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i dont kwn y ppl are hating on the beautiful game.. coz to me i see so much potential and personally cant wait to get my hands on it..

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n a beautiful game at 60fps

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it looked and smells like bad port and it IS ONE.. maybe the whole story thing might be good and may the customization and all.. but if those are not good at all.. .then there is nothing left going for this game.. 360gamers except u are an RPG addict in need for a quickfix.. then ok.. but if not .. MASSEFFECT2 is what u want to be waiting for .. this is not even worth it.. from what i c.. and trust me.. i played it all.. from dragonage,buldursgate,SC2,name it i have played it well so far the ...

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the ps3 version was held bk by the 360 version of this game ... besides the guy that is in charge i heard he got an extra 2 million dollars for best quality on the 360 from MS...*cough cough*

ps3 fans like me.. lets boycott this game.. DO NOT BUY! low production titles... !!!

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there is a difference in terms.. of art style of a game. which could also affect the way a CGI is done.. anygame can achieve a high level of detail if the art style doesnt require it to go into reality as such... and i dont see how FF has realistic graphics.. so i would say CGI=INGAME is a possibility... but if u really want to test the power of graphics take the game to reality take it to crysis or something in that caliber and lets see how far it will hold.. with all the complex lighting s...

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one reason i would say in terms of graphical tech.. i dont think the japs .. are even close to the west.. so for this game to be CGI=INGAME.. bullcrap!.. if they prove me wrong heck.. ps3 is stronger than the highest end PC.. PC gamers sell ur stuff coz its a big junk of crap if a console can out >crysis level stuff.

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halo reach vid is ingame ... NO NO NO IMPOSSIBLE!!!

FF VS.. is in game .. OH YES YES .... EQUALS CGI?.. oh hell yes yes...

i have seen it all on N4G. loool

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0i bet he is the shorted of all 5 fingers (mentally speaking) 360 gamers play games they love in long hull so if u see a game up there that is over 2 years old they love it.. heck 3 cod games... that alone is speaking billions..

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u should have bought a pc.. cost like 900 dollar extra but its superior :D

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i wouldnt say they are not confident in the engine coz they are using it again and its been SUPERheavily modified (ue3) for the game and i bet it will be the best unreal game we have ever since to date. and we have seen quite abit of the gameplay already and it looks beautiful i must say so even if a CGI was used i would let them slide beside its bioware.. their games are always fun i never needed dragon age to be graphically awesome so when i saw it i wasnt bothered this one i wasnt asking f...

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this game .. is sitting pretty in my pre order list...nothing less than 4 playthroughs at LEAST.. beautiful trailer MASS EFFECT 2!!!.. bioware.. love u to bits.. give me a beautiful RPG..

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Oh i will buy a freaking 1200 pc to play one game or 2 a whoollle year than spend 199 and get a 360 which alot more games and save the money to go on holiday or buy myself something sweet... that whole PC statement i bet u 70 percent of the stupid fanboys that say that stuff dont even have a gaming rig... they just say it .. just to take the piss...



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do u really think sony is the only company MS is fighting against.?? dont u knw there is linux and apple?? and if microsoft make sure games are on its software platform and hardware (consoles) they keep and monopolize the market in their favour ... so if they call it an exclusive it sort of is.. playstation is not the only thing that microsoft is concerned about remember they are formost a software company... they want windows 7 to sell they want ppl to game on it and so too on the 360 .. so ...

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dude seriously .. u really REALLLY think halo is that generic that if something has halo slapped on it IT WONT SELL?.. are u f**king kidding me.. tell me one thing that has halo that hasnt sold.? isnt tha brand awareness ?... mario is big big big.. but halo is just coming right behind to become some pop-cultural figure.. weda u like it or not.. its happening already.. watch the sales of anything halo ... it is sure to sell..

edit: not to mention its a franchise that made.. multi...

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no matter how many may refuse to give halo credit that game single-handedly made paved a path for today's gaming psyche.. need to play FPS on console... coop-ing with friends in all sorts of matter to vehicle( damn i remember getting in a warhog in halo1 with a friend that was some freaking amazing thing when i played it on PC.. i was like omg we are playing together.. ).. then it really pushed XBOXlive and which made PSN in away more competitive and jump into online gaming ... coz frankly i ...

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1.1 -

on topic
15GB is a lot

lool imagine having to go to a shop ...

Gamestop Guy: Morning, what can i do for u today

Dude: emm, i wanna buy ff13
Gamestop guy:which version ps3 or 360
dude:360 ..
Gamestop guy: give me a min i want to go get the game from the stock
Dude:ok.. *looks at the shelf sees ps3 hanging and wonders mm ok*


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that is alot of information gone missing but so far it doesnt make the experience offputting that is fine.. i believe. the only thing i would have loved is the japanese voicing and english subs.. since the voice over work or lip-syncing by japs are always bad..

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see all those disagrees coz ppl.. love the game coming to the 360.. ehehe.. how pathetic..

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a true gamer have to have em all.. to get the best choice... and i agree with u brothers..

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ps3 fangirls are pathetic.. seriously.. on a 360 exclusive article u still need to come and troll like a idiotic baby....are u that scared u need to troll ... or rather its too shocking teh 360 can put out such graphics it makes ur head spin... well since u still think its a CGI we will take that as a compliment ...HALO REACH.. be SCARRREDDDD.. it will .. be SICK.. ONLINE WILL ROCK.... IT WILL SELLL GAZILLIONS...puff.. u just had what 1 mill in final fantasy.. gezz that is the highest day one...

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