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Unreal update. Wonder what critics would have said if this was in the original game.

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I'm sure there are valuable aspects of looking at quantitative analysis, but clearly, yes.
Expecting users who put 200 hours into Rocket League to pay per hour what they pay for one and a half hour of at the theater, is cray.

It's almost like comparing the value of a luxury restaurant and a McDonald's by calorie count.

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Because it immediately shipped with all the games people were waiting for on the Wii U.
New version of Mario Kart 8.

I really think it's that simple. Also, they said the words "Pokémon RPG" when talking about a home console.

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People pay roughly the same price for a TV season on DVD and for a 90 minute movie on DVD.
What does quantitative analysis say about that.

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No company gets more shit than EA. Even in 2008, when they were pumping out original, creative IPs like Mirror's Edge and Dead Space, people hated them. Voted Worst Company in America several times, which is not even remotely close to true. Poor EA. They deserve some of the complaints they get (like with Battlefront), but not all.

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Obviously anyone is welcome to disagree with most reviewers. It's not like consensus is law, or for that matter, that the consensus among video game critics is the consensus among most people.

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EatCrow, wow I didn't think about it that way

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Why are people who use the word "snowflake" always the most likely to have an Internet breakdown?

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You consider 3D world a full-fledged Mario game? Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but it is a multiplayer-centered console port of Nintendo 3DS's 3D Land.

It's not the typical single player Mario experience that Nintendo has launched for every console. Like 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, Odyssey. Much in the same way Hyrule Warriors wouldn't count as Wii U's big Zelda game.

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I don't understand how this could not be the case.
Ask yourself the following:
- Were they planning a full-fledged Mario for Wii U, like they have for every other console?
- Given Super Mario Galaxy came out in 2010, had they already started on it?
- Were they expecting the Wii U to last longer than it did?
- Would they keep the concept / other elements of the game they were working on?
Surely the answer to all four is 'yes'. W...

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"So what did you all learn? Never to take risks and help make something"
What a life lesson. Also, find a boring, but safe job and work there until you die.

Or, you know, make some errors sometimes on the chance that you'll hit greatness.

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FFXII is really good (though, dialogue isn't great), and I really liked the battle system. I agree FF should continue to reinvent itself. If anything, FFXIII just needed to be less linear and have not-so-awful dialogue. Battle system was ok.

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That read more like a blog or a comment than an actual article (especially with the emoticon at the end), but I guess I agree it's not just nostalgia.

As a matter of fact, I played FFVII and FFIX after I played XIII, and I think they're way better even by today's standards. Story and characters are less ridiculous than FFXIII by some margin (save, maybe Barret), humor is better, dialogue is less obnoxious and predictable. The music, as PS One era-y as it is, is s...

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Gamergaters rejoice, journalism doesn't get much more objective than FiveThirtyEight's number journalism.

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It looks so much better after I read the article. /s

Kind of smart way to identify the consoles, though. I'll give them that.

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It has with me! Evolution should do the AI. They've been doing it well for a long time.

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Haha, yeah. It's almost like technology is getting better or something.

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Was about to say this. It literally says "the most photorealistic game we have ever seen" on the back of the Call of Duty 4 box.

Not to say that Guerilla's game won't end up looking spectacular.

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That sure sounds like a fun way to play!

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I must admit I'd probably score Ocarina of Time lower if Link was an unmitigated Nazi. It just makes the game harder to like.

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