360 man

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woow this looks awesome. I cant wait to get this on xbox one.

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hmm xbox has a higher resolution, whilst ps3 is sub hd

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thank you bubbles up.

unfortunately most my disagrees most likely came because my choice of user name. lol

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thats not why pc gaming is held back in relation to consoles. its because pc has a million different setups, nothing is a fixed architecture. so many different cards and cpus out there. not because of direct x loooool. you know nothing.

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if you cant tell the difference. then you need glasses my friend.

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@ awi5951

im sorry but 3 6870s in crossfire is not mid range. thats still definately an enthusiast pc setup. i have a amd 2 phenom 965 quadcore. 12 gigs of ram and a single radeon 5850. with 2TB hard drive

that is mid range.

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thats the pc version. it has to be.

which will mean thats what we can expect for the next generation.

which makes me happy :)

sorry (cough) i mean.... intrigued

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online is unplayable

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us in the UK like dubstep

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they didnt get lazy. ps3 is just not tough enough :D

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why use a last gen engine for next gen consoles?

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Looks absalutely stunning on xbox

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@ camel_toad.

that is exactly what i did lool

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Wow the game is looking quite good i must say. very good indeed.

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what ever happened to NASIM loooool :D

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come on you guys. you cant mention how your pc is performing without at least giving us some insight to how capable your pc is.

the name of the card your using would be nice :)

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360 version looks better i think.

its wierd because u would have thought that the 360 version was way behind the ps3 version with the way some of the people were talking on here

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the 360 version is beautiful

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drekken you are joking right.

there are many games. multi platform even that look better than uncharted lool

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