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Just played it and it's really beautiful on the PS4. It's detailed and sharp with so much going on.

But it has had a cost on frame rate. Character animations in the game world and in ingame movies are slow. Combat is also suffering from this as it don't look right.

Some will be bothered with it but most will most likely not. #15
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Goodbye social life.

http://i.imgur.com/ZePmpMf.... #17
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No it doesn't. It's a game mainly aimed for children and they don't need that option. And it will keep them safe from any teenagers or adults that play and use a language so often used in theses games.

And it makes it an easy choice for parents knowing their child won't have to listen to profanity. #17
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It's basically like this. When a developer shows something that looks stunning. Remember that the real game won't be shown for months and months later. So have that in mind when E3 kicks off next month. #7
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Yeah for a racing game screen tear and fps jumps is a pain. Since Project Cars have graphics options like it has on a PC.

They should add the option to lock it at 30fps. Maybe in a future patch? #34.1.1
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Driveclub looks better. But it's also just running in 30fps compared to Project Cars 45-60fps.

And it's two different type of games. DC is an arcade game. While PC is more a simulator type of game. #34
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Hehe, even I found that funny :D #14.1.1
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Xbox One cover of the game. Xbox One controller and Xbox prompts on the screen.

It's no doubt that this is good commercial for Xbox One.

And it's without a doubt misleading as it wont look as sharp and fluid like that on any console. Especially the Xbox One.

EDIT: Clicking Disagree wont change that fact. #14
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Yes. I have a THX calibrated TV. From what people are telling me it's because of better shaders etc on PC. It's not something you can compensate with adjusting your TV. #10.3.1
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If Konami was a punching bag. I would pound on it all day long... #44
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It looks like a washed out PC version. No pop in the colors and bland. I experience the same with GTA5 on PS4 and PC.

Everything looks so more colorful and things pop out of the screen compared to the washed out always foggy picture on my PS4. #10
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Here in Norway many Collector Editions are on it's way to costumers. I will have mine tomorrow if I'm really lucky.

If not, Monday or Tuesday. #20
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No way. If there is one game. And there is probably just one game... And that is Zelda. #12
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DriveClub just kills it when it comes to rain effects. #22
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I find it boring also. The PS4 have been winning since day one and there is no drama anymore.

As far as I see it the console war is over. PS4 won and nothing is going to change that.

Going to be exciting to see how the console war will reignite when the new Nintendo console comes. Or do we have to wait all the way for the next-gen consoles... #8
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More sex in games! I'm a man and I need my cars,guns,explosions and sex. :P #4
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Ubisoft must consider it not financial beneficial to release it on the XBO in those territories... What else could it be? #29
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Here is the video from Playstation Polen. Not so compressed as that one. https://www.youtube.com/wat... #8
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No it shouldn't. Battlefront is more like Battlefield and not COD. #14
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If I am getting this I will have to get a wheel and pedal set. I don't see the point in playing with a controller.

It's a racing sim not a arcade game. #10
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