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Going to be playing 90% of all games I play on a superior Scorpio console. And the remaining 10% being some incredible exclusive games on PlayStaiton 4 Pro.

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Anyone remember when the PS3 was $599? It still did more then OK. And so will most likely Scorpio.

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So while PC gamers play Red Dead Redemption 2 at 0 fps at 0p. And PS4Pro owners play at probably 1400~1800p upscalled at 30 fps. Xbox Scorpio gamers will be playing at native 4K at 30 fps and with probably more eye candy.

Enough for me....

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I don't think it will this year. Especially if Sony counters it with a price reduction and game bundle.

But 2018 could be an interesting year.

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True..PC was first. But it has been for a selected few. It's first now that 4K gaming is becoming mainstream. At least on consoles. PS4Pro has helped allot but most of the games are not native 4K at all. That will change more so with the upcoming new Xbox console.

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"Xbox Scorpio’s specs won’t matter without games"

Polygon back again with its click bait articles. No games? I get that PlayStation has much more and arguably better exclusive games. I own a PS4Pro to enjoy those games as best as it's possible with he Pro and a 4K HDR TV.

But to say the specs won't matter without no games is just nonsense. And typhical crap that you can expect from Polygon or any fanboy that suddenly don't play anyth...

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This year is exceptional so far for exclusives on PS4. For me tho it's just Horizon and Nier that is of interest. 98% of the games I play are multiplatform games.

And just as I bought the PS4Pro for the best gaming experience to go along my 4K HDR TV so will I with Scorpio.

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If you play everything else on Pc or PlayStation and don't need or want the best possible resolution etc on a console then I understand.

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So does Xbox. But I like the ones on PlayStation better. But it's just a handful of games a year. I play many more games then that throughout a year.

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As someone who want access to older games. And want to play newer once as best as possible it's a no brainer to go from PlayStation to Xbox for me.

PlayStation has some awesome exclusives. But it's a handful of games a year. Everything else will be on Xbox for my part as soon as it's out.

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If the rumors are true that so many games will look significant better then the PS4Pro then that alone will make a huge sting. Sure exclusives mater but most gamers play more then a handfull of exclusives each year.

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They have just about meet their sales expectations with 1 million sold units. So no it's not. But we need more and better games. Resident Evil 7 is a mind blowing experience putting it's 2D version to shame. But we need more of that caliber.

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I like my Switch as most others. But this article is really grasping for straws....or more likely clicks.

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PlayStation4 Pro gamer here. The reason I'm excited for Scorpio is because 95% of the games I play are multiplatform titles. And they will most likely all look and run better on Scorpio.

That in combination with a growing backward compatibility list and exclusive game I've missed makes Scorpio extremely interesting. So much that my PS4Pro will most likely be just used to play the exclusive games and the rest on Xbox.

Been with PlayStation since th...

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I think it has allot going for it even if Microsoft can't do something about the exclusives. All multi platform games will look better then on PS4Pro.

XBO has allot of backwards compatible games now and they could look better on Scorpio.

And then there's the new game subscription service. As someone who has been on PlayStation this generation it's one hell of a kickstart to allot of games.

Exclusive games are important and s...

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Destiny 2 just like 99% of all big AAA games wont be coming to the Switch.

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You can disagree all you want. Facts won't change tho.

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If you have a powerful enough PC. DigitalFoundry has a bad habit of assuming everyone has a monster machine when Steams hardware charts clearly paints a different picture.

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Microsoft should showcase the machine ahead of E3. Build up the hype and focus on games at the E3 conference.

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Not on consoles. PC is different as I can still after so many years play my games after buying new machines and upgrading several times. The same cant be said about consoles...and is why I will never go full digital on consoles.

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