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I find this game to be really interesting. We have played as the good guy for years now. Killing bad guys in all kind of ways.

So having the cards turned and being the bad guy I find really interesting. Just like being evil in some games you get a strange feeling of doing something wrong...but at the same time it feels a little good.

Playing Hatred is going to be an interesting experience to say the least.I am glad games can deliver such experiences. It's... #7
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I agree that console wars is tedious. But not taking advantage of the hardware available because of parity is just idiotic. #6
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Still not going out with concrete sales numbers for Xbox One means the number is so low Microsoft consider it damaging for the Xbox brand to go out with it. #10
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If you need to have everything sugar coated then go play a Nintendo game. GTAV is a game about some dark shitty sides of life. If you cant handle that in a game then fine.

Don't buy it. But writing that it shouldn't be in a game? Fuck of. Move to Germany,China or North Korea if you want the government to treat you like a child. #46.1
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The people complaining about the crazy things happening in a game must have a hell of a time in real life. #50
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If you thought you would get the same RPG experience in ESO that is a MMORPG then you only got yourself to blame. #2.1
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I am a PC and a console gamer. I care about graphics. But I do not care about console vs PC. Because I know that's silly.

A PC will always have the potential to look and run better if you have invested in the right parts.

I am sure most dedicated console gamer's don't care one bit about how the PC version looks. My guess is that it just pisses them of..

And I get that. "They" want to read how it stacks up against the riv... #3.3.1
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Personally I don't care what the PC version looks like. When comparing one should compare the XBO and the PS4. When comparing a PC game one should compare graphic settings and not put a PC up against a cheap console.

I can hardly imagine any dedicated console owner cares what the PC version looks like. How it stacks up against a machine in the same price segment however like the XBO... #3
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Thx for supporting the hobby we all love so much. #12.2
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People play 3DS games that looks like pixel mud because of gameplay. So there is hope for this game also. #7
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So far I think the exclusive lineup for XBO is bad. To few games and not enough variety.

But we are most likely getting some surprises in the coming months. #7
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Not arguing on that part. But it's still way overpriced when you look at what kind of hardware is under the case.

The price could have been much lower if Nintendo wanted to. But I get it..they as all companies want's to earn as much as possible. #6
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Overpriced weak hardware. #5
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If it was not for pre-orders unlocking everything in the game. And the money milking DLC plan I would like this news.

But now I am just mehhh... #4
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30fps is more or less confirmed. #36
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I find it kinda useless. The latency is in most games not low enough. And with more and more developers not opting for this feature...well kinda pointless in most cases. #20
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Most likely the one that ruled in 2014 will continue to do so. #31
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Finally a comment that makes sense. #9.1
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I think mmorpg games need to focus way more on story. #6
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I'm tired of post apocalypse settings. So Elder Scrolls 6 without a doubt. #23
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