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i dont understand. why exactly is this here? and what is "suicidegirl gamer"? i clicked thinking it was a girl who killed herself b/c of something game related o_O this article is random, she plays games. big woop? i neighbor plays games too, you dont see me interviewing her & submitting it to N4G

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oh type 0, maybe one day i'll be able to play you in english. <3 the demo was so awesome. maybe once SE is done with their obsession with lightning we might finally get you, if is psp or vita port idc, JUST COME OVAH HERE!

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she's a wannabe cloud with no reason to be so depressed throughout the entire game. plus shes boring. but honestly, the short girl with the pink hair and australian accent was 1000 times worse than lightning. she is hands down the worst character i've ever seen in a video game.(and her voice actress didnt help, it sounds like nails on a chalkboard imo)

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well im no cloud fanboy(i prefer zack, but then again crisis core was the first game i played within the FF7 universe) and unlike lightning cloud actually has a reason to be depressed(imo). where as lightning acts emo solely to be another cloud(which SE has openly admitted that lightning was designed to basically be a female cloud.) plus the supporting cast isnt interesting(the girl with the Australian accent;she was the fucking worse -.-) and the combat is dull. there w...

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LOL i remember chad! that guy was freaking HILARIOUS!1 man, i wish he still made youtube, that was some funny shit.
" gears of war, nigga shit. more like TEARS OF WAR!! all you got is that bitch ass nigga crying all the time!" xDD

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sf4 had the better art direction but mk was better. a lot more meat on its bone. i dont like playing ANY 2d fighting game online since its always a spam fest(only play with my friends) and mk had a lot more singleplayer content so ye a:P

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why does every game need its own page instead of just making the list on a single page? its really annoying, i didnt even bother reading it after i noticed that.

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for the love of jeebus go on sale on steam pleaseeeeeeeeeee D:

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my biggest disappointment this year: ac3 ending. god that was disappointing.

also no fallout 4 announcement. I WANT SOME MOAR FALLOUT today wouldve been perfect with the whole end of the world shit D:

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no its not.

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hmm while the new tomb raider looks like a neat game it just screams uncharted wannabe imo. also the game is about surviving but correct me if im wrong, theres regenerative health, right?

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what i must play before if we die tomorrow:
-the last story
-skyward sword(noez ill never get to play this one since my motion plus gets here the 24th T-T)
-the witcher 2
-LBP: Karting (only gotten around to 2 stages, damn school)
-metro 2033

theres plenty of others( A LOOOOOOOOT more) but those are some that i want to really finish.

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wow their LBPK beat our black friday price, nice! i wish they had far cry 3 for $40 here. then maybe id be able to buy it w/o feeling so guilty by spending money i should be saving

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is a really good game, shame not many bought it.

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actually i dont agree, i think it would be a better name because then it would actually make sense. besides if the name link is a common word then they shouldve never used it or changed it down the line. its like calling super mario 64 princess peach 64 or instead of mario galaxy rosalina galaxy. because afterall, they need savin and they're the main character, right? but w/e its not like its important, all im trying to say is that the name doesnt make any sense.

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i havent played FC3 yet due to the lack of money (>.>) but i was pretty disappointed to find out that you barely see vaas. whats the point of having vaas in like everything in the game(even the cover) if you barely see him in the game? he shouldve been the main bad guy but w.e i guess. still want to buy it.

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you say that now because you grew up with it called zelda however if from the beginning it was link you wouldnt think that.

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to this day i dont understand why its called the legend of zelda when its link doing all the muscle work.

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personally i havent played it yet but from what ive seen and what my friends tell me & even some reviews it seems more like a huge grind.

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i agree, sony should release this along side the next ps with cross play between the ps3 and pc(of course it should allow you to choose if you want to play w/ pc players or not) that way there are never empty lobbies on the next ps.

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