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Will take you just a few seconds to search on YouTube for many reactions to this game. But there is a high chance that they're all staged just as this one.

/irony off

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Get your head out of your ass people. It's 2016 not the 80's anymore. This has been a long time coming.

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If Microsoft doesn't it will only escalate the lead of millions on millions more PlayStation consoles in homes around the world.

So yes. Microsoft is in dire need to do the same. And better to even have a chance.

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Who approves all the bullshit articles?

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Some people are angry because others will play the same game on NEO and with better graphics and performance. The cry babies can stuff it all day long. This has been a long time coming. Don't like it then buy the base model and play as before. Period.

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The more dumb articles like this and the idiotic uninformed comments in the comentings sections. The more I'm convinced this hobby is best if you just stay away from it all. And just enjoy the games and hardware that is offered.

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What a rubbish article. Why is it even here?

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Good to see there is a big demand!

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Yes. VR is something you have to try. Once you do. You get why there is so much excitement around it :)

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Already secured myself a PSVR and can't wait to get this to play around with VR at home. And not just for short periods on various conventions.

Also going for VR on PC at one time as I find HTC Vive really exciting. But it's such an big investment as I need a brand new PC that I will have to wait and see how VR on PC develops over time between Oculus and HTC before I make a decision.

All in all I'm super excited.

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What's there to be happy about? The game is a horrible mess on PC.

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Quantum Break is a good reason to buy a game from the horrible Windows Store. And not to buy a an XBO.

The best would be to ignore the game entirely. Forcing Remedy Games to publish it on PS4 and on Steam.

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"Could The PS4.5/PS4K Harm The Console Market?

No. Just the ego of some younger fanboys.

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Good luck finding various keys on your keyboard in Nah..motion and traditional controls is how you interact in VR.

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When I will invest in VR on PC I will without a doubt get HTC Vive. If I want to sit I can. If I want to move around I can. Because with the Oculus Touch controls included the price point won't be that different.

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It's reading articles like this and so many idiotic comments I feel ashamed of calling myself a gamer. Grow up and stop reacting and acting like you are 5 years old!

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I have tried modern VR so I know he is talking out his ass. And I must say I find his comments immature and something I would not want associated with Ubisoft if I was in charge of PR.

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"The Rumoured PS4.5 - What Could It Mean For Console Gaming?"

It could mean console gaming again evolves and in a much bigger and important way then it has the last decades.

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It was already on my radar. The demo sealed the deal. So yes it did.

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