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Most defiantly they can. Nothing is set in stone. Personally I would need Xbox to get a more wide range of exclusive games to get me really excited.

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This is one of the reasons I dislike playing on PC. Physical games are more or less worthless as everything is DRM locked to either Steam,Uplay or Origin to mention a few. Good thing there is many other benefits to PC gaming.

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Aye that's a good point. But we are still talking about a pricey GPU needed to achieve what they claim the machine will do. And dont get me wrong. If they managed to achieve 6 TFLOPS and at an affordable price nothing would be better.

But I dont think it will happen.

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The backpedaling when Scorpio comes and it wont deliver native 4K is going to be of epic proportions. Because I see it slim to none that Scorpio will actually ship with 6 TFLOPS matching $400-450 GPU's like the Nvidia GTX1070.

Keywords for Scorpio is going to be dynamic resolution and supersampling. And clever magic done with upscaling like in the PS4Pro.

Everything from now and to the release of the Scorpio is word play and PR mombojombo.

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The sad part is that this time he is spot on. Except that they are on all plattforms. But my experience is that PC has some of the worst of the bunch by a far margin.

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It works for PC with an infinite amount of hardware configurations so this would be no problem for developers.

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Both Sony and Microsoft should embrace the hardware iteration model that the mobile and tablet industry uses. But not as often...a new one each 2-3 year would be ideal.

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The funny thing is that people actually belive this could be a possibility.

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It's effecting the entire dynamic range so it's kinda a big deal. It's changing how games look and in a positive way.

It's not for no reason HDR is being considered the breakthrough in picture quality over the jump to 4K.

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It's strange seeing PC for a change be late to the dance when it comes to HDR. I know my gtx1080 has support for HDR but there are no monitors sold with HDR or any games taking advantage of it yet. I know some titles are getting support but that's about it.

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You can clearly see what the HDR is doing. But you wont get nowhere close to how it's in in real life on a TV. But it's an acceptable way and the only way of showing it as of now.

It's just important to explain that this is not nearly what you will get but an way of showing SDR users what HDR is.

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The NX will sell to those who want to play Nintendo games. That's all and it's why I'm getting a NX. I dont consider these two consoles as rivaling products at all. It like putting an really nice sexy car up against a formula 1 car.

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Whats up with all the hate articles for the PS4Pro?

Noe amount of articles on why you should buy the XBOS wont help. Why? Because the XBOS or the XBO for that matter cant deliver anything the Pro can.

Namely 4K gaming, better and more stable games in a locked 1080p resolution. And better virtual reality experiences.

When it comes to playing games the XBO or the XBOS cant deliver any of this at all. If you are ok with playing upcoming...

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Consoles will become like the hardware iterations of the mobile and tablet industry.

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I'm in the closed alpha on PC and it looks incredible. And the performance is butter smooth in 60 fps or higher if you have the hardware for it. I cant speak for the PS4 version but as far as the PC version goes it looks incredible.

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There is nothing bad about it at all. Well that's if your not buying overpriced UHD Blu-ray movies that is........or being stuck with a XBO or PS4 while others play some of the same games but better...

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Nahhh, I'm getting a Pro and maybe a Scorpio in a year++ if Microsoft gets some exclusives that interest me. If not I got a Win10 gaming PC.

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The game looks outdated and probably plays like one. I wont be surprised if this game ends up being a long wait for nothing.

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And so it begins...

EDIT: But then again this could just be a random PR person answering to things he/she does not know anything about.

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It has residents and they look evil as hell. So it's definitely a Resident Evil game :D

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