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i hope this works for physical copies as well. they could include both in one case.

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thats all a matter of opinion. the dead space 1 demo scared the crap out of me, in fact it was so bad that i couldnt even finish it and had my younger brother do it .___. im a total puss when it comes to horror. and yet i STILL bought DS 1&2 AND amnesia during the summer sale >_> i hate me. LOL

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nope. quite the opposite really. if a game is short i dont buy it when it comes out. thats why i didnt buy AC brotherhood & revalations when they first came out & which is also why im not buying AC3(+ knowing that they have a DLC plan is a huge turn off. im just gonna wait for the GOTY edition)
i always buy bethisdia(idk how to spell their name but you know who im talking about :P) on release because i know im getting my moneys worth and then some

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i hope it takes place after FES. i seriously want to know if they ever save the protagonist since Elizabeth went to go find a way to get him out. i must know, do they save him or not dang it D:<

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why is this here? didnt this game come out nearly 2 years ago. pretty pointless to post a review for it now.

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how all stars can be better: have prinny as a playable character. its that simple

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UGH, they're all sport games!! -___- and here i was actually getting excited

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shouldve added FF13 & 13-2. why anyone bought the 2nd one is beyond me. only explanation i can think of is that they're hardcore FF fanboys

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that would be great but lets be honest, nintendo only depends on the same ol'IPs. i doubt this is true

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and still no hero prinny in sight :'(
im slowly starting to lose faith in the lovable demon penguin

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i couldve sworn when this was originally announced like a year ago or w/e that it WAS coming to the ps3. it was gonna be on the vita, ps3 and obviously, phones.

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wow cyborg looks... odd o_O (ive only ever seen him on teen titans) but i like nightwing :) looking forward to this game.

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thats great. now wheres prinny? :3

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this is so... stupid -_- i want some games!! xbox has been collecting dust for the last couple of months. probably wont get any use until halo 4 comes out.

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you know what will make it fun? having prinny as a playable character, thats fun. DO IT NAOO

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they shouldve asked about a western release for FF type-0. i seriously want that game. if we get no info by the end of the year ill probably just download an iso and play it.

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still waiting/hoping for prinny to be announced as a playable character. :/

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let me guess, sound shapes is gonna cost $15 right? why cant downloadable games just cost $10 again ._. i bet within a year the normal price for a downloadable game is gonna be $20

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Prinny pleaseee T_T

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i just want fallout 4 NAO!! no but really one the main things i want is mods on the console version. and also for it to run on my laptop :3

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