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Looking at where Microsoft is today the answer for that today is pretty clear a resounding yes.

Games today are more like services where you have to be online anyways. So Microsoft's vision for heavy Kinect integration and always online would difference them much more and in a more positive light then today. Especially since they obviously have little interest in investing heavy in first party studios and exclusive games.

So yeah Microsoft and Xbox wo...

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It costs a bit more with a PC as this and several other sites have shown. But if 60 fps is something you value it's worth that extra money as Xbox One X will as other consoles focus on 30 fps.

Best thing about this? Options! We as gamers have options. Cant argue with that...

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Nerds and social media may have killed the franchise.

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Ask yourself this question. How many times. If any at all. Have you encountered a cheater in a online game on Xbox or PlayStation. I play on several platforms and on PC all the popular games are infested with cheaters. Wall hacks, aim bots and all sorts of crap.

Consoles are a closed echo system. And paying to ensure that the loop from Sony to third party is secured is alone worth every bit of money they charge us for. Getting a load of games each year is just a really nice...

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These articles are getting silly. If you freak out over this minimal price adjustment then you really should be using your money on other things then gaming.

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Seams like a person and developer with a good head on his shoulders. And I agree. The console fanboy bickering is getting really old. Hopefully I can do as him and just ignore it altogether. Going to be work in progress for a while tho...get to rallied up to fast :P

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And just some years ago analysts and industry people said consoles would die...

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The "my opinion or the highway" is getting old.

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My problem with my Switch is that as a home console it's to weak. And as a portable the screen is to smal. I'd rather play on a iPad Pro when on the go.

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Even Sony advertised the PS4Pro as a 4K console in the start. But changed the message to dynamic 4K.

The biggest difference with Sony and Microsoft when it comes to the 4K marketing is that all first party titles announced so far will be native 4K.

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I dont understand what you mean?

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Probably the best thing I read that Michal Pachter has said in a while.

"We are concerned about warring about who is first and who is second, but that’s like saying, Pepsi doesn’t sell as much cola as Coke does, why not just shut down? Or Burger King doesn’t sell as many hamburgers as McDonalds, so why not shut down? They’re both profitable, who cares? The only people who care are fanboys."

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As I see it it's impressive that a smal studio like Tripwire Interactive manages to run the game at almost full 4K in just a few hours. It makes you wonder what a big AAA studio can do in a few days...

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All COD games on PC are more or less dead. Just check the Steam charts.. It's low from launch to today. Even PC favorite Battlefield has kinda low numbers on PC. Just now Battlefield 1 has about 100.000 more people playing on consoles.

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It all comes down to the developers.

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Ask yourself this. When was the last time you had to deal with wall hackers, aim bots or any other form for cheats in a online game on console?

There is room for much improvements to PSN. There is no doubt about that. But overall you get a heck of allot for what is in my book an insignificant amount of money.

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To early to say. And it could become a success for Nintendo like the Wii. But it was clearly not a success for it's user base after a while when the excitement was over and less and less games came out for it.

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So much drama.... The thing is the average consumer have no idea about anything except: Friends own a PS4. Some cool looking games are only on PS4.

That's about it.

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A come on! It's pocket change for crying out loud!

We get so many great games each year. And we dont have to deal with wall hacks,aimbots and a long freaking list of crap that ruins many online games on PC.

I'd rather pay to ensure that the circle that is the consoles echo system is closed and under control at all times. Then free with all the crap that follows with it on PC.

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With Gold you get to keep the game if I'm not mistaken. But sure there is periods with games that don't interest me on PS+.

But I always get allot of games that interest me each year and that would have costed me much more if I was to buy them.

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