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It wont be

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3D platformers, yeah - but not the collection based types of the N64. The recent ones have been increasingly linear.

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It's from the page of one guy. it's almost definitely fact, but it's not confirmed.

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I never did like Sonic and Sega All stars racing much. Transformed was fun, but compared to MK8 it's nothing.

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Goodbye money.

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I dunno, there aren't many platformers. Yoshi and Kirby are the only ones that come to mind, and Kirby's really unique. Most are family friendly, however, yes.

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Chris Pratt would be perfect IMO

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I would love to see that as well. The story is incredibly promising for this one, hopefully they make full use of its potential.

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These kinds of comments are why I write articles. Thank you, haha.

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I never experienced the bad frame rate, personally. And the big map on the Gamepad screen was incredibly helpful.

You're definitely right about the DLC, though. I quite wish I could play Freedom Cry. And for those who enjoy AC's multiplayer, you're right about that, too.

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That would, of course, be freaking awesome. I'm hopeful for a New Hyrule game, though.

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Great ep this week!

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Definitely W101, that's one of the best games I've ever played.

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Buy Xenoblade. No matter what the cost, buy Xenoblade. My personal favorite game ever, I really can't suggest it enough.

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This was more about the Nintendo published and developed stuff. they did do the 120+ games list, though http://n4g.com/news/1453653...

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Have you seen X? That game looks amazing. It might not be your thing, but not a ton of people have heard about it. That's why I'm the most happy to own a Wii U in 2014, though Tropical Freeze also looks fantastic.

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