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Yeah that could be nX. But for me that will most likely be the result. Today I've been testing some VR games on my iPhone with a VR casing (not Google cardboard but a real casing).

And tho the graphics are not that great. The immersion is 100% more powerful then any game I have ever played.

And I've played allot over the last decades :)

I'm so excited and I cant wait for everyone to get to try VR!!

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Yeah it's impossible to convey how incredible VR is without trying it. I'm not irritated with the people clicking disagree. But excited for them when they try it for themselves :)

Next year is going to be an incredible year and start for the future of gaming and entertainment.

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Been excited for this for a while. But after testing various VR devices and games. I cant help but thing how cool it would be in VR.

Gaming on a flat screen wont do it much longer once the rift and psvr is out.

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How EA is doing things and their ugly DLC practice is one thing. But Star Wars Battlefront is just awesome and something every Star Wars fan should try.

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Just a matter of time before developers skip making some games to PC.

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If you live in the US and like the features it has besides gaming. And if the exclusives is what you want to play.

Then go for it!

But if you don't live in the US. And the exclusives alone are not enough. Then the PS4 is better in all ways with more games. And a bigger variety of games. Most games looks better and it's overall the most popular next-gen console on the planet at the time.

Witch means developers will focus on the PS4. So...

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Only a noob would think otherwise. And history proves it. The PS2,Xbox,X360 and PS3 all peaked years after launch with graphics not possible in the first years.

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Don't waste your time clicking and reading that.

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Those minimum hardware recommendations.....

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It's going to sell like crazy. Beta was a blast, picking it up tomorrow.

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Lower resolution and more unstable frame rate on XBO. As normal then.

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If your blind as a bat or play on a tiny TV sitting and squinting at what's going on. Then no.

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I hate click bait reviews like this.

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I just hope Microsoft payed them enough so they can manage until it releases on PC and PS4. It had to be a significant amount of money for them to pick the system with the lowest install base of them all.

And to release in the same window as Fallout 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is just insane...

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I like Michael Pachter. He is a cool guy to listen to. But he has mostly been wrong when it comes to games and console hardware sales predictions. (to my knowledge).

So I just cant take his predictions serious anymore.

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I just hope the world wakes up and shifts gear to full out war against the Daesh.

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If so it's corrupted is men for years already...

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For most a wireless controller i more then enough. Even with limited batteries and a slight delay.

For hardcore/professional gamers a wired controller is preferred. But it's always nice with options ofc.

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Digital Foundry is know for their knowledge and own special made software to capture and analyze information. This site I've never heard of before...that don't mean they are not trustworthy.

But Digital Foundry is at least just that.

And when I read their article about Black Ops 3's performance where they don't even mention the XBO version that is running at a lower resolution with a unfortunate picture clarity and with more fps issues.

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I bought it yesterday and tho it was done so for primarily watching movies/series. I was surprised how good the games looked. And how the remote actually worked fine with most of the games. As I see it has a great potential as a micro console.

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