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He is right tho. Just look at the best selling games year by year. The exclusives are just not that relevant anymore. One of the best exclusives on PS4 is Horizon Zero Dawn. With over 60 million PS4 consoles in hands of gamers. It "just" sold around 3.4 million copies.

Exclusives are the glue that holds the fanboys together. But as far as the software industry goes it's not what it used to be.

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It's not expensive. It's not allot of money. And it will be just fine for the targeted costumer group it's intended for.

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If you close your eyes and ignore everything besides these handfull and great exclusives then yes. But there is a reason those exclusives dont sell nearly as much as multiplatform titles. Even with 60 million sold PS4 consoles...

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Have to disagre on that. Sure you get your VR legs after a while and can handle more before you have to stop. Or learn tricks to not make you feel bad as fast or at all. But a motion type of game like this. It's little you can adapt to or do to avoid feeling that dinner you had slowly start making it's way back up... :D

That said there are tricks developers can do to help. Add special GUI that will "ground" you somewhat. But from what I've seen of the ...

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I got a PSVR but this is a type of game that you can at most play 30 min before you start feeling unwell.

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It's becoming really simple. If you care for ALL games. Not just the newest ones and want to have access to your game investment in the years ahead. Buy a Xbox. If you like a open plattform where you can play with friends and others regardless of plattform. Then buy a Xbox.

If you want the best place to play third party games. Then buy a Xbox. If you want the option to watch 4K HDR Blu-ray movies. Then buy a Xbox. If you want to have access to some games bought for Xbox...

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If they add some slight aim assist it won't be a problem. Destiny 2 will have aim assist for controller users on PC. Just to give an example.

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LOL at the fanboys!!!

Can't wait to play on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. Heck. Count in the Switch and PC also.

LOL at the fanboys!!!

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A good 4K HDR TV is not expensive today. And it's totally worth it.

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Lot's of 4K content now. And what high prices? There are plenty of cheap 4K alternatives now.

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Who are the people approving "articles" like this?
I encourage fellow contributors to flag this crap.

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I will be doing the same and move over to Xbox to play all third party games on that. In combination with a few on PC and exclusives on PS4Pro. It's the best combination.

Totally get that casuals are content with what they got. They are hardly the costumer demographics anyways for these type of gaming experiences and price points. And as far as fanboys goes. Everyone know they'r idiots. Entertaining idiots mind you. We got stock investors,sales analysts and all kind...

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It's just a question of time before 4K is the new 1080p. 2-3 years tops. I'm just glad it's not as ridiculess expensive to play in 4K anymore. It's not expensive to do so on PC if you are ok with 30 fps. And the PS4Pro and Xbox One X are affordable for what you are getting.

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Xbox is becoming similar to PC. A plattform that preserves games.

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To many long games that just aren't good enough to be entertaining for so many hours.

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Bad mistake. Only fanboys will defend this. Or ignorant casuals.

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Sure if your just a casual gamer then you are hardly in the costumer group that are into PS4Pro,Xbox One X or high-end PC gaming. Or browses trough gaming sites and commenting sections as this.

The thing tho is that console gamers are just as graphical hungry as some of the worst PC fanatics around. The console sales generation after generation and the activity online show that clear as daylight.

I get that with a high-end PC like you have that the Xbox O...

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It's going to get so messy in the time ahead with game after game after game looking and running best on Xbox One X.

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Well it will be. In terms of raw power. All games have the potential to look much better on XBX.

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If you got the money,interest and most importantly the time to play allot then yes. A hell yes in fact.

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