive missions and content. Timed or permanent. It's a crappy way of segregating gamers.

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I agree about the momentum. But most likely that momentum will be getting a much needed spark at Gamescom in just a few weeks.

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Somehow I dont think people that have invested in a 4K HDR TV will let the price of the Xbox One X be the deciding factor if they will buy one or not.

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Strange as what I've been reading/hearing across the board is that the demo was impressive.

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Dont know what episodes you have watched. But LTT have said over and over again that AMD Threadripper is not a gaming CPU.

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I'm a gamer and even I dont think e"sport" will ever become mainstream.

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Like what I've seen so far. And it's a Play Anywhere title so we get both a Xbox and PC version :) (if you buy digital)

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Talk about shooting themselves in the foot. Big mistake Bungie...big mistake.

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Just a little follow up comment. I have to say it's incredible how many fanboys there are here. 44 and counting on this comment alone.

Glad to know that even if sites like this are infested with these zealots they are most likely as insignificant in life as in the big picture when it comes to this awesome hobby that is gaming.

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Easy on of my most anticipated games of the year.

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Back on top? The chance for that is slim to none. But I think they can lay a good foundation for the "next-gen" Xbox with the Xbox One X, Xbox One S and the services and features Xbox have.

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Looking at where Microsoft is today the answer for that today is pretty clear a resounding yes.

Games today are more like services where you have to be online anyways. So Microsoft's vision for heavy Kinect integration and always online would difference them much more and in a more positive light then today. Especially since they obviously have little interest in investing heavy in first party studios and exclusive games.

So yeah Microsoft and Xbox wo...

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It costs a bit more with a PC as this and several other sites have shown. But if 60 fps is something you value it's worth that extra money as Xbox One X will as other consoles focus on 30 fps.

Best thing about this? Options! We as gamers have options. Cant argue with that...

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Nerds and social media may have killed the franchise.

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Ask yourself this question. How many times. If any at all. Have you encountered a cheater in a online game on Xbox or PlayStation. I play on several platforms and on PC all the popular games are infested with cheaters. Wall hacks, aim bots and all sorts of crap.

Consoles are a closed echo system. And paying to ensure that the loop from Sony to third party is secured is alone worth every bit of money they charge us for. Getting a load of games each year is just a really nice...

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These articles are getting silly. If you freak out over this minimal price adjustment then you really should be using your money on other things then gaming.

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Seams like a person and developer with a good head on his shoulders. And I agree. The console fanboy bickering is getting really old. Hopefully I can do as him and just ignore it altogether. Going to be work in progress for a while tho...get to rallied up to fast :P

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