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Hope I get to the next phase and get that alpha invite soon.... #9
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Touching a digital boob is sad. Killing a digital person is cool.

Get a grip. #8
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There are some horrible bad game design in Destiny. And a story that a 10 year old child could write. But the gameplay is so good it keeps me coming back for more.

But I really hope Bungie takes some feedback and makes some changes. It's years since I have seen a big game developer make so many bad game designs that I have seen in Destiny. #72
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Looking in my crystal ball..this is what I see.

Minecraft is the new Minesweeper that comes with every Windows version. There will be a micro-transaction store in the game.

New content is exclusive to X360,XBO and Windows.

There will be a cartoon series.

A new MMORGP game set in the Minecraft universe. Think Landmark.

Various Minecraft spin-off games.

Minecraft the movie.

P... #23
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Gamers complaining...that's new. #10
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It's 1 game. Why would 1 free game make me buy a XBO over the PS4? The PS4 has so much more going for it then 1 free game.

So my answer is of course no. I'm not a idiot. #18
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Metacritic don't have to go anywhere. It's a great site to get a overview of how a product is scoring. But what need's to go away is the user review part.

Especially since people can't get trough their thick skulls that they need to take user reviews with a big big pinch of salt. #70
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I'm not even going to click on the link. No gaming journalist with some self respect publishes a review for a type of game like this fast. #115
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Who cares? I own a PS4 and a XBO. Buying the game for the XBO. Don't give a shit about the exclusive content or that the PS4 has more people playing it.

Better controller and better friends to play with. #35
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I'm Norwegian and that is most definitely not Norwegian :P #2.2
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About 54 million copies sold on various platforms should back that claim up. :) #6.1
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To bad today's generation of gamers is all graphics no content. #5.3.1
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I love Playstation and my PS4. But let's just all face it. PSN is shit. It has been since it launched on PS3 and it's still shit.

Let's hope some of the truckload of money they earn from PS4 costumers will be used to make PSN a service on par with the PS4. #12
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Nice. Cant wait to see what the porn industry will do with VR. #9
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I skimmed the article and not one of the 7 reasons is a reason why I would eventually change my consoles for a PC.

That said I have a PC and have been playing on that for years. And the only thing I am missing out on is Steam sales and better hardware.

Non of those reasons are enough for me to pack away my consoles. As I see it PC is for the enthusiasts. I was that once but today I have a more laid back interest and consoles is a perfect fit. #20
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There are dedicated gamers on all platforms. A better phrasing would be. PC gaming is for enthusiasts. #2.1
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It's aimed for Japan. While the US have mainstreamed guns and killing. Japan have manga and girls in sexy school uniforms. #39.1
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Complain Complain Complain Complain...all some of you people do.

Boring as hell to read. #40
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This is definitely a day 1 buy for me. The alpha/beta was super impressive. #22
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That is aimed for Japan. That said I can't wait for the porn industry to embrace VR. There will be allot of wonderful fantasies to explore...

Can't wait to see what crazy shit I am going to strap on my little fella in a near future. LoL #21
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