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Well at some time they will be right, maybe in 20 or 100 years? In both cases past my time here on earth. #2.1.2
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If I buy a console it is based on the specifications and what it currently can do and not something that "may" be possible somewhere or sometime in the future. M$ already said DX12 is for the XBone somewhere in 2015, the bots(or is it the titans /s) claims that the cloud is in beta and in development, they also claim the XBone will grow and become (what it already should have been)a fantastic new gen super console sometime in future, thus the resolution and fps as well as the hardw... #13.2
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[DirectX 12 promises to allow coders to work “closer to the metal,” which is what AMD’s Mantle and Sony’s ICE team have been doing for a while now.]

LOL! again just LOL

[Cort Stratton, Naughty Dog, ICE Team Programmer:
Looks awfully familiar : ) Glad to see more gfx APIs moving closer to the hardware. New patterns are emerging!

Stratton’s comment is especially interesting: DirectX 12 promises to allow coders to work “closer to the metal,... #12
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The Internet happened maybe? #13
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Titanfall did not do too much for M$ in the EU so why would anything do much for XBone in Japan of all places?

Anyway give it a try M$ I would love to see the outcome! #21
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""Microsoft’s Claim of Xbox One Becoming More Powerful Using The Cloud Is ‘Technically Correct’""

Sure Technically it's also utter BS, so both scenarios are correct.

I will wait for the prove of the pudding!

Technically the same would also apply for Sony and the PS4 as well as PC and any other device that can interface and connect to the internet or so called "clouds".

Just pure MS PR spin-of... #24
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To win? First get your act together M$ and fix what is wrong, that's the XBone hardware first, then your attitude, then your lying and deceit and last but not least your anti competitive actions to enforce a "win". #39
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Fark me with a telephone pole. BS baffle brains, racist brains! #8
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Sure, maybe many companies dabbed with VR in the past. Sony are yet again ahead of the pack in this gen regarding consoles. They are one up on Microsoft yet again by announcing and revealing their VR device first just as with the PS4 reveal. Thus, now MS will scramble to compete and have to play catchup again. I really welcome the competition but think that if anyone can make this work it will be Sony. They did not only reveal their VR device but had some running well in demo's so it'... #9
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"we have some big announcements that we’re going to unveil to the world in the next few months at E3 and Gamescom. It’s show season again."

I simple terms it's time for M$ to mislead and deceive again.

Milo and the super AI are still to fresh in memory.

Common corvus explain to us about Milo.
Also explain the lack of titles on the Xbox 360 and while you are at it why we can believe Microsoft this time round.
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Another troll that needs his remaining bubbles burst just like they did with mine!

I wish there was a way for N4G to identify specific trolls and limit their access to comment on articles based on those they normally troll.

Whoever sees VR as just another add on peripheral like the troll above should rethink what the technology entails and what it offers. I will easily pay the projected costs as well as the higher costs for the better version of the VR tech and... #1.8
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Time to burst some of those trolling bubbles of yours. So stop BShirtting yourself!

No matter how you twist and turn your apologetic excuses and stories the facts remains very clear.

PS3 sold more than the Xbox360 on average that's why with a year later release they still outsold the eXbox360 and are currently competing with the XBone sales in numbers.

The current PS4 demand and Xbone sales drought tell a different... #3.1.4
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@Thrust and Batman


Explain why the absence of boasting or silence of Microsoft are so deafening? #1.1.6
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I for one laughed at the videos on you tube where the aim line bends and shoots around the corner. What a joke! #5
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Head on means straight in front. Who has eyes on the back or sides of their head to see 360 degrees at once?
As you turn in game you will view the full 360 degrees as you turn. You will have the sensation of being in the game.

This would have been a LOL if the troll attempt was not so pathetic and actually very tragic as it shows what little technical savvy you have up there! #3.2
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Now that better they are slowly but surely developing the XBone /s

A few thins missing still!
1080P 60 fps
Cloud power to increase the Xbone power as promised
The hidden GPU
The secret sauce
Titanfall boosting massive sales

The list can carry on but it's becoming a bit tedious

Milo anyone?

I so wish that the XBone will start to seriously compete as it would be wonderful to have two... #15
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"Look, simple fact is Sony held back stock of the PS4 until the release of TF last week, this countered the hype of the X1 TF bundle. Sales figures earlier today confirm that."

Tell yourself that! You are dreaming buddy. The demand for the PS4 is so high that it would be stupid for Sony to hold back stock. They would have sold all those that would have been available as well as those that are selling due to the Infamous anticipat... #1.1.6
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"Titanfall sells 700,000 copies at launch but PS4 still outsells Xbox One comfortably"

It could have read:

Titanfall sells 2.x million copies at launch.... /S if it was available on ps4 as originally planned.

Suck that up EA and enjoy the meagre contract you made with M$, the gaming industry criminal Mafioso. I am sure you are regretting the fact that you backed the wrong horse.

"If" true then it's wis... #1.14
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LOL, PR hype at it's best!

Every-time NPD numbers becomes available M$ PR comes with another PR invention or is it distraction? #4
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Well there are games,
then there are true quality games,
then there are games for the mass market appeal,
then there are overhyped games supported by $'s cash in adds,
then finally there are masterpieces.

You choose which represent which between "Titanfall" and "Second son" (wink)

I presume the saying "each to his own" speaks volumes here,
but then again consider that true numbers do... #16.1
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