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One mans opinion. #47
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Both Microsoft and Sony claim that their consoles is the best place to play.

But the fact is that PC is the best place to play period.

Consoles is just a cheap entry level gaming system. PC is where the magic happens.

And now let's sit back and enjoy the show. Disagree spam in 1...2...3... #18
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GameStop will be closed and history in a few years. #5
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Took that survey weeks ago...funny about all the PS4 questions :) #7
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Investors should get out and as far away as they can from Ubisoft. That company is a sinking ship and will soon be more hated then EA.

If not already... Fu*k you Ubisoft for screwing paying costumers over and over. #3
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Horrible performance on all platforms. Have to use phone/tablet applications to do stuff in the game. And micro transactions store comes up when you pause the game... #5
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Bethesda wouldn't have to compete with the PC version and mods. But against last gen consoles. Console gamers don't care about PC and what is going on there.

I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Same goes for all the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games. #1.8
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The console war is over. It's been over a long time now. The PS4 is on top and it seams it's going to be until the next console launch.

But everyone lose to the PC. Even a cheap PC. We are already seeing the limitations on the consoles and it's just going to get worse from here on. #19
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Those complaining about sex and sexual themes in games are one of the following categories:

Social challenged
Mentally challenged
Religious brainwashed

And morally just really fu*kt up people. #9
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Then buy a 120/144Hz monitor! Smart ass :) #5.1.3
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I'm excited to see and play all this in 60fps on a PC. That alone is the biggest game changer. #5
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I loved what I played with the alpha client. Testing the game in this early stage convinced me to buy it as soon as it's out. #9
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Best COD game I have played in years! #54
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"PS4 Exclusives: Is ‘Greatness’ Just Flash Over Substance?"

Nope #46
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Just ordered it as I forgot it was coming next week...! :D

Cya on the battlefield Playstation Nation! #43
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It means developers spreading bullshit that 30fps is much better will have a even harder time. #4
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I have been using PSN for almost 10 years now. It goes down several times each month. Either it's maintenance or it's problems making them take it down.

Because of overload many functions on PS4 is slow. Things like messaging and getting up the friends list.

Meanwhile the Xbox Live service is up and running with a sweat. #26.1.1
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Thanks. That's good to read! :) #6.2.1
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And everything presented in glorious 30fps as the head of development thinks that is so much better in action games. He actually said that...it's no joke. #6
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Share Play is really cool. But the latency makes most games unplayable. That's my experience when I tested it today anyways.. #43
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