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Could be a potential system seller...

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Well I wont be playing this game before the patch that enables HDR and PS4Pro support is out. Waited this long I can wait a bit longer if needed to experience the best version possible.

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I belive VR or AR will achieve mainstream success. But it could be years away from now. And most likely it will be the mobile industry that will push it to becoming one.

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I'm a little torn. Play it in high resolution and HDR. Or be found dead in my chair with the PSVR and a face like the girl in the closet from the movie The Ring...

Choices choices....

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They could. But at a price of graphical effects,assets, AI etc... Hopefully they can manage 1800p. But even 1400p is a big jump in image quality. Especially in combination with HDR.

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To many games releasing. Publishers cant expect the majority of gamers to buy every big release at launch. Even if money was not an issue you have to have time to play and enjoy the games also...

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It's true it had some dips the PS4 did not have. Personally I would pick the much better looking game regardless of fps.

But good thing the newest patch fixed it. Now it looks better and runs just as fine :)

Edit: took a look at your comment

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Going to be interesting to see how Ghost Recon Wildland's will be on the PS4Pro. Their latest game Watchdogs2 looks stunning at 1800p.

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I think console gamers are ready for consoles to embrace the modern hardware cycles almost all technology has in this day and age. It's going to be interesting to see some sales numbers from Sony soon.

I'm just glad we finally are done with long painful console hardware cycles. Loving the PS4Pro and will most likely do the same with Scorpio.

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I disagree on all of them. We complain that games as a media dont get the recognition it deserves and at the same time we have people who just like the games have not grown up as the rest of the entertainment industry.

This article should never have been written.

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It's true that the Pro is in some VR titles making the visuals better. But to say the Pro was made just for that is ludicrous.

You can try to downplay the jump in resolution all you want. But the jump from 720,900 or 1080p to 1400-1800p is significant on a 4K TV. Sure native 4K is better but let's not kid ourselves. It's a big leap over what the XBO and PS4 delivers.

And all for the launch price of the PS4...

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That's his opinion. For me it's totally worth it and it's an amazing experience I would not want to be without.

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No Zelda no Switch. Nothing more to say really...

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Strange as the PS4 is delivering a great VR experience with the PSVR. No need for PS4Pro.

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As high-end PC and PS4Pro owner I can with the information we have on Scorpio say that not much if at all will change.

Forbes comes of as really amateur here expecting big changes when all we will most likely get are a more games being in native 4K and hopefully higher res textures. That's it. Especially as all Scorpio games will be on the XBO. Most likely we will see the majority of games using the same checkerboard rendering and dynamic resolution on Scorpio.

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A Dice employee has tweeted that they are working on it.

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I'm gonna get downvoted for this. But here goes. PC is less important for many publishers/developers. Cash is king and more of it is earned elsewhere.

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It's an game for adults. Why should it be...oh just one sec..just gonna beat the shit out of this old lady with my biljard ball. *SPLAT* There...where was I..

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If the TF announced is alone something to go by then many more games will have to power to run in native 4K on Scorpio. But most likely we will see most games use the same technique as the PS4Pro with the use of checkerboard rendering and dynamic resolution.

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Placeholder price...only difference it's lower then the others...

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