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At this moment before the new consoles comes out one can get quite allot from Gamestop for a Wii U and the games for it.

I checked and if I deliver it it almost pays for the PS4.

And as I do not use it anymore as there are no game out or in the works that interest me...why not. #5.1.1
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Sorry for the bad pick of words, my English grammar is not the best and if it was not for auto correct this would be a even bigger mess then it is..hehe.

What I mean is that the avrage man out there wont bother with what has happend and when the system and games come out they will buy it as nothing happened. #15.1.1
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It is a indie game as Mojang is both developer and publisher. #19.1
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It's time to sell the Wii U. #5
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They have saved it, there will of course be butthurt people that will not buy it after all this mess. But normal people will buy it.

No doubt about it. #15
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That's a mater of taste aint it... #10.1
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"just when I thought I was out....they pull me back in!" #15
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It's called an example. An example of the "internet warriors" that scream and shout but when push comes to shove they crumble. #14.1.1
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It's called mass hysteria. And when gamers get that all hell breaks lose. And then the internet warriors join in and we have a situation like we have now.

Anyone remember all those people that was going to skip Call of Duty a while back on Steam? Launch day almost everyone was playing... #14
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Anyone remember all the people that was not going to buy Call of Duty anymore on Steam? We all know how that turned out... #7
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It's just a matter of time before most content is in one way under DRM control. As our way of life is going more and more digital.

So I think Sony has just bought themselves some time. For how long is uncertain.

It's going to be really interesting to see how Microsoft will do in regards of sales. Personally I think we have a call of wolf episode.

People will in the end just ignore all this DRM talk and buy it regardless because of the... #6.1.1
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Sony has at most bought themselves some time. #6
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With the Ocolus Rift a product like this would give you immersion you just cant get from a monitor.

Do a search on youtube and you will see. #6.1.1
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As a person that is raised not to think sex is a bad thing. I think this is great, everyone has some fantasy they have always wished for but never experienced.

Well with this one can...well kinda. And just think what it can do for people that are handicapped either mentally of physically.

This is good news. More sex and less killing :P #6
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I have watched Nintendo Direct and there is nothing there for me. If Nintendo did something like...oh I dont know...make a new IP.

I could be interested, but it's just the same over and over again. Nice for those that want that, but I like to get some new gaming experiences.

So no more Nintendo for me, and probably never again as I am getting a little to old for those type of games now.

But glad hardcore Nintendo fans get what they want a... #18.1.1
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Delivering my Wii U at Gamestop tomorrow with the few games I have bought for it. Everything is collecting dust..

It will almost pay for a PS4..I can live without Nintendo from now on. #18
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Who cares...it's not going to be like that when we the consumers gets our hands on it... #33
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Yeah, and the same have people said about pc gaming for years.

Neither consoles or pc's made for gaming is going anywhere soon. #2.1
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Then you have some reading to do. #7.1
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Wow...that was boring. #2
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