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Same here..never heard of it before I saw some Japanese people stream it on PS4. I was sold relative fast... #5.1
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"Someone Will Die Playing a Game in Virtual Reality"

And it's going to be epic! #22
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Just imagine if Netflix had the same amount of downtime. People would never accept that. Why is it that console gamers do? #23
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I think I speak for everyone when I say that the crap Sony is calling for Playstation Network is in big need of change.

So sick and tired of this crap... #17
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I am super excited and ready for commercial VR. Have tested developer versions of the Oculus Rift and it was incredible.

But I am concerned about the console version of VR. Not because I don't think VR can be good on a console. But because of the price. Console owners in general are not used to buy expensive peripherals for their consoles.

Just look at the newly announced Xbox One Elite controller. It did not take long before people were complaining abou... #14
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I enjoyed and played ICO and Shadow of the Colossus because of the atmosphere and just overall wonderful creativity they had.

And I will buy The Last Guardian for the same reasons. Here's hoping it will deliver.... #9
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I have a Playstation 4 and a PC. I love how simple and easy everything is on my consoles. But after playing a PC game running in smooth 60fps and with graphical effects turned on. It's a little painful to play a PS4 game.

I'm thinking about either building a new or re-build my PC to become a livingroom friendly PC. With new Steam controller coming soon we can play all PC games with it. And the new Xbox One Elite controller also looks so sweet.

And it... #9
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Ordered mine today. Going to use it with XBO and PC running Windows 10.

I think the price is ok for what is hopefully a premium product. A good keyboard alone cost more then this controller. But I think many that are reacting to the price is maybe mainly console gamers?

No wonder they think it's expensive when the console alone is relative cheap. When a controller that costs half the price they react..

PC users are used to a more wide ran... #52
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Now you can enjoy the horrible frame rate in this game in full screen. #12
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Glad I have a good PC. And get to play the game at its best and don't have to compromise on visuals and performance. #23
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Many reasons. Two on the top of my mind are. Don't want to play on a PC. Or cant afford a good gaming PC. #5.3
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This is fake. It's a damn good job with all the pictures etc. But it's fake people :) #52
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Even tho it's off screen and blurry I think it looks like a cool game. I just loved the new movie so I'm really excited for this game.

But I'm starting to think that this is maybe a game best played on a PC. With the big open world it will most likely have a heavy impact on PS4.

To bad these new powerful GPU's are so expensive. #18
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I know that. But sadly many XBO owners thinks that they can now play Halo and Forza that they own on XBO in VR with this setup.

And that they can not. They will get a huge display on their face. Something that in it self is awesome. But no head tracking to look around in the games. #8.1.1
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Microsoft literally gave away a load of XBO controllers so they can use the Rift as a monitor. And not a virtual reality device.

Confusing XBO owners that have little to no technical knowledge on how these things work. Just in time for E3 to get some focus away from the focus on real VR that most likely Sony will talk about and show quite a bit of next week.

At events like this it's what is not said what often is the most important things. #8
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Glad to see it selling good on all platforms. It's a great game and as many as possible should play it. #5
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All games can be improved. So yeah... But a new IP but with the same hard gameplay could also be nice. Just look at Bloodborn. #9
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That's what we get for playing games on the cheapest possible hardware for AAA gaming. #2.4
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I have tested VR several times at gaming conventions and yeah I believe VR is the future for gaming.

You cant compare it to PSMove/Kinect or even 3D as I see some do. The moment you put on the VR headset you understand perfectly why..

All I can say is get excited :) #9.1.1
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VR is coming *running around in circles*

Finally something new and exciting to push gaming further. #9
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