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Thanks for the reply. I wanted to give the game higher than a 6 but I just couldnt when the main RPG mechanics are so bland and basic, which is half of what this game has to offer.

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I really dont think moaning was ever included in this piece. (shrugs)

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How do they have Xbox One X images? Unelss you are capturing form the source with a 4K capture card, this is literally pointless. Since One X isn't even out, thats impossible. And they also look like Jpegs.

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I dont believe anybody said the Xbox One X is bad in any way.

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Like I said it in the piece, they really should of presented it just like that.

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I agree with that.

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I dont think its fair to say it cant deliver, because so far all first party games are in 4k, but Microsoft should of been more clear to as what third party developers will do

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Can you show me a link? Id liek to read that

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Im curious how Atmos will sound in games.

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Helpful tips. Thanks for the input.

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I dont believe I ever said I was trying to play it like Killer Instinct. Only that i wasnt grasping the mechanics as easily as KI.

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Weird choice locking the frame rate choice to the pro. let me drop the rez if want to get 60 fps

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Did you even read it?

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I figured it was always a thing to try and sell games for Christmas, but still. December 1st? How about the 20th at least? And they also advertise mostly sales on the Digital stores. Which means they dont have to run out and buy stuff.

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As always its going to come down to software.

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COD will be fine. It's been the same argument since MW2. That the series will die and something else will take its place. If Ghosts didn't sink the franchise, IDK if anything will.

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@admiralvic They were promoting it in email newsletters. Just an FYI

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The article has been updated to reflect the changes made by Best Buy, and it added that some people are even claiming Best Buy is blaming Sony for the mistake.

I did "bother" to read the comments over at Slick Deals, but at the time of the writing, peoples orders had not been canceled. I not only "bothered" to read it, but ive been following this all day from work.

Thanks for the read, just dont appreciate you trying to act like im som...

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This is really hard to understand without any visual elements. Hes talking about doing all these things and hitting buttons and triggers, and I have no clue how it looks.

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No deathstar...WTH man....

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