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Nah...it's doing fine. More then fine! But the PS4Pro has lost some of it's "magic" in my opinion. Not because it's a bad machine. But because developers are taking a piss at it to often. Going to be interesting to see if the same will happen to Scorpio. Most likely...

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Nothing excites me more then to see people getting triggered by fiction.

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I think I'm gonna enjoy this game.....allot.

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Going to be really exciting to see how all this turns out. Hopefully the machine delivers on what it's supposed to do. Namely deliver real 4K to games without any checkerboard or upscale tricks.

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It already looks and runs better on PC. And Sony knows they would stir up a shit storm if they did something like that. Not that I think Bungie or Activision would accept that kind of practice to be honest.

I think there is a really good reason Bungie are not allowed to talk about Destiny2 and Scorpio before E3. And that's because it will be the best console version and Microsoft wants to have that focus at E3.

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I'm well aware of BF1. The game is supposed to run at a 60 fps at all times on both the PS4 and PS4Pro. Something it is not on either consoles. DigitalFoundry reports the game is smoother and more responsive because of the extra power in the Pro. It has a 10-15fps advantage in some situations.

It's an advantage but it's hitting what both versions should run at.

So when we suddenly start talking about 30fps...

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But it's still third party games that dominate. This year has been great with so many exclusives to PlayStation. But it's not what selling month after month... It's not what the average gamer buys and plays the most. Something sales numbers clearly shows.

You are completely right that the majority wont buy Scorpio. Just as the majority wont buy PS4Pro. It's for early adopters who dont want to wait for the next generation of consoles. If it was not for the in...

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Yes the average gamer. But just as high-end PC gaming is not for the average Joe. So is not PS4Pro or Scorpio. It's for those who want the best. Be it console or PC.

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You saying I'm wrong or just salty?

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Place some juicy hardware in the dock so gaming on a TV/monitor is the same and I have no problem with it. I love that I can just take with me my Switch.

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There is zero multiplayer games on the PS4Pro that has a advantage in multiplayer. It's better graphics and more stable frame rate. It's not like on PC where it's like the wild west with some at everything from ~30 to 200 fps/Hz.

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Just as with the PS4Pro in other words.

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There is as you mention a few months where exclusives have had a strong place on the NPD in the US and in the lists in the UK. But it's third party games that dominate the sales month after month.

The costumer group that have a interest and buys a PS4Pro and/or Scorpio are if I was to guess typical early adopters and money strong consumers. Who want a better gaming experience either it be on a 1080p or 2160p TV. PC is always an alternative but is something many just don...

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The graphical/performance comparisons in the time ahead are gonna be brutal. Allot of tears will be shed...

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But this isn't PC is it?

It's quite simple really. These consoles are not like a PC where you can adjust graphical settings to hit a more responsive 60+ fps. Or buy parts and monitors for even more responsive and fast gameplay.

PC is open plattform and echo system. Consoles are not. The PS4Pro clearly shows this with zero games having significant benefits in multiplayer games. So the sooner people get out of their heads that there could be a boo...

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And here is the one reason why that will never happen. It's a multiplayer game that you will play with and against others on PS4/XBO. And it's running at 30 fps on those consoles.

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Market the hell out of Scorpio as the best play to play third party games. In other words the games that tops the software sales list month after month. The games console gamers buys and plays the most. That and keep on with their backwards compatibility program giving access to loads og great games you cant play on PlayStation.

Fill up Xbox Game Pass with so many great titles that will make newcomers as veterans occupied with new and old games for a long long time.

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As I said... the news will drop soon and now it has.

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Geoff Keighley is at the event now at Bungie. And Bungie are saying the PC version is "coming soon" to PC. Not saying that means Sept 8. More official news around this probably dropping soon.

Crossing fingers it's not a long or any delay at all. Or even better a misunderstanding.

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