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There is only a small % of the PC gaming community that can run a demanding game at maximum at 1080p or higher.

More PC gamer's should look at Steam's hardware survey's. It's sad reading....most people have nothing near what is considered a decent gaming PC.

So knowing this I can't help but laugh a little at the developer not wanting to "dumb down for a lesser platform". #39
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60fps will be the big game changer here. As you say it was a peak PS3 game. But the textures get's a boost also and will help.

But it's the jump from 30 to 60fps that will make it even more alive and stunning.

Personally I cant wait to give it a go again. #4.1
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It would be crazy to not consider a PS4/XBO version. The Elite: Dangerous developer David Braben said those exact words not long ago regarding their game.

If the game is a success you can bet it's coming to a PS4/XBO not long after. #27
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You do know that as a article writer and with a comment like that you just stand even more out as a butthurt Skyrim fanboy that got a MMORPG instead of a RPG? #4.1.1
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That's strange...I have a few friends that activly play ESO and they are enjoying the hell out of it. They just got new content to explore also.....

I have tested it on PC and I found it to be a nice MMORPG. Sure it had some bugs and it need's some polishing. Everything as expected in other words. A MMORPG is never finished and ESO as it was when I tested it was just fine.

I am waiting for the PS4 version and I hope it has gotten enough love from the... #3
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As long as we have people that prefer the Xbox label or are payed by Microsoft we will have articles like this.

It's a good thing PS4 gamers don't have to use their energy on this as they will have the best experience on their system.

As a PC gamer I find the discussion ridicules and it makes Microsoft stand out as a bunch of clowns. And the people defending every word and articles like this as a bunch of morons. #39
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"Pressurecast Thirty-Four: Is Microsoft Winning 2014?"

Are you drunk? #17
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"Is It Fair For YouTube Content Creators To Receive Money From Publishers?"

Yes, but it should be 100% clear to the viewer that the broadcast is sponsored by a publisher etc. #9
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I see people writing stuff like: "I hate Indies and instead of making these games they should give us more AAA games"

Something that shows these people have no idea what Indie developers are. Just to make it clear a Indie developer is normally a small team that has no publisher. And their resources are extremely limited compared to a AAA production.

So NO...you people would not get a AAA game instead. You would joust get less variety. And complainin... #82
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As long as there are uninformed gamers? And when Microsoft stop to try to downplay the whole res and fps issue..?

In other words probably never. Because dumb people need to be reminded. And bad companies need to be put in place. #6.3
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I care. I really liked the game and have been waiting for a sequel for years.. A movie will be nice. But still crossing fingers for a sequel. #18
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Why release it on WiiU at all? 30.000 copies sold max.... When big games like Assasin's Creed and Call of Duty cant even sell then there is no way a car game will.

Leave the WiiU alone and move along like 99% of the developers have done. #8
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And yet again someone from Microsoft opens his mouth and more dumb crap comes out. #31
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If games is what is most important to you then there is only 1 choice. And that is the PS4.

It has more games and every multiplat game looks and runs better on a PS4. #12
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The Kinect was the only thing that make the XBO stand out. Glad I have one, would never go back now that I am used to it. #5
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I must say Dragon Age Inquisition looks just as good as The Witcher 3... Glad I don't have to pick joust 1 game.. #6
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"So, Why Did You Buy The PS4?"

*Sony delivered a clear message at E3
*Big focus on Indies
*Developers choice of console platform
*Quality with first-party games
*More powerful gaming performance
*More games
*Playstation + #35
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Xbox owners should just shut their mouths. Did Playstation owners start crying like little babies when Call of Duty got DLC content first for years? #25
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I wonder what the people moaning about there not being any games out for the XBO/PS4 will moan about now? #76
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Better first impression.
More powerful.
Better first party games.
More games.
More Indie support. #35
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