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Playing a FPS game on a flat monitor is nothing like playing it in VR. And yes we need labels on games to describe the intensity level. And if I'm not mistaken it's coming.

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Ah, yeah that's the reason then :) RE7 made allot of people sick and it's because like kneon writes because of the camera. If you tried lets say Battlezone you would most likely be completely fine. So it's important to know that some games are just not good for VR and will make 4 of 5 sick.

So dont dismis VR just yet :)

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Remember that some games gives the users motion sickness and nausea much faster then other games. Do you remember what you tried in VR? If so I can say if it's a type of game that is bad when it comes to motion sickness or not.

And what I am seeing allot of is people that have been trying a VR headset at friends with games that are moded and not made for VR. No wonder people get sick :D

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It's basically like this. You are skeptical and then you try VR. Then you understand. Nothing more to say really.

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Looks nice. But prepare to puke out everything you ate that day when playing it. I own a HTC Vive so I know gameplay like that will make you sick to your stomach. It looks cool, but puking is not cool.

EDIT: I get this is not what you want to hear and click the down vote. But go to any forum where people have a Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive and more or less everyone will say the same. There are those that are not effected by motion sickness but the majority of people are. And d...

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The only winner here is us the consumers.

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I agree. Let's hope the NX will get Nintendo back on track.

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Nintendo is doing everything right with the NX (if the rumors are true). They would loose if they wanted to join the hardware race.

Nintendo is not about graphics but trying new ways to make gaming fun. Thats Nintendo's philosophy and it always has been.

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My guess is that now that the board at Nintendo saw how massive the mobile market is and what it can do to gain the value of their company. That the mobile game division will get a big push.

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If I bileved that the majority of people say/write what they do because they like you write. Want to let SE know that deals like this aren't acceptable. Then I would agree with you.

The thing is however... I've been at this for so many years and wasted so much time on social media. That I know that the majority say and write what they do because they are nothing but empty headed fanboys.

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Awesome game.
All DLC included.
Remastered graphics.

Yeah I would pay $60.

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Why wouldn't I be excited to play it on my PS4? Because it's a year old? Because I'm a thick headed fanboy?

Nah...the game looks great and the PS4 version is getting allot of great stuff that PC and Xbox users had to pay extra to get. So yeah..I'm excited and I'm getting it on day 1.

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It's most definitively a jump up on the graphics department. I really like it and I think it's going to be a more exciting COD this year with space battles and all.

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The Scorpio is several months away. And it will cost much more.

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It will be one of the cheapest 4K Blu-Ray players on the market. And with 4K streaming and selected games with HDR support. So yeah it's most definitely worth buying for several reasons.

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Even vacum cleaners gets updated and better faster then a console. So this is a good thing Microsoft and Sony are doing. Consoles cant be like they were in the 80's with long locked hardware profiles. It worked then. Not so much today.

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Of course the PSVR has the screendoor effect. The lower the resolution the more prominent the pixels are. But the PSVR's panel is full RGB. So the screendoor effect even with lower resolution won't be much if any worse then the Vive.

But the problem will be details. Playing a traditional PS4 game with allot of details will be lost when playing in cinema mode. Just like on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

It's not an good option at all. But this i...

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I have tried the equivalent of cinema mode for the PSVR on my HTC Vive and it's not an good experience. I had dreamt about playing some PS4 games in cinema mode but with lower resolution then the Vive it's not an good option at all.

I'm just saying so that people can down adjust their expectations a bit. But so have no doubt VR is going to be amazing with the PSVR. Hopefully it's more comfortable then my Vive.

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If developers optimized their games as much as they do for consoles my GTX1080 would deliver near CGI graphics. It dosent.

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Same here. But then again mine and your PC cost an ridicules amount of money compared to a PS4.

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