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The PlayStation has some awesome developers making games exclusive for it. That's for sure. But the PC has so much more and if you throw enough money on a PC it will deliver a gaming experience you can just forget about ever achieving on any PlayStation.

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It's the same with many console games. The longer you can wait the better the game you will get. Either by performance fixes,bugs or added functions and content. The best thing you can do as a gamer today is to wait. The games are not going anywhere and you as a gamer and consumer have the most to win by just doing one simple thing....wait.

So this is not about a dent in the resurgence of PC gaming. This is happening on all plattforms.

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I was hoping we would get to play NMS with the PSVR. That is not on the table now that the game is running at 30 and lower framerates. The NEO could help with that...if not I hope they add VR support on PC.

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So based on what Sean Murray is saying the PC version could be insanely much better. The thing is it probably wont be...

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What a load of..and excuse the language...crap!

If you have a 1080p TV then I agree there is little to be gained by buying the slim version (if you ignore the smaller design and no Ghostbusters trap/power supply).

But if you have or plan to get a 4K. Then it's a whole different case. Something this article somehow manages to skip mention entirely...

It's one of the cheapest 4K Blu-Ray players on the market atm. It also have HDR...

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Good! Played my share of early acces games on Steam and it's not something that PS4 owners should need to deal with. Beta that is close to finished is more then OK. But alpha testing is not OK at all. Especially when you are paying to find the bugs for them...

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If you own all the DLC out for the game.

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This or any other review out wont reflect how the game is at all as a huge patch is coming out on launch that basically changes the game in many ways.

So ignore all reviews and wait for a review of the final game.

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Gamers with a 4K TV will also love the XBOS. With HDR support in selected games the visuals will be better then on a non HDR TV.

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People need to use their brains. You dont set up a camp that close to a memorial. That said these veterans should show more brains and less mouth.

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Strange....I see just as many people playing.

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I've been more or less forced to go digital on PC. And I miss the old big boxes that PC games came in. It had so much more soul and joy to own then adding a name on a list.

So I'm buying digital on PC but buy discs on consoles. I even ignore some of the great sales Sony has had on the PS4. I just dont want digital if the game is available on disc. And I'm really looking forward to the Nintendo NX that is rumored to have cartridges instead of discs.

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It will be an alternative.

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Already have my HTC Vive. It's awesome. Cant wait to get the PlayStation VR. Not long now.
EDIT: I wonder why people disagree with this comment?

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This article should get failed as the headline is not what the pope said.

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I dont understand what's up with the people approving the articles on this site.

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I cant recall ever hearing that it would be the same price. That said we PC gamers have had cheap games for years. So what if you pay a little get 1 more version you can use on your console. Dumb ass article.

60d ago 13 agree4 disagreeView comment's a tiny cry babies group that probably got no life that is going crazy. I see just as many people out playing.

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SLI on the new GPU'S are kinda pointless today. They don't scale right at all. Many cases you have to disable SLI because you get worse performance.. And most games dont even have SLI support.

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