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Everyone run and deliver your PS4 for a XBO at Gamestop!!

Yeah riiiiight.... #23
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How epic wouldn't it be if the game came under the AO rating. The face on the people in charge over at Twitch... Would be epic.

The game doesn't look any worse then most games out there. #6
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Been playing now since I was 8 years old. That about 29 years with gaming in my life almost every day. And as I see it we need something new. Yeah graphics are getting better and games are getting bigger and bigger.

But it's not enough. We need this new next step in gaming and technology. And from what I have tested of VR I have no doubt in my mind that VR is just that.

It's going to take a while before we get there. And before the tech get's real... #9
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I hardly doubt it will be Playstation only. Will most likely be compatible with PC also. #4
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Regardelss of what readers here thing about mobile gaming. The fact is that mobile gaming is great. And it's about to in terms of revenue go past consoles games. #23
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I see... Thanks for the reply :) #3.2.1
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I have never understood why so many like these steelbook's? #3
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Hope a wireless USB dongle comes soon. I like to use the XBO controller on my PC. But using a cable is irritating... #19
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It's been on life support for ages now. Just let it die with some dignity. #4
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Personally I am really looking forward to it. I like these type of games. But I do not think a QTE based game will be the next breakout hit for Playstation.

It would be cool if it was. But I doubt it. #14
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The articles tries to inform the reader that the developers behind Hatred are d**s.

But after reading the article the one I felt were a d**k is the person writing the article... #6
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It seams my worst drop in some areas is 10fps. So from 55 to 45. But mostly it's bouncing around 53-60fps.

But I have not tested it in a big town yet. It could be it will be to much there.

Using a AMD7970 btw.. #8.1.1
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Bumping the texture up makes the game even more stunning. And strangely enough it don't eat up much fps to do so.. #8
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The game is beautiful on all systems. But in motion at 60fps it's something truly awesome to behold. The forest with all it's details comes to life and everything just looks as real as an fantasy would could. #4
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There are two platforms that will make VR take off and become a mainstream phenomena.

And that is consoles and mobile/tablets. When these platforms start the VR PR machinery and when the hardware and software is out. It's these platforms that will decide if VR has a viable future this time around.

PC will be on the forefront on pushing the technology and the experience further and further. But it's as with most gaming related material not the platfor... #5
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It's awesome. But the price point for a decent 4K gaming setup is just not worth it. My opinion anyways. #8
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The day that kind of GPU power is something everyone can afford. Is most likely long after I am dead and buried. #5
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The XBO and PS4 had a bunch of great games from the start. The people that complain are people that also have a PC.

For reasons unknown they thought there would be a bunch of exclusive games so they would get some "value" out of their purchase.

If you were mainly a console gamer the launch was great and the selection now is really really good.

Signed by a PC and console gamer. #25
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The game is coming exclusive to XBO holiday 2015. But once the holiday is over it's just a mater of time before it probably first comes relative fast for Windows.

And it will probably go some months up to a half a year and it's out on PS4. #28
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X360 backward compatibility would be a game changer. And the option to not only stream XBO games to Windows 10. But also the other way would be really cool.

These two things would put some serious heat on the competition. #4
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