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"Ice is a dish - best served cold"


And I'm not sure why you thought he had such a problem with this article. He just said he thought it'd show up sooner or later. I agree. I'm kind of surprised it hasn't. It's both useful and interesting to put them head-to-head. #1.1.2
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80! That's less than 90! Thank god it's more than 70, though.

But what if it wasn't? #9
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Well said! Sites should be voted down for this. #1.8
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"Driveclub is officially the first disappointing PS4 exclusive."

but you wrote
"Ultimately, Knack disappointed with shallow gameplay and story."

Other than that, I thought Driveclub was awesome. Launch was disappointing, but it's great now.

Also, worst games? That's a bit extreme, given some of the games that have been released for the console. #2
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Jesus Christ, talk about an overreaction.

A quick question, would you really have reacted the same way if the article was titled "Grand Theft Auto Long Overdue for a Chicago-setting"?

People tell developers what they want all the time. Nevermind the millions of people who said that they wanted GTAV to be in San Andreas, before it was announced that that was actually going to happen, people request everything from characters to location and themes.... #1.17
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"well, for a low price I would buy it. But only play FFXIII and nothing more."

That'll show 'em!

We'll get the open world FF games back with FXV, I think :) #1.2.1
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500$ donation would make you supreme leader of North Korea. #49.1
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I think the theaters would be more likely to get sued, if anyone, which is probably why they withdrew before Sony did. #48.2
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Wow, bad research.

Sony has not only withdrawn the movie from theatres. They've also announced that they have no plans to release the movie on DVD or on-demand. So... yeah.

http://fivethirtyeight.com/... #47
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Quick N4G lesson:

If a person has one single bubble and the comment the person is making is absolutely obscenely ridiculous -- chances are it's a troll. #3.4
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I had someone buy something using my credit card once, and the ones who took care of the investigation and the refund was the credit card company. They were very nice. #34
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To some degree, yes. At the very least, you've often been able to traverse back to places, and there has been several open areas. However, the next Zelda game looks like much more of a full-fledged open world. There's not really any defined path between A and B, even if they are on completely different parts of the map.

A bit like Jak 3, if you will. #3.1
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Snookiegamers comment, I mean. Just so nobody thinks I'm agreeing with him about the author. #5.1.1
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That doesn't really touch on what I said. I'm responding to WeAreLegion's comment which said "It's probably one of the most well made games of the generation."

And I don't agree with that. Think it's badly designed, and that the lack of variation and predictable pacing is one of its biggest flaws.

Then I guess we don't really agree that much on Knack. I thought it was pretty bleak. Not... #4.1.3
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Ridiculous attempt at trolling. #5.1
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First of all, design does not mean polish.

Second of all, do you really think it's that polished? The fighting feels pretty slick, but there are some weird animations and even frame drops.

I'd actually like to see Sony giving Knack another go, because there's no reason that charming littlebig fellah can't feature in a great game. It just needs a better story, more varied gameplay and less horrendous platforming. #4.1
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You're not far off.
68,041 is roughly 426% of 15,971, but that doesn't mean that the sales increased by 426%. It means that the sales are now 426% of what they were.

I have a nitpicking disease. Someone please help

EDIT: To illustrate, 100% of 10 is 10. That doesn't mean that your sales increased by a 100% if you sold 10 apples one month and 10 the next. #1.3.1
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So we're going to assume that she's working on any game?

Seeing how there was no evidence for her involvement wtih Mirror's Edge, that's basically what your comment implies. #7.1.2
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The petition to stop a person from working on a game she's already not working on, you mean?

For that, you only have to sign the petition called reality. It's all around you. Grab a pen. #15.1
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She didn't enjoy it because of the problems that she's outlining. That's the whole point. If there are problems, the best answer isn't always to shut up about it.

Seeing how there are literally millions of video game developers by now (no joke, 3.3 million developers registered on the Unity engine alone), it would be strange if we couldn't accommodate everyone's taste. #19.1.1
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