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Many gamers play on several plattforms. That's who articles like this is for.

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PC,XBOX,PS4Pro,PS4,XBO. If graphics/performance is your deciding factor.

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"What If I Told You The PS Vita Isn't Dead?"

Then I would say you tok the wrong pill.

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I pick better looking new games over new games locked to just one platform any day.

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It was a while these articles came. Here is one I found using something called Google.

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Haven't there been several repports about Xbox having a higher software attach rate then PlayStation? In layman's terms. More people buy software on Xbox even with fewer consoles in the hands of costumers.

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A PC site writing wishful thoughts about PC becoming a mainstream gaming platform. How original...I love my PC. But come on now. PC has not managed to in all these years and will probably never become mainstream when it comes to gaming. Stop daydreaming allready.

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No no no and NO! I hope you are just being ironic now? Joking with me. But sadly I think not. A PC built for gaming dont mean uncapped fps at ultra settings. You can buy gaming PC's with a wide range of hardware options.

A gaming PC, pre-build or by yourself dont automatically mean uncapped frame rate and ultra settings. FAR from it. You can build a machine like that for sure. And where at ultra or more realistically high settings will make y...

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Want more then you have to pay for it. Buy a PC. That said. MANY PC gamers play at 30 fps if they want equal graphics as a console today. PC is not the same as 60 fps. That's a illusion some PC gamers want to uphold. But it's a lie.

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I've been a PC and console gamer for over 3 decades. And I would have no problem recommending a PC or a console for a gamer that knows what he/she wants today. The debate about plug and play and maintenance is a argument that just won't hold water anymore.

You dont have to build your own PC. You dont have to fiddle with drivers and fine tuning your system or games anymore. You can if you want to. But you dont have to. And that's a big deal.


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CD Projekt Red has since downplayed the "few days" proximity to me. "PS4 Pro and Xbox One X: both technical updates are coming," senior PR manager Radek Adam Grabowski told me. "More details about them, including the exact moment when they will be released, are something we are going to announce when the right time comes."

From DigitalFoundry.

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10.000.000 sold copies on Windows and rising. It's not difficult to see why Microsoft wants to help port the game over to their other more dedicated gaming platform.

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Glad I have the option to get both.

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Yeah it's gone from irritating to pathetic how these clowns act. Thankfully even tho they are the most vocal on places like this they are insignificant in the big picture. Just as in real life most likely.

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Well in terms of hardware there is nothing they can do before the PS5 comes out. Then hopefully with a UHD Blu-ray drive also.

In terms of services and features they can add or open up if they want to.

PlayStation will keep on selling because of exclusive games. Even tho I suspect many have no idea what games that is as word of mouth is strong with the system. Especially after the mess Microsoft had with the launch of Xbox One.


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That's why people who wants those options buys a PC. Not consoles that has for decades been primarily at 30 fps.

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$249 for a XboxOne S with 3 games ain't bad. And it has a UHD Blu-ray drive for those with a 4K TV.

These exclusives promotion deals both Sony and Microsoft have are such bullshit. Problem is casuals and fanboys can't see past the bullshit.

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Surprise surprise! Idiots in the commenting section.

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