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You clearly have no idea what your talking about.... :D

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Sure I am. PS4 have some games that looks better then anything on PC.

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The console is no longer in production and gone from stores....it’s dead.

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Tell that enough times to yourself and you will probably start believing it. Meanwhile 4K HDR TV owners with PS4Pro and XBOX play some of the best looking games you can play on a console. Heck...some even look better then the best on PC.

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I would like a Super Switch! Better display and full 4K support when in docked mode.

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When you see how the game is scoring on Opencritic,Metacritic and Steam. I would just skip publishing a review like this...

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But it will have microtransactions. In a game with the core focus being cosmetics....you just know Rare will push out loads of cosmetics and props a few months after the release. Cool looking stuff you can only buy with real money...

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One more game I will buy for my X over the Pro then...

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Cloud gaming will be a big thing. It was crap before but now it actually works. But you need a hefty Internet connection. And the infrastructure around the world is not there yet. Not even close..

So no. The PS5/XB2 wont be cloud consoles.

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LOL, as if console sales numbers is the only thing that matters. Just as stupid a thing to say that game sales is the only thing that maters for developers/publishers. And in case you are a bit slow or not educated enough. Developers/publishers now in many cases earn more money on microtransactions and DLC. Then the games themselves.

The Xbox's Entertainment and Devices Division had in it's second quarter earnings an six-month income of $524 million.

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Nintendo have had more then enough time to add virtual console and a wide range of their older games. If they don’t act soon then many will jailbreak it and install hundreds of games for free...

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PC gamers complaining/afraid of high CPU usage. What kind of potato are you playing on anyways? I never had any issue with the CPU bottlenecking my Ubisoft games or others that I can recall that Denuvo was an issue with. And I'm on a old i5..

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Good to read that Microsoft's gaming division is doing good. It's in all console gamers best interest that they are. That they all are.

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Everyone's a noob in Monster Hunter World

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They dont have to. They are earning so much money that the vocal angry group of gamers drown in a sea of dollar bills.

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7/10....LOL!! No. This is a 10/10 game regardless if it’s the PS2,PS3 or PS4 version.. End of discussion.

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Of course it matteres. Maybe not so much for the core gamer. But what better start for new console gamers then to buy a cheap Xbox bundled with 1 year of Game Pass?

You get a game console, 4K Blu-ray and access to 100 games and all Xbox exclusives from now on.

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@Neonridr The PS4Pro version looks better then on the XboxOneX for some reason. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

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Sadly it’s not. The PS4Pro version looks better for some reason.

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