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The steering wheel looks nice. To bad the game from what was shown was not. I expected much much more compared to what is out already.

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Saving grace? The campaign is a blast!

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You don't have to be good. But you shouldn't suck so hard that it seams you have never played a game either. You should have experience in several type of games so that you can do your job.

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And still we get games like Uncharted 4....

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It was a big mistake making Battleborn over Borderlands 3. All in all it was a mistake making the game at all.

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I just hope they make the deadzone better on PS4. Something is not right.

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And this is probably one of the reasons Sony is planing on releasing a more powerful PlayStation 4. Most likely with a new 14-17nm GPU from AMD. Not only giving a boost in traditional games but a big boost in VR.

All speculation of course.... but DigitalFoundry say they have good sources that a new powerful PS4 is on it's way. E3 is just around the corner and all will most likely be or not be revealed then.

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"Does the Console War Matter in 2016?"

I dont think so. The PlayStation 4 ended that war faster then any other console cycle before it. There are two things that can get people back to the trenches. And first is that's if both Microsoft and Sony release a more powerful revision of the current console.

And the second is when they start a new console generation.

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I watch the broadcast from start to end and I think it was great. First I was irritated we did not see actual gameplay and just the game engine. But then I remembered that they did the same with Battlefront and that game ended up visually looking great.

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And still this "mistake" will sell millions on millions of copies. And if history repeats itself millions more then Battlefield 1.

Yes this is a big "mistake" from Activision...

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NEO will in no way divide the market. The upcoming Nvidia 1070/1080 however will and in a big way.

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Bullshit. There is zero statistics to back this claim. Millions on millions of people buy Call of Duty. A loud tiny group online is not in any way or form representing those millions of people.

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Pew, reload...reload. Look up trench. Pew! Repeat.

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This type of game need to come to console if they intend to make some big money. PC is moba,mmo and a bunch of f2p platform.

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Polygon has to be one of the worst "professional" gaming sites I know of. It's like Scientology but for gamers.

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I think it looks awesome!

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Cry Barbie article for cry babies.

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A tiny vocal group is complaining online about NEO based on lack of knowledge about the policy and tech around NEO.

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1: Why is is a slap in the face when ALL games will work on both consoles? How is having the OPTION hurting early adopters?

2: You get pocket change if you trade in a PS4 today. Why support shops like Gamestop that rips you off?

3: Nonsense. The PS4 is an X86 based machines and just as PC the developers can easily tweak the raw performance. Sure it will take time to fine tune but even just giving the raw overhead will be a huge benefit for NEO owners. <...

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