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Go read up on history. Women fought in WW2. Where they a tiny minority compared to men? Yes. But women fought. Died. Killed in WW2.

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Things need to change! And the sooner the better. The commenting section need heavy moderation. And much stricter control on what articles etc is approved.

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After getting the Xbox One X I disagree 100%. Sure God of War and other games that support the Pro is nice. But the X is delivering visual quality the Pro just cant. Imagine a game like God of War with the power of the X. Holy crap that would be awesome.

So no. I dont agree at all. It's going to be 3-4 years with the Pro games looking less then they could if they had the power of the X or more.

So I cant wait for the PS5 and what it will deliver of g...

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E3 2018 is not do or die for Xbox. That's nonsense. Xbox is doing fine. But they can do so much better. But it's important that E3 2018 is good for Xbox to keep the positive momentum up. If they deliver at E3 this year their road ahead will be easier.

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Here's the thing. I dont care what you think about David Cage. Why do we have to have these silly season articles? They are pointless blog nonsense.

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On PC it was and still is GLORIOUS. On consoles...not so much.

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Trash review! Anyone taking this reviewer words seriously are missing out on great games. Reviewing games is not for everyone. Clearly.

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It's up to the players to find out by playing. This is how they will do it when they add content out the year.

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Maybe in 6-10 years 4K 60fps will be the norm on consoles. I highly doubt it tho as visual quality,physics and Ai will be prioritized over framerate.

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We did?

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Looks awesome. Just like most of the exclusive games on PS4.

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Going to pick this up on PC as it will be the full uncensored version. Looks sick! In a wonderful way :p

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Yeah I'm gonna look into how the easy or not it's to jailbreak mine and install all kinds of stuff. From what I've seen it shouldn't be that hard. But if it is I might just sell it. It's just standing there....

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For me Sea of Thieves is one of the most fun games I’ve played in a long time. But I get the complaints and criticism. Hopefully the content Rare have planed will be good and that those who have left the game will give it a chance again.

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Time to jailbreak then. Install a few emulators and get access to a gigantic library of games.

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"Try being a gamer and not a fanboy."

Sadly there are more fanboys then gamers at this site.

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I'm seeing the opposite....

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Yeah I wouldn't use that headline....kinda click baity...

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People need to stop just reading the headlines. From the article "While Microsoft falls behind in certain aspects, the company leads the way in preserving the past".

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It's so hilarious to read people actually going out of their way to dismiss this as something negative.

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