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Many games could run at 60 fps if game developers prioritized it yes. But many could not because of CPU limitations. Even on the new X.

So until developers dumps 30 fps or/and consoles gets a better CPU there’s not much to discuss as far as the gap is closed compared to PC.

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When the majority of console games runs at 60fps we can have this discussion again.

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This is just the start. Next gen consoles will have even bigger games.

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I laughed reading that article. I’m a PC and console guy and not surprisingly the entire article was just PC elitism from start to end. Not THAT surprised with it beeing a PC site. But I hoped they could be more professional about it.

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Allot of the times the jump in fps is CPU dependent. The X is overclocked but it’s not enough for the majority of games.

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How? Both Sony and Microsoft is doing the exact same thing.

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It’s for gamers who knows what they want. It’s not something a casual that don’t know what TV he/she has or for that matter care what resolution most games run at be it PS4,XBO or PS4Pro.

The X is for the enthusiasts. It’s as simple as that. And for them it should be an easy Yes considering what we’ve seen so far. Fanboys not counted.

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My guess is he don’t have one.

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Totally understandable. Big open world games can get fatiguing if you play allot of them. I’ve put some on hold as I was getting ready for this one :)

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And as I wrote. A patch could fix it. And it hopefully will. Ubisoft has said a patch 1.02 will come on launch weighing in about 1.2 - 1.4GB and will among other things improve performance. In November a new patch will come that adds Xbox One X support and HDR for ALL plattforms.

So if you have a 4K HDR TV and dont want to play in SDR then you have to wait until the second week of November.

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Down voting facts. Not surprised... :D

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Probably an good idea to have some proof. So here it is.

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Sadly the PS4Pro version is not as good. Running at around 28 fps very often. But a patch could fix that before it launches this Friday.

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Well Xbox One X has already outsold the PS4Pro on Amazon. So I personally think Xbox owners are so hungry for a more powerful console after playing in sub HD for years that even those that dont own a 4K TV will buy it.

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Game reviewers don’t think that’s the only thing that matters clearly. And I agree.

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Yeah I know. I think based from the demo that it's awesome. I just find the verbalization strange... :D

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It's the lowest scored Gran Turismo game ever. And it's returning the series to greatness?

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Yeah I’ve been crossing fingers for so long now. But it’s not looking like it will happen.. :(

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Driveclub is great. But it’s a blur feast compared to GTA Sport and it’s higher resolution.

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