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Ordered both games. And will play Zelda first. That way if there are any issues with Horizon it will hopefully be patched by the time I'm done with Zelda :)

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Nintendo said the same when they launched the 3DS when Gameboy was their main handheld.

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Nonsense! If you think this generation has boring games. You either need to start looking at other games then the typical AAA game. And realize that you dont have the same interest in games as before. Try something new. Take a a break or move on.

Because one thing is for sure. This console generation is far from boring.

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Seeing how many good exclusive games is coming for PlayStation I dont think they have anything to worry about at all. When it comes to Switch I dont consider it more of a threat then the WiiU. Against Vita however it's a much better alternative and is a threat.

Scorpio is not coming out before the end of the year so for 2017 it's no threat. And I doubt it will be in 2018 and the time ahead. Especially if Sony lowers the price on PS4,PS4Pro and Microsoft continue to ...

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Seeing 1080p TV are more or less gone from stores (except small cheap ones) it won't take that long before 4K TV is something most people have.

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I dont get why sexualization in games has to be justified when it dont need in the same way in other media. At least not anymore. Guess it just shows that games as an media still has allot of growing up to do.

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I think the PS4 and PS4Pro will get a price drop when Scorpio launches. PS4 down to $199 and PS4Pro to $249~$299. And with some nice game bundled in the launch window for the Scorpio.

With Scorpio being what Phil Spencer himself has said. A premium device. And one that will cost more. I think this is what PlayStation will do to counter the launch.

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The only problem with this is jealousy and white knights pushing their opinion on others. That said I'll watch a beautiful woman play over a man any day. I'm a man. It's in my DNA.

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Nah... I think that for those with a 4K TV the jump from XBO to Scorpio will be great. Even if it dont hit native 4K with all games. Games on the PS4Pro that use dynamic resolution and/or upscale from 1400~1800p looks great on a 4K TV. Add HDR to the mix and you got a really substantial jump from the base XBO/PS4.

Perfect in this time where more and more over the coming years will change their 1080p TV's for one with 4K and HDR.

It's an exciting ...

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No that will be the only type of games that will be just for the upcoming Scorpio.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has a 1080p version on PS4. haven't tried it so have no idea how it looks...

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Seeing DigitalFoundry reporting that Microsoft is encouraging developers to use the same techniques to achieve higher or 4K resolution and performance as on PlayStation 4 Pro. That every game must also work on the old model.

I can't see why we should consider Scorpio to be more of a next-gen console then the PlayStation 4 Pro?

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I played it on PS4Pro and thought it was amazing. Tried it on my PC and was blown away...damn! Exceptional nice looking game! But if you really want the hairs on your back to stand up. Then VR is the ultimate way to play this horror game. If you dont have PSVR I would go so far to wait playing it until VR support comes in 12 months...

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I thought it would be evident that it was launch preorder numbers for when the PS4 launched.

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Someone will be very happy then as it's sold out almost everywhere. Just read on Reddit that the biggest game store in Sweden is having more preorders then the PS4. And it's completely sold out in Japan in just 15 minutes.

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From what I can tell there is no difference from the demo. Would be interesting to see PS4 vs PS4Pro comparisons pictures when using PSVR.

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Tried to play it using my TV after playing it with PSVR. Sure it looks better and HDR really gives it a lift. But playing this in VR lifts the game incredibly much more then better graphics.

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3DS has 3-8h. Vita has 3-6h. And Switch has 3-6h.

All depending on the games running on the systems.

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Portable design and functionality. Mobile GPU and overall hardware. Need a mobile phone/tablet to use online social features. At it's best as a handheld console when measured up to ALL other home and portable consoles on the market. This is just Nintendo playing it safe saying it will not replace the 3DS and that it is foremost a home console just in case it flops completely. Just as they said when the 3DS came out when Gameboy was at it's end.

In 1-2 years if the ...

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After just played a little Resident Evil 7 I can hardly think VR is going away. I'm an grown man. I screamed. And I will have psychological scars from the shit I just had happen to me in VR...

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