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This and Heavy Rain on PS4 would be great. #19
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Then fuck the future and fuck King Games.

I'll start playing board games instead. #16
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People who moan and complain about buying it again should lift the PS4 over their heads and drop it. Repeat until numb in head. #18
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Why in God's name did I read that crap.. #1
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Already played it on PS3. But I am so excited to play it again on the PS4.

There are not allot of games I could say that about...but The Last of Us is definite one of them. #13
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I own both XBO and PS4 and the difference is big in my opinion. That said I play on a 65" TV so I see differences much faster then what you would on let's say a 32" TV.

That said there is nothing wrong in buying multiplatform games on the XBO. Buy and play on whatever system you like.

But if you like me like to get as good graphics as possible on a console and you have both consoles. There is no question on what system you should buy games for.... #40
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Premium devices for enthusiasts. You cant compare "cheap" gaming headsets with premium devices like this. That said I have not tested these so cant say if they are any good...but for the price it should be. #7.1
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Comments like this is going to be so funny to read in a couple of years.... :D #5.1
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F2P is cancer. #1.12
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If DX12 will double the performance on a XBO I cant wait to play DX12 games on my PC..... #52
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Consoles gamers are always years behind technology and trends. PC gamers have been digital for 10 years now. #33
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Death threats can be punishable by 1-4 years in the USA. Depending on what state and if the person has any priors.

If you think it's funny or "ok" to threat to kill anyone or their family then you are the idiot. Did you feel that? That smack in the back of your big head was reality saying wake the fuck up. #20.3.1
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It's going to be a long long night.... :P #4.1
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I hope the police will be able to track them and put them in jail or a psychiatric clinic where they belong. #20
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"Is Facebook buying Oculus a boost for Morpheus?"

I don't think so. Especially since Morpheus is a PS4 only device. #7
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Never underestimate the narrow mind of the internet mob. #6
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The short answer is no. #5
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Notch is a dick for putting this personal hate for Facebook over giving gamers a excellent VR experience in Minecraft. #5.1
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I have tested the Oculus and I was blown away. I don't know if the average gamer out there is ready for VR or not. But I am sure that if VR fails it will in the end be a loss for everyone. #14
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As long as we get VR I don't care who is selling it or on what platform it is. #4
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