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Best. Graphics. Ever.

Here's hoping the game will play as good as it looks. #32
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I'd definitely file that under "entitled". And under "fallacy". Bungie didn't "remove" it just because people were playing their game in a particular way. In fact, you can still play Destiny the exact same way, the enemies just appear less often. They increased the spawning times for the enemies because as it was, the loot cave was an unproportionally quick way to get loot. Hence its name. So it wouldn't be fair to players who prefered playing the gam... #39
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MS gave it their all with the first years of 360 and even then Japan prefered PS3. It's a tough region for MS. #2.4
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You mean that place where pretty much all journalism takes place these days? Why, yes it does.

Agree with the article, btw. Backstreet Boys needed their own game. #4.1
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To be fair, I never ended up making much use of GT's split screen. More accessible games like Motorstorm (Pacific Rift, at least), Mario Kart and ModNation Racers suit split-screen better.

Then again, Driveclub is going to be a hybrid between arcade and sim, so I'd definitely welcome split-screen. #2.1
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There are a couple of thing I take issue with in this article.

'Review scores are of little value to the consumer'. Says who? Not the people who frequent Metacritic and Gamerankings for aggregates, I bet. I always take reviews scores into account before buying games, and Metacritic has helped me find games like Persona 4. Then again, I'd never follow metacritic blindly, which is why I bought Destiny. Notice, though, that Destiny has sold like hotcakes, so the dama... #20
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Haha! I guess that's one way to interpret that comment.

What I'm trying to say is that IF it had a 90+ score, that would not have surprised me, based on my experience with the game. I do know that it's rated 76, so it surprised me that the game was that good, when the review scores weren't amazing. #26.1.1
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I ended up liking Destiny far more than I thought. I wouldn't be surprised if it had a 90+ score on Metacritic. #26
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I have little idea about the logic behind this, but it'll be exciting to see what happens next. #27
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I wasn't disappointed by Destiny or Watch Dogs. Destiny I quite like, and I always expected Watch Dogs to be a generic GTA/Assassin's Creed crossover void of creativity. #25
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Not entirely true. Java is an outdated technology when it comes to video game development. It's a high-level language, making it too slow and inefficient for high-end video game development.

That being said, Minecraft runs just fine on my PC. It's also one of the few games I prefer playing with mouse and keyboard. Split-screen sounds nice, though. #2.1.2
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Well, there goes all the reviewer-corruption conspiracies. Goodbye lunatics who thought #gamergate was something important. #82
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Gravity Rush 2 is on its way. If it's not cancelled or being made for PS4, that is. #2.7.2
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That's insane for a racing game. Let alone for Driveclub, which is set to be the most detailed one yet. #6
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Probably not, right? The real reason seems to be that it's not selling that much and that they have another console called the PS4. Still, though. I'd like to see more Sony support for the Vita. #2.7
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Can't remember trolling, using bad language, writing a personal attack, being immature, writing something off-topic or something that's not a reply. #3.1.7
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If you look up VGChartz's methodology you'll see that they track retail. I gave you the link, and at what place is it more logical to provide that information than under "About us" or "methodology"?

I also gave you the explanation as to why they exist: To provide numbers quicker and to provide numbers that otherwise wouldn't be provided at all. NPD and Media Create provide the numbers for the most-selling North American and Japanese market, wit... #3.2.2
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Eh. I don't think Sony or MS have policies on not releasing downloads. In fact, they probably would include downloads, as they're interested in presenting the highest numbers possible.

VGchartz doesn't wait for Sony, Microsoft or even NPD to get their initial numbers. They are estimates based on extrapolating data from consumers and stores. Precisely since Sony and MS don't make download numbers readily available to VGChartz, like the stores VGchartz track d... #3.2
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VGchartz tracks physical copies only. Not downloads. So that pretty much explains why Naughty Dog is giving us a higher number (downloads + physical copies), while VG is giving us a lower one (physical copies).

What annoys me is how easily this information is available, yet people keep dragging their VGchartz conspiracies up. Their results sure are imperfect, but that's statistics for you. #3.1
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If you're gonna criticise VGchartz for getting PS4's numbers wrong, at least get VGchartz's numbers right.

PS4 is sitting at 10.2 million. #1.3
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