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Here are the games that was "free" for PS+ members in 2015 (EU). If you don't think this is much value for the pocket change that PS+ costs. Then it's time for economics 101.

And if you don't like any of these games then it's time to broaden your gaming experience. There are much much more to gaming then AAA action games.

King's Quest - Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember
The Walking Dead: Season Two
Magicka 2

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"Are Gamers Too ‘Entitled’ Or Are Some AAA Games Knowingly Launching With A Lack Of Content?"

Without a doubt both.

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Some shadow and light effects are slightly better on PC. And there is a reflection in mirrors.

But the main difference is that the PS4 is running in 30 fps while the PC can go above that with the benefits that has to the visuals in movement.

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Looking at all the online statistics for Dice games. It's clear that PC gamers are not that interested in their games anymore.

PC has a much higher user base then PS4. But still the PS4 has more players on all of the Dice games.

Battlefront players live now:

PC: 6354
PS4: 43.566

Battlefield 4 players live now:

PC: 29.932
PS4: 37.765

Battlefield Hardline players live now: ...

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There are many that are skeptical to VR. With many misconceptions on how VR actually work. The classic is comparing it to 3D movies.

Reading on commenting sections and on sites like reddit. Is that once people who were skeptical tried it. They understood what and how it works. And walked out a VR believer.

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The best thing about PC gaming in my opinion is freedom. Want to keep it as simple and cheap as possible? You can do that.

Want to go the the far end of the simple? You can do that too!

That said. Console gaming has it's place and is the go to place to play game for millions of people for good reasons.

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Tech and gaming go hand in hand ;)

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It will only hurt in the twisted minds of fanboys.

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Tech stuff is not for everyone :) I think it's really cool what is happening in the time ahead now. Both AMD and Nvidia are both going to 14-16nm and all that implies is just awesome.

Same can be said what they are able to achieve with the mobile/tablet GPU side. Soon we can get tiny micro consoles that deliver GPU performance you could only dream about just some years back in time.

It's awesome! :P

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It's not a discussion about switching to phones/tablets to play games. It's that mobile and tablets will soon have the same graphics and performance in a smal form factor as a console.

And that is really cool and exciting!

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The console war ended a couple of years ago.

But now a new "war" comes. The VR war.

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I wouldn't put to much in to that survey when 80% of them had not tried VR.

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I cant wait to go to the moon and mars. To walk around and inside the Pyramids in Egypt. To stand on the bottom of the Eiffel tower in Paris and make my way to the top. Or walk around the ancient Inca ruins in Peru.

That's just some few that came to mind just seconds ago. New ones are coming to mind as I write this...

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I'm all for what Microsoft is doing with Xbox and Windows. But they way you are thinking and comparing is wrong on so many levels. I'm guessing you understand why if you think about it a little.

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That is not the picture I have of Win10. What I am hearing and experiencing for myself is that it's great.

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Yes I agree that GFWL was a horrible mess. But hopefully they have learned allot since then.

Have not used Windows Store on Win10. But not hearing anything bad about it...

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It would be great if we had a bunch of other OS alternatives on PC. But we dont have that. It's Linux but let's face's crap and for some hardcore nerds.

Even tho Windows has more or less monopoly on PC. It does not change my opinion that exclusive games should and must die. It's an extremely consumer unfriendly practice that gamer's have had to deal with for decades.

Finally we are seeing developers skipping exclusives and wanting ...

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So they are doing the same as Ubisoft,Electronic Arts and Valve. Ok. Still buying the game on PC.

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As always...never take 1 person's opinion as fact. Read/watch other reviews to make up a opinion if a game is worth your attention. On OpenCritic the game has a respectable 79 points. So there are plenty of reviewers that like the game.

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