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#dealwithit #36
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If a game is good people will finish it. The fact is that most games are not good.

Is Bioshock:Infinite a game people will finish? I hope so because the story is great. But the old school shoot wave after wave will make many never experience the full story.

And I perfectly understand that. #9
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Always online will be devastating for Microsoft. #4
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All I want to know Mr Schafer is when you are going to stop wasting your and our time with the games you make these days and make a good old adventure game? #3
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They have in the past so I don't see why D3 wont...? #3.4
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Is this gaming news? I thought this site is called n4g? News for gamers....

This is not news, this is not close. It's just one man writing a diary. When stuff like this gets approved it just shows that people approving are not doing their "job" right.

This site is going down the drain with all the crap articles. #18
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If this is true it will have a big effect on the gaming market as we know it. One may love or hate Apple but with so many millions of Apple users and games for the iDevice's this will be huge.

It will basically make a device like the iPad a more serious gaming device. And we will probably see more advanced games for it.

For fanboys and haters this is horrible, but for people all over the world that like to play it's a win. #8
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Apple don't comment or speculate on rumors. #3
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Do the Playstation Vita cripple the Nintendo 3DS?

The way more advanced graphics in the Vita do in no way cripple the 3DS. This we all know by now.

Nintendo is all about the exclusive games. So the answer is no. #45
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Joke or not, I don't want to read articles like this on N4G! I am here for gaming news. #47
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Blasfemi! #4.1
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Aye, just look at Black Ops 2. There is almost no people playing online.

Most people buy a Wii U for the Nintendo games. #1.2
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PS3 owners has a great hack & slash game to look forward to. #12
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They got greedy that's what happened. #8
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Tech demoes are nice and all, but what counts is what developers can put in their games without making the game run at 5fps... #5
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And here we are...hehe #6.1
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As I see it the brand is just growing. Microsoft with Xbox has alienated themselves from the gamers.

While Playstation is the essence of core gamers. #9
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This is just one of many developers that has interest in hyping mobile/tablet gaming as the future of gaming because it's whats cheap to develop for now.

And with high possibilities for a high income as the development costs are so low.

Don't believe a word that is coming out of his mouth as he and other developers hyping mobile gaming is just looking out after their own interests. #42
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Gearbox Software is officially on my shit list. #16
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New story and new exciting locations...the rest is just fine as it is. #3
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