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Personally I think Sony will counter the Scorpio by lowering the price on PS4 and PS4Pro.

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From what I have played so far. The combined score of 98! From 79 different reviewers are spot on. The hype is justified. All the articles trying to downplay it are not.

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That's the thing about reviews folks. It's 1 persons opinion about a game. In this case the reviewer did not like the game. But 50 other reviewers (Metacritic) thinks its great with an score of 90. So you can take 1 persons opinion or 50 others. Easy eh?

If I had written this review and seen how much more "everyone else" liked it. I would just delete it. And consider doing something else.

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If Microsoft dont calm down their PR nonsense then Xbox gamers will be just as disappointed as they were with the PS4Pro in regards of native 4K.

That said Project Scorpio will probably have more games in native 4K. Or at least at higher base resolutions. But in most cases it will probably be checkerboard rendering at 1800p. The difference is not THAT big from a native 2160p and the overhead will be used to make the games look a bit better then on the PS4Pro.

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Oh God. One more of these menstruating whine articles.

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There are fanboys rambling about all kinds of nonsense online. Until there are more information then a compilation of some YouTube videos that don't even represent 1% of sold units this is just one more source trying hard to downplay what is a great launch for Nintendo.

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People are trying sooooo hard to downplay the launch of the Switch. If this was a big problem we would hear about it. There is always a percentage defect units.

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The Samsung KS7000 (8000 in USA) and the 9000. Is the best 4K HDR gaming TV you can get. They have the lowest input lag of them all.

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I've considered buying this and many other multiplayer games for my PC. But history keeps repeating itself with bad player numbers on PC versions.

The exception is various moba games.

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That's what people that have not played Breath of the Wild writes.

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So Nintendo payed 68 (and rising) reviewers? How dense are these people? It just shows again and again that user reviews on Metacritic should be removed.

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Well if the texture quality is representative of the game then the teaser got me excited...

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One of the best games made in a long long time. So yeah if you like Zelda or that type of games it's reason enough for many.

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Yeah but for a completely different price.

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Everyone should play both if they can. I'm just glad I don't have to choose between them.

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Regardless it's super awesome to have Skyrim in a portable console.

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With PlayStation just totally dominating. I feel that Microsoft need to have an incredible E3 this year. We need to see the new console. And we need to see some incredible exclusive games running on it.

If not....then nothing will change.

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Resident Evil 7 is as close as you can get to that demo. But RE7 is much more scary. Especially if you are crazy and use the PlayStation VR.

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Allot of wishful thinking around when it comes to Scorpio. It is basically a PS4Pro but a bit more powerful.

It won't be a 60 fps 4K beast as some so sadly believe.

Hopefully it will achieve native 4K more often then the PS4Pro. But in games the PS4Pro has 1800p with upscaling. Or 2160p checkerboard. The difference will be for the average consumer minimal.

But all this won't matter if Xbox don't start getting new exciting e...

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