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I'll be looking forward to both Mario Odyssey and Super Luckys Tale.

Because you can like all of the consoles.

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This article is actually missing a few games...

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This would be amazing...in theory.

This isn't the Square of old. But, then again, FFXV was solid as far as I'm concerned. Maybe they'd pull something cool off.

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Yeah, it sucks trying to bolster demand...but I'm on twitter trying to anyway. #operationmanatree is the thing I'm trying.


This is how you do this, right? I am social media clueless.

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There really isn't a console war this time and that's a problem. Just because sony has topped sales charts doesn't mean they've won the war. There is no war because no one is really competing. We haven't seen a proper console war in over a decade.

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It doesn't need to be bigger for the same reason that it doesn't need to be episodic. Frankly, I'd be concerned of bloat with this news, as I doubt that they'll risk expanding the original story in any way. This likely means pointless side quests like we had in Lightning Returns.

Yeah, I'm looking at it negatively...but I'm taking their recent track record into account.

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Although it appears to need a resize as well...

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Thank you! Fixed from blindness. Hope you enjoy the video.

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I think it's time to buy something on XBLA. Haven't done that before...

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