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It was the best selling game in 2015. Let's see if the same will happen this year... :)

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Own the PS4. Just bought PSVR. Getting the PS4Pro. Nothing splitting me...

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In 2015 Call of Duty was the best selling game. And that in a year with so many great releases. So no it's nowhere time for Call of Duty to call it quits.

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In stark contrast to about 98% of PSVR reviews out there. Sure there are flaws with the system but the positives outweigh them by a far margin.

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GTA5 has sold over 60 million copies over all plattforms. PS3,PS4,X360,XBO and PC. Of those 60 million "only" 5.3 million is sold via Steam. There are no numbers on how many are via Rockstar's own digital store. But I think it's safe to say Steam will be the biggest sales vice.

But let's say they sold 5 million on the Rockstar digital store. Something I highly doubt. Then we are up in over 10 million copies. It will generate allot of revenue. More then...

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Me to! But until then I will enjoy the best graphics any console can deliver :)

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It's written that way to connect with it's readers....

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In other words we can give developers a bad time if a new game dont have PS4Pro support.

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This game has gone from a " hurry". To "I need to play this asap!".

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The game is getting loads of great reviews from Steam users who own the game. Going to buy it myself soon. It looks great but there is just to many games to chose from...

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Nothing wrong with the price for a 3-5h long game in VR. This is a new frontier in gaming and entertainment. If you cant afford to experience it then fine. Just dont try to down play everything as there is more to this then how long a game last vs money asked.

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Zelda is the only reason I need... :p

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This has the potential to be a gigantic success in Japan.

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I think it looks extremely interesting.

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The video is nice and more then ok in terms of the messaging. But the headline for the video is not. The PS4 is the best selling console in America. Not the XBO.

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Looks amazing! I cant wait to see how the PS4Pro version will look like. Hopefully it will render at 1440p and be upscalled from there.

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If t he rumors are correct then the NX will again be a first party console.

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Just got a message to pick up my 55" curved 4K HDR TV :) Now just wait for the PS4Pro....

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If it was up to me I would bring back the big gaming boxes on PC. Big nice boxes with manuals and what we today consider collectors editions in many cases. I will continue to buy physical console games until the very end as I love my collection. Cant say the same about my list of games on soul or ownership at all.

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I love Diablo 3. Started playing it on PC but when the console version came out I gave it a go and playing the game with a controller made it even better. So bring on Diablo 4 Blizzard. Body and soul is ready for the hoards of hell once more!

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