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Yeah there are idiots on both sides. And I did not mean that there is no reason to be excited about the exclusive games on PS4. Because it's certainly is.

It's just the ammo these rambling lunatics use for their fanboy keyboard bashing. Both sides have these zealots. So dont misunderstand me. It's just me aiming my sights at what is sadly a gigantic portion of PlayStation fanboys at N4G. It's crazy how many there are here. But then...

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Money was the last thing I thought about when I ordered my X. But then again. We come from different walks of life

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Ah come on... Some of these fanboys have been circle jerking off to higher resolution and performance for almost 3 years now. And now that there is a hardware shift the messaging is changed to it's not about how good games look anymore. But that the only thing that matters is exclusive games. Nothing else.

I'm not arguing that PlayStation has better and way more exclusives. It's the reason I own a PlayStation.

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And for some PlayStation fanboys it's suddenly not about hardware at all. But exclusive games.

Dumb idiots..

And of course 30 million sold is impressive. The software revenue for 30 million consoles is big. But let's not kid ourselves. Sony is far faar ahead. And there is no stopping them this generation.

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You can't explain business to these kids.

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You are interpret what I wrote as a fanboy. So no wonder you have problems making sense of what I wrote. The whole point of buying the Pro or the X is to take advantage of your 4K HDR TV. And it's just my opinion not the law. Some of you PlayStation fanboys take things so to hearth it's pathetic.

And if you fanboys read what I wrote without losing your fucking mind. You would see I never mention giving up anything. My opinion is that if you have a PS4. And I had to...

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That's true. I dont anymore. I own a PS4Pro however.

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Going to be interesting to see how much of a graphical difference there will be on the X and PC version at 4K 60 fps.

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If I had a PS4 I would honestly get a X over the Pro. The few exclusive games that really stand out on Pro will be dramatically outnumbered by all the third-party games. And if you just invested in a 4K HDR TV you get a 4K Blu-ray drive as a bonus...

But it all comes down to what type of gamer you are. The most fun but not economical sound choice is to own both the Pro and the X.

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With Forza 7,Gran Turismo Sport and Need for Speed Payback I'll get my racing quota for a long long time. Maybe it's finally time to invest in a race setup...

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The X is all about resolution. And why it has a more powerful GPU. The CPU in all the consoles is the bottleneck. And why there are so few 60 fps games.

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That's what happens when Sony and Microsoft cheap out on the CPU side. There is a reason 99% of all console games are not 60 fps. And it's not because of the GPU.

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Nah... the X will find it's gamer base just as the Pro. Both are just stepping stones to the next generation. And both Xbox and PlayStation are worthy machines for those who already have taken the jump to 4K.

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I laughed when he said that. Who do they think they are kidding? I'm getting a XboxOneX. But it's most defiantly not because Xbox has the biggest exclusives. Not by a far shot...

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It's accessories for Gran Turismo Sport (and other car games).

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Hehe, I forgot. Graphics dont matter anymore :D

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Well that depends dont it? Most will in 2-4 years most likely change to a 4K TV anyways as 1080p will just disappear from stores and the content will grow and grow.

But with downsampling you get a much clearer image on a 1080p TV. Add higher or more stable frame rate. High resolution textures. And a list of other graphical effects and boost as listed in this trailer.

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It actually runs at 2160p checkerboard on the PS4Pro. So full 4K there also. But with the difference being checkerboard. Meaning each frame in the game is rendered with 50% old pixels and 50% new pixels. Resulting in what we see as slightly more unclear image fidelity.

On the X it it's 100% new pixels for each frame. And with the added high-resolution texture assets and other added effects it will be quite the nice upgrade :)

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Digital Foundry is gonna need an army of moderators for their commenting sections in the time ahead. This is just the start. Good for Xbox. It's been strangling behind in all areas for so long. Now with the X it will at least have the best looking third-party games.

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