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As long as you need a fast Internet connection it's not going to be a "killer app" for a long long time. #13
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I buy games like Call of Duty and Battlefield for both the SP and MP. If the SP was removed I would most likely skip buying some of them. For me MP is a bonus that I play a little and then move on to other games. #38
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I don't agree at all that this is the best looking game on PS4 to date. And that it sets the bar.

That's just a silly thing to say about a game that is not that good to look at most of the time. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture has it's moment where it looks absolutely fantastic. It's moments where the light hits the trees and surroundings.

Or as this picture that sets the mood.
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Most developers need consoles to get the money used to develop it back and go in plus. Kickstarter could be a option maybe? #25
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Bad framerate. Bad anti aliasing. Bad textures. It feels like you are walking in a swamp with beer glasses.

The story was exciting up to the end where it just failed. #4
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If you want to play those games then you buy the consoles. But if you care so much about resolution and framerate. Then you are betting on a dead horse.

Buy or build a PC. Either as a desktop or console experience. That's the beauty of PC. It can be what you need and want. #11.1.1
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These consoles are already outdated. Buy a PC if you care about games running at "high" resolution with high frame rate. #11
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Vote for Grow Home people! #47
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That's funny coming from him. Xbox is horrible when it comes to diversity.

It's a reason it's called the bro shooter console. And their lineup this year shows exactly why... #6
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We need less focus on multiplayer in games. #7
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That is as always the smartest thing to do. #4.1.1
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I have the model over with a 100Hz panel. It's not bad for gaming in Game mode. But it has it's faults because of some image processing you cant turn off.

As long as that panel is 60Hz it should be fine. #23
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It's easy for veteran gamer's who have been gaming for ages to sort out the newcomers. They have absolutely no clue on how good they got it.

It's to short.It's to expensive. It's to hard. Not good enough graphics. It got some bugs. And so on and on.

Spoiled little **** heads :) #18
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I want photo mode in all games! I love it. And if you don't like it then just ignore it and move on.... #10
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I would like Motorstorm on a PS4. #74
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Scorpions are protein candy :) #4.1.1
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I cant wait to build a sick car and ride around exploring the dead land for whatever it hides.

Whatever is out there....it will be mine! *laughs like a hyena* #4
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Yeah I think it will to. We have seen it with several games this generation that the PS4 is outselling both XBO and PC.

I think it was Ubisoft that came out with some numbers regarding that.

I haven't played a Metal Gear game since they came out on the first Playstation. I think it's time to try a Metal Gear game again... :P #26.2.1
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I loved the gameplay and the design in Destiny. What drove me away was the story or the lack of a story... The horrible loot table that was just random crap.

And the idiotic light leveling system.

Now when that is addressed and more. I might just trade my old Destiny game in at Gamestop for a new all included in September. Probably cheaper to do it that way then buy all the expansions?

Either way...I like what I am seeing and reading. Destin... #12
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I have a PS4 but I have no problem waiting for a version that will look and play incredible much better.

That's the great thing about being a multiplatform gamer. One can chose to play whatever one wants. #31.2.1
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