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Here’s what you can get your hands on come 3rd November:

The Walking Dead Season 2 (PS4)
Magicka 2 (PS4)
Dragon Fin Soup (PS4, PS Vita, PS3)
Mass Effect 2 (PS3)
Beyond Good and Evil (PS3)
inviZimals (PS Vita) #56
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8.6 million physical DLC. #9
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After trying and seeing VR games there is almost no turning back to watching a flat screen.

So I hope a VR version comes. #2
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That game would be a perfect launch title when PSVR comes out. And they can hold it back as long as they need to do so.

Why would rather play that game in VR then to sit and watch a flat screen. #8
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"Halo is the "Star Wars of video games"

No...just no. Stop it...please. #50
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Yeah I have a decent PC. But I don't play as much on it anymore. More of a "work" browser usage then gaming atm. Got to do with placement atc.

I really enjoyed when I had my PC in the livingroom. But I had to move it because of some reasons. #5.3.1
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Hehe, yeah I'm the insecure one. The irony! :D #5.2.1
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The last one was great!

To bad it's a long wait before it comes to PS4. But then again Fallout 4 is just around the corner. Same with StarWars: Battlefront and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

And that's just three games...

So I'm guessing we will be ok for a while. Regardless of what you like.

With Sony pushing soon over 30 million PS4 out to costumers my guess is that they will want to publish it on PS4 as soon as it... #5
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Yeah..but in the case of Detroit where it was all running with the game engine I'm fine with it. Cgi trailers however I don't like. #11
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I'm expecting to see an even bigger surge in PS4 sales to be honest. The momentum is so strong with soon to be 30 million consoles out there. With PSVR soon here and with so many exciting games out and on it's way.

It makes XBO looks really reserved and clingy to the old time and ways. #11
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29.3 million PS4 consoles sold! #30
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I bought a PS4 and XBO to play new games. Or old gems remastered for new hardware. I think it's something a little group is loud about wanting. And something incredible few actually will be using in the time they have a XBO.

So I don't see that fuzz about it. I'm waiting for new games and PlayStation VR. Got no time to play old games. #31
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People are going to freak out when they try this. Hopefully I will get my hands on and try PSVR next week :) #4
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Yeah but it could be that they are saving the really big things for The PlayStation Experience in December..

Guess we will find out :) #5.1.1
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I wonder if they will announce or release a game tomorrow that will take some thunder away from Halo 5? #5
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Hololens is not coming to Xbox. It's a new platform running with hardware on the device. #6.2.1
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Will giving me Formula One car make me a professional driver? #8
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It's not a product for casuals. #5.7
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Halo 5 is just one of many great big games out and coming this year. #1.2
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It could be that many have waited for Halo 5 and will buy a XBO. But it could also be that many have waited for a price cut on the PS4 and will pick that up.

Both have a handful great exclusive games now and I don't think Halo 5 alone will be the deciding factor for what system will sell the most trough the holidays.

It's going it be interesting to see how what NPD reports for the coming months. Tho they only report US sales. #8
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