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LOL, I read Digital Foundry regular. You cant name 10 AAA games running at native 4K. So just keep on rowing.

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This article is pointless as hardware and graphics suddenly dont matter. And all people play are PlayStation exclusives. Oh and everyone suddenly owns a good gaming PC.

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It will be just as on WiiU. But I think we can expect more Indie support this time.

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Name 10 AAA games that run in native 4K on PS4Pro then. And if you don't know what AAA stands for don't bother answering.

I got a PS4Pro so I'm really interested to see a reply...

EDIT: and at 60 fps?! Lol, this I really can't wait to get a reply on!

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How do you know that. Have you done a survey with millions of PS4 owners?

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You can count on one hand true 4K AAA games available on the PS4Pro a year after launch.

PS4Pro owners have gotten a taste. For the full meal the new Xbox will be the only console to satisfy 4K hungry gamers.

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If Sony don't announce a backwards compatible program like on Xbox at E3. I don't think even their exclusives can hold back Scorpio eating up more and more market shares over the coming 1-3 years.

Resulting in a new PS3 vs X360 sale situation.

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Different times. Now performance is for many more important then being able to play a little over a handful games a year.

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I really hope they have some big surprises at E3 with some great exclusive games for Xbox. But to be honest I don't think it matters that much.

Just as with the PS4Pro the Scorpio will be for those who want the best console game experience to go along with their 4K HDR TV investment.

Money or exclusive games won't matter that much. But performance and resolution. And when this type of gamer sees game after game looking and running better on Scorpi...

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Anyone who bought a Switch hoping big AAA games would come to it is a moron. Sure there could be some few cases it could happen during it's life span if it's a good fit. But come on now....we all went in knowing this would be a Nintendo and Indie scene device.

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NeoGaf is probably the last place I would go to as a developer. That place is a cesspool. Sadly the few normal people there are outnumbered by what is frankly human trash. And I'm sad to say that when it comes to gaming and social media be it commenting sections or dedicated forums. The majority are immature people and some with clearly serious mental issues.

If I where a developer I would never engage myself with gamers. And I have never been apart or heard of a hobby...

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Graphics have always mattered. It's just some people not interested as much or that cant keep up with the hardware race anymore that try to downplay it's importance.

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Thankfully this rarely is a problem on consoles.

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Because a unlocked frame rate is not a good way to play games. It makes it feel much worse then if they just locked it.

I would pick 4K HDR 30 fps over 1080p 60 fps in most games. The exception is twitch based shooters. I have a hard time playing 1080p titles after going for 4K with my PC and some dynamic 4K games on the PS4Pro.

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Because games running at 4K looks much much better then 1080p? Add HDR and you suddenly got something that makes games running on regular PS4 and XBO look like they are a console generation behind.

Incoming hate from non 4K HDR TV gamers/owners in 1..2..3..

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If there is one game I really cant wait to see how will be on Xbox Scorpio it's Red Dead Redemption 2. Hopefully it will be in native 4K running at a locked 30 fps and with full HDR support.

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If you or others thinks that 4K 60fps will be on all games you are going to be really disappointed.

Most will be 4K 30fps. Some will be below 2160p and upscalled. And some will manage 4K 60 fps. But just as rare as 60 fps games are today on XBO/PS4 most likely.

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With a GTX1080Ti you should hit 4K 60fps with no problem in most games. If you can't then you got a bottleneck somewhere.

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As of now it's the game engines and how developers make the games that is holding the games back more then anything else. Just look at PC exclusive games. Besides graphical effects,resolution and frame rate. There is noting revolutionary about them.

Been like this for decades. And will most likely continue until a software revolution comes along. In a lack of better words.

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Seeing the first game still has allot of people playing on its 3rd year I don't see that as a wrong thing to say. If D2 did not come and they kept rolling out content people would still play Destiny for years to come.

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