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Yeah, I love how IGN opened their review with a joke about how mages aren't manly. Oh wait, they didn't. These two reviews are barely even similar, except for the fact that both reviewers didn't like the game.

This particular review lists a lot of objective reasons for the game being bad, and most of those reasons weren't touched on by IGN at all.

N4G always reminds me that education in the US is in a sad state. Reading comprehension is actual...

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I strongly suggest all you whiners actually read the ENTIRE article. Then think about it. Then read it again in case you didn't really get it.

The point is not to defend Birdo. The point is that "He's a dude!" isn't a good punchline, because it assumes that there's something fundamentally funny about being transgendered. The very notion that the Birdo jokes are based around is offensive to transgendered individuals.

No one cares abou...

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An expanded Nuketown featuring zombies is actually something I could get behind.

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I think Lindsey Sporrer is attractive. Wait, what were we debating here?

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Why am I not on this list?

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Oh, the things I would do if I could afford one of these.

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I think the entire point of the article was to over-analyze the image.

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Was it because of all the words, or because of Katherine Heigl?

Wait. I probably already know the answer to that.

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On Pandora, safety is a bajillion warm guns.

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I'll take Uncharted's climbing to Assassin's Creed's any day of the week.

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I agree with your first point, and this is especially true with U3. There were those armored enemies that you had to shoot in the head about a billion times, and that got obnoxious.

Your other two points, though, I feel miss the mark a bit. The climbing being easy in Uncharted is what makes it so much fun. And it's not like it's "too" easy. There are a few instances where it's almost puzzle-like, and attempting to jump to the wrong ledge will lead to dea...

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And you can't deny that it has that retro appeal that makes it kind of awesome.

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I think the fact that this article is getting hits and comments proves that there are people still interested in talking about FF13.

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The story had more potential than a lot of people give it credit for. But that potential wasn't ever reached, in my opinion.

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That made me laugh pretty hard, actually.

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Oh, I got the Lollipop Chainsaw one! That should definitely have been on the list though.

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Well, I think it's actually a problem with the special move grinds/slides accumulating points way too quickly. 9 mil is definitely a stretch. Should have been toned down a bit. Still, I'm not sure they can fix it now, because they'll throw the leaderboards out of whack.

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You know, the article doesn't ever say it's anything more than a rumor. The title is a little heavy-handed, sure, but if you read the article, it makes more sense.

Also, the title had to be shortened to fit N4G's 100 character limit. The ACTUAL article title is longer, but more accurate.

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But she's a werewolf too... So at least it's a fair fight.

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