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The 5 people who use 3D when watching movies with a Playstation is super excited about now. #40
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I agree with Phil Spencer.

But as long as we have ignorant uninformed gamers out there it will always be necessary to inform and discuss. #7
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If Bungie had ignored the overhead on the PS4 it would be hell for them. So ofc the PS4 version will look better. #2.1
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"Are Gamers on Steam Different Than Those On Console"

Yes, they are digital hoarders. #11
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If this game or any remake is a "cash grab" then I'm Albus Dumbledore! #25
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It's not like he is making stuff up. All the crazy crap is stuff MS have done and are doing.

People in denial of that must have their heads pretty far up Xbox's rear end. #1.24
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One just cant take Microsoft serious anymore. Lies upon lies. More u-turns then a car film. And every game will look and perform better on a PS4.

It's Game Over for Microsoft. They have years of making up to do. #15
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VR is the future and I am happy to being able to experience it. I recon it will be the start of the golden age of gaming and VR experiences.

We as gamers and tech fans are in for a extremely exciting time ahead. #2
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Give me Zelda and a Metroid game that don't look like they are made for children and I will buy a Wii U. #6
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Yes it is. But at the same time it's not that black and white.

Let's take myself as an example. I love the XBO, I think it's a much better experience with it's OS and how everything is made. The controller I also prefer over the PS4 controller.

The PS4 I think is typical Sony with it's boring and stale OS. The controller is good but not as good as the one for XBO.

So my preference would say that I would go for a XBO. Well... #12.1
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The XBO is a sleek console. But from zero to must have? That I don't agree on at all.

It still is missing a killer exclusive game. It still has way less F2P games. It has way less Indie games. And the overall feedback from developers is that they are making games for PC and PS4.

And when every multiplat game will look and run better on a PS4. It's hard to take a article like this serious.

That said. The XBO is as mentioned in the star... #10
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One thing is to see sharper pictures. But nothing is more a eye catcher then to see it all move around in 60 fps. #6
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PC is a nice platform for more enthusiast gamers. Personally I prefer the more laidback experience I get with a console.

And ofc...Destiny and a bunch of other games I like run at about 0 fps on PC. So it's a easy pick for me.

But options are always nice to have! #16
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These "kids" are probably to busy at home with their wife then these basement dwelling virgins... lol #41.1
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I'm a PC gamer and I dislike the PC "hardcore master race" so much it makes me sick.

A bunch of self proclaimed morons the bunch of them. #42
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I find the game more about progressing me as a player and my skills. Rather then progressing new abilities. You get new skills etc..it's not that. But I feel this game is pushing me as a player to progress...and I like that.

If you and your friend reached The Devil's Lair you should know what I mean. #5.2
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Most fun I have had in a FPS in a long long time. #3
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The "F2P" formula is working...milking dumb gamers for their hard earned money. #6
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"Wii U Surge Due to Disappointment Over PS4 and Xbox One?"

LoL, what planet are you living on? #22
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Why should the XBO be the leading console? It's a weaker console with a unclear message to costumers.

Every multiplatform game is looking and performing slightly worse then the PS4. And there is so far not a system seller game on it. #2
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