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LOL! Failure? It has made 14.000.000 dollar in 3 days.

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One more PS4Pro patch that don't do much. I wish developers would do more for some of the games alleready out. But as it seams most games that will take the most benefits of the extra power will be new games.

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I don't know what is to complain about really. It looks much better on my PS4Pro in 4K mode then on any other console.

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I'm connected more or less all the time. And if the service is down I got something called a life besides playing games.

So I got no problem with how Ubisoft is doing things.

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They way they boost about their network it's just a matter of time before the DDoS attacks will begin.

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Its not even remotely close in my opinion.

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You will be getting the kindergarten experience then. RE7 is pure horror in VR.

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Just as it didn't matter with the WiiU?

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Would be nice to play it in 4K and HDR. But after playing it in VR I just can't play it any other way. So much more scary it will most likely make me piss my pants.

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It's hilarious reading the comments on the AppStore. People and by that I can only assume is mostly kids by the way they write. Wants it to be free. Just shows how spoiled some people are.

And what's even worse is adults doing the same. Grown people complaining about using pocket change to pay for something others have used hundreds if not thousands of man hours to make.

Probably the same type of people who hate to pay for a game but uses idiotic...

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That's where your wrong. There was before. Just as today you had to have the disc in the machine.

We could trade PC games at stores and buy used ones.

Won't be many years before physical console games will cost more then digital versions. And thus starting the same prosses that happened on PC.

If everything goes as it should physical games will be a minority on consoles as on PC in less then 6-10 years.

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Most grossing US console game in the US for 2016. Most sold game on PSN in November and in the UK. Not to shabby for a game down almost 50% in sales and that is one of the most downvoted on YouTube.

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It's happening sooner then later. The PC has proven years ago that digital is doable and the future of distribution.

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LOL at the haters. I knew this would happen. Just shows these people are irrelevant to the series and this hobby.

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It's a good mobile game and the asking price is pocket change. The complainers has to be kids or even worse adults with zero economical sense.

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But but...most downvoted trailer on YouTube!!? This just shows that developers either it's for games or any other media and devices need to take what the online community says with a big pinch of salt.

Imagine where Xbox One could have been today if they made it as planed with more focus on digital games and shared libraries instead of listening to what guarantied is the minority of complainers.

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If Steam and basically every game and system on PC manages to not charge its users. Then so to should Microsoft and Sony.

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Nothing wrong with the price.

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Let's hope Ubisoft does a better job with the Pro patch on The Division then on Assassins Creed...

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Once the honeymoon period of getting a new device is over you will start to long after smoother and better looking games fast. Even old games on PC can in most cases look better then new games on consoles.

I love my PS4Pro and the exclusives on the system. But if I did not supplement my gaming hobby with a PC that I have connected to a TV and a monitor for both desktop and couch gaming I would degrade my hobby by so much.

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