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Life must be so boring and horrible for you? Really do you have nothing else to do with your pathetic existence? The Xbone or Xbox must be boring with so little content that you rather troll PS3/4 articles for a life. That is if you even own any console which I am beginning to doubt.

Poor pathetic existence. Sad really.

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georgeenoob quote[I enjoy Kinect mostly because of the dashboard navigation and voice commands, which makes the Xbox One a great experience.]

You do not need an expensive Kinect to do dashboard navigation and voice commands. A normal cam and mic will do just fine. The problem is that the core functions of the Kinect and Kinect2 as touted by Microsoft have not reached the gamers as yet. I am beginning to doubt if it ever will. Maybe Kinect2 will have better success in PC appl...

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PS4 1.9* XBone globally. Interesting numbers. This at a time with major game releases so if we look back and reconsider these numbers we have to conclude that Titanfall did not do much or rather enough to stem the PS4 domination globally as was expected by most rational thinkers.

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[It’s perhaps Billy O’Neal’s response that is most telling, seeing as he is a C# and C++ developer at Microsoft. “Both major consoles have a large number of weak sauce CPU cores. Hence the motivation to optimize that case.” Would any one from the company really go on record and say that?]

The emphasis here is "Both major consoles..." and this is coming from Microsoft. (wink)

Bring it on, I would love to see and experience the improvement claims. We ...

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Likely it's just your opinion!

quote [Also i dont think sony is going to destroy MS at E3 this time, I think it will be the exact opposite. but thats just my opinion]

Like at the E3 when they revealed and introduced Milo and the Super IO to steal the SONY PS3 thunder? Where is that Milo now? Lies and deceit again? I hope not!

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PR spin are always interesting and as usual very entertaining!

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PS domination, Xbox abomination.

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Oh me, sounds more like he should the head of the national sales team than head the Xbox division. What in reality happened of all the "promises" and bragging that was showed in that video clip?

I guess at that time he never would have guessed the sad situation of the current reality?

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So Titanfall failed to sell a huge amount of Xbone's as expected and gets owned by another game in the EU regions?

The mostly overhyped, anticipated, advertised console seller of the new gen? /s

I cannot wait for the release of the real numbers very soon. Will make for great entertainment on N4G.

Seems like we will be enduring a lot of trolling buthurt from the #hopefools soon (wink)

/Rush to shop to stock up on popcorn! ...

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Placed the obvious 7 years old troll ovnipc with NO consoles on ignore

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So Microsoft and their engineers use beta testers to test the buggy firmware updates? So sad, why can they not do it themselves I must ask?

Looks like the rumour that the XBone was rushed to market have a few truths hidden inside there somewhere?

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I'm speechless! I say no more, I'l let the numbers do the talking!

To all the doubters and hopefools out there! Time to rethink don't you think?

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quote = [****PS4 now has a solid 3 million lead over Xbox One globally]

Say no more. Let the numbers do the talking!

To all the doubters and hopefools out there! Time to rethink don't you think?

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Well the verdict are anonymous here. Off course it's needed for ALL the above reasons and as Lucas stated!

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Seems to me there were some infighting and personal differences rather and therefore the split, yet a certain faction on N4G's want to make out it's Sony's fault. So much for those buthurt idiots.

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Confirmed. XBone no more required!

Will wait for the price first before finally deciding but thanks the Microsoft I may get my hands on the Kinect2PC for fun and skip the XBone altogether.

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I am relaxed, what's to worry about?

The PS4 are doing well, massive AAA games are in the works. Multiplats are superior.
Also innovation are yet again in progress.

So what's not happening to be concerned about?

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Yeah, like?

Always online
No used game sales
Cheaper hardware for a massive price
Forced kinect
Lies and deception

You are right, All console manufacturers are indeed focussed on gamers /s

For one specific corporate giant the "focus" only started when the console preorders numbers became clear and momentum increased when the subsequent PS4 sales advantage after release became clear. Now al...

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"Submitted by pakua 1h ago | opinion piece"

Pass indeed!

As for the topic. Yeah Innovation is dead. Sony and their devs are the innovation killers. /s LOL!

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"Nintendo Co Ltd has more than 75 (%) percent chance of experiencing financial distress in the next 2 years of operations"

Financial stress is the key IF Nintendo do nothing about their current situation. I doubt they are sitting waiting to be declared bankrupt.

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