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Yes it's ok. #54
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Developers need to stop listening to the loudest cry babies on the internet. #37
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A game like this with fast movement and fast gameplay it's a shame it is not running at 60fps on PS4. But what can you expect from $399 in hardware... #31
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Yeah...just like the last Read Dead Redemption game.....oh wait.. #45.1
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But I hope they make it just as enjoyable alone as in co-op. I'm tired with all these games where you have to play with others to get the most out of it.

I just want to play some games alone in peace and quite. #47
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Get it out on PC so we can play it for eternity without having to keep our old plastic consoles forever. #5
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I expect some really low review scores on this. The beta was just horrible. #2
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I hope some real hackers track them down and makes their lives a shit storm. #71
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I bought the WiiU ZombiU bundle on day one. So yeah I know how the gameplay is in that game.

There i zero chance Ubisoft is going to make an exclusive game to WiiU. That is just not going to happen.

So if we are ever going to see a new ZombiU game it will be on XBO/PS4 and be designed accordingly. #7.1.1
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ZombiU 2 for XBO and PS4 is not unlikely. But a exclusive Wii U title is. #7
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Each to his/her own! Personally I loved the art style and setting. But the gameplay was just to over the top and fast for me to enjoy. #58
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It's bulkier but it don't take much more space then the PS4. And it's more silent then the PS4.

I have both and I have no problem at all with the design on the XBO. #27
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There have been done several studies about this and every time the conclusion is that violent games do not make players violent in real life.

Google is your friend. #37
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Knack is old school platformer. In other words hard. That's why so many players and reviewers did not like it.

They are so used to be hold in their hand that when something challenging comes their way they cry. #48.1
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One mans opinion. #47
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Both Microsoft and Sony claim that their consoles is the best place to play.

But the fact is that PC is the best place to play period.

Consoles is just a cheap entry level gaming system. PC is where the magic happens.

And now let's sit back and enjoy the show. Disagree spam in 1...2...3... #18
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GameStop will be closed and history in a few years. #5
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Took that survey weeks ago...funny about all the PS4 questions :) #7
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Investors should get out and as far away as they can from Ubisoft. That company is a sinking ship and will soon be more hated then EA.

If not already... Fu*k you Ubisoft for screwing paying costumers over and over. #3
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Horrible performance on all platforms. Have to use phone/tablet applications to do stuff in the game. And micro transactions store comes up when you pause the game... #5
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