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It makes me glad to see fellow gamers acknowledge this game for what it could be. And that the block buster AAA games gets in the shadow from a 4 man made game is just so incredible good!

No words can describe it really. Indie games will save gaming in the end. Who wants to play the same clones over and over again... #12
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Playing Assasin's Creed 4, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Killzone, Knack, Need for Speed: Rivals and Lego Marvel Heroes in HD is the only reason I needed to buy a PS4.

Playing in sub HD on PS3 is compared to the PS4 a visual nightmare in comparison. #39
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Played it on PC and it was a great experience. I would definitive buy it again on the PS4. And this time instead of just racing trough the game I would collect and find everything in the game for that shiny platinum. #20
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Yeah I don't see who will buy this. Console gamers will buy a PS4/XBO and PC gamers will keep worshiping their rigs. #8
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I know what powers a true next-gen game. It's called the Playstation 4 :D #9
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Of course the PC version will look better, but no one cares. #13
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At first I was overwhelmed by all the stuff on the screen. Now after a few days I know where everything is...and it is just a voice command away if you so wish. #4
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Getting the PS4XBO! #9
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-- Reported by the community --
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Flaimbaite headline, no one has lost anything. It's coming soon. #30
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Exactly! And that is why it's so nice to have Skype integrated as a part of the OS. #1.1.3
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People that hack games like this should get their game banned. And their XBL,PSN or Steam account banned.

Start doing that and the losers will stop. #5
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Sure it will, along with the Xbox One, iPad Air and the Nintendo 2DS. #10
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0.2% before millions have gotten their consoles... How will that percentage be in a few days? #32
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LOL at the butthurt fanboys. #64
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I want that OS and Kinect on a PS4. That would be PERFECT! #13
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News like this makes me happy. :) #9
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Yeah but I seam to recall a article saying that there would be a slight input delay if you did.

But I am of course going to try :) #19.1.1
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I am buying a XBO for the exclusives and the multimedia functions. And a PS4 for the exclusives and probably better multiplatform performance. #19
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Hahaha! This made me laugh hard and loud :)

And there is nothing sick with this. It's wonderful! So many wonderfull fantasies can be experienced.

The people calling this sick are probably the same people that have no problem with all the violence in games. And that go mental when seeing some skin on tv.

Hippokrates! #16
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