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Yeah I can see why Sony dont want to allot cross play if PlayStation users have to make a Xbox Live account. But then again...who dont have a PC with Windows today? Everyone who does already have an Xbox Live account as it's the same account as your Windows license is registered to.

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Said no 4K HDR TV owner....

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Word of mouth and seeing the differences in RL and online will be the strongest argument going forward for gamers to decide if the X is for them or not I belive. Fanboys have already decides as they are circle jerking to brand names. But for genuine gamers this is what I think will be the key going forward for Xbox. Not advertising flashing numbers to a big part of the gaming community that have no idea what a teraflop or GPU means.

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A good article that makes sense. And one the fanboy zealots will ignore.

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Hehe, yeah it's hysterical! These fanboys crack me up. Changing sides as soon as their bellowed brand is ahead :D

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LOL, people are suddenly blind. Pathetic...

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Seeing there is a bunch of games looking better on the X already I think we can lay this parity discussion to rest. For now anyways.

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I'm buying the X mainly to replace my PC. So yeah..

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Yeah I'm putting many on hold. And I've already got some games on the PS4 that I haven't played yet, and might just trade them in for X versions. What can I say..I'm a sucker for those pixels.

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Congrats Microsoft! But without numbers this is just meaningful words like "Xbox has the best exclusives this year"....

But who cares...I certainly don't. What I do care about however is that come this November. I will be playing some of the best looking console games on the X.

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I wish more people that dont want or need the X would be as civil and polite in saying why as you. So many raging fanboys here. This however was a breath of fresh air to read. Thank you!

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It looks amazing. And Horizon...oh man... :D

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And this is why I ordered a XboxOneX to accompany my PS4Pro.

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Agree 100%

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Why do people buy a new iPhone each year? Why do movie and sound enthusiasts upgrade when new exciting equipment comes along? Why do PC enthusiasts build awesome rigs and upgrade when new powerful hardware comes out?
If you know the answer to these questions. Then you know why people buy a Xbox One X.
Cant wait to get mine.

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Yeah there are idiots on both sides. And I did not mean that there is no reason to be excited about the exclusive games on PS4. Because it's certainly is.

It's just the ammo these rambling lunatics use for their fanboy keyboard bashing. Both sides have these zealots. So dont misunderstand me. It's just me aiming my sights at what is sadly a gigantic portion of PlayStation fanboys at N4G. It's crazy how many there are here. But then...

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Money was the last thing I thought about when I ordered my X. But then again. We come from different walks of life

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Ah come on... Some of these fanboys have been circle jerking off to higher resolution and performance for almost 3 years now. And now that there is a hardware shift the messaging is changed to it's not about how good games look anymore. But that the only thing that matters is exclusive games. Nothing else.

I'm not arguing that PlayStation has better and way more exclusives. It's the reason I own a PlayStation.

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And for some PlayStation fanboys it's suddenly not about hardware at all. But exclusive games.

Dumb idiots..

And of course 30 million sold is impressive. The software revenue for 30 million consoles is big. But let's not kid ourselves. Sony is far faar ahead. And there is no stopping them this generation.

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You can't explain business to these kids.

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