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Will they have realistic looking graphic 3D spectators on the horizon?

@TrueFan0 above. You crack yourself up but do not worry we understand as we know Idiosm is a terrible disease to suffer from. #32
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I just want to see the proof of the pudding, stop all the BS talk and show us the results now. So far after all these months all we hear are talking, promises and posturing but nothing concrete on the table. I am tired of hearing the could haves, should haves, future this and future that. Is the XBone still in the design phases? FFS it's time to deliver and all that happened so far is that the Kinect was dropped as everyone expected will happen apart from a few idiot die hard fanbois! #9
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Shhhhhhh, do not tell the fanbois as they have all their hopes and live savings pinned and betted on the secret sauce .... DX12 extraordinaire and the clouds!

Please do not dishapoint ThePowerodGreenCheeks and Truefan0 plus others as this is serious delusion business. #13
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Another real reason to buy and XBONE. Fantastic feature, lets ignore reality! #8
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And....the trend continues! Tell us there is no problem I dare ya PowerOfGreenCheeks tell us that DX12 and the secret sauce will rectify the situation and that the XB1 will exceed the power of the PS3 once the clouds come in without the rain and thunder.

Then again I wish for the kinectless XB1 to be better and that the Kinect2 would be bundled for free in future as that is the only reason I would have acquired the XB1. Hollow5 will not do it for me neither Forcedza.
... #7
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Poor Corvus. The trend is there and remains the same. All you have is promises of the sauce, the cloud, dx12 and gimped textures (Forza spectators). The facts are clear, the PS4 delivers the eXBone struggles. Until I see the proof of the M$ sauce, the cloud and DX12 I would not believe anything M$ vomits. They will do anything to convince prospective buyers using the old salesman BS technique! I do not trust or believe them for one picosecond. #30.2
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As usual Nice find Abriael! Cannot wait for E3 to see all the new trends. #1.1.1
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Bottom line. You do not own or even have access to a console and IMHO never will never will. All you do is troll the same garbage over and over without adding any value to any discussion. I never see anyone of you troll posts with concrete facts or information. You are a Microsoft wannabee, and a poor pathetic one at that! #1.4.5
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Whats good about it without it's special Identity the Kinect? #12
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I smell another Milo and Super AI scam coming from the de facto scamming and false advertising champs "Microsoft". #100
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XboxOne! The first and only "design on the fly" console system!

Microsoft obviously sold an incomplete system to many early adopters that bought into it. None of the original buyers have what they originally bought and I am sure they do not know where it will end!

I hope for the best.


Quote:"CHANGE is good....... What is there not to like?"

Definitely not tha fact that it is s... #13
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Quote: "A 10-minute comprehensive look at the Kinect's dramatic rise to mainstream success"

When was that? It never was a success. It's a great piece of tech, usefull for a lot of things but NOT for general gaming as in all this time we never saw the gains it would bring to gaming. It could be useful in some games like sports but never a mainstream controller. That was just a fallacy perpetrated by Microsoft doing what they do best and that is use the power... #7
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But SS wont sink as fast as Titanfail (wink) #2.6.1
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Why would or should developers use extra resources and money for games that would require a lot of development time for little gain in the context of the game which runs fine with the age old proven controller that is like a standard input peripheral for the developer and their engines.

Do not lay blame on the developers and call them cowards! Microsoft missed the ball, not the developers fault but lay the blame at Microsoft conning millions to buy into their grand scheme of... #21
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So we called it! Where are those fanbois that said M$ will never do it!

Desperation and the prospect of losing makes them change their ways very fast. We saw that in the many 180's and U-turns Microsoft made since last year!

The end result is that you get even less for your money and that is fact. As many of you stated the "identity" placing the XBone separate from the other consoles are gone. So are the requirement to produce Kinect shovelware... #54
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Microsoft and their known bullying tactics maybe? (Winky) #12.3
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Quote: "It’s more about having fun at 60fps than small differences between systems.”

Strange I never got the same impression during the previous gen or let me rather say I was not allowed my own opinionx as the eXBox fanbois would just not let it go. "The Lens of Truth" was their defacto bible of prove regularly quoted and adhered to, it's so strange how things changed now that the roles of the consoles changed, I never see reference to "The Lens of Truth... #45
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@ Axios2

PS3 21,113 (-0%) 32,134,652
XOne 20,387 (0%) 1,057,668

Say no more! Eat your heart out . The eXboxOne found them a nice niche to compete with (wink) #1.1.12
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QUOTE [He also mentioned “community stuff” and “fun stuff”]

Translated: "Kinect shovelware!" #3
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@christocolus Quote:[if Phils recent comments are anything to go by then MS will definitly have a heck of a scam again at E3..]


Looking at past E3's the only time M$ had a heck of a show was when they scammed Americans to fall for their BS and lies. Where is Milo, Where is the super AI as promised. Where is all the AAA new IP's and endless games supply for the 360? Look at the difference at what Forza promised and delivered. Look at the power an... #1.3.1
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