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People like options, if you ask a casual or non gamer on the street what he/she wants what do you think people would pick:

A pure more dedicated gaming console or a console that has also focus on other things then games? #18.1.1
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"I don't want six HDMI cables sticking out the back of my TV and a half dozen boxes crammed into my entertainment center."

I hope you understand that the XBO has just HDMI pass through? And that there is just 1 HDMI inn port?

You will still need all your other satellite or cable boxes etc. The XBO will not make those obsolete.

And I must say I find it strange that not more gamers have a surround receiver that they have all their... #50
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Me as a 35 year old gamer have little to no interest in Kinect as a gaming device. But for children Kinect is a fun alternative to play games.

I have seen children play with it and it's a physical experience where they jump and waves their arms and are generally having fun.

So saying the Kinect is not a gaming device is just plain wrong. It's not a gaming device for most grown people, but that don't make it a non gaming device.

As... #16
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I sure hope not, don't missunderstand me. F2P games can be great, but mostly they are fun for a little while and then you hit a paywall and you will be reminded by the game everytime you play that you will have to pay more and more and more.

Some games this model works with, but most games that are F2P are just OK. And that is sad when they could have been GREAT. #12
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Diablo 3 is a game casual players can pick up and have great fun with. The combat and monsters are fun and varied.

But for the hardcore gamers the fun starts when you start to play the other difficulties. And Diablo 3 is like all the other Diablo games about getting gear.

Even the best players wont stand a chance if they do not have the right gear.

It takes time, allot of time and dedication to be truly epic in Diablo 3.

If y... #5.1.1
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Buying the PS4 version so don't care :P #3
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I have played so many F2P games and many of them are good games. But all the time you play there is that pressure that you have to cash out to get anywhere.

It's not a comfortable feeling when playing. I like to pay 1 time and work for the rest of it in the game.

After years with F2P games there is not one I have kept playing for a long time. As I see it F2P games are ruining more games then helping. #2
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Well written! This is a part most people don't understand.

It's not a peripheral it's a part of the console. #14.1
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If PC gaming is a indication then I personally think it will explode when console gamers gets gamecapture equipment build in the console as it is in XBO and PS4.

Live streaming from PC games is HUGE as is Let's Play videos. Usually when doing this one also has the players face on screen in a little part of the screen.

As demonstrated at E3 I think it was, this is possible with the XBO. And probably with the PS4.

I perfectly understand som... #11.1.1
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It's 100$ or even lower as stores will press it down. It's pocket change for most people that are buying this at the launch window.

Here in Norway Microsoft has priced the XBO 83$ higher then the PS4.

And with these new consoles being more social with pictures of yourself on gamercards and in games. Live streaming of gameplay and yourself I bet most people are going to buy a Playstation Eye sooner then later.

And no one know's wha... #11
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The game need co-op...like yesterday. #3
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If one looks just at the gameplay elements I think TLOU has a more depth and variety then BI that is mostly a run & gun game.

Other then that I also think TLOU is a deeper and in lack of a better word a more "adult" game.

But in the end I had a great time in both of them, but I think comparing them is wrong. I would rather have compared TLOU against the new Tomb Raider game. The more "adult" theme and the variety in gameplay is closer... #13
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Not in the twisted reality that is the fanboys. In their bubble of reality it's DOOMED! #2.2
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Allot of Candy Crush Saga players in other words... #52
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You should take that advice of yours then?

Humor is nice, but that was not funny. Double Helix did not deserve that.

EDIT: And who is a "real" gamer? Some elitist child sitting in a room doing nothing more then play games? A gamer is a gamer, easy as that. #63.1.1
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I feel ashamed to call myself a gamer when I see videos like that...or reading the commenting sections around. #63
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There is nothing in that interview that indicates that the PS4 version will be superior to the XBO version.

Talk about misleading article to generate clicks. #86
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Same can be said about Steam or any other digital store for the PC. PC users mainly use Steam and have been under DRM rules for years.

I agree that it's not a good thing that we cant take out a console 20 years from now and have some nostalgia fun. #1.2.2
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You do know that a verification takes a few seconds? It's not like you had to have it connected for hours a day.

People with horrible ISP could even use their mobile phone for that verification. That said I understand it's more a hassle then something good if you live in a area with bad ISP's... #1.2
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What I find sad is that so many are not reading or understanding what the petition is about. It's not about getting back all the restrictions MS had planed.

But a middle ground for digital content. More options with you digital licenses. But as usual sites angle it and skips quoting everything for more hits.

And then you ofc have the fanboys, pathetic little people. #92
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