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"PS4 Exclusives: Is ‘Greatness’ Just Flash Over Substance?"

Nope #46
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Just ordered it as I forgot it was coming next week...! :D

Cya on the battlefield Playstation Nation! #43
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It means developers spreading bullshit that 30fps is much better will have a even harder time. #4
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I have been using PSN for almost 10 years now. It goes down several times each month. Either it's maintenance or it's problems making them take it down.

Because of overload many functions on PS4 is slow. Things like messaging and getting up the friends list.

Meanwhile the Xbox Live service is up and running with a sweat. #26.1.1
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Thanks. That's good to read! :) #6.2.1
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And everything presented in glorious 30fps as the head of development thinks that is so much better in action games. He actually said that...it's no joke. #6
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Share Play is really cool. But the latency makes most games unplayable. That's my experience when I tested it today anyways.. #43
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There is only 1 thing Sony need to do. And that is to get the piece of crap they call a server infrastructure to work as good as millions on millions of users expect it to.

If they can get that fixed soon. Then everything is perfect. But if things continue and be crap like it has been for soon 10years since the PS3 launched.

Well then Sony will feel the wrath. #26
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As always PC wins. That's if you got the hardware for it...

Personally I'm connecting my PC to the TV and going to sit back in my couch playing it with stunning visuals :) #8
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When backed in to a corner is when ingenuity and creativity sparks at it's most powerful. #24
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30fps in a big open world game like this... I'll wait for the PC version. #38
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I play on a 65" TV so for me it maters. #18
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I don't believe a word anyone from Ubisoft is saying anymore. They have to do some serious damage repairs to fix my faith and belief in that company.

And I think that is the general feeling from many gamers these days. #23
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There is really little reason for most developers to care about XBO anymore. The user base on PS4 is in favor of millions and it's not slowing down at all. #24
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"Bloodborne Will Be the Biggest Hit of 2015"

Played it and all I can say is that it will not. If so 2015 will be a horrible year for gamers. #52
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After they have fixed the serves I hope they start on adjusting the AI on the cars in singleplayer. Because they are just horrible, bumper cars and drives like robots. It's just plain horrible and have made me turn the game of in anger several times now. #8
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Lucky you...here in Norway Sony is not giving shit about that. We don't even have the Sony video store. #2.2.1
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"‘Hatred,’ the video game shouldn’t exist and is disgusting"

Saying that is undermining everything that makes games and fiction so great and important. You/we can dislike something as much as we want. But to claim it should never be created is plain wrong.

Don't like it? Don't give it any attention and don't buy the product. #46
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I must be crazy because I totally dig the trailer for the game. And will buy it day 1. #22
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I feel like a kid again just by thinking about VR. Cant wait! #7
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