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But then again I cant see enthusiasts who have invested in an expensive Dolby Atmos setup to be excited about a low end device like the Xbox One S for watching movies.

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It's just a matter of time time before consoles also go digital. But then the prices need to match those on PC to be a strong enough incentive.

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Best selling game in the UK. Best selling game on PSN in November. I wouldn't say they are desperate. But the game is down almost 50% in sales compared to last year. . In a time with so many great games out to pick from it's a smart way of generating some more potential sales.

I highly recommend giving the singleplayer campaign a try. You can play the two first chapters and if you like scifi shooters it could tip you to purchase the full game.

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Nah the show reaches out to millions of people and it showed of the Switch without geeking it to much. Because belive it or not most people dont care about the technical sides.

The Januar event will be for the our fellow geeks :)

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Sure it sucks for people living in parts of the world with crappy internet. I live in a country with great Internet infrastructure so this is not an issue at all.

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"Hey lets make an article with Most Disappointing Games of 2016 and put some of the better games of the year in the list and one really controversial one. That should generate lots of buzz and clicks on our sweet ad counters!"

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Sales are down almost 50% and still it outsells the competition. Just shows that the hatemongers online can as always stick it where the sun dont shine. That said you need to change COD.....slow down! Tho the singleplayer was great in my opinion.

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Problem is that in this comercial they are playing a game. And the Xbox One Slim is formost a gaming device. So when Microsoft is running this add it will for the less technical informed tell them that you can play games at 4K.

Even Sony did this mistake in the start with the PlayStation4 Pro. But have changed their description and commercials to the more fitting description of dynamic 4K with an * describing what it means.

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You get "angry" over a comment about a plastic box and write about growing up etc? LOL, give me a break!

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That's false advertising at it's best. How long before someone sues?

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Cant wait to see the stereotype american go apeshit when they see this.

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For some games that are optimized for the PS4Pro he is probably around the correct price range for and equivalent experience on a PC. A PS4Pro game can run at 1800p~2160p upscalled or checkerboarded at 30fps.

But the thing is a PC in that price range gives the user the option to adjust the game to suit their preferences.

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Seeing the sales numbers I call bullshit. Stores are having problems delivering enough VR headsets here in Norway as the demand is to high.

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Had it since day one and I regret NOTHING. It's hands down the most immersive gaming experience I've ever had. It's not something I use everyday but every now and then when I want to experience something different then watching a TV or a monitor.

It has it shortcomings. But the positives outweighs them by a landslide. I have many hours in VR on both the PSVR and the HTC Vive. And some of the best VR experiences I have had is on the much cheaper solution on PlayS...

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Looks nice! Mobile VR may not be as mind blowing as on a PC or the PSVR. But it's still super fun.

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Same can be said about many games. Including Battlefield1 that has it roots in the PC community.

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Yeah the disagree button is useless and only adds negativity from fanboys.

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Or even better. Play it on PC. Its not an demanding game by today's standard. But it looks just as good and even better then most games on consoles today.

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Like Mr Pachter said. Who the hell cares about UK sale numbers? They are irrelevant.

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Allot of analytics etc... Allot of talk about mobile gaming being the future and that consoles were doomed.

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