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A PS4K or a XBOTWO will just strengthen my console use. I want the ability for more power more often then every 5-6 year. And still be in this console echo system.

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It is. $400 is nothing today. Especially not for new exciting technology like this.

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If they or anyone else want to define anything in VR. They need to be on a VR platform where they can reach the most people. And regardless how awesome the HTC Vive is. That's not the one to do it with.

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"Can the Xbox Survive as a Cheaper PC?"

Of course. Because even a cheap Xbox is not the same as a cheap PC. And many will rather pick up a Xbox over a PC regardless of price.

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"Has PlayStation Already Won the VR War?"

Everything is in place for it to have "won the VR war". But it all depends if console gamers will pick one up in the time ahead.

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Yeah I agree. Most what is shown are years away. But I'm still excited to see what they and others have to show at E3.

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"Michael Pachter: Who Cares What Sony Will Announce At E3"

Soon to be 40 million PS4 owners...and rising.

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In a pure technical standpoint then of course HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are more contender to "king" then the PSVR.

It should be with the price tag for a total VR experience on PC!

And let's be honest here. VR on PC is for enthusiasts and enthusiasts alone with a high entry fee for both PC hardware and a VR headset.

But just as gaming in general is not defined by high-end enthusiast PC's. So will most likely neither high-end ...

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If this was an actual issue and problem then we would see allot of feedback from many many in the press that have been trying these games and hardware at so many events.

So this is just one more bullshit article that should never have gotten approved. Nothing new on N4G in other words.

EDIT: And I'm not saying the author did not have issues. But it's clearly something isolated in the big picture.

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Maybe they can match the native 1080p on the PS4 now then.

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Let's focus on one of the lowest scores and ignore all the higher ones.

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These pools are worth their weight in digital poop. So many trolls,kids,degenerates and adults with zero sense of economics are out in the streets trying to get some attention.

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The console war is over. And now it seams like the VR war is over before it even began...

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I like the games from Ubisoft. I'm a big fan on how they design their games and tho there has been some problems all in all I like them.

The Division is fantastic.

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I call bullshit. And if so the same goes the other way with men being portrayed as big piles of muscles and often brains that of a chicken.

Why some women have the need to objectify themselves and play the "we are so weak" card is beyond me. Grow some balls for crying out loud.

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I think VR is going to be a great addition to gaming and so many many more applications. And I really think it's dumb to call VR a gimmick. I do not associate it at all with something like that.

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Cant wait to play all kinds of strange games in VR. It's like a totally different ballgame then traditional gaming.

I also hope Sony will be active in getting other type of content to the PS4 and PSVR in the time ahead also. There is so much more to VR then games.

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The Internet is like a spoiled little child. It takes little to nothing for it to get a tantrum.

So treat them the little children they are.

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The game looks great. But come on...this trailer sucks ass.

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When a massive online game launches there has always been issues and server problems. That is to be expected in the launch window.

When I say sheep I'm thinking about the braindead people jumping on every hate wagon they can because they are dumb sheep.

I'm not blindly accepting anything. I've been around since the fucking stone age. That's how old I am. So I know how these launches are.

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