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Sony have a promoting deal with Bungie. That's why they probably are not giving out information about the Xbox One X. It's the same with Far Cry 5...

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Never cared for the way both Sony and Microsoft have thrown money at developers for timed exclusivity. So that's something that I just ignore and have and wont be a deciding factor. With Destiny 2 I will double dip. Going to get the PC version and the Xbox One X version if Bungie supports it. If not then I will get the PS4Pro version.

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When a analysts starts calling a big company and its representative for lairs is when some silent alarms should start ringing.

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I know what I want and need perfectly myself thank you very much.

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Mouse and keyboard support would mean I could eventually move completely away from PC as a gaming plattform.

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The "problem" is that to many are fatigued by these fast scifi online competitive games. They launched it at a really bad time that's all.... If it came out 2-3 years ago the story would most likely be completely different.

140 people in the world is playing it right now on the the biggest pc gaming platform...that says it all.

Make the game F2P and hope to earn some on micro transactions from the hardcore fans is the only option now it seam...

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Tried with controller and the aim assist was really little. You have to be an extremely bad PC gamer if you are getting owned by a opponent using a controller. So much that I would be embarrassed to say so.

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As I see it if you mostly play the most popular AAA games then the X is a PC alternative for those who want to stick with consoles.

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The new Xbox One X will most likely be the home of many console gamers who dont "have to stick with what they got". If PC is off the table then having the X and a Pro will be an awesome combo. Add the Switch and your all sett with portable gaming and Nintendo exclusives. Pro for some of the industry best exclusives. And the X for what is all sett to have the best looking multiplatform games and with a set of features you cant get anywhere else.

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The PS4Pro version is 2160p checkerboard. So most likely native 4K and maybe with some better textures. It will be locked at 30 no 60 fps.

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It's the worst thing about PSVR. So I really hope they come with something better. For many PSVR will be their first real VR experience. And it's such a shame the Movie controllers will be how they interact in VR as the alternatives are so incredible much better.

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Tested it in 4K HDR with more or less solid 60 fps today. It's just mind blowing pretty and fun.

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As I write. TODAY it's just an OLD way of forcing you to buy a brand.

It's a old outdated practice that has no place in 2017 with gamers playing on a wide range of devices. FANBOYS will defend it to buy and boost about their investment. And if you think the only thing good about consoles are the exclusive games you are as delusional as these fanboys.

Because come on. It's basic math, look at sold number of consoles and sold number of exclusiv...

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Today it's just an old way of forcing you to buy a brand. Fanboys will defend it. Normal consumers will dislike it for what it is.

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I wouldn't be surprised if COD will again be the most selling game of this year.

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Hardly. It's to amazing and there is nothing quite like it.

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If it's gameplay from the X then why is there keyboard prompts on the screen while playing?

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Yeah I can see why Sony dont want to allot cross play if PlayStation users have to make a Xbox Live account. But then again...who dont have a PC with Windows today? Everyone who does already have an Xbox Live account as it's the same account as your Windows license is registered to.

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Said no 4K HDR TV owner....

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Word of mouth and seeing the differences in RL and online will be the strongest argument going forward for gamers to decide if the X is for them or not I belive. Fanboys have already decides as they are circle jerking to brand names. But for genuine gamers this is what I think will be the key going forward for Xbox. Not advertising flashing numbers to a big part of the gaming community that have no idea what a teraflop or GPU means.

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