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It is?

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Yeah I respect him because he says it as it is. And by doing so he admits he is at fault. Not something you see often from people in executive positions.

And let's not turn this in to some fanboy masturbation contest. Let's be adult about it shall we?

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Same as with PS4Pro and/or medium/high-end gaming PC's. It's for people who know's what they want.

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And this is why I think Phil Spencer is such a great guy. He dont like exclusive content locked to a plattform of the highest bidder (who does besides fanboys?) but can at the same time admit he did the exact same thing before and even to some degree today. And that it's a necessary evil in the industry. But one that he and Xbox try to have as little to do with as possible.

I can respect that. But in the end I think he and Xbox will have to start doing the same as the c...

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And the cancer has spread to the gamers themselves. Now buying so much that it's a business model they wont remove.

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I'd say anyone that makes a LIST about members is kinda I on the list also now? :D

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I love gaming. It’s my go to hobby. Loved the beta but I can’t buy a game like this with good continence.

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I expect to find hidden Easter eggs pointing to the supreme commander of the Americas. President Douche (in Lucifer tv-series accent). That would be hysterical. I can see the aftermath of it already...glorious.

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I thought what I've played in the beta was fun. Just pure fun!

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Idiots. There are games exclusive to Origin,Battlenet, Epic Launcher and even Steam.

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All nazis must die. Even the virtual ones.

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Game is ordered as I think it looks hot as hell. But Ubisoft can forget getting more money on crap like that from me. The problem is that they earn so much on doing it that they and others just continue to add it to their games....

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I've played The Witcher 3 at more or less max in 4K on PC. So I know how good that game looks. But as far as open world games goes I dont think it has nothing on Horizon Zero Dawn. It's in a league of it's own.

But yeah it's just that. An opinion.

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Well I’ve yet to play a game on my PC that looks as good as the two latest Uncharted games. Or Horizon Zero Dawn. And I got a GTX1080 powered PC...

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Not compared what a PC can do. But damn it’s impressive what CD PROJEKT RED have pulled off. Hopefully they will address the areas with some fps issues.

I just watched the video on a 4K TV and it looked stunning! Going to be interesting to see how the Xbox One X version will be.

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How can you say it's clearly in that image. My face is almost up in the screen looking for differences and besides some slights color difference there is nothing.

But if you look at the images Digital Foundry have you can clearly see there is a difference. But not on your image or the others on this article.

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Almost impossible to see any difference on the captures this site has done. If you go to Digital Foundry's early look then you can clearly see the differences. Hopefully Digital Foundry will upload a 4K video showcasing it soon.

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The lineup for 2017 has been great on Xbox. Exclusives however...not at all.

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Said the kid before he checked out it's a professional analyst who did the calculations on various data available at hand.

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Opinions are great.

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