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I'm glad! Because tho I love my HTC Vive there is way to few games. Most of it are tech demos and frankly allot of bad games.

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If killing has a place in gaming so does sex.

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Not even close. COD was the most sold game in 2015.

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"The Scorpio and Neo are a betrayal of trust"

Only a moron or a child would think something like that. Grow up.

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PSVR and mobile VR will pave the way for VR.

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The message around the Move controls are so mixed. Some say they are bad and not precise enough. Others say it's really good and that the complaints are wrong.

Guess we find out in October.

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And it may snow on Christmas.

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The more popular a brand becomes the more hate it will get. We all know that regardless of the hate the new COD will sell like crazy.

So let's just ignore these haters. They bring nothing to the table.

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It's a game for boys. Let the boys have their little boys club alone.

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Feminine much? Oh no my hair..

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God I'm tired of these blogs... And frankly getting tired of N4G since they have people approving all this crap.

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A moron wrote this article. The nausea is not because of performance but game design. It's a combination of light and moving using the controller thus giving the user the locomotive effect.

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So much bullshit.

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People are saying the Batman VR experience was awesome. Same with Resident Evil 7.

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Ah F off. It's a game and it's should be fun and not boring as your job.

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I thought racists were to mentally challenged to play games.

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Nonsense. WD2 looks what WD1 should have been. A nice looking sandbox game. Signed old guy.

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I got depressed watching. Personally I'm super excited for E3 and I watch it each year hour after hour and have a great time.

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The older I get the more I like shorter games. I don't got time or the will to play games that lasts what feels forever.

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