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I got depressed watching. Personally I'm super excited for E3 and I watch it each year hour after hour and have a great time.

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The older I get the more I like shorter games. I don't got time or the will to play games that lasts what feels forever.

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@Playable_Gamez Everyone has a gaming PC?

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From what I have watched if gameplay it looks extremely boring and not the next step that probably most hoped they would take the game.

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Either allot of PC gamers cant read. Or don't understand the difference between gameplay and graphics.

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Being able to play Just Cause 3 above 15 fps will convince me.

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I don't get it? It's a gameplay comparison not an graphics comparison video. So whats the deal?

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I wouldn't touch SLI/Crossfire with a ten foot pole today or anytime soon.

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With all games running at better framerates then the base model PS4 can manage when making the game. I cant see why this would be a big problem for developers..if any.

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You have to be pretty dense to not see that The Division is good movie material.

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Because it's awesome.

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When it comes to space it's no problem as most will do it sitting or standing up. HTC Vive with its room scale is a high end enthusiast version that most people won't own.

Mobile and console VR is the future and the price is not that high. Tho it has to come down to really hit the masses.

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Pathetic little worms.

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Should change the headline to "Why I Think The Xbox 360 Was Better Than The PS3".

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"Halo Coming to PC Means I No Longer Need an Xbox"

And it will mean absolutely zero to the majority of Xbox owners. Thanks for sharing your blog post.

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Allot of children, the poor. People stuck in the 80's etc etc will cry rivers of salty tears.

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Quality is irrelevant to this discussion as it's about if Activision should retire the franchise. And only a idiot would stop the flow of millions on millions of dollars.

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Only a complete moron would even consider it. Call of Duty was the most sold game in 2015. I repeat. Call of Duty was the most sold game in 2015.

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Releasing the NEO will most certainly help push the price down for the PS4 and help Sony reaching their forecast.

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