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No and it's a shame Steam have not done a better job with this.

Steam Machines could be going head to head with PS4 and XBO if they did things better. Like having a OS that don't boot up in a Linux desktop mode. Having 3-4 hardware configurations that would make the user know he/she would get X level of performance in games.

The price is also a issue. It's just to high to compete with the console prices.

I think Steam have let a b... #6
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I don't think so. Not for full blown games anyways. For mini games and more casual gaming experiences it could be fun. But it's to limited to the space you play in. It's not like VR where you are transported to an virtual space and not confined to reality as with AR. #6
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Mobile and tablet gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. There is a huge demand for games and Nintendo will without a doubt come with some great games for tablet/mobile.

What some gamers need to get trough their heads. Is that these games are not necessarily aimed for them. It's OK that there are platforms and games out there aimed for a different audience without the core gamer freaking out like Carlton in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. #5
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No! #12
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Lol...sales numbers told a different story. #35
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It looks really good. I hope it will be a success. Both the PS4 and XBO need some good exclusive games. #3
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If the person in the store had any moral compass he/she would inform the costumer that this is a high value version of the console. #15
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To sum it up. If you have a PC there is not that many games on PS4.
If you only got a PS4 you have a bunch of games to play. #10
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Yeah it's going to be games designed for mobile/tablet gaming. Not ports of existing games.

And that's a good thing.

Hoping for a 2D platform game and a Mario Kart type of game would be cool.

EDIT: But then again. Square Enix have ported some of their JRPG games over til phones/tablets. So seeing games like Zelda ported over could happen..

EDIT2: I know Square Enix isn't Nintendo. It was an example. And how do yo... #4.1.1
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And finally Nintendo games on mobile and tablets! #4
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I have played many horror games since Resident Evil. But nothing have scared me as much as P.T.

Just the tough about playing the full version makes me jumpy. #10
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If SteamOS was a pure console OS and did not boot up to a Linux desktop. And if there was 1-4 hardware profiles for all Steam Machines.

Then I think PS4 and XBO could have a hard time ahead. But this is not the case and therefor I don't think it will pose any threat at all against the consoles.

It seams Valve have really dropped the ball on this one... #13
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This is what happens when you do everything right from the start. #30
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From the article "The game looks better, but the requirements are insane."

I'll keep playing on my cheap PS4 thank you very much. #4
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It's scary to know that there are so many crazy people around the world with power. #4
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I hope we will get a surprise at E3 that the game is coming to Win10. One more reason to deliver the XBO to Gamestop. #11
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I want a PS4 remaster of Skyrim and Elder Scrolls 6. Never cared for the Fallout games. #23
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Glad I secured a CE for the PS4 #22
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I agree. But I think neither XBO or PS4 have had any great exclusives so far. Just OK games. Nothing more.

And certainly not any system sellers.

But still I think the PS4 has the upper hand when it comes to games. More Indie games and most multiplatform games looks better on the PS4. #9.1
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There is a new battle on the horizon however. The great VR battle.

But even there Sony with Playstation 4 seams to have good odds. #8
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