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someone ask him about prinny for god's sake. D:

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id never ever spend $50 on a portable game. i already think $40 is a lot(but its reasonable). PERSONALLY i think console games should cost $40 & portable $20-30. i often find myself waiting for a $60 retail game to get a price drop to $40(or $50; yes $10 is a huge difference) not because i cant afford it but because i think thats too much for a game.

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so that was what the code was for. i just recently got an xbox and i dont even have xbox live and i got that code. (havent played lately since ive been playing AC3 on my ps3)

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hm i actually like it. its not the best but i like it because of the burning flag in the background. reminds me of Ulyssese's(main bad guy in the fallout NV DLCs) quote "burn away the flags, begin again."

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i believe is b/c this game is more slow paced. personally im against this game because the lead designer made dante look like his definition of "cool" which just so happens to look exactly like him.(lulwut? conceded much?) and ive seen in interviews where ninja theory constantly bashes fans for giving legit complaints and brushing them off as "people complaining about the hair". thats not how you sell a game nor treat people when your in a professional business.

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oh, rayman origin. i forgot about that game. i wanted that game but couldnt be bothered to get it.

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oh please dont let the US get another game i have(RE5 was a start, although im not a big fan of the series. i will however give credit where its due since it wasnt a game i already own.)

also i hope the US gets a game for both the vita and ps3.

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ahh im not from EU. i live in the US :(

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wow really? im about to go google this. maybe i might actually renew live so i can play halo 4.

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i like plus, i have both an xbox and ps3 and hate paying for live to play with my friends online, i havent renewed it in quite a while(ill do it once i beat the campaign for halo 4). not only is plus cheaper but now i get to play games for both the ps3 AND vita.(notice that i didnt say free, i hate when people say its free. its not free if you're paying money for it)


wait wtf? red dead redemption was free for plus members?when? ive been a member since...

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then we dont care. LOOOOOOOOOL no but in all seriousness if you wont post it i couldnt care less.

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i waited just because i knew it would go on sale :P

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yea, i also got that. i was shocked that it went on sale. only game that i didnt get that i wanted was dragons dogma(which i was hoping someone would have it at 30 or less.)

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oh shit, i just remembered. tomorrow the wiiU comes out. gamestop is going to be super packed -_- well i guess ill go to china town first and see if the game store there broke the street date, if not ill go to gamestop; however if its really really packed ill just wait till release and go to best buy. i refuse to spend $60 for the game on psn. i wouldnt even own it + i can only get the game whenever the hell sony decides to update the store.

i really wish the store would upd...

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im going to go to gamestop tomorrow afternoon to preorder my copy. also might get me a bigger memory card on amazon since no one seems to have it on discount for black friday.

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i swear to god ill never understand SE's obsession with lightning & FF13.

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agreed. the only character i would ever even consider buying would be prinny but even then thats a huge, HUGE maybe.

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if this list doesnt have prinny in it its irrelevant and the author doesnt know what their talking about. >:(

edit: LOOL this list became utter trash once i saw more tekken characters and a super generic human(gta character). i swear, some of these wish list have the most bizarre request ever. i remember i saw another one that had ghost or phantom, some shit like that(it was a call of duty character). i mean at least the assassins creed character has a unique look and won...

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i saw the last 30 minutes. i played since the first beta and i can definitely see the improvements. my hype for the game died when it was confirmed to only be 20 characters though. surprisingly though, after watching that 1on1 im actually interested in it again, even if the roster doesnt interest me.

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if anything your friend is a jerk. its his/her responsibility that you got your game back. he should pay you back. it doesnt make you a jerk, if anything it makes you a push over if you dont tell him to pay you back

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