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A child can do it. And I did. As a adult it's so easy I could talk my grandmother trough it. As a child it was like playing with Duplo.

You basically have to ba a little dense to find it hard as an adult to build a PC today.

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I like reason nr 6 : People are idiots.

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I built my first PC all alone when I was 10 years old. That was many years ago. Today it's even easier.

You have to be pretty simple minded to think building a PC today is "Way to hard".

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Water is still wet.

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People don't get the hype or have interest in Pokemon Go and need to express it. Why? Because they feel left out. This is psychology 101.

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Best article I have read here on a long time. Thumbs up N4G!

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Inspired by one of the best games made in a long time. Sounds good :)

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This is clearly a biased writer and it's showing in this badly written article. To sum it up. Everything he writes is nonsense.

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Hopefully the next iteration of the consoles will also be X86 based and will be backwards compatible on a whole other leven then today. Microsoft is going all inn with backwards compatibility and doing allot of work to get it up and running for many games. And allot of that reason is because the XBO is the underdog and with less new games.

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Yes. Anything else?

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It will be a bargain for PS4 owners. Not only is it a great game but it will most likely include all the DLC that has been released so far.

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No. Why? Because the Scorpio is still not coming for a good while. And it will be priced much higher and wont be an option for many.

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Dont think I would bother with it even if it went F2P to be honest.

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It's nice with backwards compatibility. But to be honest I focus on new games to play rather then replay old games.

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I'm glad! Because tho I love my HTC Vive there is way to few games. Most of it are tech demos and frankly allot of bad games.

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If killing has a place in gaming so does sex.

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Not even close. COD was the most sold game in 2015.

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"The Scorpio and Neo are a betrayal of trust"

Only a moron or a child would think something like that. Grow up.

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