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Who cares? I own a PS4 and a XBO. Buying the game for the XBO. Don't give a shit about the exclusive content or that the PS4 has more people playing it.

Better controller and better friends to play with. #35
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I'm Norwegian and that is most definitely not Norwegian :P #2.2
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About 54 million copies sold on various platforms should back that claim up. :) #6.1
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To bad today's generation of gamers is all graphics no content. #5.3.1
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I love Playstation and my PS4. But let's just all face it. PSN is shit. It has been since it launched on PS3 and it's still shit.

Let's hope some of the truckload of money they earn from PS4 costumers will be used to make PSN a service on par with the PS4. #12
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Nice. Cant wait to see what the porn industry will do with VR. #9
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I skimmed the article and not one of the 7 reasons is a reason why I would eventually change my consoles for a PC.

That said I have a PC and have been playing on that for years. And the only thing I am missing out on is Steam sales and better hardware.

Non of those reasons are enough for me to pack away my consoles. As I see it PC is for the enthusiasts. I was that once but today I have a more laid back interest and consoles is a perfect fit. #20
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There are dedicated gamers on all platforms. A better phrasing would be. PC gaming is for enthusiasts. #2.1
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It's aimed for Japan. While the US have mainstreamed guns and killing. Japan have manga and girls in sexy school uniforms. #39.1
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Complain Complain Complain Complain...all some of you people do.

Boring as hell to read. #40
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This is definitely a day 1 buy for me. The alpha/beta was super impressive. #22
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That is aimed for Japan. That said I can't wait for the porn industry to embrace VR. There will be allot of wonderful fantasies to explore...

Can't wait to see what crazy shit I am going to strap on my little fella in a near future. LoL #21
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They should rename this site to something in the likes of "Amateur rambling from dumb gamers".

There is so much shit on this site I honestly don't know why I bother coming here anymore. #100
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No, waiting for the definite edition on PC or PS4. #83
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I got to much to play on PS4 so I don't see the problem. But then again I have a life besides gaming. #7
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The fan outrage is not unjustified. When a game series that people have grown up with and a series that has been on multiple platform is suddenly bought by a company and making it only possible to play on one system. It's no wonder fans get angry.

At the time no one knew that it was timed exclusivity because Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics used the usual vague corporate bullshit language.

And this is typical Microsoft. To buy timed exclusivity and by that... #4
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Some of the best games are made by developers with no big publisher breathing them in the neck telling what they can and can't do. #12
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So we are all going to wait for the Definitive Edition for PC and PS4 then?

I'm ok with that. #76
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"Rise of the Tomb Raider's Exclusivity will Kill the Franchise"

Not if Microsoft is taking the game under it's wings. Making it a part of the Xbox family. #6
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In 2-3 years 4K will be replacing 1080p tv's in stores. So when the PS5 comes it will have to aim for 4K.

And that PC will be moving for 4K faster and faster now. #30
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