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This trailer is *not* extended. It's the exact same footage. The only difference is it's a bit longer because of the different PS3 intro/exit promo footage.

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From the wording it seems that what they meant was put Ellie in the *background* and Joel in the foreground, and not putting Ellie on the back of the *box*.

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Here's a 30-day free trial for Australia:


Here's the link again for US:

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NOTE: This article DOES NOT confirm that the Wii U supports stereoscopic 3D. It might but we don't know yet.

Firstly, the article shows the options for video output from the main console to the TV, not to the gamepad. So you'll only get 3D on a 3DTV (or using the INFICOLOR colored glasses on a regular 2DTV), not glasses-free 3D like the 3DS.

EVERY DEVICE supports the type of non-native half-resolution (side-by-side or top-bottom) 3D modes shown. That&...

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TLoU, like Uncharted and many other games, does have aliasing and is one area where we'll see a major improvement next gen but for the most part what we've seen so far is amazingly detailed high-res textures, not low res, and an improvement in lighting and shadows over Uncharted. Can you point to something in particular (vid link) so we can check?

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We're doing a very detailed analysis of the changes and improvements in The Last of Us compared to Uncharted. It's written, just need to extract a few more screenshots, check some facts. Should be up in a day or two:


I'll add a news item here when it's up.

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The latest PlayStation product showcase sizzle trailer for E3 is also pretty good:


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This study summarises the current trend:

Currently there are around 35 million people with 3DTV's worldwide but of course that's only a small percentage of total TV's. In the US, on current numbers, the penetration is around 4-5%. Amongst PS3 owners this would be expected to be higher.

It's not a huge user ba...

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It doesn't work for some people (around 15% of people repotedly do not have good stereoscopic vision or suffer extreme nausea).

Passive 3D is easier to watch than active but passive on 3DTV's and single projector setups is half resolution.

RAM does not come into the firmware update equation. Sure, additional RAM is required for the larger framebuffer but this is easily workable as evident in the library of games.

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@DA_SHREDDER: There are many good 3D games on the PS3. Take a look at the list on the article site and try some of the higher rating games.

@Series_IIa: PC has over 500, but that's not the point of the news article. Some people prefer console gaming, not everyone has a 3D setup for their PC and not every 3D game is available on PC. There has to be a balance. If you're a PC guy then that's fine, no need to put down everyone else.

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