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I find the discussion to be silly when statistics tells us that most people never finish their games. So those that argue that they get more value from long games and don't see the value in a 5h game.

Why is it more value when almost no one finishes the games that lasts 20-30h?

On Steam only 32% finished Skyrim. Only 30% finished Borderlands 2...

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The only thing Microsoft with Xbox One is good at is their ever growing and polished OS for the console.

They should start focusing more on delivering gaming experiences that are unique and good exclusively for the Xbox One. #19
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If you own a PS4 you would know that to be wrong. So I automatically assume you don't and cant really have an opinion about this.. #7.2
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I am really looking forward to this game. It's sad that it wont come to PS4 at the same time as on XBO.

It's going to be irritating having to wait. But to get the best version with all the dlc will in the end be worth it. #8
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I find it amusing when xbots try to convince themselves and others about this... #2.4
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Depends...but sure it can be. But not xxx million type of expensive :) #3.1.4
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Making AAA games is expensive and a big risk. It's therefor it's so refreshing to see Indie games that is relative cheep to produce and that is pushing gameplay more then these big AAA games. #3
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Political correctness has nothing to do in reviewing a game. Or a movie, tv series, books etc...

It just proves that the person reviewing the game do not think games is on equal terms when it comes to entertainment as movies,tv series etc. #7
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There is a difference on being a pathological liar and being over optimistic. #17
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It's nice to be a part of a great gaming community. With a company and a console that have been doing right by gamers since they presented the PS4.

Were like a big family of gamers. We are Playstation Nation! Game on! #5.1.2
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There more popular a game or any product is. The more focus it will get from haters. It's like a light in the night luring the moths one by one... #10.1
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David Jaffe got a good point. I am tearing the little hair I have left on my head when I read people complaining about a game they have used over 100 hours on.

I am no were near so much playtime. I have other games and stuff to do then just play. One might say a more healthy gaming style...

Point being. I think Destiny is a bad at story,bad at loot..bad at allot of things actually. But the gameplay and challenges you undertake with friends is some of the best... #8
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They have? Not my experience.... #21
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Since I just want to play the new WiiU Nintendo games yes I think it's a waste of money for a few games. #11.2.1
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I want to play some of the Nintendo games. but I feel it's such a waste of money to buy a WiiU for a few games.

So my hope is that Nintendo stops making consoles and focus on the reason people like Nintendo. And that is the games.

Go multiplatform so as many as possible can enjoy these games. When it comes to 3DS I think they should keep doing as they do. As it's super popular. #11
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Exciting stuff... Been playing Oceanhorn on my iPhone 6 Plus today. Great game with some Zelda vibes. #9
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I really enjoyed Rage. So a sequel would be nice.

But I am hoping for a remaster of Skyrim for XBO and PS4. And a brand new chapter in the Elder Scrolls series. #8
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In the console space this is the order I personally think have the most exciting exclusives in 2015.

PS4>WiiU>3DS>XBO #41
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Well I am not buying Hardline for the multiplayer. I found that to be boring and it felt old and outdated.

The singleplayer however looks interesting. Going to wait for some reviews ofc. But this will most likely be the first Battlefield game I buy just for the singleplayer part. #17
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This will most likely be the the first Battlefield game I buy not for the multiplayer but for the singleplayer. What they have shown of the SP I think looks really good.

Been in alpha and beta for multiplayer and I think it's a setback from BF3/4. #48
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