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The only ones making assumptions like this are fanboys.

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If you work for a living testing and reviewing games and hardware. And dont know why you should buy an Xbox One X then most likely this line of work isn't for you.

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Yeah it's depressing. Thankfully Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy Online are big and healthy.

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Why would anyone be worried about that? Regardless of plattform..?

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My opinion is it's maybe the best in the series. Need to sink many more hours into it before I can really claim that for myself.

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I got more games then time to play I'm good.

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I dont need full fledged 4K in all titles. I've learned that from playing many great games on my PS4Pro. But still. I get to take even better advantage of my 4K HDR when playing this and several other games on the X.

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One more great X version.

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On more game that will look stunning on my 4K HDR TV.

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Adding the X to my PS4Pro I can say it's not missing anything....for me. I have many exclusive games on the X that now look better then ever before. Some look just as if not better then most 2017 games. And all of them performing much better then my PS4Pro when it comes to taking advantage of my 4K HDR TV.

And today I played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. A Xbox360 game that renders at a full 4K on the X. Backwards compatibility...who would have thought it would be so ...

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I’m gonna buy this used. Play the campaign and sell it again.

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Just in time before EA consumes the souls of every employee.

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Sure I was. I even was a beta tester for the first Kinect.

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Got mine last night and I’m extremely impressed. No wonder reviews and sales predictions are so good.

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From the moment you start unpacking the X you know this is something different then the Pro. The presentation from unpacking to doing the initial installment is leaps beyond what PlayStation delivers.

Build quality is just the same where the PS4 and Pro plastic feels cheap and makes noise as the plastic gets pressure on it. The X build quality is on a next level. And where my Pro fans spin up on demanding games the X is silent.

More 4K games or closer to...

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Most modern PC’s can’t even rund this old game at 4K 60fps.

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Nahhh... if Microsoft added a better CPU in the X. Developers would have the extra resources to add 60 fps mode in several games. That said! Many games are designed for 30 fps to the core. And just bumping the FPS won’t work as it will mess up the entire game.

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Xbox don’t have to “win”.

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One more game I will play on X instead of the Pro.

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