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You can say the world is round and these people will dismiss it.

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There is no thing as smooth 30 fps frame rate. Stable no no.

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That's allot of paying beta testers.

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I highly enjoyed the beta and can see this becoming a franchise for Ubisoft. Going to be interesting to see where they take the game in the time ahead.

But for now I'm just to excited to get started on the game in about a month. Cya on the streets agents!

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Problem is that so many are buying so much in the form of microtransactions,DLC and season passes that it's now a multi billion dollar industry.

Developers are selling so much of it and so many are buying it that there is no turning now. I at least don't belive that.

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It's great that you are optimistic. But microtransactions,DLC and season passes is a multi billion dollar industry. It's not going to change.

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Your to late. Were all to late to slow down or stop this. That's just a fact we all have to accept .
You always have a choice to not buy a season pass or DLC. But you will be missing out.

That's just how it is. And no articles or comments will change this. Not now when most costumers have embraced DLC and season passes for about a decade.

We should all just move on. Support good games and good DLC and season passes. And give the thumbs down to...

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I think we just need to get over with it already. There are way to many...and by that I mean waaaay to many people that buy season passes and DLC.

There is nothing that is going to turn this trend and no amount of articles like this is going to change it. There are just to many that have supported this way for year and years.

I am going to buy the season pass for The Division as I just loved the beta. So I want it all. And this bonus that all season pass owne...

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Personally I think they are talking a bunch of nonsense. I belive PSVR will smash Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this year. I don't think VR on PC will be able to compete in numbers before 2-3 years.

Time will tell....I'm getting VR for both PS4 and PC. Just need to sell my kidney.

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Anything in VR and I'm happy.

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I just hope they have fixed the fps issues it had in early access. It was horrible.

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Non of those reason.

There is only one thing that is important. Am I having fun?

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"Is Tom Clancy’s The Division Worth Your Money?"

That's a big yes!

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It should be a launch title on the new console.

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You are confusing developers that go for console parity with the XBO miraculous getting better hardware.

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I could add several more to that list.

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The graphics are just awesome on PC.

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I'm using an AMD 7970 with an i5-3570-K @3,40GHz and 8Gb RAM. Running at High setting at 50~60 fps.

Not bad for a PC older then curet next-gen consoles... ;)

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Yeah there was. But it looks great on PS4. And amazing on PC.

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Been testing it on both PS4 and PC. And it's great on both. But the sharpness and boost in colors and framerate on PC is really making The Division shine that much brighter.

And there is inputlag on the PS4 version that is non existing on PC.

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