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I think mmorpg games need to focus way more on story. #6
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I'm tired of post apocalypse settings. So Elder Scrolls 6 without a doubt. #23
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"PS4 Outsells Xbox One? Yay for you… But We Don’t Care"

And I dont care about this article. Yay for me. #97
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I loved Mafia 2. So this is great news! #4
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If you can afford a PS4. Games and PS+. Then complaining about the OPTION to play a bunch of old games for 19$ a month is like pissing on a electric fence.

Just damn dumb. #18
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I hope their lives will be hell for a while. And get banned from all ISP's and for using a computer in many years. Many profiled hackers get's sentences and these type of punishments.

Dumb dumb kids.... #11
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We can have hundreds of studies and prof that there is no link between violence and games. Thick headed people will still believe it does and the discussion will be around as long as there are thick headed people. #11
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World problems...lol. Losers. #36
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Hope he and the rest of this goon squad get's man handled while in prison. #43
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Cant wait to see the picture and read how they cried when they got dragged out from the basement of their parents house.

In fact..I will have a party that day. Every gamer should to. Celebrate that some morons are gone. #26
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Played most of them and they are not for dedicated mmorpg players at all. Some of them could have been good if was not for a design around getting the user to pay for something.

I get that younger gamers want "free" mmorpg games. Or people that just want to play a few hours a week.

But for people that play 10-20 hours a week in the same game. Don't play these "free" games. #17.1.1
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This just proves consumer products are not ready to go full digital. Not when a handful of retarded children can in their moms basement can click a button and millions of people get affected. #18
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With all the patches,content and even more content coming. I want to thank PC gamers for beta testing and helping to improve the game in time for a console release.

And to the kids complaining about a monthly fee. The mmorpg genera is not for you. In fact we don't want you in our games at all. #17
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Long live creative freedom! One may not like in this case the game. But never should the creative freedom be gagged by people not liking it. #7
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And PC is making them both look like cheap piece of plastic boxes. Oh they are...both cheap and in plastic boxes! #10
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Yes it's the right thing to do. People who don't like it should just ignore it. Not try to convince other people that their opinion is the right one. #9
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Yes it's ok. #54
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Developers need to stop listening to the loudest cry babies on the internet. #37
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A game like this with fast movement and fast gameplay it's a shame it is not running at 60fps on PS4. But what can you expect from $399 in hardware... #31
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Yeah...just like the last Read Dead Redemption game.....oh wait.. #45.1
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