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As I mentioned in the start I have milk and cookies for the fanboys.

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Translated: The gaming industry is running out of ideas.

Come on's not like developers are reinventing the wheel with every game. Just as with movies. If you seen enough you are more or less just seeing other versions of it. With some twists here and there. Same with games with the exception that they are starting to look better and better.

Sure there are exceptions and especially in the Indie scene. But it's hardly not gonna happen anyt...

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You take it out of context. When I write first and third party games. I obviously mean on Xbox as I state that I also have a Switch and PS4Pro.

But yeah I will play the handfull of great exclusives on my PS4Pro that interest me each year. And everything else on the upcoming Xbox. I totally get it that many are more then happy enough playing on their Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Pro. But I'm the type of gamer that the Pro and Scorpio is made for. Gamers that wants the be...

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Phil Spencer is a cool guy. Glad it's not a stiff suit running the show but a gamer and feet on the ground type of guy. And I like that he acknowledges the existence of other platforms and exclusive games. And I am just that type of gamer he describes. I got a Switch and PS4Pro and will buy the Scorpio for the best place to play first and third party games in 4K.

E3 cant come fast enough!

EDIT: I got milk and cookies for the fanboys.

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It's not an especially nice looking game. Lot's of jaggies and boring textures. Playing on the PS4Pro and it dont look like it's taking advantage of the Pro at all.

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Resident Evil 7 is one. But it clearly need more then that. Hopefully Farpeoint will be something special.

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That or/and PS4Pro owners. They can disagree all they want.

First "their" arguments was PS4 has more power then XBO. Then suddenly with the Scorpio announcement was about a handful exclusives each year.

I wouldn't be surprised when Scorpio is out and it's clear that it's a much better 4K console that it's suddenly about price instead.

LOL, fanboys can be funny little people! :)

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A PS4/PSVR setup is hardly something kids buy. So I don't see a issue with providing more adult content.

No one is forcing anyone to play games where you kill. Same can be said about watching people have sex.

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PlayStation is to far ahead in terms of sales. But there is little doubt Xbox will be the best place to play for 4K TV owners in the time ahead.

It's going to be interesting to see if sales will increase or if it's mostly Xbox owners who will upgrade.

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If it was not for some in my opinion "must play" titles i would put Nintendo on almost the top of my shit list.

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We will?

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Do we really need another FPS or open world game?

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Hopefully it will be native 4K 60 fps and with some higher texture assets on the Scorpio. Either way it will be the best looking console version. If they dont mess it up...

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There is no such thing as a "true gamer".

It's like saying that someone who loves music but don't have a high-end sound system and X records dont like music.

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That's true.

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I'm a PlayStation fan. Got them all from the first to the newest model. But you Playstation fanboys here at N4G are so pathetic it's not even funny anymore.

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Car still sounds like a power tool and not a xxx horse powered monster car...

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Agree with everything you write.

The main focus if you will. With Scorpio is to give that bump in resolution and hopefully hit native 4K in most titles. If not that then at least a higher base resolution for checkerboard rendering then the PS4Pro can do. Allot of games on the Pro is upscalled from ~1400p and we see a big improvement when the base resolution is higher like 1800p. Or 2160p checkerboard that Horizon is.

What I'm really excited to see is ...

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Digital Foundry has made it pretty clear Scorpio is a exciting pice of hardware. One that is more about numbers as it's architecture and engineering solutions are so unique it's never been done before.

It has the potential to do what Microsoft brags about. Deliver true 4K gaming. Some people can try to downplay it as much as they want.

But nothing will change the fact that if developers want to all games can look and/or run better on Scorpio then ...

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Pointless tech demo that in practice eats so much fps even high-end GPU owners just turn it off.

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