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Nintendo is basically the modern dinosaur. It's a miracle it's not extincted like the rest.

But it's time to start evolving or end up like the rest of the dinosaurs.

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I remember when people went crazy when they had to download Steam to play Half-Life 2.

That worked out fine. So will this. People just need to calm the F down and let Steam fine adjust everything. It's going to be a bumpy ride for a while.

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I was thinking about going 100% with the achievements. But seeing that so many of them are for multiplayer I kinda lost my motivation... :(

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When I have played both of them I can answer that. But to be honest I hope something out of the blue comes along surprising everyone and becomes an instant GOTY winner.

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Yes I am an informed gamer. I know that the PS4 is much more popular and is selling millions and millions more consoles then the XBO.

And I like to think that much of those sales are because costumers are informed costumers.

The PS4 is more powerful and have games with better graphics. It has overall more games and a more variety in type of games. Indie developers are embracing the PS4 much more then the XBO that is still under criticism for it's restrict...

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As an informed gamer. I would pick the PS4.

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"Star Wars: Battlefront Won't "Feel Like or Play Like" Battlefield, Producer Says"

"DICE dev says Star Wars Battlefront trailer is 'how it looks right now' on PS4"

Wont show gameplay to gamers....but takes pre-orders right now. Suuuuure :)

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Not everyone want to play on a PC. And with so many sold XBO/PS4 machines there is a big costumer group Blizzard can tap into.

Just as Diablo 3 was changed and designed for console. So would World of Warcraft have to be.

I have been watching The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 today and it works flawless. Yeah it has less abilities but that is the trend in MMO games now and for the better I think.

An more action oriented version of World of Warcr...

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World of Warcraft Console Edition.

Thanks, that will be all.

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Jaw dropping visuals is always nice. But I guess I'm not the only one who wish for some jaw dropping gameplay?

Something that just blows your mind a little? Been a while now since we got something like that.

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Experienced gamers can smell bullshit like the trailer for Battlefront miles away.

But so many are now thinking it will look just like the trailer and are pre-ordering. And that's just sad.

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MS updated the description after complaints.

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That's false advertising. The game will not run at 1080p or even close to 60 fps on the Xbox One.

If the visuals will be the same is also up to debate...

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I don't hate it. But I do think it's bullshit they don't show us some actual gameplay. The trailer was nice but it's not showing anything to build any hype for the game.

If the game is so good looking as some people say that have played it. Then why don't show it?

And show it running on a PS4 at 1080p 60fps with 40 people as they boost about?

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Some game developers should quit their jobs and go in to politics. Because it seams they can sell anything to a big group of people with lies.

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No I don't think so. But then again if there is an option in the game to adjust the difficultly I put it higher then normal.

So if you think AAA games are to easy. Crank it up a little?

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Just buy it on Steam for nothing. Looks better then ever...

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I have a party every time I read that inbreeds like these kids get's caught. Jail,big fines and years and years of restrictions on electronically devices and Internet access is music to my ears.

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If you have a relative small TV then it's not that big of a difference. But if you have what is the norm today. A 50-55" TV. Then it's quite noticeable actually.

And the bigger you go the more you see the differences. I have a 65" TV and games running at 900p is not as sharp and crisp as a native 1080p picture.

Doesn't mean you wont have a great time with the game. But the visuals you get from the PS4 is better.

Even bet...

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That's just pathetic. And it again proves that Nintendo should get out of the home console business. They should focus on 3DS and get their Nintendo IP's out on as many platforms as possible.

Nintendo is all about Nintendo games. The fanboys that bow to a lump of plastic should have no say in this.

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