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From the footage shown on XBO it looks great. And that it's running at 1080p for a change is a pleasant surprise.

With this news it's clear that it will come at a cost. So now I'm even more excited to see the PS4 and PC version. It's to bad everyone else have to wait but it's going to be worth it. That's if you like more eyecandy that is. And who don't? We buy new consoles for that reason and upgrade our computers for it.

I'm... #31
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SteamOS will flop. It will be something a tiny group of Linux fans will use and brag about. But in the big picture it's a waste of time.

But I do believe smaller powerful computers designed for living rooms will be making it's way more and more. The PC is no longer bound to the traditional desktop experience.

Today a PC is what you need and want it to be. And that's why PC is so awesome to play around with. #12
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So much bullshit...their games are great. But this is just some serious *** licking. #12
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So far everything points to this yes. #5
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I'm just glad I'm going to play it on PC. Not limited by blurry motion at 30ish fps. And with the options to play it at it's best looking possible way.

And down the road mods will come and make the game even prettier. It's good to be a PC gamer. #33
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Good or bad gaming skill etc have nothing to do with it.

Either you have been raised right or you have not. It's as easy as that.

That said sadly many feminists behave just as bad as the people harassing them. Man hating women that love to play the victim to get attention and use it as a outlet for their rage. #8
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I cant help that my eyes are fine tuned. Haters gonna hate. #19.1.1
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Cant wait to see how it looks on a PC. That motion blurry mess is not for me. #19
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Going to be a bummer after playing trough the Uncharted Collection at 60 fps to play Uncharted 4 in 30... #27
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There will have to happen something profoundly incredible for Xbox One to catch up. Sony and Playstation 4 have dominated now since the launch.

It seams nothing can fix the disaster that started at E3 2013 for Microsoft. #12
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It's going to be a hybrid console. The first of it's kind. #6
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There are a few reasons that point to it coming to PS4.

The first one is that Phil Spencer in May this year answered directly that it's still a timed exclusive.

Here is his tweet.

The second is that the month after at E3 Microsoft still described it as a holly-day exclusive and not an... #3.1.2
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I know some really don't like to read this. But I think the major launch for the game is next year. When it hits PC and PS4.

So that it comes out at the same month as Fallout 4 is of little to no consequence in the big picture.

That's what I think anyways... #3.1
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I would settle with normal download speed and having the servers up and running. #36
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People have been saying this for a while now regarding the field of view. But most people have just ignored and shut those messages down... #4
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In the end these morons will get what's coming for them. #2
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And people are still going to say Logitech for years and years. The Logitech name is something that is just as known as Intel,Nvidia or AMD.

In my opinion it's a bad idea to abandon a well established and know name like Logitech for Logi... #8
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Cool! I hope it finds it's way to iOS,Android and Windows phones asap. #4
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Hehe, yeah thankfully allot have happened in 17 years when it comes to technology. It's going so fast now it's almost a little scary. #2.1.1
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The moment you try VR for the first time is a magical moment. All disbelief and misconception on how it would be or not be is just blown away...

As you are no longer watching a virtual world. But take the plunge and visually enters it.

It's a moment I will never forget. My first time was 2 years ago. And still to this day it feels like a lucid dream.

I'm so excited for VR to be a commercial product. It's going to change the indust... #2
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