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Judging by the people that have tried it. I'd say greatness is here in a few months.

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E-"sport" E-"sport" E-"sport" E-"sport" and a bunch of horrible micro transactions.

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Agree. But this is how it's been for years and years. Would think gamers would remember how it is and not get burned again and again...

Some never learn it seams.

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What is next? VR is!

Crossing finger this is a VR game announcement. Could be as it's the day before the Taipei Game Show where there will be a big event for the PSVR.

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A bunch of 1010101010101010101 that has no value and can be taken away from you with a click of a button.

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It's been stated again and again from the developers that their data says many are buying and playing COD mainly for the campaign.

Personally I buy the COD games for the campaign and the multiplayer is a bonus I use 10-30h on before I get bored and quit.

I would never buy a COD game that just has multiplayer.

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And about 1000000 times better then the mess that is on the XBO.

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It's an RPG shooter. Not to be mistaken with a traditional shooter where a headshoot is normally a insta kill.

In The Division with it's RPG elements. Your level and stats mater. The level and quality of your weapon and gear. And the level of the enemy.

Hence why some enemies require more damage to take down then others.

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The more I see of PC footage either video or photos. The more I like what I'm seeing.

Crossing fingers it's actually a fun game to play.

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Yeah people need to learn that most of what is shown on events like E3. Are vertical slices.

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"And tell me what is the point of viewing a platformer in a 3D headset"


" it won't replace televisions any time in the forseeable future."

I'll hunt you down in the future and make you eat your shoes.

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"VR isn't equivalent to a resolution bump"

But it's an equivalent example of how people dismiss and doom something that at the time when it came. Either had no first hand experience with. And/or doomed it because it was out of their price range at the time.

"Many people can't use it and it's not really useful to most third person games. Particularly platformers"

Many own a PC that can run games. But many PC...

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Let's not?

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People are "afraid" of change. And VR is a huge change in how we play games.

I remember when we went from floppy disks to CD-rom. People did not see the need and doomed it. Same with soundcards. They were expensive and people again doomed it.

1080p? Who needs that. To expensive. Doomed...

The transition from just using a keyboard in FPS games to keyboard and mouse. People did not like it. And doomed it.

And the rest...

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Without a doubt.

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"console gamers just bring their emotions and opinions can't handle the facts."

That can be said about PC gamers also ;)

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What a weak weakness.

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As a PC gamer I have absolutely zero problem with this.

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Just as tablets are just used for fitness and mobile gaming? I think you are on deep water here...

And joeorc is spot on with his comment about VR uses. And Apple will undoubted be a contributor to a wast use of VR applications.

And just to be clear. I'm not saying that VR from Apple will be best. I'm just saying what history shows. That when they come with their own VR. Is when it becomes a mass market product.

And that regardless of...

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And why is that?

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