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Not at all surprising if you have the know about hardware and better technology! Microsoft needs more than price cuts and empty promises! #7
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So many used this feature as a reason to justify buying a XBone instead of other consoles! They won't take it well but I am sure a few would now come an spin a different about about this.

Not good M$, thats why I will never trust your promises unless I see them in retail store ready to buy! #10
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Buy an Xbox and Crackdown. But we all know it's good to dream. Also we all know that destruction in itself does not mean that you necessarily need processing power to do destruction as it can also be done brick by brick and a lot of time. So not much processing power is required unless it all happens in an instant with lots of particles flying. (wink) #1.3.3
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It was never a masterpiece just an overhyped fun game and thus passing fad! #24
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Oh my goodness. Lets not discuss the hype with Titanfail then! #6
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IF,IF,IF and BUT, BUT, BUT and old history. tt's a new era and I am so tired of all the if's and but's and what the future secret sauces and DX's will bring. Just bring reality and proof and forget all the made up PR BS already!

I will only believe and buy when I see the proof of the pudding as I learned that MS and all their detractors like MPoG and others lie and are full of deceit and change their stories and agendas ALL the Time.

Whereas S... #7
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LOL for all the biggest eXBONE idiots commenting in one picture!

@Bob, jouno's only printed what idiots wanted to hear as it generates hits for them. (wink)

@Artimidorus, bthurt is rife in that comment! #20.1
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So what do you really believe? That Microsoft is on top of the list with sales and that there are a conspiracy to report false numbers to boost the other consoles?

You really need a tinfoil hat or catch a wake up! #20.1
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More of the same. Nothing changed yet I am still waiting in anticipation for the secret sauce, the cloud power and the kinect 10% to arrive! Maybe "XBone Day"????????? #41
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I never felt so Halow 1,2,3,4,X,5 in all my life! #5
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Easy to achieve with remakes and old engines I should think! #8
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"Where Are the Numbers?"


Hollow 1,2,3,4,x,5 All coming at once!

Better question should be Where are all the games?

Anyway at least i take my hat off and respect the fact that Phil did not pull another E3 Milo stunt. Well done Phil! #11
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Will they have realistic looking graphic 3D spectators on the horizon?

@TrueFan0 above. You crack yourself up but do not worry we understand as we know Idiosm is a terrible disease to suffer from. #32
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I just want to see the proof of the pudding, stop all the BS talk and show us the results now. So far after all these months all we hear are talking, promises and posturing but nothing concrete on the table. I am tired of hearing the could haves, should haves, future this and future that. Is the XBone still in the design phases? FFS it's time to deliver and all that happened so far is that the Kinect was dropped as everyone expected will happen apart from a few idiot die hard fanbois! #9
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Shhhhhhh, do not tell the fanbois as they have all their hopes and live savings pinned and betted on the secret sauce .... DX12 extraordinaire and the clouds!

Please do not dishapoint ThePowerodGreenCheeks and Truefan0 plus others as this is serious delusion business. #13
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Another real reason to buy and XBONE. Fantastic feature, lets ignore reality! #8
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And....the trend continues! Tell us there is no problem I dare ya PowerOfGreenCheeks tell us that DX12 and the secret sauce will rectify the situation and that the XB1 will exceed the power of the PS3 once the clouds come in without the rain and thunder.

Then again I wish for the kinectless XB1 to be better and that the Kinect2 would be bundled for free in future as that is the only reason I would have acquired the XB1. Hollow5 will not do it for me neither Forcedza.
... #7
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Poor Corvus. The trend is there and remains the same. All you have is promises of the sauce, the cloud, dx12 and gimped textures (Forza spectators). The facts are clear, the PS4 delivers the eXBone struggles. Until I see the proof of the M$ sauce, the cloud and DX12 I would not believe anything M$ vomits. They will do anything to convince prospective buyers using the old salesman BS technique! I do not trust or believe them for one picosecond. #30.2
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As usual Nice find Abriael! Cannot wait for E3 to see all the new trends. #1.1.1
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Bottom line. You do not own or even have access to a console and IMHO never will never will. All you do is troll the same garbage over and over without adding any value to any discussion. I never see anyone of you troll posts with concrete facts or information. You are a Microsoft wannabee, and a poor pathetic one at that! #1.4.5
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