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And here is the one reason why that will never happen. It's a multiplayer game that you will play with and against others on PS4/XBO. And it's running at 30 fps on those consoles.

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Market the hell out of Scorpio as the best play to play third party games. In other words the games that tops the software sales list month after month. The games console gamers buys and plays the most. That and keep on with their backwards compatibility program giving access to loads og great games you cant play on PlayStation.

Fill up Xbox Game Pass with so many great titles that will make newcomers as veterans occupied with new and old games for a long long time.

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As I said... the news will drop soon and now it has.

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Geoff Keighley is at the event now at Bungie. And Bungie are saying the PC version is "coming soon" to PC. Not saying that means Sept 8. More official news around this probably dropping soon.

Crossing fingers it's not a long or any delay at all. Or even better a misunderstanding.

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I use better sources.

You'll catch up soon. Let's talk then.

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Awesome! But what's not so awesome is that the PC version has no release date...

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99% of all good games are not on Nintendos new console.

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As much as I dislike Polygon. I have to agree with this. Valve and Steam need some serious competition.

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Agree 100%!

It's the one thing that makes me enjoy the game less.

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Not a Vita 2. And especially not now. But a PS5 that is like the Switch but with hardware in the dock for next-gen graphics. Yeah I think people would love that.

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Anyone who thinks Nintendo will allow streaming of other software then what is licensed to run on the system need to stop daydreaming.

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"Why I don't care about gaming articles anymore"

Come on...stop these click bait diary blog articles that no one cares about except fanboys that need justification.

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For me all they need to do is show and prove that the new Xbox can do everything they claim it can. That will be enough to move all third party gaming over to the Xbox for me. But it wouldn't hurt if they had some exciting first party games to show also.

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Surprised to see XBO sales so high considering the massive lead in sold consoles the PS4 have.

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4K snuggle time is the best! :D

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I love that I have the option to play on the TV or take it with me. Zelda I prefer to play on the TV. But Minecraft I find perfect to snuggle up in the couch with the Switch in handheld mode.

I really like the concept Nintendo has with the Switch. So much that I could easily see myself buy any other console that goes for the same concept. Let's play with the idea that Xbox and PlayStation went for the same solution. But place hardware in the dock to achieve today and t...

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Most have 8gb according to steam hardware survey.

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When it's clearly not the best version then yes!

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I keep reading this comment when I point this out. I must have super sight as I can see the difference easily. The exception is 2160p checkerboard as Horizon is running at.

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I love playing Minecraft in handheld mode. But best version? This is why I dislike gaming media more and more. They write so much crap just to get those revenue clicks.

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