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The "F2P" formula is working...milking dumb gamers for their hard earned money. #6
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"Wii U Surge Due to Disappointment Over PS4 and Xbox One?"

LoL, what planet are you living on? #22
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Why should the XBO be the leading console? It's a weaker console with a unclear message to costumers.

Every multiplatform game is looking and performing slightly worse then the PS4. And there is so far not a system seller game on it. #2
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Try to convince die hard XBO fans.... #2.4
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It's like taking a trip to the optician and getting some new much needed glasses. Sharper details and better colors. #36
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6 months in a row as nr1 selling console in the US. I bet there are some big heads over at Sony HQ that are smiling from ear to ear.

That said. It's so deserved. Sony has done right by us gamers since E3 2013 and gamers around the world show their thanks by buying the best and most powerful gaming console to this day.

Thanks Sony! And a big high five to all your gamers out there! #13
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It has done for the last decade or so. Why some developers at Naughty Dog did not know is just mind blowing. What have these people done the last decade?

As for gamer's who claim 30fps is better and it has a more "movie" feel to it. You need to wake the heck up and smell the roses.

It's 2014 and not the 1920's when the frame rate standard was made for movies. #12
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It will be at the expense of some visual effects that the PS4 will have the resources to show. #4.2
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Skyrim is on my most wanted list of remastered atm. #11
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I can feel your butthurt all the way to may doorstep. Trembling like a frightened child. #10.1
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Probably because it's one of the best games ever made? #6.4
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True...I just expected most people that was really interested to test the Alpha version that was out a while ago. #10.1.1
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So much hype for a few days game time. And where everything will most likely wiped at the end. And everyone have to start at the beginning again... #10
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Time to move along...it's 2014 not the 1920's when that frame rate(26-30) was a standard. #1.4.2
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There is only a small % of the PC gaming community that can run a demanding game at maximum at 1080p or higher.

More PC gamer's should look at Steam's hardware survey's. It's sad reading....most people have nothing near what is considered a decent gaming PC.

So knowing this I can't help but laugh a little at the developer not wanting to "dumb down for a lesser platform". #39
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60fps will be the big game changer here. As you say it was a peak PS3 game. But the textures get's a boost also and will help.

But it's the jump from 30 to 60fps that will make it even more alive and stunning.

Personally I cant wait to give it a go again. #4.1
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It would be crazy to not consider a PS4/XBO version. The Elite: Dangerous developer David Braben said those exact words not long ago regarding their game.

If the game is a success you can bet it's coming to a PS4/XBO not long after. #27
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You do know that as a article writer and with a comment like that you just stand even more out as a butthurt Skyrim fanboy that got a MMORPG instead of a RPG? #4.1.1
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That's strange...I have a few friends that activly play ESO and they are enjoying the hell out of it. They just got new content to explore also.....

I have tested it on PC and I found it to be a nice MMORPG. Sure it had some bugs and it need's some polishing. Everything as expected in other words. A MMORPG is never finished and ESO as it was when I tested it was just fine.

I am waiting for the PS4 version and I hope it has gotten enough love from the... #3
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As long as we have people that prefer the Xbox label or are payed by Microsoft we will have articles like this.

It's a good thing PS4 gamers don't have to use their energy on this as they will have the best experience on their system.

As a PC gamer I find the discussion ridicules and it makes Microsoft stand out as a bunch of clowns. And the people defending every word and articles like this as a bunch of morons. #39
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