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Seeing how bad most emulated WiiU games runs I wish you good luck...

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Why would I buy a "pro" controller for a handheld console?

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The Nintendo Switch is a poor choice as a home console if specs is the only thing the consumer looks at. Thankfully Switch has more things going for it then just how many pixels it can push on a TV.

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Even Phil Spencer has said Scorpio will cost more as it's a premium product. Probably around $499-$599.

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Mine has been collecting dust. But that will change next week with Resident Evil 7. But where are all the games and experiences Sony was talking about?

Something need to happen soon to not lose momentum.

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Yes. Nintendo did a Nintendo once again. The Zelda trailer made me preorder. But just barely...

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As far as I'm concerned the Switch is a handheld. As a handheld it's impressive. As a stationary console it's a disaster.

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Each time a console launches there are people complaining about the launch games and price.

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Would be nice to play Borderlands 3 on a handheld console. To bad..

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Because "people" are ignorant.

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Is there any reason to buy the most awesome handheld console to play Zelda at launch? Hell yeah there is!

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I dont think so. If we look at the prices of XBO,PS4 and the 3DS XL. The price ain't that bad considering what you are getting. Problem is many are just looking at specs. Ignoring games and features.

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Would be nice if the fake green Zelda cartridge was real. Tho I understand why they need it smaller and use a SD Card instead.

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With an install base of 50+ million consoles they dont have to take much in consideration anymore. My problem is deciding what to play first...Zelda or Horizon....

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Nothing wrong with the console. It's software that Nintendo need to work on. And in that I mean getting more third party support and getting Nintendo games out faster. The launch lineup is horrible. The only reason I ordered one is as of now because of Zelda.

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Without a doubt Sony. But I really hope Nintendo will have a great year with Switch soon to launch. But in 2018 things could start to change as Scorpio launches by the end of 2017. Depends on the price and if they will sort out their exclusive game lineup...

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Click bait article. The game has a score of 80 on Metacritc based on 41 reviewers.

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Xbox One more excuse....

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Red Dead Redemption maybe. But the rest I dont think so.

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