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is it just me ...

coz i dont knw how they get such high quality visuals and do it on one disc which doesnt even fill it.. HOW?.. they must have a hell of a coding method.

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The 360 shouldnt EVER be insulted by ps3 fans in terms of saying its a weak system.. coz now they are pretty much eating their words.. hard, crysis2 just proves the console is a dormant beast that can do what ps3 can do if only done right.

unreal engine 3 maxing out a console is laughable.

now we see crysis2 think of kingdoms by crytek.. how awesome will that look as an exclusive.

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come on guys.. didnt mean to hurt ur fragile feelings... i swear i didnt..

this case should be any sony fanboy's nightmare.. the xbox360 with a multiplat has anywhere of a visual edge to rival or try to outdo a "Second coming of christ" ps3 exclusive which was touted as maxing out the ps3 strength..

how have the mighty fallen.

tut tut tut... hate me all u want but its just funny.

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2619d ago

pretty much what i have been saying too, 360 has proven its not as weak as many claim it to be.. its clear as day now.. so any fanboy that comes bashing 360 saying its crap is just being a total idiot...

nice job crytek much respect.

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Out of pure observation, i dont think we need another console cycle just yet for any of the HD console at least, ps3 is still pumping beautiful visuals, and after seeing games like upcoming gears3 and crysis2 seriously doing some stuff on the 360, i am confident on at least 3 more years left on them each.
Secondly, cost to devs and also the learning curve of devs on the HD consoles still still around 40 percent that acutally knw their way around them.

nEw and small s...

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i dont think so not after seeing crysis2 running on that thing... only reason i would see it is the dvd other than that .. thats it

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i said the same thing in previous post... and the 360 will amaze ppl more with what the hardware can do in capable hands and i got disagreed all over the place.. now LOOK and see!.. its a multiplat.. yes..not so bad for the so called "dated" system... just wait for gears3.. that should be the final confirmation the 360 has been seriously underestimated in its difference to the other hd console

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in all my years of watching fanboyism.. i must say u have one hell of a glasses coz they have to be tinted with a black hole.. coz nothing is getting thru at all.

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dont have a powerful pc rig.. so this on my 360 is well welcomed. surely looking forward to seeing it in all HD glory.

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typical sony fanboy mentality... murder wow

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*me and ps3 fanboys dancing around a fire singing songs*

good times

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doubt u would son, common sense and English.. not a big commodity now are days...

its a plain as day..if u wanna debate so i can enlighten you 2d mind.. msg me ;)

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MS knws why are arnt pushing the console yet.. maybe is to still hv something to improve on the console at the ending time of the cycle.. took them a while to start making engines to push the hardware like sony did with ps3 on its exclusives.

not forgetting tessellation that they havnt even touch which the 360 supports, so in other words the 360 hasnt been maxed at at alll...its so easy to program for it u forget to fully utilize it, and think coz its easy u have done all u c...

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yup u can say that again.. just looked at my p collections and walaaahh there she was doing her cardio.

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oh gosh i felt some brain sells pop listening to that.. she sure should stick to sucking **** for a living. her brain is void.

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OOOOOOO WOOOOOWW... and CRYTEK u thought u would just walts into the console space and become king like that on multiplats right .. ahahahhahaha what jokers..

the worst thing about it is that they bragged about it and only made themselves look silly coz everyone can see the ps3 version of the game is quite on such a low compared to the 360...

so u crtek guys get ur head out of ur ass and this is a big lesson, if u see console devs that manage to create great ...

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this is already set to be contender for best looking console game 2011 from what i hear it pulling some serious power underhood.

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1 Quintuple that

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