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VR needs to be a success on consoles and mobile platforms for VR to be a success. So I really don't hope it will fail on consoles...

I got a date with The Lawnmower Man.

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Just tested it on PS4 and I had no logging problems. Must say the game looks great on console. I honestly expected a much bigger downgrade. Impressive!

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It was also shown on Apple's conference today. Running on a Mac. It looked great.

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The console should be discontinued from production. It was time to move on years ago.

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Kinda misleading commercial from Best Buy to be honest. It's gives a potential buyer the impression the game will run in 4K.

Something it of course wont.

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The bump to 60 fps and those extra effects really makes the game shine even more.

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Steam need to fine tune it a little. But I don't think Indie or short games should be excluded from the refund policy.

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"Hatred proves that shock value no longer works in gaming"

To use a bad over hyped game as an example is not ideal. I think if a studio with the competence to make a good game wanted to shock us. Then they could.

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Since the console version have proximity voice chat it's likely there will be much communication with people.

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Don't like your opinion:)

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I would love a Fallout game set someplace else. The 30/40's American setting is only interesting for so long..

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Fanboy ramblings are the best!

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I really hope it's not cross gen. PS3/X360 need to be cut out from all production when something is also being made for PS4/XBO.

It's holding the new consoles to much back. Now dedicated console gamer's know how PC gamers have felt for years and years...

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This is the start of the digital revolution! About time! Now we need tradable digital game keys. And digital sharing among friends.

Bad game developers should be afraid:)

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Oh it's coming for PS4. No doubt about that. If not then Microsoft would put much weight on it being an Xbox and Microsoft exclusive game. And they are not.

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It's more about sending a signal that political correct biased hypocritical journalists don't have a crowd to preach to.

I don't think it's a good game but I do not agree with the trash some journalists write about it. Especially Polygon and Kotaku to mention two sites.

There have been talks for years about gaming as a medium not "growing" up. Therefor it's surprisingly to see that it's actually gaming journalists that are co...

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I hope it will sell incredibly well. Not necessarily because it's a good game. But to send a signal that gaming and gamers have moved past and beyond trash articles that Polygon and Kotaku writes.

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Everyone run and deliver your PS4 for a XBO at Gamestop!!

Yeah riiiiight....

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How epic wouldn't it be if the game came under the AO rating. The face on the people in charge over at Twitch... Would be epic.

The game doesn't look any worse then most games out there.

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Been playing now since I was 8 years old. That about 29 years with gaming in my life almost every day. And as I see it we need something new. Yeah graphics are getting better and games are getting bigger and bigger.

But it's not enough. We need this new next step in gaming and technology. And from what I have tested of VR I have no doubt in my mind that VR is just that.

It's going to take a while before we get there. And before the tech get's real...

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