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holy shit i completely forgot about sony porting over epic mickey, thats a really good point. Didn't gearbox say theyd be down with sony porting borderlands 2 to the vita, but instead sony gives money to port epic mickey 2. what kind of backwards thinking is that >_>

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square enix gives us the exact opposite of what we want. a few examples: want Kingdom Hearts 3? heres a bunch of spin offs instead. You want a FF7 remake? nah(note:personally idc for a ff7 remake)You want versus 13? how about FF13-2 instead. Oh, did you say you're tired of Lighting and her lame friends and univ? How about FF13-3 to make up for it.

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soccer... did they really open up a teaser sight for soccer....? -__- i dont know whats more disappointing, the fact that they teased soccer or that i actually expected sega to announce something good(i havent bought a single sega game in like 5 years because they dont release anything that interest me)

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Im not a fan, they're more like a chore than a game. having to remember the weird button imports AND knowing the timing :/ thats why games like ps battle royale + smash are my favorite fighting games, moves are super easy to pull off but still fun to play competitively

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ugh man, not another fighting game ._. well if i had to pick one, id go with tekken tag tournament 2 but i bet itll be something that EU already got, most likely being mortal kombat. I hope the srpg is Disgaea 3

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while delsin gives me the whole "im a complete tool" vibe if seconds son is a launch title, online play is still free, and the ps4 is $400 or less I'll actually be purchasing a ps4 day one.

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why is my precious bethesda missing!? i need my fallout 4 for both my pc and soon to be ps4 D:

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hmm i also dont think deep down was actually running on the ps4. for starters i dont trust a word that comes out of capcoms mouth unless its "we like to screw over our customers with locked content and the sorts" + it looked way too scripted and pre rendered. but if its real thats awesome.

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motorstorm is awesome. also unlike many others i really enjoyed Apocalypse, every race felt like something right from a movie

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can you keep yoshi after you complete a level? i hate that they take him away after a level in galaxy 2 & how he worked in sunshine. i freaking love having mah yoshi with me 24/7

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omg, so many bubbles @[email protected]

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good for you. the problem is though that only very few games support this feature. hopefully the next ps has this feature built in.

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thats an excuse for consoles, not for the pc version. modders shouldnt be the one optimizing the game for the PC because bethesda doesnt feel like it.

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obsidean did a great job on new vegas, but one of my main issues with it was that the setting was beyond boring. it was just sand, sand, oh look vegas! oh nvm its separated into 3 tiny parts with like 6 npcs per section. lame. but gameplay + story was better than FO3. also if they do make another FO, go easy on the whole cowboy theme, its annoying.

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most annoying things:
-forced touch screen, i despise having to take my hands off the controls to do some stupid touch screen crap thats only implemented solely because theres a touchscreen on the device.(one of the reasons i didnt enjoy golden abyss much)
-only 4v4, can we at the very least get 6v6, those 4 extra ppl make a huge difference.
-release date is forever and a day away, seriously wtf am i supposed to play on my vita till that time. unless soul sacrifice is...

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i completely agree, while the game was pretty disappointing what was pulling me through was the thought of the ending. the entire time i thought to myself "this is going to be so great, finally the trilogy ends, cant wait till i finally get there!"(note: unlike many others, my favorite part about AC was the modern day part, even if dismond was kind of a wimp).
after that ending it was clear to me that ubi doesnt give two shits about the story. i understand tha...

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i dont understand sony. they make their first party studios make awesome games and dont advertise any of them unless its god of war or uncharted and some how except them to succeed. how are people going to buy something they dont know exist? its a shame too, because then the games dont sell well(because of sony) and then we lose these wonderful studios.

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i completely 100% agree with what you said about the characters. when the leak happened all i could do was face palm, their character choices were just so poor and it was like they were were only chosen because they had a new game coming out. for example, dante didnt even have a single game out at the time and all of a sudden hes now a playstation allstar? and why is raiden in over snake?

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ganon fighting kirby= totally awesome and makes perfect sense, AMIRITEORWAT?!?! HIGH FIVE BRAH

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i think it failed because lack of advertisement. its supposed to appeal to the casual but casuals dont even know of its existence because unlike us, they dont visit gaming websites. Also while i love the game and still play it today it definitely would've helped if it had more characters and game modes.

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