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"Ice is a dish - best served cold"


What a weird thing to take away from this.

They talk about making use of employee skill sets (as contrary to making use of their passports).

Also, being proud of cultural diversity surely doesn't mean that that's their only source of pride.

Retarded #4.1
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I think it's weird for them to even make a Wii U version. Can hardly remember any racing simulators on Wii. Not car racing, anyway. #25
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It did sell 80 million and was mouth-watering awesome at launch. It also kept up with graphics evolution for some time and brought some of the best games of the last years to market. Hard to hate it too much. But yeah, I do see your point. #5.4.1
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Agree! Loved that game, and I really like the old ones too. To be fair, people do hate it for more reasons than the new Dante, though. Lower fps on consoles and entirely different dialogue and overall feel being some of the reason. #1.6
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And when did I ever say that what I thought looked better was a fact? There is absolutely no reason to act as if I deny you your taste. Merely, I said what I think. You can still discuss how pretty or tasteful something is, however, which is what I thought we were doing, seeing how you started the whole thing by suggesting blue instead of white.

If you re-read the conversation you'll notice that I start several of my sentences with "I think". Please don't tr... #1.7.1
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It's kind of amazing how we manage to keep telling ourselves that. Granted, it does happen, and has happened on a pretty large scale. However, there are tons of organizations that are well established and point to amazing results.

A penny spent on charity to third world countries is, in spite of it not always reaching its intended target, statistically speaking one of the most important pennies you can ever spend.

Looking up a charity first is always use... #1.2.1
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They still use Spyro, though. He's a character in Skylanders. He's also one of the best-selling ones. Crash however... #2.2
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God forbid that someone promotes Crash. We all know Activision doesn't. #29
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I know you're not literally saying that. But there isn't any reason why the Frozen bundle couldn't be white along with Destiny. There are room for two white models. As for two black ones.

And obviously the snowflakes wouldn't have to be white. The snowflakes on this model, for instance, are gold.

I don't think blue light would look as good on a blue console as you imagine. in the same way you'd never where shirt and pants of the same... #1.6.1
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If we're gonna walk that line, there were thousands of children who died of starvation while you guys backed potato salad.

Yeah, that's right. They would only have wanted a 5 cent potato salad, but you guys had to make the most expensive one ever. I hope you all burn. I didn't spend anything on anything, so I'm in the clear.
/slight sarcasm, at least the last part #1
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Also notice how they create a conscious connection between gaming and heroine by actually writing that "Gaming [is] as addictive as heroin".

Any subliminal aspects to that headline are surely less important.

Studies are also very often conducted at gamers, and I do see gamers being interviewed every now and then.

Not in The Sun, though. Which is to newspapers what toilet paper is to newspapers. #1.1.1
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I'm surprised they are bringing it to the Wii U at all. For a game that has sold itself as being this much about graphics and realism, I'd almost expect it to be PC exclusive.

Wii U fans should be anything but surprised that their version is taking longer. Obviously, optimising it for entirely different hardware takes time. And obviously, the Wii U version won't be priority. #24
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Bordering, I said! Also, I would imagine all that talk of Messi's testicles is kind of rude, bordering on offensive.

How is it off-topic? It's not on the topic of FIFA teams or either a reply to the comment you replied to. Hell, even that comment was hardly a reply to my comment. You certainly didn't read it properly. #2.1.7
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Yeah, but Destiny doesn't own white. There's already a black for the normal console. If it were blue that wouldn't pair too well with the light, I think. #1.5.1
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I have, though. #1.1.6
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I thought it was going be an official Nintendo-thing :( Maybe even a video. Nintendo should do things like that more often. #2
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Only if it sells!

Which... it will. #3.4
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I see absolutely no reason why they wouldn't use the same formula they've always used. Few things seem less realistic than this not being a normal AC game. I mean, this is AC we're talking about. #1.3
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Yeah, either that or your comment is kind of off-topic, bordering on offensive? #2.1.5
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Really disagree (depending on what stats they have). And I also disagree with the whole concept of judging a national team's rating by their recent performance.

The stars and stats are set to reflect how good the individual players are, not how well the team has performed recently. For instance, on Brazil, feel free to downgrade Hulk, Dani Alves and Marcelo, and Fred - if that's even possible, because of their games in the WC. However they also play ten times as many... #1.1.1
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