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Yeah, that's pretty incredible.

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Oh, LBP Karting is great so far! Definitely not something that grown men with children should feel ashamed of playing.

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Terraria would be fantastic.

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The title doesn't say "Game Support" though. So how is that misleading?

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No one's whining. This dude just wanted to figure out why Best Buy's system had such a problem with this particular game.

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The "Snake Beater" trophy in MGS2 (HD Collection) makes me laugh.

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I think we'll live in a world that remembers CoD for the innovations the series made to the shooter genre as a whole with the original Modern Warfare. People tend to remember what they love about games, or what a game did to carve a notch in gaming history, rather than for being stagnant and repetitive.

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It's almost as if the industry is dependent upon indies for innovation, but dependent on blockbusters for funding. I mean, the actuality is nowhere near as simple as that, but...

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Kratos doesn't enjoy much of anything. Well, besides threesomes.

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Yeah. GeekParty seems to really like those crooked angled photos, don't they?

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I already donated $130. I'm getting two controllers.

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I have no idea how they plan to make a profit off this when they're selling it so cheap. However, it's not an Xbox and it's probably not getting Call of Duty. I imagine the sorts of games people will want to play on the Ouya console will be indie games and things like that. Think Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, Fez, etc. rather than CoD. In that case, the moddability isn't as big a detriment as you think it could be.

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I can't stop buying LBP extras. It's a curse.

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Sony can hardly be blamed for third-party titles sucking so badly. And the Vita's launch lineup was pretty impressive, especially when compared with the 3DS.

When we get PSOne Classics on Vita, that thing's going to be my go-to classic JRPG machine.

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I love when people with hilarious gamertags log into XBL during these vids. xPeeinIANx.

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Well, no one ever said it sounded good or was the slightest bit practical. But it's still cool as hell.

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If you missed Shadow of the Colossus on PS2, you have a chance to catch it on PS3. If you miss it on PS3, I'm done talking to you...

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Dishnonored might be my personal number one.

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Is three f-bombs in a 700-ish word article considered excessive?

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You mean the 2D Mario game that came out back in 2009, or the 2D Mario that Nintendo has only recently announced?

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