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Forza 3 best Racing game ever!!!!! Now I see the reason Sony is delaying GT 5 because it look like a joke next to the best racing game ever! Hahahhaaahahhaaa Droids = PWNT!!!!!!!!

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I thought the PS3 already had the best games! Now Droids are begging for 360 games now too! Hahahhahahahah suck it tools!

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It's a mistake Mass Effect 2 is only on the 360. Sorry but you aren't going to play this great game on your console. Now back to waiting for your Games. Hahahhaha

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Enjoy downloading that for six hours you douche pirates. Hahahah and you not going to get the free five cars and two tracks that buyers of the Forza 3 are going to get. I think they need to jail these parasites. So are they going to pirate PS3 games or are they too stupid to get around the easy protection that sony uses! Hahahahhahahaha

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That review is a big joke like you Sony Fanboys! Hahahahahahah They are the laughing stock of the gaming sites! I take IGN,Gamespy,Gamspot,and GT, and G4 over these stupid idiots any day. Euro-trash bias Sony fanboy reviewer is a joke like you Sony tolls on this site. I know GT 5 is going to get some seven scores from some sites too and I am going to laugh at you frackers.

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Yeah take that you frackers Droids! You have been OWNED! Hahahahhaha Suck it tools! Hahahahahahaha The 360 is back on top. The reason for the six month delay for Gran Turd 5 is that it look like a joke compared to Forza 3. Enjoy the delay droids but I doubt its going to match the best Racing game ever created. ;-)

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All you stupid droids make me laugh! Halo 3: ODST is better then Killzone 2! Hahahhahaha I guess the review from Eurogamer got it right
Flopzone 2 is a 7 game and a Flop! Halo 3: ODST does have better MP then any PS3 game out now! You [email protected] droids think Uncharted 2 MP is going to be even close to COD or Halo 3? Hahahhahahahahahahahhahaha!!!! !

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Take that you [email protected] droids! Hahahahahhahaa the PS3 isn't going to be as good this holiday season now! Droids = Pwnt! Hahahhahahahahhaa!!!!!

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You [email protected] droids it's number 7 spot only two below the PS3 slim. Hahahhahahahaha OWNED! Hahhahahahahhaahahha!

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Most PS3 fps games are underwhelming and Killzone 2 online is certainly underwhelming! Hahahahhahahahaha!!!!!! Droids you can't compete against the Xbox 360 fps shooters so don't even try! Now back to your boring games! Haahahhaahahaha!!!!!

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Hahahahahha all you stupid droids learn to count ok. The 360 is ahead of the PS3 in UK and overall they have a lead in Europe. So keep pretending that the PS3 is ahead and that it is ahead in Japan too! It only sold 800 consoles a few days ago in Japan! Hahahahhahahahahahahaa

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Telling lies again Droids and Krazy Ken! The 360 didn't have any problems from NXE except from modders that deserve to have a brick console. The PS3 is having problems. Hahahhahahahaha yeah its true Sony sucks at software! Hahahahahahhaa

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The Xbox 360 has Alan Wake, Forza 3, Splinter Cell. Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, Fable 3, Kingdom Under Fire 2.

Yeah the Droids can't handle the truth. Yeah disagree droids only on this [email protected]@hole of a site can you get a lot of disagrees from telling the truth! Hahahhahahahhaaa

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Another bad update! Hahahahahhaa face it stupid droids PSN is never going to be good as XBL. Oh and you must not be educated very much if you think the 360 has a 54% default rate. Sony is using only small updates because they are afraid of bricking consoles if they make a big update! Hahahahhahaa

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Look at that droid a one year old multiplat game outsold the PS3 slim! Hahahahhahaha all Nintendo has to do is lower the price and the #1 on Amazon list isn't going to be the PS3 slim. ;-D ;-D ;-D

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1- Killflop 2
2- Metal Gay Solid 4
3- Little big Flop
4- Resistance Flop of PS3
5- MotorFlop

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Do all you droids believe polls are facts? Hahahahahahaa The new chipsets in the 360 doesn't have a 54% failure rate. Look I did a poll and 99.9 of all droids on this site are idiots! Hahahhahahahahahhahaa

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Yeah I am going to install it to my HDD and have faster load times then the PS3! Hhahahahahaa suck it PS3 tools! Hahahahahahaahaa

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They are all going crazy because that article is right on! Hahahahhaha Forza 3 is going to be AAA!

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Yeah I do have a PS3 fanboy tools! My 360 after I install a game onto my 120gb HDD the sound is very quiet but playing Killzone 2 on my PS3 the fan is running on High and you can hear it. So all you tools don't think the fan is going to be on high after a few hours of playing Uncharted 2 on the new PS3 slim you are going to be surprised this Fall. It's going to be loud!

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