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I remember everyone bashing that Ryse game for QTEs, but now they praise QTEs in The Order... I'm done, too many hypocrites.

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Sorry I'm just not a fan of QTEs in games, I want them gone from all games. I hate QTEs in GoW, in every game, I don't know any gamers who actually like QTEs.

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I actually own all the next-gen consoles and I'm neither of those people you mentioned and I'm not trolling, simple stating what I'm reading from IGN and this is my first account... Just because I joined recently doesn't mean I'm a second account.

Actually IGN made an entire video talking about Titanfall's AI...

I've never seen anyone that get's so upset over the slightest criticism over a Playstation exclusive... Grow up, you&...

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Great... I love QTEs *Sighs*

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I said the samething and was bombarded with hate and disagrees. Seems like I was right after reading more previews.

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From what I read, the QTEs sound exactly like the QTEs in Tell-Tale games... Honestly hearing QTEs and hearing the gameplay is a generic TPS from IGN has me really worried.

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That's a bit worrying about the gameplay side of things, IGN didn't sound too positive, but I agree with the visuals, they're astonishing, truly next-gen.

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Didn't we already know this information? Oh well, E3 2014 is going to be glorious! Looking forward to seeing some new IPs.

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Just curious, why do people hate Cliffy B so much?

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Well it suited the game IMO, can't imagine Gears of War without the overly muscle turtle men now.

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Tweet could be referring to games in general, as in gameplay.

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Reminds me of Uncharted with the TPS over the shoulder action and Puzzles but set in the 1800s, I'm intrigued.

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Dafuq why are people disagreeing... Cliffy B was a huge influence on Unreal Touranment and created Gears of War... He may be a giant douche, but he's a damn talented game designer and there's a serious drought of Arena shooters.

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I hope Cliffy B is working on an Arena Shooter, it's time for that genre to be revived, can't think of anyone better to revive it.

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Witcher 3, Destiny and Lords of the Fallen are my most anticipated RPGs

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My guess is Santa Monicas game

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Looking forward to this, I want to see more Oculus Rift games

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I feel Microsofts last E3 was actually a great show, but the DRM and price really killed it. Hopefully we see a ton of new AAA games.

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Agreed, the gameplay looked really generic and I don't understand why they would showcase these gameplay moments.

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I wasn't stating the whole game will be like this, but them showing us the first sections of gameplay are linear gun battles in an alleyway doesn't make me optimistic about the gameplay.

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