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this thing kicks ass #1
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finally, a proper torch bearer for unreal and tribes #1
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same here #1.1
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the world of warcraft forums main thread about this had 2495 pages with 49896 posts / replies

now thats some hot fuss #1.1
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i played it at E3, everything those guy say is true

you aim, timing is everything, a weak character can take out difficult mobs with some tactics and patience

for MMOs, this is a game changer #10.1
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too funny #18
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shouldnt have to be tethered to the internet to play a single-player game, you know? #3.2
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FPS and RPGs! wtf mate? #3.1.1
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same old starcraft facelifted with less story and more pop culture *sigh*
coming from someone who's RTS'd since Civ & Warcraft (still have the CDs, just not an old enough rig to play them anymore) whats come to make RTS great is that they don't hold your hand through the scenarios and you get to let your mind unleash it's potential on circumstances that are affronted to it

"What StarCraft II does so well--what it does absolutely flawlessly in fact--is integrating the story with the gameplay. You actually feel like you are w... #6
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though it gave me a headache worse than lost at first, fantastic read and thought provoking for any zelda enthusiasts #3
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*beep* *beep* *whistle* *whistle* *swoon* #1.2
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its more than a few milliseconds, it actually lowers latency at the wire between computer and server, not ping, and it comes with a lot of software that once you look into it's capabilities does more than make your games go faster; its a full package that truly delivers ive seen it with my own eyes on real machines

you may not notice as large of a difference in response as you would between a graphics card without a GPU and one with a GPU, but having a dedicated NPU all a... #2
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