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She a screamer? #17.1
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"Are AAA Titles Killing The Gaming Industry?"

With the amount of Indie games out and coming I would say no. #15
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"Are Remastered Re-Releases Getting Out of Hand?"

Move the fuck along. Nothing to read here. #35
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If this is the case then other developers and gamers should give Activision and Sledgehammer Games a word full.

Bit I guess it will be like other "parity" productions. Same fps and same res. But more eyecandy on hardware that can support it. #27
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"What's Wrong with PlayStation Plus?"

Nothing....absolutely nothing. #28
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So many bullshit articles.....sigh #49
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For me it's time to get out. There is not much about PC gaming anymore that is so good that it's worth the money it takes to have a good gaming rig.

Console gaming is my new gaming home. #20
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The weakest next-gen console is the home of Call of Duty...? I think it's time to get a new home then. #18
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There are two reasons why I sometimes pick a female character when playing:

1: Tired of the stereotype mountain of muscle male character.

2: If I am to watch the behind of a character for a long time a female behind is so much more pleasing for the eyes.... #37
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What a load of crap...

Some of the best games I have played have been Indie games. Either it's on my $399 PS4 or my $3200 gaming PC.

Complaining about variety as some "gamer's" do is about the dumbest thing I read. #67.1
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"Stand's up and claps excitedly"

I agree 110% Yoshida. #76
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"It's time for us to stop calling games "indie"

Ehhh...no? A game made by small companies with no publisher is a Indie game. End of story. #6
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Cant wait for the follow up for this. "100 reasons to buy a PS4." #13
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The 80's called. It wants back the UI from the PS4! #88.1
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Thanks for the laugh! If you feel a stinging pain it's just reality that is saying hello. #1.2.3
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I would buy this if I was to buy a dedicated TV for console gaming. http://store.sony.com/50-di... #20
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Why do you make it out to a VS discussion? I'm just pointing out what everyone should know by now.

And I had and still have both the X360 and PS3. Most multiplat games I bought for the X360 because of performance and visual performance.

And the PS3 for it's exclusive games.

Today I have a XBO for the exclusive games. And a PS4 for multiplat and their exclusive games.

And a PC for MMO gaming. #14.1.1
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PS4 by gamers for gamers.
XBO by people in business suits for the average guy/gal.

It's that simple people. #30
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The XBO have always had the possibility to run games at 1080p @60fps. But it will be at the expense of visual fidelity.

Games on XBO will always be slightly inferior then the PS4 versions. That's just hard facts... #1.4.4
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Halo is about the only exclusive coming this year for the XBO that has me excited. In other words things in the Xbox camp is as it has been for years.

Kinda boring.

Glad Sony with the PS4 is bringing some new good games. #49
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