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Now where is all the initial doubters? Silent in mourning?

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Bring it on Sony. The more the better, smother the opposition!

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LOL at the Sad Sack trolls downvoting comments about these results. Must be all they can still do as their arguments all fell flat and there is nothing more they can say to use as an excuse anymore..false hope is all they have left.

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That what they were doing since inception. A few spikes make the console or sales better not!

LOL at the eXBone trolls downvoting factual comments!

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On the console of forced compromises? Anything is possible at a cost!

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IMHO a more comprehensive toy console and media device as compared to a solid professional high performance gaming console with some media features. (wink)

@KNWS What an idiotic repetitive argument. Time to grow up some now and look at the markets where both consoles are selling now, like in the US of A. Explain that market with facts and maybe you can regain a small tiny fraction of your non credibility and totally lost respect. But I know you can't and won't as trol...

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"This doesn’t mean that we’re walking away from our fans who only play on PlayStation or on PC. Those are great systems, with great partners, and amazing communities. We have Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris coming to those platforms this December, and Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition is available on PS4."

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What surprises? Tomb Raider? When?

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Not at all surprising if you have the know about hardware and better technology! Microsoft needs more than price cuts and empty promises!

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So many used this feature as a reason to justify buying a XBone instead of other consoles! They won't take it well but I am sure a few would now come an spin a different about about this.

Not good M$, thats why I will never trust your promises unless I see them in retail store ready to buy!

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Buy an Xbox and Crackdown. But we all know it's good to dream. Also we all know that destruction in itself does not mean that you necessarily need processing power to do destruction as it can also be done brick by brick and a lot of time. So not much processing power is required unless it all happens in an instant with lots of particles flying. (wink)

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It was never a masterpiece just an overhyped fun game and thus passing fad!

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Oh my goodness. Lets not discuss the hype with Titanfail then!

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IF,IF,IF and BUT, BUT, BUT and old history. tt's a new era and I am so tired of all the if's and but's and what the future secret sauces and DX's will bring. Just bring reality and proof and forget all the made up PR BS already!

I will only believe and buy when I see the proof of the pudding as I learned that MS and all their detractors like MPoG and others lie and are full of deceit and change their stories and agendas ALL the Time.

Whereas S...

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LOL for all the biggest eXBONE idiots commenting in one picture!

@Bob, jouno's only printed what idiots wanted to hear as it generates hits for them. (wink)

@Artimidorus, bthurt is rife in that comment!

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So what do you really believe? That Microsoft is on top of the list with sales and that there are a conspiracy to report false numbers to boost the other consoles?

You really need a tinfoil hat or catch a wake up!

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More of the same. Nothing changed yet I am still waiting in anticipation for the secret sauce, the cloud power and the kinect 10% to arrive! Maybe "XBone Day"?????????

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I never felt so Halow 1,2,3,4,X,5 in all my life!

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Easy to achieve with remakes and old engines I should think!

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"Where Are the Numbers?"


Hollow 1,2,3,4,x,5 All coming at once!

Better question should be Where are all the games?

Anyway at least i take my hat off and respect the fact that Phil did not pull another E3 Milo stunt. Well done Phil!

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