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"Ultimately, I believe you readers want the same thing my team, without exception, wants: a site that feels bullshit-free and independent, that tells you about what's cool and interesting about gaming in a fair way that you can trust."

Sorry but I haven't felt that way about Kotaku in years. Some of the stuff they post says the exact opposite of that statement. Which is why I quit going there. #7
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Same as the original Kinect. I thought it would of been a bit higher.

Not a bad price at all. #1
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Whatever we can debate on Star Citizen all day.

"hence, talking about 6 fps is a by the book case of strawman argument that disproves itself."

Um what? I never said it would drop only 6FPS. You didn't disprove anything.

If you are not willing to lower your frame rate to a level thats unplayable, doesn't that mean its more important that how good the game looks? Why is it you aren't willing to do that? well I would guess... #1.2.2
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If you want someone to co op with (i dont use headset much fair wanring) add me on Xbox.

Darth Nikana #5.1.1
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@ Abriel (hit wrong reply button)

And in the grand scheme of things, what is available for Star Citizen, its only an extremely small fraction of what the developers what Star Citizen to be. So my comment of there being hardly any "game" there still stands.

"Of course I won't sacrifice framerate down to unplayable levels"

You are kind of proving my point there. You will make sure the game is playable, which means cutting t... #1.2
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Looking forward to this game. Love this type of game. I still play OG Roller Coaster Tycoon. #1
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I am puzzled to why people keep saying Diablo 3 runs in 53 FPS. It dipped to 53 FPS, VERY rarely. The game runs in 60 FPS 99% of the time. So this group of people trying to claim 1080p somehow killed the frame rate need to stop. #5
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Using Star Citizen as an example is a poor choice considering there really isnt much of a "game" there yet.

Resolution does not really affect the way a game plays like a frame rate does. You can have a game run at 4K but if it runs at 6 FPS, then its doesn't matter because its unplayable. #1.1.1
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Um what? The game still runs at 60 FPS 99% of the time. Both current gen versions are rock solid. #6
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Since when does Polygon do this type of comparison? Have i just been under a rock and never noticed?

I think id trust DF more anyway. #2
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There should be an upgrade price on current gen as well I will admit. If you already have D3 there should be a way to get the game for $40 on current gen and not just last gen.

That being said, the amount of playtime you will get for $60 is still way above and beyond 90% of games. #3
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its an open world VS controlled tracks. Not a fair comparison. #11
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The thing is though, if the sessions are unlimited, why have a cap to begin with. Sure games might be interrupted, but people will just abuse it and start another session if it means they dont have to purchase the game and save $60.

Either the session will be shortened or cap will be removed all together. #2
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You do know Microsoft helped fund the development of Titanfall right...

So your comparison of Sony helping devs make the game and Microsoft just buys it is wrong. #62.1
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Really stunning. Remedy never ceases to amaze me. #16
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How is it forced? You dont have to buy it... #1.2
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Fuse wasnt published by Sony.

Sony has been known to want to keep the IPs that are exclusive to playstation. Why do you think they got Bloodborne instead of just snagging the next Dark souls as an exclusive? #6.1.2
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Depends on what context.

For the time and during the systems lifespan: SNES.

For best of all time: Probably Xbox 360. #1
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I will play the demo just to marvel at the engine a bit, but im not gonna play it for more than 5 minutes so I get the full experience when I pop that disc in. #6
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So pretty much anything from Nintendo will get banned right? They are super strict on their sharing. #7
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