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Well there are games,
then there are true quality games,
then there are games for the mass market appeal,
then there are overhyped games supported by $'s cash in adds,
then finally there are masterpieces.

You choose which represent which between "Titanfall" and "Second son" (wink)

I presume the saying "each to his own" speaks volumes here,
but then again consider that true numbers do... #16.1
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["nerdman67 + 33m ago
Every place I have been the past few weeks has plenty of consoles."]

Do you even know what a console look like? Do you know the differences between a PS4, XBone, PS3 or a Xbox360? Do you even know what text or colours are displayed on which boxes?

Trolling for the sake of it are a real disease. See someone about it soon for your own peace and piece of mind! #6.3.4
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Remember it got those reviews before release even while they never knew about the real performance issues the effect live online would have. One reviewer did an update with a re-review and gave it only 71 after they played the real release version.

The same happens when the XBone get awards for "Electronics of the year" before the year even started. Never underestimate the power of M$ money and influence in the gaming sector that causes them to get away with lies a... #5.1
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Their are a huge difference between jibes and outright LIES AND DECEIT, that's the major difference between Sony and Microsoft PR.

I can make a whole list from the previous and the new gen but I will refrain as it would need a page at least and everyone frequenting gaming sites know them all by now.

Say hello to Milo!! #15
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LoL, it's a golf game? Why the hi spec requirements. #8
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Obviously. What else new are there for the 80Mil Xbox 360 owners due to Microsoft's lack of love and little to offer in game titles for a long time and considering on top of it that some of their most precious titles moved to the XBone?

Thank goodness that Titanfall will arrive soon. #6
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I do call it the XBone, but it's not factual enough for me thus therefore I prefer to call like you pronounce it ...

The eXBone (Like in hass_been)

but lately after the sales numbers eXB0 (eXBzero) should be more apt, considering even M$ shareholders wants to dump it!

LoL at all the butt_hurt Xbot babies reporting all the comments as trolling and the eXbox biased mods obliged them for it. #46
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Not at all what he said. Read again, this time slowly and comprehend some.

He means that if a game is gimped or run at lowered specifications on the PS4 due to a parity clause by Microsoft then PS4 gamers should boycott that product.

Actually I agree. #5.1.1
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And......1,2,3........suddenly ........... resolution matters again!

We stream content not resolution (wink) #6
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["4. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (XOne) Electronic Arts, Action 53,964
5. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (X360) Electronic Arts, Action 49,707"]


Must be sad to not having a decent selection of games to play. I would never buy this game, got it for free on PS+ for my PS3. #23
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Hey look who submitted this "opinion piece! Then looky here at the comment history


Two bubbles and all! #1
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"Lifetime Console Sales Are What Matter, Not Initial Sales"
"Resolution and framerates does not matter"
"We play games not resolution"
"720p=upscaled 1080p=native 1080p "
"Power does not always matter, the cloud will compensate"

I lost track of all the Apologists apologetic "excuses".

What's next? Maybe "AAA first party games does not matter" /s #8
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The KZ rumour was false information and way out of reality in context.

Rather blame M$ and their supporters like you for all the negative news and attention they deservedly receive.

Cry me a river, why should they fail this if the article state facts as quoted by a M$ representative. Now if this information is false then it's up to M$ to deny these allegations and then the mods could kill this "rumour"?

Butt hurt much?
... #4.2
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Then why are the sales numbers not staggering? Is it maybe because M$ with the XBone are catering for the wrong crowd?

$500 is just to much for a sports game and a Spark project! That's not only my opinion if we look at the XBone's current sales numbers in comparison with the PS4! #4
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Just read and comments above especially #24.1 by Bathyj comprehend a bit then think for a while, a long while and maybe then you will get it! #26.2
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"unless they believe that the console is selling horribly compared to the competition."

LoL. Then how do you "see" it then? #10.4
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Damn guys just bubble down these trolls for trolling! Soon the will have to come back with new nicks'

Back on topic. Yeah the PS4 will just grow from strength to strength just as the PS3 did. This article are just proof it's only the beginning of something greater than ever. Let the games and entertainment roll on the only true new gen console.

PS: No butt hurt troll can change that fact and neither can their trolling affect the PS4 sales performance! So... #1.2.17
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Desperation station for the XBone! LoL #22
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There are definitely a RustyNail stuck in your head as it 5eriously affects you logic and common sense!

Even if M$ retails teh Xbox in ALL countries and even after Titanfail is released there will be a huge gap between PS4 and Xbone with a minimum of 2:1 in favor of the PS4 worldwide!

Also just explain a small and simple coincidence...

Why oh Why are the PS4 outselling the XBone in ALL countries where both are available and WHY in the UK and... #16.2
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And suddenly resolution matters again, Bwahahahahahahaha!


Now lets wait and see how many complain about the bad and choppy streaming because of their own bad internet services. #13
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