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LOL, what a load of rubbish.

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Of course I understand. But when most of you think like fanboys and how companies and shareholders do. I think and post as a gamer and consumer with no ties to any brand.

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LOL at the fanboys downvoting. What a pathetic bunch :D

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Envious on what? I have everything except a Xbox One. And that will change as soon as Xbox One X is out.

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Most of the big AAA exclusives for PlayStation4 is not selling that good compared to what third party titles do. If the trend continues I think we should start to expect fewer exclusives on PlayStation4 in the time ahead.

Personally I think the sooner we are ridd of games exclusive to a console or a VR device the better. Especially for dedicated gamers who "have to" buy several devices to play "everything".

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Hoping for many fun co-op hours of gaming with this title. Looks great so far.

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Yeah I do....kinda. Not that important with my gamerscore/trophy level. But going for achievements/trophies makes me do and experience games in other ways. It's quite fun at times. The "problem" is (for me that is) that when you have a long backlog I dont have the "time" to do everything. The exception is if it's a really really good game.

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Yeah that game looks plain bad. Especially considering the long development time...

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The trend has been completely opposite in years. So it's going to be interesting to see how this pans out.

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If you take a look at Battlefront, Battlefield1 and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter in 4K with all the bells and whistles it's damn close in many situations as these games use photogrammetry.

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It's already started to happen with a few games using something called photogrammetry. It's a technique where they take a incredible amount of pictures of real objects and use it in a game. It's used in a few games like StarWars Battlefront, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Battlefield 1.

On consoles it looks great. But when you rise the resolution and overall quality even higher on a PC. You are starting to get close or in some cases get photo realism.

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Then it's time for boys to grow up and become a man. Thus understanding that seeing some tits is not an excuse to behave like a neanderthal.

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That's true. Exclusives differentiate consoles. And is how it's been since the start. But in today's gaming landscape with more or less every game and software available on a wide range of machines it's a old outdated practice to lock software to a device.

It's understandable that those earning money on this is defending the practice. But no gamer should be. And those who are are most likely just a label humper.

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I tried it and it's basically what more and more fps gamers are getting fatigued by. Sci-fi jump and fly all over the place at incredible speed with the need of reflexes of a 15 year old to be competitive. It could have been a nice alternative if it came 2-3 years ago.

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Gamers not in love with labels thinks like that.

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It's actually running on a Xbox One X. Confirmed by EA and Digital Foundry.

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Who will be first to deliver a wide range of older games on the Switch? Nintendo themselves or hackers. Either way I'm excited.

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I encourage contributors to flag this article as it shouldn't be approved. The article writer dont know the difference of a Xbox One X and a Xbox One S.

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I expect a downgrade also. But not by much. And the reason is simple. It's not a vertical slice. Digital Foundry has already confirmed it ran on actual Xbox One X hardware. There was also use of checkerboard rendering and other graphical sacrifices done to keep the frame rate stable.

A vertical slice used on events like E3 are pre-rendered bullshots. That are made to look it's best with zero flaws. That was not the case with Anthem.

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The more developers that does this the better. I like the trend that is happening where developers dont want to be under the restricted umbrella that is first party studios for a big corporation. Now if only Sony and Nintendo would loosen their sweaty grips on some of the awesome studios they have their hands on.

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