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booo this man

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i got two of them just sitting in on the table right now, waiting for the bidding wars to commence.. woohoo

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I nominate nathan drake

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3789d ago

are you serious... cmon now guys.. nice off white walls there...textures???no.. don't see any there. This is a joke, stick with videos of the dialouge.. cuz thats all this game has.

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its not the wooop wooop.. its "Mass effect looks better then any ps3 game"...open your eyes sheep... open your eyes.

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you didnt see the 149 yesterday???? take a look at those, and compare the close up dialouge screens to the gameplay showing the hud.. cmon i know the sheep can be blind.. but open your eyes.

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because those are the cutscene interactive dialogue screens, where is the HUD, wehre is the 3rd person view of when you actually PLAY the game, not sit back and watch , read, and push a button. Cmon man, anyone can make cutscenes look awesome, its gameplay that shows what it can do.

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i cant either.. im seriously pissed off

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uh i thought that sony already had its conference.. isnt that where they displayed the playtv, and german singstar and the like, is there more than one conference?

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can you take into account the fact that the 360 is always on red light alert?

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HALO 3... now with wavy grass

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ohh you know, the media card reader, reading every single type of memory card, the wireless functionality, the high definition bluray player, the functionality with an external hard drive, the hdmi 1.3 for uncompressed sound, the DNLA support over a home network. You know the stuff that it has coming out of the box with no add ons.

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ahahahahahahahahaha...wait..wa it...hahahahahahahaha....canada ... might as well put up mexico's software sales too.. NA FTW!!!1!

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want... maybe

need.. not in the slightest

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uh roman.. i think you are forgetting something.. we live in a society that names their pets, gives them doghouses, hell they even give them little outfits to wear around. This is a society that often treats animals on par or even better than the homeless human beings that you see when in a city. You had a nice little argument there quoting some things you learned in class, but you forgot one thing. Philosophy sucks.. woohoo.. yeah deep deal with it.

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haha.. another one for the waitstation3... this is waiting....mmmm irony

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yup.. thats halo alright, and im not sure about the last screens, they just don't seem like screenshots. Also, uhh.. do you have the ability to kick someone in the face now???

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no well actually, there has only been 330,000 ps3s sold in the uk, there over one million sold in the EU regions.

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aha see there, another reason why you can't trust vgcharts. Vgcharts has 1.26 million 360s being sold in the uk so far, so again, when you see vgcharts, you always have to decrease the 360s units sold

hahaha disagree all you want sheep... numbers don't lie

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