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DriveClub just kills it when it comes to rain effects. #22
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I find it boring also. The PS4 have been winning since day one and there is no drama anymore.

As far as I see it the console war is over. PS4 won and nothing is going to change that.

Going to be exciting to see how the console war will reignite when the new Nintendo console comes. Or do we have to wait all the way for the next-gen consoles... #8
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More sex in games! I'm a man and I need my cars,guns,explosions and sex. :P #4
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Ubisoft must consider it not financial beneficial to release it on the XBO in those territories... What else could it be? #29
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Here is the video from Playstation Polen. Not so compressed as that one. https://www.youtube.com/wat... #8
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No it shouldn't. Battlefront is more like Battlefield and not COD. #14
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If I am getting this I will have to get a wheel and pedal set. I don't see the point in playing with a controller.

It's a racing sim not a arcade game. #10
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45% finished the prologue. And of that 45% only 15,2% bothered to finish the game.

And sure there are many that bought it cheap and just let's it stay unplayed for months and years. If at all.

That's almost even more sad... #2.1.1
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I just hope it's more accessible for more type of gamers. At least have a learning curve that don't make most people quit the game at the first village like in TW2 and the cursed village of Flotsam.

A quick look at Steam reveals that only 15,2% ever finished the game. That's an incredible low number...

Crossing finger that TW3 will be great. #2
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It's PC gameplay. CD PROJECT RED has stated that console gameplay will be shown this week. #23.1
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So don't die in the game. Or you will have to go to the wall of shame and stay for 40sec. #21
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Trolling done right. Strange that so few sees it? #55
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I love it! Playing that in this old house would most likely scare me silly. #2
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And still they cant show any actual gameplay to the masses. Gotta secure enough pre-orders first... #2
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Yeah I've been doing that for some period of time. But I need my PC to be in my PC area. And it's to far away from my living room.

But I am thinking about routing some ethernet cables in the building. So I can do streaming from Steam to the TV with Steam Link that is coming in August. #13.1.1
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It's really cool. Personally I need it the other way around.

Being able to stream from my Win10 PC to my XBO. There are allot of games I would just relax in the sofa and play with a controller. #13
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Playstation 4 is the best console you can buy.Period. It's lifetime sales so far is 22.3m worldwide.

Join the big Playstation Nation family for the best console gaming experience. #18
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Been playing games so long now that playing on Easy is just not worth my time. I play games to get challenged and to become better at the game.

Taking in the story and the sights when you have fought your way to get there is so more rewarding.

Easy mode is nice for newcomers. And that's all. #16
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Nintendo is basically the modern dinosaur. It's a miracle it's not extincted like the rest.

But it's time to start evolving or end up like the rest of the dinosaurs. #9
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I remember when people went crazy when they had to download Steam to play Half-Life 2.

That worked out fine. So will this. People just need to calm the F down and let Steam fine adjust everything. It's going to be a bumpy ride for a while. #6
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