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There is no doubt in my mind that many are doing this. It's generating insane amount of traffic and add revenue spike.

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"meh...couldnt give less of a seals tit about VR. when its half price or even less, then it gets my attention."

So it's about price then? Not the tech? Something I can understand as it's quite some money to take a chance on something new. But why not just write that instead?

"I think this looks cool but the price need to go down before I can commit"

I'm not saying this to you but so many are acting all ha...

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Nothing sends out a more negative signal for a game then shit like this. I recommend everyone to read/watch some reviews before buying Mafia 3.

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Feeling the need to justify your investment much?

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Agree. There are basically two groups I consider reliable when it comes to the technical side of things. And that's DigitalFoundry and Tested. And both are giving the thumbs up but with a warning about the tracking that should get improved. But at the same time as they mention it's not fair to compare it to the high-end motion controls the high-end PC competition have.

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This video sums it all up..

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Whoever decided it would be a good solution need some serious spanking.

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Said the man with a profile picture of his mother.

EDIT: Ahh, he changed it. I wont mess with MR.T.

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TV,TV,TV,Sports,TV,Sports,TV.. ..and now 4K UHD Discs with the Xbox One Slim.

While on PlayStation it's Games, Games, Virtual Reality, Games, Virtual Reality....and now with graphical and performance improvements that is already above the competition with the PlayStation4 Pro.

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Not this year. Picking up the PSVR and PS4Pro so even if I wanted I couldn't justify that amount of money so fast and with Christmas just around the corner. But next year as soon as it's released I will be picking it up. Breath of the Wild alone will sell me that console regardless of what the heck the console is gonna be like... :)

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That's about 2h 20min longer then 98% of the games/experiences for my Vive.

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"Project Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: Microsoft comes out swinging"

Microsoft swings nothing but words. The PS4Pro will be in consumers hands in just a little over a month.

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I stopped reading here "Honestly, it feels to me like the PS4 and the Xbox One are capable of such great things but have very little to show for it in the way of games…and it sucks!".

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It's a steal for the average consumer. But at the same time you gotta wonder if the average consumer buy's 4K TV and 4K Blu-ray movies that costs as much as they do. For enthusiasts the 4K Blu-ray capabilities in the XBOS is from what I have read not recommended. The gama is all wrong and it's missing sound codecs that enthusiasts most likely would want.

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Yeah and they spread out the article on several pages so they can generate more revenue from the ads. Adblock that crap or even better dont bother reading.

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"Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for October 2016 any good?"

Well that depends on what type of games you like doesn't it?

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That remains to be seen. But if the PSVR cant then it's only mobile left that can. If not then it's game over for VR and AR will try to achieve mass market appeal. Something AR will try regardless of how VR will end up.

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I have a HTC Vive and if that is "winning" then it's just sad. It's incredible cumbersome to use and I often just dont bother. I'm hoping the ease of use and the games are better on PSVR.

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God of War has grown up. Which is fitting as most of us that has been with the series also have.

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Read the headline. Saw the source. Laughed and moved on.

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