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Yes. Problem is 9/10 games are not in 60 fps.

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"Did Microsoft make a mistake paying for PUBG exclusivity?"

Seeing how many copies they have already sold. No it was definitely not a mistake to ensure this is a TIMED console exclusive title.

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Tried the game on both the Pro and X. And it's awesome to see Ubisoft supporting the X so good. It looks so much better.

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Looks just as good as on my GTX1080 PC. Not the same performance of course. But it looks more or less the same.

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No they dont. PSX this year was for the fans. Celebrating games and having panels about games they care about. Everyone with any interest in PSX knew long ago that this year would not be like last year. Lot's of great panels this year.

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I found the gameplay to be just plain bad. Slow unresponsive irritating designed gameplay. Probably great for fans of the franchise. But in a time where so many great games are out and around the corner I can’t see this getting any popular outside the MH fan circles.

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Just tried it on the Pro with the resolution preset and in HDR. Much better then the old PS4. It’s time that model just goes into retirement..

But the gameplay. I hate it.

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Tried it on PS4 and was not impressed at all. Going to be interesting to try it on the Pro later today. No word if this is coming to PC?

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Sony did exactly what they said they was gonna do this year. That gamers and “news” sites didn’t know what was announced long ago is on them. Not Sony.

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Dolby Atmos on Xbox and PC is awesome.

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Killing is ok. Sex is questioned. What a messed up world we live in.

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Both your statements are pure nonsense.

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"PS4 Backwards Compatibility Explained"

That's easy. There is none. :D

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What's important to stress here is that it's a few stress areas where the game on all plattforms lose some fps. It's not like you are having fps issues the entire time you play. So this is not a issue at all. X owners get's a beautiful 4K presentation of the game. Just play and enjoy.

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One perfect example here. Just toxic pointless posts.

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5 years. Not a chance. The internet infrastructure around the world. Even in the US. Is far from ready. Especially moving forward with 4K streaming. And games are already over 100Gb. In 5-10 years games could be 200Gb or more as we are getting more and more high-res game content.

So if not something major happens with the internet infrastructure around the entire world. We can forget a 100% digital gaming industry.

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The thing is. The tech is there. And it’s amazing! Can and will it get better? Of course.

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Said no one with a VR device.

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