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And this is why I dislike religion so much.

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I'm gonna buy Scorpio as it will run "all" games be it old or new better then my PS4Pro.

I look at Scorpio as an extension of my gaming PC and that I will have in the living room for 4K entertainment.

And with the "Play Anywhere" feature and the newly announced refund service on games like on Steam. The incentive to go digital on these "Play anywhere" titles are growing.

PC for desktop gaming. Scorpio a...

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If more people stop pre-ordering and buying before reviews etc are out. And wait to buy until issues are fixed. This trend will rectify itself over time.

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I have no idea. But I know that most gaming monitors with FreeSync are usually a bit cheaper then those with G-Sync. So the price shouldn't be that much higher.

But impossible for me to guess. I just hope enough TV manufacturers will actual add FreeSync at all...

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That would confuse the hell out of people. If I'm to guess...

Xbox One #XBO
Xbox One S #XBOS
Xbox One X #XBOX

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Bought the Samsung KS7000 (8000 in the US). And it's great for 4K HDR gaming. But I already regret it as I will have to replace it most likely next year when TV's with hopefully AMD FreeSync and VRR (variable refresh rate) comes out with HDMI 2.1

Xbox Scorpio will have this support and most likely all AMD based consoles will. Meaning PlayStation. It's a big deal and worth waiting for.

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Reading silly articles like this really takes a toll on me.

If you wonder if 4K will add anything to playing games it's super easy. You walk in to a store that has a PS4Pro connected to a 4K HDR TV. Preferably with Horizon Zero Dawn running on it. Or a Xbox Scorpio at the end of the year.

That's all. When you do you will look back at articles like this and laugh. Dont put to much into articles like this people. I dont know what the motives people...

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Yeah he is a total failure on YouTube.

/sarcasm off

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In the UK it was yes. In the US it was not. For those who wants sources you can use google. If you managed to navigate here you can find the NPD numbers easy.

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I think you missunderstand the meaning...

I am not denying that the PS exclusives both score good and look incredible. But they are not defining the gaming landscape. And by that I mean by what people actually buy and play the most.

Top 10 sold games of 2016 has zero PlayStation exclusives. All third party multiplatform games. Most sold games so far in 2017 are...surprise...third party multiplatform games. With Ghost Recon Wildlands being the fastest sell...

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Allot of great and potential great games on that list. I own a PS4Pro and enjoy the hell out of it myself. Horizon is to die for...

But let's be completely honest here. There are much more third party AAA games that are out and coming that people will be playing regardless of plattform. And all of them has the potential be it new or old to look and run much better then on the PS4Pro.

So for those who play allot of games and dont have a PC the Scorpio ...

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"PlayStation’s Software Supremacy" Is stretching it a bit far ain't it? I mean yeah the PlayStation exclusives are mostly good and some are awesome. And fewer of them makes it's way to PC compared to Xbox.

But to insinuate that the exclusives on PlayStation is defining the entire gaming landscape is just silly.

Sure I get it that those with a good enough PC dont see the need to buy a Scorpio if the games they want to play are available o...

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Lived with mental illness since I was just a child. So it's going to be really interesting to play this game to see how they maybe portrait some of my issues. But also to see how others illnesses are perceived.

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I love my PS4Pro and the exclusives it has. But I find it silly how some fanboys thinks that the exclusives on it are defining the entire gaming landscape. Because they are clearly not.

For me personally the new Xbox machine will take over for my PC that I have been moving away from a while now when it comes to gaming. And it will become the best place I can play multiplatform and Microsoft exclusives on. And PS4Pro will be the go to PlayStation console for their excellent ...

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And that's the thing. You have people on the Internet doing list wars and defending their investments. And you have people just playing games that dont give a flying monkey ass what these people think. Thankfully the keyboard warriors are not representing gamers. Not even close.

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I think it is when 98% of all games coming to consoles is available to play on it. I love mye PS4Pro. But come on now...all games will look and perform better on it. The exclusives on PlayStation 4 are excellent. But they are not defining an entire gaming industry.

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Going to be playing 90% of all games I play on a superior Scorpio console. And the remaining 10% being some incredible exclusive games on PlayStaiton 4 Pro.

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Anyone remember when the PS3 was $599? It still did more then OK. And so will most likely Scorpio.

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So while PC gamers play Red Dead Redemption 2 at 0 fps at 0p. And PS4Pro owners play at probably 1400~1800p upscalled at 30 fps. Xbox Scorpio gamers will be playing at native 4K at 30 fps and with probably more eye candy.

Enough for me....

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I don't think it will this year. Especially if Sony counters it with a price reduction and game bundle.

But 2018 could be an interesting year.

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