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And as usual "gamers" go mental when something or someone is "attacking" "their" hobby. It's a good thing that WHO now consider recognizing that many because of games develops a mental health problem. In the time ahead people that are struggling can get help faster and get their life back on track again.

It's not like everyone that plays allot suddenly have a mental health problem. It's when playing games becomes the only thing you ...

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I’m gonna buy VR for my PC. But I’m waiting for a newer version from either Oculus or HTC.

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Fanboys on the defensive as usual...

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Xbox playing catch up as usual...

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Congratulations you manage to list some games above 1440p! Now start listing all the 1440p titles....

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How is cross-platform play an unrealistic dream when PC,Nintendo and Xbox are doing it right now?

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Cant argue with any of that sadly.

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Wouldn't be long before Kratos would be named and shamed with the #metoo movement it there was....

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You can hardly have a 4K display to say that. 1080p upscalled to 2160p is not good to look at.

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1080p upscalled to 2160p @60fps on a 4K TV. Hell no....that looks horrible. 4K 30fps it is then. Not a game that need a 60fps/performance mode to be honest.

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Funny to see so many not reading the God damn article before commenting. I agree with Pachter. At this time in the console cycle bringing more exclusives to the plattforms wont change much or at all as far as sales numbers goes. This console generation is coming to an end soon.

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This will be a game that Xbox have sorely needed for a while. And it’s a Play Anywhere title and with cross play. This will be a title on Xbox and PC that PlayStation only gamers will be sad to miss out on. I have no doubt about that after my hands on time with it.

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Just HDR. Nothing more.

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Yes. Problem is 9/10 games are not in 60 fps.

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"Did Microsoft make a mistake paying for PUBG exclusivity?"

Seeing how many copies they have already sold. No it was definitely not a mistake to ensure this is a TIMED console exclusive title.

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Tried the game on both the Pro and X. And it's awesome to see Ubisoft supporting the X so good. It looks so much better.

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Looks just as good as on my GTX1080 PC. Not the same performance of course. But it looks more or less the same.

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No they dont. PSX this year was for the fans. Celebrating games and having panels about games they care about. Everyone with any interest in PSX knew long ago that this year would not be like last year. Lot's of great panels this year.

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