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Whats sad is that its 2012 and people like you are bitching about it. Ive been happily gone, sold my ps3 and been enjoying the hell out of my xbox for months and there still is delusion on here.


Its a 2005 console. Theyre keeping the quality and quanity. If it doesnt affect you then you dont have bitching merits

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I want all 3 consoles to have different sets of specs and technologies built in. Sorry to say but the Xbox and ps3 did exactly the same things just with different styles.

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I wonder how people like you even get taken seriously, if its exclusive then it won't get as many sells and then not as much support, a game that long in development needs all the support it can, plus final fantasy deserves a wider fanbase

the only thing that the ps3 has technially over the Xbox is bluray. I have seen nothing on the ps3 that Wasn't possible on the 360. It's 2012 and games are starting to show that now.


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OK why do people even believe the Mayans. Its 2013 according to their calender and they believed in the sun god and human sacrifice, By god ign you remain to be retarded in my eyes once again

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PLay world of goo for $2, play chaos rings, play any game capcom put on there like ghost trick and phoenix wright, play sonic cd for $5, play Plants vs zombies for $3, Real racing 2 for $5, I can list off dozens and dozens of incredible games on smartphone platforms and theyre a fraction of vita and 3ds costs. Scams? Thats worth a chuckle.

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There IS such thing as console exclusive. "Game exclusive to one console". With your logic then uncharted, god of war, gran turismo, twisted metal, ratchet and clank, little big planet and many others are no exclusive because their on psp/vita but of course ps3 fanboys are quick to turn the other cheek and make some idiotic excuse like "Their both made by sony" or something just to prove their hypocritical a**holes.

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Imagine Shepard crash landing on Sera (Gears of war). I wouldn't be able to handle how awesome it would be to have a mass effect/ gears of war cross over. Talking to Marcus Fenix with that whole dialogue wheel.

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I spent WAY to much this gen and yet to tackle all the amazing exclusives on both consoles. I'm holding off on next gen consoles for a VERY long time and play the games on my computer.

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and you're forgetting dude wheres my car

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Why should we hath to get a ps2? Sony advertised BC in their console, my ps2 is long from working and my hdtv doesn't have composite, You know how much of a pain it is moving consoles around knowing how easy it is for sony to simply add it in. I don't see why people are such dicks and defending something they should want too, its just like the logic you used with HD remakes, if you don't want to use it fine, I don't care but I sure as hell do. Its bullcrap how it doesn't, ...

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healthy? You'll get the most profits this gen because all the audience is here. Next gen it'll sell significantly worse cause not a lot of people will migrate right away. Plus learning new hardware/ reworking this all in a year? Yea, good luck with that buddy.

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I don't know what games you are playing but college duty modern warfare three and gears of war three are pretty new games and they still have bots

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I hate fanboys, theyll trash talk and trash talk and wont even listen to the other side no matter if it prooves them wrong

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God damn guys stop comparing it to past final fantasies. Its incredibly annoying and not relevant as the only thing in common it has is the title name otherwise their all different jrpgs made from the same company.

Talk about the game BY ITSELF for once as oppose to being a close minded ass.

Yes its linerary thats an excuse to hate it but not as bad as this.
Its a beautiful game and is actually pretty fun if you give it a chance. Sure its not lost od...

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World of goo is probably the best indie game in my opinion.

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Remember that jaguar handheld a while back, yea nothing was heard from it and without the brand recongition that nintendo, microsoft and sony has, this thing wont do very well.

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Hate to break it too you guys but all battlefield is doing now a days is following in cods footsteps and failing in terms of sales. Most of the battlefield players always have call of duty bitterly stuck in the back of their mind. Battlefield and ea does not get a free to do this without being less greedy than cod and activision. Anyone whose saying this is ok but cod elite isnt are hypocrites.

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If it isnt fun this it isn't really a game.

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Well it gets pretty underrated when its not on a console you own :p

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Hey PS3 guys, I like the 360. Can we be friends?

Whats that? The 360 has no games? It sucks? Gears of war has the story of a porno? Halo is overrated? I'm an idiot for paying for xbl? The 360 will never catch up to the ps3 in terms of sales and quality? Uncharted is the greatest game ever and is a technical marvel? Killzone is the best fps this generation?

I see....

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