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VR is FANTASTIC! And PSVR is a great way for console gamers to experience just that. I took my PSVR unit up to my parents the other day as my father has a PS4. And seeing both my mother and father trying VR was worth it alone.

I kid you not. My mother screamed and laughed constantly for 5 minutes as she flew down the road in VR Luge in PS VR Worlds. It is a medium that can get anyone excited. It's so powerful and immersive that I cant wait to see where VR will be in 10...

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The future is not one thing. It has many paths and VR is one of them.

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This holiday I think the Nintendo Switch will be king across the board. That's if there are enough Switch consoles to go around. As far as PlayStation4 and Xbox One X it's hard to say. I think many that want a X have already ordered one ahead of the holiday sales.

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Hehe, if it makes you feel better and/or enjoy your games more then by all means :)

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Coming from years of being on PlayStation I'm looking really forward to adding Xbox to my gaming systems. There's quite the collection of games I'm gonna be playing thanks to backwards compatibility. Games that I'm excited to see how the Xbox One X will handle as there is features in play that will make them look better.

But also of course new games on the XBO. Going to be busy busy...

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Gamers who want good looking games dont care that the PS4 Slim will sell more.

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Just barely..

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The Xbox One X will dance around the PS4Pro and the versions it has. That's what extra hardware does to a system and it's game. Get used to it PS4Pro owners. The Xbox One X will be the go to console until the PS5 comes in 2-3 years.

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The Xbox One X versjon will dance around the PS4Pro version. Just wait until Digital Foundry get's their hands on it and not these amateurs.

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It's "shit" on PS4 and PS4Pro and will be better and beyond that on Xbox One X. That's how it will be regardless of what fanboys try to preach.

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We can only hope other game developers will try to achieve the same level of HDR as in this game. Because it looks AMAZING!!

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Dont worry PS4Pro owners. Just wait a little and a patch will come.

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Clicked the link and my web browser says the link is not secure and warns against going further....

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Then play on PC

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It is?

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Yeah I respect him because he says it as it is. And by doing so he admits he is at fault. Not something you see often from people in executive positions.

And let's not turn this in to some fanboy masturbation contest. Let's be adult about it shall we?

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Same as with PS4Pro and/or medium/high-end gaming PC's. It's for people who know's what they want.

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And this is why I think Phil Spencer is such a great guy. He dont like exclusive content locked to a plattform of the highest bidder (who does besides fanboys?) but can at the same time admit he did the exact same thing before and even to some degree today. And that it's a necessary evil in the industry. But one that he and Xbox try to have as little to do with as possible.

I can respect that. But in the end I think he and Xbox will have to start doing the same as the c...

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And the cancer has spread to the gamers themselves. Now buying so much that it's a business model they wont remove.

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I'd say anyone that makes a LIST about members is kinda I on the list also now? :D

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