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"Ice is a dish - best served cold"


I don't think I'd say Super Meat Boy is harder than Demon's Souls, at least. Or MGS4, for that matter. WipEout HD doesn't have to be THAT hard, but getting all the trophies for instance, is damn near impossible.

The reason I mentioned The Last of Us and MGS4, is because these are games where they don't just tweak health stats, but go an extra mile to make the higher difficulties more interesting.

Prinny is great too. B... #5.4.4
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Step 1: Broadcast games - Step 2: ??? - Step 3: Profit #9
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@Lightning Mr Bubbles

It actually has tons of games. Sure, games like Watch Dogs, Call of Duty and Battlefield 4 are multiplatform, but then again, PS4 has been the cheapest option for those who want to buy these games on a next gen console.

I think price and timing has been everything in the beginning. Yet, judging by the libraries one wouldn't think there was a whole year's difference between PS4 and Wii U. #1.1.5
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Get with the program! Grounded is where its at.

That being said, I'd like to try Tropical Freeze properly some time, if it's as hard you guys say it is. I love Prinny, Super Meat Boy and other hard platform games.

If it's harder than MGS4 on The Boss Extreme, then it might even be too much. #5.4.2
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Knowing the top Nintendo titles, it probably will be for some time. I mean, Mario Kart 7 is still on there. #3.1
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If you consult N4G for opinion pieces, it tends to be. #10.2.1
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To adress your point, is difficulty all that constitutes a hardcore game? So, the kids downloading "The Impossible Game" on their phones are hardcore gamers or at the very least are playing a hardore game?

It's a reason why it's called "hardcore" and not just "hard". Anyone can make a hard game. What one typically expects from a hardcore game, is depth or challenge. Do you think people play DOTA because it's hard or because it's i... #6.2
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Is Tropical Freeze really harder than Demon's Souls?

Well, if you turn up the difficulty, then I guess...

Resogun, WipEout HD, The Last of Us and Metal Gear Solid 4 come to mind, and more indies than I care to keep track of. #5.4
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Ok. Now I feel pretty sure that you're either the writer or a good friend of the writer. Because there's that seemingly random namedropping of Watch Dogs again. Is it universally the embodiment of a failed game, or should you maybe find a product that's either made by the same developer or at least in the same genre as The Order, for the sake of sensible comparison? #6.1.1
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It's going to sound like I'm defending The Order, but is the quality of this article too low for N4G, or what?

I'd be very interested in knowing what part of the game the writer got his hands on. Apparently a pretty big part, seeing how it was seen as fitting to judge the characters. And btw, what specifically was not done well about the characters?

Generally, I feel myself asking "why?" more than I should. Why didn't you like the ch... #13
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Except the one I backed on N4G back in the day. They knew what they did...

Reference in the link above.

Besides, half the time The Onion comes off as try-hards. Written comedy is hard. #1.2.1
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I really like that there's more satire these days.

This industry has always needed to take itself less seriously and maybe it's starting to.

Not to take credit or anything, but...

:) #1
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Lack of knowledge about what you're purchasing is never a good thing. That is why season passes should be treated as the video game equivelant of marriage. You only get it with a game you love and trust.

Also, Shadow of Mordor looks like Assassin's Creed. Like there aren't more than enough of those games already... #4
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I agree. I just think Motorstorm's crash physics were largely based on panels being removed from the vehicle, while here they stay on, but get damaged.

Also, I remember people giving GT5 a lot of crap for its damage system, but surely it doesn't lag that far behind these two, generation leap aside? Bumpers could get torn off in GT5. Generally, the car could become pretty unrecognisable.

(The premium cars with max damage turned on, anyway) #28.1.1
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Another thing that makes Driveclub a big step away from Motorstorm. #28
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Wasn't Sony? Apart from PlayShare and YouTube Sharing (which is kind of about the games too), I thought they spent surprisingly little time on PS Now and PSTV, and no time at all on Morpheus. #4.1
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The demo was brilliant. Never been scared that much by so little. #15
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Certainly. It's very unusual for developers to not at the very least hide details until you approach them.

It's commonplace to continue loading from disc after the loading screen is over. In many games, for instance Rainbow Six Vegas 2, you can even see details and textures being loaded after the loading screen is over. #8.1.3
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Absolutely agree.


Are you saying that's not what actually happens? :P #27.2.2
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I was thinking that track may not fall in the "under 10 sec" category, but I'm guessing it's still around 10 sec? We'll see, I guess. #8.1.1
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