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Thx for supporting the hobby we all love so much. #12.2
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People play 3DS games that looks like pixel mud because of gameplay. So there is hope for this game also. #7
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So far I think the exclusive lineup for XBO is bad. To few games and not enough variety.

But we are most likely getting some surprises in the coming months. #7
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Not arguing on that part. But it's still way overpriced when you look at what kind of hardware is under the case.

The price could have been much lower if Nintendo wanted to. But I get it..they as all companies want's to earn as much as possible. #6
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Overpriced weak hardware. #5
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If it was not for pre-orders unlocking everything in the game. And the money milking DLC plan I would like this news.

But now I am just mehhh... #4
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30fps is more or less confirmed. #36
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I find it kinda useless. The latency is in most games not low enough. And with more and more developers not opting for this feature...well kinda pointless in most cases. #20
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Most likely the one that ruled in 2014 will continue to do so. #31
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Finally a comment that makes sense. #9.1
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I think mmorpg games need to focus way more on story. #6
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I'm tired of post apocalypse settings. So Elder Scrolls 6 without a doubt. #23
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"PS4 Outsells Xbox One? Yay for you… But We Don’t Care"

And I dont care about this article. Yay for me. #97
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I loved Mafia 2. So this is great news! #4
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If you can afford a PS4. Games and PS+. Then complaining about the OPTION to play a bunch of old games for 19$ a month is like pissing on a electric fence.

Just damn dumb. #18
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I hope their lives will be hell for a while. And get banned from all ISP's and for using a computer in many years. Many profiled hackers get's sentences and these type of punishments.

Dumb dumb kids.... #11
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We can have hundreds of studies and prof that there is no link between violence and games. Thick headed people will still believe it does and the discussion will be around as long as there are thick headed people. #11
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World problems...lol. Losers. #36
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Hope he and the rest of this goon squad get's man handled while in prison. #43
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Cant wait to see the picture and read how they cried when they got dragged out from the basement of their parents house.

In fact..I will have a party that day. Every gamer should to. Celebrate that some morons are gone. #26
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