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That is aimed for Japan. That said I can't wait for the porn industry to embrace VR. There will be allot of wonderful fantasies to explore...

Can't wait to see what crazy shit I am going to strap on my little fella in a near future. LoL #21
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They should rename this site to something in the likes of "Amateur rambling from dumb gamers".

There is so much shit on this site I honestly don't know why I bother coming here anymore. #100
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No, waiting for the definite edition on PC or PS4. #83
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I got to much to play on PS4 so I don't see the problem. But then again I have a life besides gaming. #7
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The fan outrage is not unjustified. When a game series that people have grown up with and a series that has been on multiple platform is suddenly bought by a company and making it only possible to play on one system. It's no wonder fans get angry.

At the time no one knew that it was timed exclusivity because Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics used the usual vague corporate bullshit language.

And this is typical Microsoft. To buy timed exclusivity and by that... #4
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Some of the best games are made by developers with no big publisher breathing them in the neck telling what they can and can't do. #12
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So we are all going to wait for the Definitive Edition for PC and PS4 then?

I'm ok with that. #76
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"Rise of the Tomb Raider's Exclusivity will Kill the Franchise"

Not if Microsoft is taking the game under it's wings. Making it a part of the Xbox family. #6
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In 2-3 years 4K will be replacing 1080p tv's in stores. So when the PS5 comes it will have to aim for 4K.

And that PC will be moving for 4K faster and faster now. #30
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I am a PC gamer and comments like yours is something I see now and then. And it's ridicules! :D

Running new games in 4K is demanding as heck. The money you have to cough up for a 4K gaming experience with decent frame rates at high settings with some tweeks is so much more expensive then these new consoles it's not even comparable.

EDIT: And 4K at 120fps? LOL, on what planet? #19.1
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Don't like it? Then don't buy it. No one cares about reading "why I think this is wrong" articles.

You know why? People have different opinions and don't care about articles that try to explain that they are right and you are wrong. #20
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I care about 1080p and 60fps! Why? Because it makes games look better and play better.

Is it a deal breaker if a game don't run at 1080p at 60fps? Of course not...but it is something that makes the games better so it's of course something I hope every game try to achieve on the consoles. #17
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Thanks! I will go take a look! #14.1.1
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At first I was bummed out by this but the more I thought about it the more I embrace it.

Games like this is not just about skills. It's about communication. And just getting matched with some random people that most likely is sitting alone with no microphone and that will ditch the entire raid when things don't go their way is not something I want.

As a old time mmo player I know how irritating that is. Communication is vital!

I don&... #14
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I was building and messing around with computers at the age of 14. It's something most people can do, and something every adult could do without any problem.

But yes..buying a branded computer at a store is expensive. And something no gamer should do. As the value you get is horrible.

What you do it buy from a store that builds the computer for you. It's almost as cheap as building it yourself. At least here in Norway. #48.1.1
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I would not be surprised if it was in 720p. Developers will at some point sacrifice resolution for eyecandy. People may think the PS4 is a beast but it's not at all.

So people should just get used to the idea of more games going down in resolution. As the new "next-gen" games will come and look better and better on PC the developers will need to try to keep up in visual fidelity and the answer is lowering the resolution and decreasing the frame rate.
... #48
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All I am going to say it that VR cant come fast enough... >D #2
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XBO is losing it's appeal day by day now. Microsoft has allot to prove next week at Gamescom. #21
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I have a backlog on PS4 already. I'm a little ashamed by this... #141
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That's it guys! We need to go to China. Like right now...you with me? #8
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