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I think allot of elite PC fanboys are butthurt by the PS4Pro. Here you have a console that will make 4K mainstream at a speed the PC community can just dream of.

Sure it's mostly upscaled to 4K with the ocasional native 4K games like The Last of Us. But it's a technic that is getting close to the native image without a big power consumption and quality loss. And is one of the reasons industry leading DigitalFoundry is really impressed with what they saw after 3h of ...

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I've actually been considering this since I also have a nice gaming PC. But so far I cant find any 4K gaming monitors that has HDR? I'm reading a little that its coming and soon.

But so far it's litt news and info around this... and that takes me to something I've been wondering for a while. I have the GTX1080 and I recall it saying it supports HDR. But are games supporting HDR on PC as of now?

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And here are 6 reasons to buy an PlayStation4 Pro instead of a Xbox One S.

1: Play games in 4K. Either native or upscaled using checkerboard rendering with little quality loss.
2: Old games can look and play better. Even if you dont have a 4K TV.
3: PlayStation is the only console with VR. PSVR will get a boost in performance and visual fidelity on PS4Pro.
4: Remote play in 1080p and with streaming at 60 fps in 1080p to YouTube and 4K screenshots....

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I have a 1080p TV and I will get a PS4Pro for the boost in several games. But also because I want a 4K TV and the PS4Pro is most defiantly make me buy one sooner then planed.

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I dont think it will matter. Nintendo will most likely if the rumors are true be very different from what Sony and Microsoft are delivering and focusing on.

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Gaming and Paradise Hotell are starting to have allot in common. Where is all this anger coming from..?

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Horrible comparison pictures.

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Yeah you have to go up in size to get the most out of a 4K TV. But I'd recon if you sit close as some do with their console setups that you could go with a smaler size?

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Just as games like Battlefield 1 running on a GTX1080 dont drastically change gameplay or at all compared to the PS4 version. It's visual more pleasing on PC tho. As will PS4Pro games be compared to PS4 and XBO.

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Dont delude yourself people. As we now slowly move to 4K we will continue to see developers prioritize graphics over framerate just as we have all these years on both the PS5 and the Scorpio.

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Play games in 4K or at better performance and graphics in 1080p at the same price as the launch price of a PS4. Where do I place my order?!

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I'm all for ending console generations. It's time for the consoles to step up to the plate and join normal hardware iteration anno 2016 and beyond.

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All Sony has to do is show games looking and performing better and people will buy it.

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Problem with VR on PC is the price and the incredible lack of games. My Vive is right beside me and it's collecting dust. Not because I dont like VR but because the games out are crap.

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As long as it has software that is exciting I think it will sell itself. I bought a Vive and I love it but considering selling it because the software out is trash.

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What sir? I cant have this car cheaper? But it came out years ago.... What sir? I cant buy this house cheaper? It's an old house!. What sir? Oh kids are gonna love adulthood.

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Yes of course. I'm thinking more about the money and performance aspects.

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As an Vive owner I think it's highly unlikely Scorpio and it's VR solution will be compatible with all the games for the Rift. If that will be the case then were talking a really expensive console. So expensive that the smarter alternative for many would to just buy a PC.

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Am I the only one getting allot of unsesure browser warnings on articles on N4G lately? This one included.

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I'm sorry. I will do better from now on :D

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