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The PS2 life cycle was crazy. The PS3 life cycle was painful. Sony and Microsoft have learned hopefully .

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What are you talking about? Here are some new games I'm looking forward to play on Xbox One X. All that will be better on Xbox.

StarWars Battlefront 2
Assassin's Creed Origins
Destiny 2
Call of Duty WW2
Middle-Earth Shadow of War
The Evil Within 2
Wolfenstein 2
Need for Speed Payback
Kingdom Come Deliverance
Metro Exodus
Monster Hunter World ...

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I laughed a little reading this part ; "what can this mid-gen upgrade offer aside from first-party sequels, 4K, horsepower, UHD blu-ray playback, and third-party titles? Nothing."

It's basically everything I want and what I need. It's the middle ground for something better then PS4Pro and a high/medium powered 4K gaming PC.

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Some most likely. But what was shown at E3 was running live on a Xbox One X. So hopefully it is close to what the Xbox One X, PlayStation4 Pro and PC will look like.

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We already passed that last gen with the PS3 priced at $599. Sure the price came down after a while but it still sold reasonably well considering the price.

Next-gen consoles will all be full fledged 4K consoles with loads of RAM for 4K textures in mostly all games. That wont cost insane amounts. But if they and by that I mean Microsoft and Sony aim for higher refresh rates then the price could go up from what we are used to. With the new HDMI standard we get variable refre...

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Man this looks bad. Just really really bad. I'm super excited to get the Xbox One X when it launches. But this game they really need a demo or trail to convince me.

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Yeah let's continue to glorify violence and killing. All hail the gun lobby!

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If that list is the 10 most disappointing games of 2017 then we really have little to complain about.

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I was about to write a long post that actually answers the question in the headline. Something the article dont. But then I remembered that I would just get downvoted by label fappers. So F it. The readers here dont care about facts if it dont envolve or puts their favorite label in a positive light.

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Battlefront 2 looks exactly like the first game. But it has some new features. And it's just to early to say what new features Destiny 2 has based on this very limited beta.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Destiny 2 breaks the record of most and fastest selling game on PSN when it launches. Just as Destiny did when it came. These negative spin articles are like a broken record. Destiny was a huge success regardless of what the naysayers try to convince others with.

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The number one reason many of us buy these new consoles as soon as they are out is because games look better on them. So picking up a PS4Pro over a old PS4 and especially if you got a 4K HDR TV is a no-brainer.

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Everything you quoted is the truth. Instead of throwing straw men then do a real reply on the quotes at hand. And I dont even own a Xbox. I however own a PS4Pro,Switch and a beefy PC. So stop the delusional rambling and discuss.

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@The_Sage A PC can be what ever the hell you want it to be. The similarities on a PC and a PS4/XBO are so many today it's basically all PC's with a different OS and GUI.

It takes you a few seconds to make Steam boot up in Big Picture mode each time you turn on your PC. Just like a console. Any person can do it. Exception is maybe a grandma. You are not a grandma are you? If so then you are excused mam.

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A PC with Steam Big Picture mode is the best console on the planet.

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You fanboys are so delusional and out of contact with reality it's scary. Stop fapping to labels and corporations and you might see the big picture. But that's the problem with you kids. You love to fapp.

So just do us all a favor. When you see adults write things. Just move along.

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The most important thing for consoles is to have a high attach rate on software as that's where they earn the most. Be it exclusives or whatnot. So it's good to see Xbox is doing good even tho they are far behind PlayStation.

And if you do a little digging it's actually a bit surprising the superb PlayStation exclusives dont have a higher attach rate with so many more consoles in the hands of gamers. But then again the importance of exclusives have diminished al...

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I just downloaded the client that is open for everyone over at Hong Kong PSN... :p

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Yeah you need a PC for that.

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Yeah it's easily one of my most anticipated games this year. The beta just confirmed that. Going from PS4 and Destiny to Destiny 2 on a PS4Pro and a 4K TV was a nice boost in visuals. Hopefully they will add HDR support down the road as the beautiful color palete would benefit from it.

Going to be interesting to try the PC version soon. Hopefully it becomes a big success on all platforms.

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