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mainstream loves simplified games, just look at any game that sells millions.

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PERSONALLY i want this game to fail because ninja theory is a very unprofessional developing studio. they constantly bash anyone who brings up CONSTRUCTIVE criticism about the game. they act as if they're god's gift to earth & if you have any kind of issue with them, well fuck you, you're retarded. how can you honestly support that? this game could be the game of the century and i still wouldn't buy it, have some pride for gods sake.

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new store is extremely unorganized. the old store had a ps move section.

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EXACTLY!! haha that scene was so funny(in a bad way) personally, i think ninja theory is a garbage developer, none of their games are even slightly interesting and i have to say this one is by far the worse, its like a game made for 12 year olds whos just discovered curse words.

also has anyone else noticed that the media has been defending ninja theory a lot? i mean before dmc every gaming media site pretty much called them a mediocre developer but ever since dmc theyve been...

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i finally got around to playing the demo and LOL. all problems aside(and there are many, with the main one being the game plays really sluggish, very slow paced for a DMC game) i couldnt stop loling at the diolouge. the boss fight, like wtf? "FUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU"
"Fuck you!"
LMFAOOOO talk about immature xD i wonder if they honestly thought that was cool &am...

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i believe thats the problem, not every game needs MP, and tomb raider definitely didnt need it, especially since the multiplayer seems to be an uncharted clone. im sure the game will be awesome, but why add mp that no one asked for, especially if you're gonna play it safe and just make it a copy of uncharted's.

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i dont pay $60 for a 10 hour game. multiplayer doesnt make me reconsider my option neither. i personally think $60 is too much of an asking price for a 10 hour game, and multiplayer doesnt make me reconsider since most multiplayers seem forced. ill be honest, if games cost $40 ill be willing to spend my money on it if its 10 hours. if the game is $30 chances are ill even impulse buy the game. but $60? your game better be near perfection for that price. (hint: not many games fall under near pe...

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im just happy we didnt have to wait like what, 5 years to move to the next gen. 4th gen was by far the worse one imo and felt like the longest one(i dont remember how long the other gens were.)

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lol ign. i bet if this was the other way around it would be like "xbox 360 outships ps3: why it matters". the "journalist" on that website are so biased

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so just making sure, the steam box WILL be a console, right? because when they first described it it sounded like a console to me but everyone kept going on how its not that and its a pc.(even though valve has said the system will be closed; you know, like consoles >.>)

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what i wouldnt like to see in the next fallout: cowboys.
seriously, NV was awesome but my god was the cowboy crap annoying, the radio was trash compared to FO3, no variety.and everyone with the goddamn cowboy look, mix it up a bit, jesus.
also big map with shit to do, unmarked sidequest, and all that good stuff. oh and also get rid of/change that hacking mini game, that shit is annoying.

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o_O thats the steam box? well thats certainly was not what i was expecting

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crisis core is one of my favorite games this gen. it was the first game i played in the FF7 universe. i still want to play derge of Cerberus(i know i spelled that wrong), i was disappointed to find out it was the last in the FF7 universe, simply because of the cliff hanger ending(i couldnt resist so saw it :3)

anyway, cant wait for ni no kuni. itll be the last game i buy till i make a huge dent in my backlog.

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oh good so its not that im doing something wrong then, right? so that means the game isnt as accurate as they claimed it to be. tbh im still stuck on the first boss, its not that hes hard, its that the controls are making it extremely difficult for me.

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holy shit is it really inspired by i am legend?? thats like one if my favorite movies! now im looking forward to TLOU even more than i was before!!

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now i dont know if theres something wrong with my sensor bar or if the motion thing simply isnt as responsive as people claim it to be but i absolutely hate the motion plus thing on skyward sword. i have such a hard time fighting enemies because link doesnt follow my motion properly or does so too slow. also for future reference, nintendo, you have an analog stick, stop making me move around the wii mote to control a beetle or fly a bird

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you know this has been bugging me for a while so ill just ask because maybe one of you knows the answer. why exactly is this game called DmC: Devil may cry; doesnt dmc stand for devil may cry? seems redundant to me

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why next gen? the old store was perfectly fine. the only good thing about the new one is that it looks nice but besides that everythng else is a hassle. you gotta go through like 4 steps to download a demo while in the other one all you had to do was click download and you were done.

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UGGHH SERIOUSLY!? A FREAKING SPORTS GAME!? jesus, talk about a crap update. if i want to play sports ill go play sports.

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