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The funny thing is that the PS4 version looks more or less identical to the PC version. Except there is more bugs in the beta client on PC. And gues what... The cheaters are already in the PC version. Just like all the other versions on PC.

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Headlines like this makes gamers look stupid.

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Does it mater? Who cares what some people who rather sit passively and watch a an entire game can or cant do? I sure as heck don't.

If they like it then buy it.

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Disc free? Yes. Physical games? No.

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Polygon is probably one of the worst biased gaming sites around. A site everyone should ignore regardless of what they like to play their games on.

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I bought a PS4 to play new or improved games. Sony is looking forwards as the console is selling superb. Microsoft is looking backwards...

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Because discs can get scratched and has no identity like a cartridge. And loading time from a chip is faster then with a laser on a disc.

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If a game does not have a physical item from the game I do not consider it a Collectors Edition.

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I'm personally just not that interested in the exclusive games Xbox have. The only one is Quantum Break. But other then that for me the games out and coming on PS4 is more interesting.

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Beta is open for everyone now on PS4.

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I'm getting them all. Because I can...

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i think this is on if the most underrated games on PS4. When I started playing it I had zero expectations for it because of bad comments from gamers and reviews going from bad to good.

But the game is beautiful and it reminded me of older platform games. It was hard but enjoyable to master. Not a game I would recommend for the youngest players maybe as it can be hard. But for me it was a challenging game I enjoyed from the start to the end.

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It's a good controller. But it has room for improvements. That's why I hope Sony will do like Microsoft and release a "pro" controller for those of us that plays allot.

Microsoft is giving it's users a option. I would like that for my PS4 also.

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I'm getting both so I win! Who else are winners?

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That's just dumb. Should be no reason why Steam users cant pre-load.

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If Microsoft and Xbox cant catch up this holiday with what is supposed to be Xbox best lineup in the history of Xbox. That's Phil Spencer's words. Not mine.

If it cant this holiday then it most likely never will. And even tho some of the games looks good I cant see them being enough to sell remotely close enough.

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Cant joke with religious people or fanboys. Guess your right..gotta keep my job.

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No, it's hilarious.

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What's the thing religious people and Xbox fanboys have in common?
They both pray to a fantasy kingdom in the clouds.
Tsk tsk tsk...

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