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Yes hard facts. Its even more sold then Horizon Zero Dawn managed in a week.

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I cant even use my phone to access this site anymore as I'm just redirected to a completely different page wanting me to buy stuff.....!

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It don’t matter if it’s 64 or 71. If it was a bad game it would be scored considerably lower. It’s however scored as it is becaus of several factors.

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Nonsense. The game is scored at 71 on Metacritic and lot's of people are playing. It's not a bad game. It's just not for everyone. Just as many popular games this gen are also.

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How dare you have fun!!!!

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Overwatch is not a XBO console exclusive so it dont count in the tiny minds of fanboys.

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It's got nothing to do with that. But with how the game reacts when bombarded with packages. It's something every developer try to get ahead of with beta and stress tests. But in 9 of 10 times unforeseen situations happen in the software that can only happen when the game is released to the masses.

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Yeah. Either people suffer from some sort of selective memory loss or this is their first online only game launch experience ...

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That was a dumb list... This would be mine.

1: Full backwards compatibility
2: Dolby Atmos for receivers and software for headphones
3: Cross play with all plattforms
4: HDMI 2.2 with Free-Sync v.2 / VRR
5: Game Pass service
6: 4K 30fps and higher standard
7: PSN name change!!

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You cant take user scores on Metacritic serious.

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This is normal for online only games. In the first days and even weeks they will have to fine tune everything. Stress tests can only prepare you so much...

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It’s never the same. It’s not Ai driven pirates. Something different happens all the time. My first encounter at launch was when I ran on the beach with a chest. Suddenly a pirat stood in front of me. I dropped the chest and draw my gun. We just stood looking at each other a few seconds. Both started waving and we had an accord. We both lived to tell the tale...

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Here's hoping it dont run at sub 20fps on consoles like Just Cause 3 did...

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Just activate your free month with Game Pass and you can try it for a month. Works on both PC and Xbox.

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Some more hardware so the games look better on 4K TV's would be nice.

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Seams many here have not read the article or understood its meaning. It's about revenues. How much a game earns be it Sony or Microsoft. Service based games today is generating millions via microtransactions,DLC and expansions. People play these games for months and years.

While PlayStation have several exclusives each year. It could be that one service based console exclusive could generate more money over a long period of time then several of PlayStation's singlep...

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Another 4K game for 4K console gamers on the X :)

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I'd say for any gamer that tendinitis is the worst thing that can happen. There will always be good and bad games. But non of that matters if your hands,wrist,arm,elbow or shoulder burns in intense pain after just minutes of playing.

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