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Polygon should go * themselves. And no we do not need feminism.

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Only weak societies use sensor in 2015.

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If we can connect our tablet/phone easy to a TV or monitor and game with the same awesome graphics and use different inputs. Then I have no issue with gaming on a tablet/phone.

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Nothing new. And one of many reasons I am going back to Nvidia next time I upgrade.

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Congrats CDPROJEKTRED you have managed to bring the PC version down to the lowest common denominator

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It was crap in the start on PC. It's good now and it's reported to be inn fact great and much more fun to play the console version.

So this is on my play list next month.

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Arthur Gies should be fired so Polygon can restore their credibility.

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There is something every gamer should google and learn once and for all. Google this: Vertical slice

Remember it when E3 starts and you will be fine.

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Good for Microsoft! But I really wonder why? Why did people think it was time or a good idea to buy a XBO over a PS4 that month?

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Hm...DRM locked games that I need Steam for. Or DRM free games that I can do whatever I want with..

Hm....choices choices...

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Been playing a while now and it has some frame rate issues. In a game so beautiful and with so much details. It's kinda frustrating experiencing it in 30 and bellow. NPC's and monsters have bad animation frame rate and are really not flattering if they are a little bit away from you.

Combat is also effected by low frame rate as it feels and looks like a game struggling with pushing out enough frames fast enough.

If you have a PC that can deliver g...

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BattleAxe basically summed it up. I like to compare it with mobile phones. They all do the same thing but there are many to pick from and people pick different versions depending on design,user interface and features.

Same can be said about a console.

But the way consoles are is obsolete. Exclusive games should go away. And locked hardware configurations that are going to last for 6 years is an outdated way of doing things.

Especially today...

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Exclusivity is a thing of the past and should have the same faith as the dinosaurs.

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Omg I'm famous now!

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Looks stunning on PS4. No spoilers! Safe for work.

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Just played it and it's really beautiful on the PS4. It's detailed and sharp with so much going on.

But it has had a cost on frame rate. Character animations in the game world and in ingame movies are slow. Combat is also suffering from this as it don't look right.

Some will be bothered with it but most will most likely not.

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Goodbye social life.

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No it doesn't. It's a game mainly aimed for children and they don't need that option. And it will keep them safe from any teenagers or adults that play and use a language so often used in theses games.

And it makes it an easy choice for parents knowing their child won't have to listen to profanity.

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It's basically like this. When a developer shows something that looks stunning. Remember that the real game won't be shown for months and months later. So have that in mind when E3 kicks off next month.

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Yeah for a racing game screen tear and fps jumps is a pain. Since Project Cars have graphics options like it has on a PC.

They should add the option to lock it at 30fps. Maybe in a future patch?

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