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Click bait article. The game has a score of 80 on Metacritc based on 41 reviewers.

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Xbox One more excuse....

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Red Dead Redemption maybe. But the rest I dont think so.

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Never was announced for PC?

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AMD is doing some exciting stuff with their Ryzen CPU. And Vega is looking to become a damn nice GPU. Going to be interesting to see how the hardware architecture in Scorpio will be and how much will make it's way into it.

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I dont experience any input lag on my Samsung KS7005 while gaming in 4K HDR. But then again I'm not a professional twitch based gamer so I dont need it. But it would be sweet to have a G-sync monitor... But soon new TV's will come with HDMI 2.1 that will have variable refresh rate for reducing or elimination of input lag, stutter and frame tearing. Good to see TV's becoming better and better for gaming.

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You mean "Will games sales crash continue in 2017".

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Delusional rambling is what I call this. I can get that some fanboys could cook up something like this but reading your short bio and the fact that you write on/for this site should indicate that you can gather information like most.

But I'm gonna humor you a little. First thing first. Saying the XBOS is around a half a system upgrade compared to PS4Pro being a full upgrade compared to the PS4 is a perfect showing of your lack of insight to these machines.

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After playing Life is Strange it's clear they need to evolve or die.

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Nothing wrong with being gay in real life. So why would it be a problem in a game?

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As an PS4 and PC gamer it's a no brainer. Getting the Switch as it will have some exclusive games and features you can only find on that system. Most of the big exclusives on Xbox are also on PC now so no need to get a Xbox anymore. For me that is.

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If it is it's a smart move. I'm already sold on buying one but getting Beyond Good and Evil 2 one year before it comes to other plattforms would be one more reason to buy it for me. And most likely for many others.

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All the consoles have great exclusive games and features. You or anyone else dont have to defend wanting to have access to that. But I havet to say that I used to downplay what graphics and performance does to a game just like you do and so many others when I was more or less a PlayStation4 only guy.

Then I was so lucky to actually win a GTX1080 for my over 4 year old PC. And everything changed....I also upgraded my PS4 to the PS4Pro and got a 4K TV that I connected both my...

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Thats got to be some of the dumbest load of horse poop I've read so far in 2017 :)

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Yes! I have it on PC and it's great! The content is slowly growing and I think it's absolutely worth it.

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I think Outlast did that when it came out in 2013. The demo of Outlast 2 builds further on this helpless terror that also is in Resident Evil 7. I'm so excited to play these games....probably gonna piss myself playing RE7 with the PSVR.

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The few I find interesting is also coming to PC.

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Slim to none 2017 will be the year of Xbox. 2018 however could be the start of a somewhat comeback for Xbox if Scorpio and it's game lineup impresses. But my guess is that they dont stand a chance as PlayStation4 already has such a significant lead. And most likely PlayStation4 and the Pro will see a price drop in 2017 putting Scorpio even more in the shade.

Time will tell, but I honestly dont think Xbox has even a slight chance to even catch up with PlayStation in term...

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The change to first person mode makes it so much more scary. Played all of the good Resident Evil games and RE7 is a welcomed change.

Played it in native 4K on my PC and it's just incredible stunning and creepy. But it's the VR mode that is just horrifying scary.

I won't be playing this on my PC even if it looks better. Why would I when I can be inside the horror instead of watching it on a screen?

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If that are the most disappointing games of 2016 then we dont have much to complain about.

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