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There is no way the PS4 Slim will cost that much. Placeholder price for sure.

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Sony is taking down the videos left and a search and you will find it again. Here is one that is still up.

EDIT: Aaaand it's down. This one is still up-->

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I'd buy one. But I'm more of a PlayStation guy. Your move Sony... :p

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Both are black. Both are slated. Both have the split design. Difference is placement of buttons,ports and that the new version is smaler and has round edges. These "designers" complaining really need to get a grip and use their time on more productive opinion anyways.

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Announcing yes. Releasing no.

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Just when one would think people would derail the hype trains everyone is "all aboard" again for a new one. People will never ever learn :)

Neither will I.... lol

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I think this game looks awesome. But I'm afraid that without the mystery of magic and supernatural creatures that it can maybe become a tad boring? Especially since you are all alone in this game. It has no multiplayer elements?

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But will it be fun? And will it be planet after planet with the same type of quests. So much that can still make it boring even if it sounds fun on paper.

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Star Citizen looks beautiful. But will it actually have anything fun to do? Hype is real but we all have fallen for the hype way to many times now.

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Personally I don't want one more traditional console. There are three great alternatives today if you want "next-gen" gaming with the PS4,XBO and PC. "We" don't need a fourth alternative. What "we" need is something different. And that's where Nintendo comes in to the picture.

Not long now before we know what Nintendo is cooking for us. I bet it's fun and strange. Just the way I want it from Nintendo :)

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Pfff... I love it! These days there is hardly any surprises anymore. Everything is leaked and the excitement of new announcements are rare. So keep it up Nintendo. I cant wait to see what NX is and if the rumors are right or not. Either way I'm excited because it's all so vague and unknown.

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Should you care about other people asking if you should care about a game?

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Tested it and it felt just as boring as the first one. The only reason I will be picking this up is if the singleplayer campaign is really good.

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If I dint read the article I could't have wrote what I did smart ass. As both Microsoft and Sony are doing the exact same thing when it comes to releasing a upgraded version of their consoles I think it's safe to say that if one stops the console generation madness. Then both will.

So yeah, I belive this could be the last console generation and that from now on we will see hardware upgraded consoles instead of brand new systems.

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It's interesting to see how many that just read the headline and not the article...

For those of you that did read it. I also belive this could be the last console generation. Especially now as a console more or less is a PC and backwards compatibility wont be an issue as it has been before. Personally I think this is for the best and a natural evolution of the consoles.

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I would buy it if it was not exclusive to Uplay Shop.

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If you have a ok gaming PC then you of course buy it for that. Sure there are bugs now but give it a little time and it will be fixed.

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Downloading now :)

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Sure the big AAA games usually finds it's way to all plattforms as both developers and publishers wants to earn as much as they possible can. It makes perfect sense. But there are exclusive games on PC in a wide range of generes that are great games. Especially in the RTS,MMO's,MOBA and Indie categories.

And yes it's the same games when it comes to multiplatform titles. With the difference being that while a console graphical ...

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