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This is really hard to understand without any visual elements. Hes talking about doing all these things and hitting buttons and triggers, and I have no clue how it looks.

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No deathstar...WTH man....

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Uh no. Sorry.

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I wonder if this is unpatched. I have many friends playing it and they haven't had a single issue.

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I actually picked up an xbone at launch for KI, people said I was crazy but I wanted that game so bad.

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Id bet you havent even tried

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Good month. Glad to see them adding an extra game for Xbone. Ill pick up black flag again just to sail around.

Gears will eventually hit the BC list too, which is just an even sweeter deal.

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they made this for Iphone!? I didn't know that was possible.

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PDZ is already on the list. In fact im playing it right now!

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Best game of the show (so far) for me: Doom
Best new IP: Horizon
Biggest SHocker: BC for Xbox One

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Whats Fallout? Kidding I swear.

If its 2015 that would be amazing! I have a feeling its 2016 though.

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that a huge file! I wonder how long it is.

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100% disagree.

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Very interesting its going to be more about first party than third. Looking forward to it.

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If i want to play battlefield, I'll buy Battlefield. I wanted a star wars battlefront game, not a battlefield game with a star wars skin

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"The other major thing I took away from the gameplay video was how much it looked like Battlefield, even with the Star Wars trappings."

I knew it. There was no way they could pull off a brand new Battlefront game in 2.5 years and not have it be Battlefield like.

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Need gameplay EA. More of "in engine footage" does nothing for me.

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Need gameplay Ea...

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Great game, i hope it gets a sequel.

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It really isnt a big deal. The biggest problem is how much power those consoles draw just watching movies and using apps, its insane how much power they take to watch a blu ray.

Why was Micrsoft only attacked? Heres a breakdown I saw thats mathematically correct user Outthink_THe_Room

Breakdown: XB1

Standby with instant-on for 18 hours at 12.5w = 225w
Gaming for 4 hours at 119w = 476w
Watching a movie for 2 hours at 80w = 1...

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