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Can't help but notice an increase of new pro xbox accounts, Just an observation.

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I think they're waiting for M$ to announce a release date so that they can release it 1 or 2 weeks before it.

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@ fermcr
You also appear to have a short memory. Did you forget how this site was M$ fanboy heaven a couple of years ago.

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They should reboot every single franshise they have, Especially Resident Evil.

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Someone made an article on a little joke that someone made in the comment section of this article? (I remember because I lol)

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Superman deserves some love too.

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When I think of war and death I don't think of rap or hip hop, I think of hard rock or heavy metal.

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Wish there were more games with female lead/option.

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The only way to save this series is to re-boot it and make it survival horror again.

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"arena combat mode with weapons and deadly traps lying around and other areas to explore, something like god of war mixed with a wrestling game but with mortal kombat move set and fatalities (environmental/weapon/regular/ special"

So you basically want a sequel to Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks?

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Did anyone honestly think they were going to speak against their bosses?

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Your comment looks like it was copied and pasted from somewhere.

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lol i'm just imagining units going all over the web looking for anything anti sony/ps3 to submit.

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Bad list kinnect and Skyward sword are much worst than Ridge Racer.

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"he is still the best developer on the market." lmao right...

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You got it all wrong it's the xbox defense force that has multiple accounts.

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It goes against M$ policy, You wanna play you gotta pay.

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I doubt it's more than what M$ spends on their advertisements.

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Why is this in the PS3 section?

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*looks at your avatar*
You would, Wouldn't you.

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