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"Ice is a dish - best served cold"


I didn't even know it had launched there. Can't find any reviews. Has there been any? #1.1.2
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- What seems to be the problem, officer?
- You're under arrest
- For what?
- For writing "there" when you meant "their"
- I'm getting the chair, aren't I? #1.2.3
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"My issue is Final Fantasy used to be a certain way and it had spin-offs for different genres and such. Now? The spin-offs are like classics were (Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes) and the main series is like spin-offs were (FF7 Cerberus)."

Oh, no! They've effectively turned the world upside down!

Final Fantasy has changed a lot. At any given moment in the franchise you could have said things like "Active Time Battle isn't FF", "Crysta... #5.2
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(throws up all over laptop)

Here are my top 5 reasons why I don't like articles like these:
1. Lazy top 10 list
2. Pure hype-fueling, non-interesting read
3. Lists things that we strictly speaking are already seeing more than enough of.
4. Spread over eleven pages for no reason. The last page being two sentences.
5. Boring, boilerplate text snippets

No offense to JPS. You're not the only ones, but surely we can... #13
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I really liked Second Son, but inFamous 1 and 2 were among my favorite games on PS3, so in that sense I guess it was a little bit of a letdown. #2.1
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Dark Souls sold millions, though. And close to 15 000 have signed a petition because they want the game on PC. With Sony backing it with ads and a higher Metacritic rating than any Souls game, this could do quite well. #3.3.1
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Used to be consoles would make leaps when new games were released. Seeing how PS4 sells extremely well all the time the effect could be less noticeable, but I bet we'll see some increase. #1.8
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Hehe, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way – with them subtracting each minus from a base score of a perfect 10.

Those sort of sum up their quarrels. There are other things too, not that I read perfect Swedish. #2.2.2
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150 people died in a plane crash today.

Also shocking. Not quite "reviewer gives Bloodborne slightly lower score than others"-shocking, but close. #10.1
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Jeez, just buy a PS4. You're gonna need one sooner or later, if you take a quick glance at the upcoming line-up.

I know that sounded fanboyish, but it's the same with PC. Wouldn't want to miss out on Ori, Cities: Skylines or any of the hundreds of games PC gets either. #13
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Hahaha! Somehow both reviewers and gamers have forgotten that reviews are not opinions? Reviewers always were opinions. I hate to break it to you, but look up the definition.

There's no objective measure of what makes Bloodborne good or not. It's perfectly possible to account for what you think others might think, but when someone says things like "not a game for everybody" people tend to get upset, so why bother.

... #3.2.2
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Yeah, or it's just the reviewer's opinion. Someone is bound to not like it as much as everyone else. Gamereactor Norway, for instance, went in the opposite direction and gave The Order 9/10. #3.2
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Where did he say that?

The minuses were:
- Stilted animation
- Long loading times
- Aliasing (or so I interpreted it)

The other reviewer they had gave it a 9, though. From what I gather, Gamereactor are generally very strict. You'll often find them around the bottom on Metacritic. #2.2
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So that means I can legally steal it, right?

Joking. #7
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It's not even that stable! But I do like that you can now look around inside the picture, in some way. #1
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She's been pretty much all the talk of this list. Every time she writes a Tweet, the gaming community is up in arms like it's 1999.

That being said, I think it's a shame that no educators found their way to the list. Bucky Roberts or Salman Khan, for instance. #1.2
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PT might just be a demo, but it is also THE demo. Outlast, Amnesia or Slender just didn't come close for me. Graphics definitely helped the immersion. #2.9
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Their creativity and willingness to take risks?

Wii U is iPad/smartGlass/remote play + Dualshock + Wii branding, matching the production quality of none of those.

I like 3DS, but then again, Vita hardware is even more impressive. #1.1.2
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Ah, there the SJWs go again. Now even JRPGs are PC
(get it?) #5
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I don't know what I'm buying, but I probably am. #4
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