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God of War has grown up. Which is fitting as most of us that has been with the series also have.

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Read the headline. Saw the source. Laughed and moved on.

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The developers are doing the right thing.

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My guess is Microsoft was also surprised the PlayStation 4 Pro with 2X the GPU power would cost just $100 more then their Xbox One Slim.

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Sounds like a bad game design. I rarely play a game twice. And if I do it goes years between.

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If they sell enough then it most likely will be. But let's not confuse the end of console generations with the end of consoles. There is a big difference... :)

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Stop being such a noob. If you want to play with the big boys at least gain some knowledge before entering the game. Here is a new article of and weep kid. Read and weep.


EDIT: As you can read it's not as easy as having some monitors that could support HDR when there is bas...

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Agree! It's baffling to see PC being this late to the HDR dance. There are rumors about some HDR gaming monitors coming soon.

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Yeah I have to agree. This is a game I had more or less dismissed. But it's most definitely back on my radar.

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Looks like a troll comment.

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Hopefully this game and others will use supersampling. That way it will look much sharper and detailed even on an 1080p TV :)

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Palmer Lucky should get the same treatment as Steve Jobs...fired from his own company.

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Old game need to be patched by the developers to support the extra power the PS4Pro have. But almost all the big AAA games coming now will support it. Games like Titanfall 2, For Honor, Ghost Recon Wildland, Mafia 3, Resident Evil 7, Horizon Zero Dawn, Skyrim, Battlefield 1, Rise of the Tomb Raider etc etc..

Older games that will get patched that I know of are inFAMOUS Second Son, Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us. My guess is that most of Sonys own and third party studios wil...

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I'm guessing that not all games will be economical sensible to add PS4Pro support for. And some games and game engine will be so heavily designed around 30 fps that it's not possible for more.

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I cant wait to see how this will be on a 4K HDR TV with the PS4Pro.

EDIT: What's with the dislikes. Jelly much? :D

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With so many reviewers making a video review I personally cant be bothered with reading one. Yeah I'm lazy but that's the truth...and I'm probably not alone in this.

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Looks great! But so did No Mans Sky....

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The XBOS can upscale to a 4K TV. But it's recommended to use the upscaler that is in the TV instead as the one in the XBOS is not that good. And it's worth mentioning that the upscale function used is the most basic there is. It's nothing like on the PS4Pro.

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This is the only video and article needed about the PS4Pro on N4G or any other site...ever. Everything else is just amateur hour at the Apollo.

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