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Haha disagree all you want, this game isn't gonna look any better(fact). ;P

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Just because some people have higher standard make them the cancer? GTFO!

Edit: Keep buy crap then you are a fool and killing the gaming industry. They will just stop making better games knowing that you would buy it anyway.(I'm not saying this game is bad but graphical aspect it's low.) They have been using this graphic engine since Yakuza 3, Yakuza Kenzan, Yakuza 4 and now Yakuza End). It's not getting any better and people are asking why?

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Good game but too many glitches.

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The problem is that they announced it as exclusive. Why not announce it as multi-platform? No issue at all.

Exclusive my ass (on 360)

And they said it was for Demon's Souls' fans(which are on PS3)

For Demon's Souls' fans my ass (for everyone)

I have no problem it's being on 360, just the way they are marketing it is getting on my nerves.

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So Fromsoftware is pulling SE's tactic, huh? Well, fvck you, I'm not buying.

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You mean sharks? :P

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Now let's show us the tornado level!

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To hell with 3D, give me 60fps instead!

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That is because they are the same game? Ring any bell? Only sharper and better frame rate.

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Capcom gone (RE)
Square Enix gone (FF)
Namco gone (Tekken)
Konami half-gone(SH), I'm watching you, Konami.

What the hell is wrong with this gen?

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I couldn't agree more.

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Stop complaining, buy Ninja Gaiden 2 for 360 then, problem solved.

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Amazing my ass.

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I heard the single player campaign is really short.

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Now let's jailbreak Nintendo 3DS!

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That applies to non-exclusives too..and PSP, PS2, PS3,(jailbreak)Wii, DS and PC games too, I just don't get your logic.

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I think Sony killed his/their cat. LOL

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"Yun and Yang coming to Super Street Fighter IV arcade, chances of a console" release?

Of course but just $5 per character.

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Hmmm.. I'm wondering what kinda game this is. It's certainly not traditional RPG.

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Well, Nariko is badass while the new girl had to blackmail that Bruce Willis wannabe super seiyan to fight for her and that guy just agreed to it? If someone put a dangerous device on my head, I will pay him/her back 2 or 3 times. "If I die you die" Pfffttt Well, how about let's us die together here now b1tch.

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