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Even if it's a "generic mmo" and even if it ends up getting 8's.. it will still be better than killzone SF! lol SO ill def pick it up for my ps!

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Even though I own a ps system only, i didn't enjoy The Last of Us like i did GTA V..
And since this is a PS fanboy site, of course you guys want TLOU to win, i mean, even HAZE and LAIR would win if it was up to you guys.

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360's failure rate was mostly WITHIN the first 3 years though. so why compare 2-3 years to 2 days?
i had both launch systems and both broke around a year.

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it's been 2-3 days since it was released. maybe more down the road? my launch 360 rrod a year later, my launch ps3 ylod more than a year later.. so ill wait a little bit this time:)

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How much are the preorder cards? How much were they all together?

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I played till i saw the first clickers, then played multiplayer a few days then traded the game in :D *prepares to get thumbed down* I just kept the stickers.

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I didn't read any of it. but i don't understand why people do. don't people rather find these things on their own while playing the game? I'm a huge gta fan I've been buying them since the first one in 1998. when gta4 was announced, i didn't read no preview, didn't watch no gameplay video, the first time that i saw what it looked liked and the first time i saw a gameplay video was me playing it. it was worth the wait.

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like i said. BF4 will take my future ps4's virginity.

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it's 2013, buddy. yes it's a gaming console, but there are 100$ tablets with better os and ui than ps3 or vita's. i love my ps3, but its ancient. and the vita's is too kiddy. ps4 look promising though.

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wolfenstein: et is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences i've had. but splash damage made that game. i also wish they made the game for psn/xlive

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i always wanted something objective based for this games, something like this.. The whole city is split up into four part, A, B, C, and D.. 4 to 5 players start in part A, there's a big wall between A, and B. so the objective is to collect objects to make a home-made bomb to blow the wall up and advance to part B of the city. each part will have its own objective. and while trying to get from A to D there's 4 to 5 enemies tryng to stop you. with a few AI controlled clickers after EVER...

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Dark Souls 2: Dying to Live

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I agree. I use to think the n64 wrestling games where the best, up until I bought it again recently along with the no mercy/revenge games, they didn't aged so good for me.. Then I remembered in smackdown vs raw I would put a table on top of another table, then stand the ladder on top of the second table and from the very top, i would do these high flying moves from inside the ring alll the way to the opponent knocked out on the announcer's table. Pretty epic hardcore matches... makes ...

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The King is dead, long live the King!

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nice. I'm one of those PS3 players..
off topic.. Far Cry 3 multiplayer would've been a whole lot better if they went the battlefield way, using similar game modes to bf, taking advantage of the vehicles. but they went the cod way.

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I'm one of those in the 525,000 :) loving my ps3.

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Why not this.
Ranked mode: Ubisoft's "team work" multiplayer.
Free play/ unranked mode: vehicles allowed.

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lol we should replace the word "year" with cod.
"Two cods from now I'll be living on my own"
"Last cod I was in a car accident" ..

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I'll see you at the store!!! NORAAA!! NISHINAAYIMOO!! WATTAATATA!!

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It's my first time buying something on line on blackfriday. So I was surprised the ps3 was still in stock. So I hope it wasn't a mistake on the site. My order went through though, and it charged my card 215$

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