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Should one of the most important features in a online multiplayer game be excluded? Well...if your a complete moron or Nintendo. Yeah..? #5
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It's time for PC gaming to get a push like this. I like it. #16
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I would yes. #7
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I hope he is wrong. I have tested it and even if it was an early version of the Rift. I was engaged in a game like I have never been before.

It's something I have been wanting since I as a kid watched The Lawnmower Man. #13
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What I like and have always liked with Microsoft and their Xbox division is that they listen to their costumers and they let's everyone know that they do. #3
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10 of 20 was hot. #5
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"What Could Save Nintendo's E3?"

Well they could start with showing up? #19
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Been a few years since I had a disc reader in my computer...And if I would have one it certainly wouldn't be a DVD reader..?! #5
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Take away Halo and Forza and the XBO is pointless to own when the alternative is an PS4. #19
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If you have a brain you don't need to read this article. #35
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The United States Of America. The birthplace of double standards. No wonder big parts of the world looks at the US wondering what in the world is going on there. And this is a perfect example of why we need more gaming streaming services as Americans is starting to censor more and more. #7
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The Order|1886 already did that on the PS4. But if they can raise that bar even higher I will be impressed. #29
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The art style is wonderfull. But other then that it's lacking much in terms of modern good graphics. Being locked at 30fps being one of them.. #17
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"I did not have the patience or skills to master this game. So it's a bad game and you should not buy it"

Yeah right... #17
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Of course it looks great on XBO. It's just that it will look sharper on PS4 that makes people make articles like this to make them feel better about owning an XBO over a PS4.

It is without a doubt frustrating having the console that always is drawing the shortest straw. #7
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The Order|1886 sold 560.000 copies the first week according to Vgchartz.com

Not bad for a game with so varied reviews. #4.3.1
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I play allot on PC as on consoles. So I have played allot of different type of games over the years. Many questionable if they actually are a game at all.

Games like Dear Esther where you just walk trough a landscape as the narrator talks is one of my best gaming experiences and one that my mind 3 years later still thinks back with fascination on.

And that's just it. Games is so much. It can be whatever the creators want's it to be. And that's wha... #4
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Why don't you just make the transition over to a PC instead of hoping for new consoles with more power?

It's super easy and you can get the type of gaming experience you want. Either it's a livingroom console PC or a big tower by a desk. It's up to you how you want it to be..that's what's makes PC gaming so wonderful :) #30.1
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One game can sell a system. But it's a special kind of costumer who does something like that. Not at all representing the majority costumer base. #15
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I'm glad I have managed to hold out on buying it for PS4. It's going to look so much better on PC. Well that's if you have the hardware for it.

But just getting it running at 60 fps will be a game changer in a big open world game like this. And it's going to be interesting to see how the movie editor is on the PC version. #11
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