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"So what did you all learn? Never to take risks and help make something"
What a life lesson. Also, find a boring, but safe job and work there until you die.

Or, you know, make some errors sometimes on the chance that you'll hit greatness.

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FFXII is really good (though, dialogue isn't great), and I really liked the battle system. I agree FF should continue to reinvent itself. If anything, FFXIII just needed to be less linear and have not-so-awful dialogue. Battle system was ok.

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That read more like a blog or a comment than an actual article (especially with the emoticon at the end), but I guess I agree it's not just nostalgia.

As a matter of fact, I played FFVII and FFIX after I played XIII, and I think they're way better even by today's standards. Story and characters are less ridiculous than FFXIII by some margin (save, maybe Barret), humor is better, dialogue is less obnoxious and predictable. The music, as PS One era-y as it is, is s...

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Gamergaters rejoice, journalism doesn't get much more objective than FiveThirtyEight's number journalism.

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It looks so much better after I read the article. /s

Kind of smart way to identify the consoles, though. I'll give them that.

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It has with me! Evolution should do the AI. They've been doing it well for a long time.

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Haha, yeah. It's almost like technology is getting better or something.

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Was about to say this. It literally says "the most photorealistic game we have ever seen" on the back of the Call of Duty 4 box.

Not to say that Guerilla's game won't end up looking spectacular.

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That sure sounds like a fun way to play!

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I must admit I'd probably score Ocarina of Time lower if Link was an unmitigated Nazi. It just makes the game harder to like.

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Just don't forget to close all tabs.

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I agree criticisms of specific genres are not really that interesting in a review. You'll note that I didn't say anything else.

And again, the criticism is that frame rate problems and other issues effect the core gameplay. Not saying I agree with that, but it makes sense.

If there were frame issues in "The Impossible game", for instance, it would be a terrible game -- because some games are very dependent on h...

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@Everyone except Breakpad
I don't disagree with anyone. Haven't played the game. I will as soon as I can find the time, though. I'm really hyped!

There are many kinds of gamers with different likes and dislikes. Some people hate long load times and don't really get a huge sense of achievement from difficult bosses, others approach it completely differently. You'll always have someone who disagree with the majority.

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"(...) and the battles are heavily influenced by those and AI flaws" is the argument they're making. I haven't played Bloodborne, so I don't know anything, but the reviewer apparently thinks the technical issues intrude on the core gameplay.

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More or less exactly agree with this. More female lead characters in gaming would always be nice, but attacking a specific game for having an all-male cast seems wrong. Particularly when we're talking about a franchise that's just released three games with female leads and one game where you can choose.

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Or the second paragraph. The answer is 'no', though.

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Where in this review do you get that simply playing for 46 hours was the most the writer got out of this game?

From these quotes?

"Even though I’ve 'beaten' the game, I want to jump into New Game Plus and keep slicing up monsters."

"Bloodborne is a tremendous accomplishment."

"The most rewarding game experience I've had this year"

Not to mention th...

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I'm sure the reviewer didn't mean "I'm entirely finished with this game now that the credits have rolled".

If the writer had fun with Bloodborne for 46 hours, yet still somehow doesn't "understand it", then I guess ignorance is bliss.

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I have read so many The Order: 1886 reviews by that I've apparently got to a point where I've heard it all (except there being about 20 minutes of gameplay, that one was new). A good review, though. A bit too long for its own good (somewhat ironically).

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The same thing? The reason this article was written in the first place is because the community labels everyone who doesn't like Bloodborne a casual.

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