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With around 8 million XBO and PS4 consoles sold in a short time I would say the "PC should watch out". #10
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People complain about micro transactions and yet they want F2P mmorpg games. Games like Elder Scrolls Online..

Gamers are to fault for micro transactions. Young gamers that want games for "free" and get's bitten in the behind when the micro transactions comes and says "Hello! Pay for X and X and X". #6
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I see little to no reason to play on a PC with the PS4 performing as it is. PC gaming have and will always be for the special interested.

I am a PC gamer. #7
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More developers need to stop making multiplayer for their games. Most of it is plain crap and pointless.

The last we need it more "gears of war" clones. Either bring something new and good to the table or stop wasting developers resources,time and money.

And our time. #88
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"Which next-gen console is the best? The jury is still out on that one"

The jury certainly is not. The PS4 is better and that is no assumption or guess. It's a fact. It has better hardware and it is showing on every game that is out, and it will show on every game that is on it's way.

The jury have been sent home weeks ago. Everyone know what next-gen console is the best. Its just the fanboys that are arguing a pointless debate.
<... #4
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Netflix is a "joke" also then? Don't think so... #3
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If we could get all the benefits with a P2P mmo for "free" then I would be all for it.

But as it is nothing is free in this world. Not even games. There is a reason so many mmorpg players want a P2P mmorpg. It's the type of players that play the same game each day for years. F2P or "free" games do not have the quality,support and content to please that group of players.

For the more casual gamers F2P is of course more tempting. #3.2
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Guess I have to check it out then. I just remember the old Doctor Who :P #1.1.1
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Who? What? That is what people will say when they see the game in stores.

I don't think Doctor Who has a big enough market. Or is it me that have missed out on something? #1
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I can see your point of view if you are new to the mmorpg genera. But there is a reason there are still P2P mmorpg games.

And that one of the biggest mmorpg games still makes tons and tons of money. #15.1
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CGI movies probably take up allot of space. But 60gb is allot... #9.1
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Tomb Raider DE is probably the best looking game on the PS4 atm. And one of the better or even best game on the system. #10
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Going to order the Collectors Edition for the PS4. This is going to rock! #6
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I think I recalled reading that Min-Liang Tan did not play consoles so he did not see the reason to support it? Or am I remembering totally wrong..?

I really hope they make a quality headset for the XBO. But I also hope they will support the PS4. #6
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Saying "resolution doesn't matter is just as silly as saying being blind on one eye doesn't matter. #18
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What's cool with a bright light that have no function people use and reflects on the tv and/or lights up your room when you want to play in the dark? #1.5
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Yes there are to many parents that don't do the job they committed to when they decided to become a parent. That is the sad reality. But it would keep some of them away.

And for us that are 18 and above. We get content made for adults and not children. That is always a win win.

I have played ALL the major F2P games and what they all have in common is that they are in the long run...plain crap. And sure there have been way to many mmo games that have faile... #14.1.1
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This is for you then :)

http://www.youtube.com/watc... #4.1
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If you never have played a mmo (your own words) then you don't know what the benefit of a P2P mmo is compared to a F2P mmo.

And my guess is that is the case with most of the people wanting a F2P model.

And judging by 95% of the F2P games that are out they are like mobile games. Something you do while waiting for something better to do...

A mmo player uses years on a game. Not days,weeks or months. Years. #1.1.3
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Then let's hope this is one of the selected few. #13.1
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