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There probably won't be a new Elder Scrolls until the next generation consoles comes out. They won't use years to develop for a platform that will be replaced in 2-3 years.

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If you got a 4K powered PC. Or a PS4Pro and dont care about better looking games (witch would be a little strange as it's the only reason to buy a PS4Pro) then I perfectly understand.

Me I'm ditching my PC. And going all multiplatform on XBX. Exclusives and VR on PS4Pro. And switch it up a little with the Nintendo Switch... (see what I did there!) :)

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Well in all honesty both the XBO and PS4 is by today's modern PC standards old machines. But when you look at some of the best games on both platforms.

It's clear as daylight that good developers are not especially hold back. So when we hear things like this developer is saying. Or see games that have bad graphics or performance issues.

It's not because of bad hardware. But developers with bad game engines and the lack of knowledge to code goo...

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Why is "every" gamer so poor? Discussing price up and down as it was a huge investment to buy these consoles.

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File size in games have increased allot over the years. Won't be long before 100Gb is normal.

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It is disappointing. But when you see how good games at 1800-2160p checkerboard looks it's not something to worry about.

The PS4Pro has allot of games at 1440p that is uoscalled. Hopefully the XBX will in those games have 1800-2160p checkerboard or a native 2160p.

It's going to be really interesting to see how this all turns out. But one thing is for sure and that's the XBX has a massive overhead over the PS4Pro in raw GPU and memory bandwidth...

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The Xbox One X is for enthusiasts. Just as the PS4Pro is. And I don't believe for a second that the people that are in this costumer demograph don't have the knowledge on what sets them apart. Or that $100 price difference matters at all.

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Wrong. It's coming in 2018.

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Because of America. A nation who lose it if they see a nipple. Brainwashed since birth that guns are cool and sex is a sin.

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Same reason there are GPU's alone that costs $700+. Enthusiasts.

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It's not what is needed for a strong comeback no. This is for enthusiasts.

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You don't have to be a genius to understand that XBX will be superior to the Pro when it comes to resolution. But if there will be more to it is uncertain.

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Regardless of platform you play on there was loads of great games shown. Metro ran on a PC with the equivalent of what it would be on the XBX.

And yes Origins uses dynamic resolution. And it will be best on XBX and PC.

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Yeah it was a disappointing conference from Sony this year. So many cool games shown at Microsoft's conference and with game after game shown running in 4K it was a much more interesting conference to watch.

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It's no wonder gaming journalism is under such a pressure and loosing readers and its influence.

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So showing the same games (more or less) as in 2016 and that won't be out before a year or two is better then seeing a shitload of exciting games that all will look best on their new console that was shown for the first time at this year E3?

This was the least exciting Sony conference in some years. Great exclusives shown. But to predictable and nothing new except yet a remaster of a old game. Ironically from a company that don't believe in old games...

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E3 is about consoles hence my comment. But yeah a PC has always the POTENTIAL to be better.

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No I'm just wondering if that was the reason? Or is it with everything shown there was nothing of interest? I watched all the conferences and it was OK this year. But still allot of great games.

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I dont get that? Why? There has been shown loads of awesome looking games. Is it so important that a game has to be locked to a system for it to be of interest?

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The Xbox One X Is, Happily, Exactly What I wanted. A console that will run the incredible amount of third-party games best. Everything shown at E3 that is not an exclusive. Will be best on Xbox One X.

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