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A Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam Machine and you have all the entertainment you need. #10
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I do not think it will ruin PC gaming. Especially since it's still a PC one are playing on.

It will open up the world of PC gaming to a allot more people. Personally I would buy a new cabinet and move my hardware over to a living-room friendly cabinet and play games with Steam OS and their new controller where I could.

And a mouse & keyboard on games I would prefer that.

I use my PC only for gaming. I have other devices to comment a... #5
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It means more options, and in the end better looking games. #4
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I have always seen the iPad as a portable gaming device. And now with iOS7 it opens up for support of game controllers.

I know Logitech and others are soon to announce their controllers but I think Apple should make a official controller for their iOS7+ devices.

I would also like if Apple updated the AppleTV so that mirroring from the iPad would be native or @1080p. And that they would fix the latency issues.

That would make the iPad a more... #4
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I see logic is not...logical for some. #16.1
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Exclusive missions etc is not something I even consider when picking what version to buy. If it is not in the game for everyone I automatically ignore it. When it comes to what console I am going to buy it for there are several things I need to establish.

First I will get both systems and see what system I like the most. Everything from the OS to what controller I think I would prefer using most of my gaming time with.

When that is established I will see the... #16
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I know that...

Could be placed there to give us a hint of what is to come tho. #4.1.1
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Coincident that Crash Bandicoot it up in the corner....hm...... #4
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Well I could just write "people to use more money and time on games then the average gamer".

But for most people that are interested in games and read sites like this they are more then aware that the gamers and the industry have categories for different type of gamers.

Casuals,core and hardcore.

I see what you did there tho :P #2.3.1
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Sure that's true. Could be I am in contact with to many hardcore gamers, as all of them are on a PC with a dedicated setup with quality monitor(s) and a keyboard and mouse up for long gaming sessions.

No one I know that are PC gamers have it hooked up in the living room. And will throw the controller in the back of my head with the first chance they can. #2.2.1
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PC gaming is sitting in front of a nice monitor with a keyboard and a mouse.

So no... #2
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In the long run no. PC games are much cheaper, so in the long run it would be cheaper to buy a high end Steam Machine.

Cheaper games and superior game performance. #1.1.2
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And yet it's censored in Europe... #2
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One cant compare them, it's like comparing Solitaire to Minesweeper. #7
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Imo the Steam controller is the future for controllers. #6.1
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Sounds nice, but did you get some hands on with the XBO controller? If so what do you think about that compared to the PS4 controller?

And if you tested it, how was the rumble in the triggers?

Thx :) #1.1
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I just loved the demo. Cant wait to get the game. #12
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Oh I don't know about that. Many people have gaming as a hobby and would like the graphics that a traditional PC have.

But they think the entire PC gaming platform is a little intimidating. And I perfectly understand that, gaming on a PC is different as you have so many more factors you are in control of.

So what if there came a PC built around the idea of a console? A nice little box that you can put in your living room and that have a interface you woul... #28.2.1
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I was commenting with hardware in mind as the article is about concerns that the PS4 will be outdated sooner then later. #28.1.1
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Steam Machines are going to roll over the XBO and PS4 faster then you can spell psychophysicotherapeutics. #28
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