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Hopefully it will be native 4K 60 fps and with some higher texture assets on the Scorpio. Either way it will be the best looking console version. If they dont mess it up...

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There is no such thing as a "true gamer".

It's like saying that someone who loves music but don't have a high-end sound system and X records dont like music.

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That's true.

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I'm a PlayStation fan. Got them all from the first to the newest model. But you Playstation fanboys here at N4G are so pathetic it's not even funny anymore.

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Car still sounds like a power tool and not a xxx horse powered monster car...

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Agree with everything you write.

The main focus if you will. With Scorpio is to give that bump in resolution and hopefully hit native 4K in most titles. If not that then at least a higher base resolution for checkerboard rendering then the PS4Pro can do. Allot of games on the Pro is upscalled from ~1400p and we see a big improvement when the base resolution is higher like 1800p. Or 2160p checkerboard that Horizon is.

What I'm really excited to see is ...

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Digital Foundry has made it pretty clear Scorpio is a exciting pice of hardware. One that is more about numbers as it's architecture and engineering solutions are so unique it's never been done before.

It has the potential to do what Microsoft brags about. Deliver true 4K gaming. Some people can try to downplay it as much as they want.

But nothing will change the fact that if developers want to all games can look and/or run better on Scorpio then ...

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Pointless tech demo that in practice eats so much fps even high-end GPU owners just turn it off.

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All I got from that tweet was salt. Lots and lots of salt.

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It's fanboys. Sadly there are many of them here at N4G.

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The only ones who don't want that are fanboys. It's in everyone's best interest that there is competition and rivalry.

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Then I recommend you write it in your diary and not in the commenting section of an article you clearly have no interest in.

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Well I have a PS4Pro and a 4K HDR TV. And since I bought it I have played some of the most beautiful console games I have ever seen. It just destroys the Xbox One and original PlayStation 4.

Sure it would be better if the games was either at native 2160p or at at least 1800p upscaled. But games like Horizon that is 2160p checkerboard shows that the technic works and that it can make games look incredible. I have not played any game that looks so good on my 4K TV. Ever!. And...

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Going to be so interesting to see articles like this when Scorpio is out.....but the same people going in to read how their console will handle a game has suddenly no interest in performance once Scorpio is in the equation.

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Yeah I think so to.

We have Xbox One #XBO, Xbox One S #XBOS and finally full circle with Xbox One X #XBOX

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LOL, I read Digital Foundry regular. You cant name 10 AAA games running at native 4K. So just keep on rowing.

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This article is pointless as hardware and graphics suddenly dont matter. And all people play are PlayStation exclusives. Oh and everyone suddenly owns a good gaming PC.

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It will be just as on WiiU. But I think we can expect more Indie support this time.

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Name 10 AAA games that run in native 4K on PS4Pro then. And if you don't know what AAA stands for don't bother answering.

I got a PS4Pro so I'm really interested to see a reply...

EDIT: and at 60 fps?! Lol, this I really can't wait to get a reply on!

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