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The Cool Spot game was one of my favorite games on the Genesis. So good!

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Yup! OP Here! Here's some press info they sent out last March, if you're interested in learning more about the project! I got to talk with Greg about it, and it really looks like a return to the isometric roguelike roots of the original. Excited!


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That's the greatest comment I've seen all day!

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Could I get a scan of that cover with the sticker on it? I'd love to explore the game price thing more deeply and do a follow-up piece. I think it's an important piece of gaming history that's often mis-remembered. I find it fascinating to think about how much we were paying for these things back in the 90s.

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$115? Holy crap! You were quite the dedicated gamer! I'm curious to know if you have any old receipts or ad scans for games from that era? I'd love to see them!

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I like the combination of your name and avatar.

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True. And Trion did say they're working on Arkfall scaling, so this will probably change eventually.

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I see what you did there.

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So did everyone who played it.

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Any apologies for Skyrim should come from Bethesda. We're a year and a half out, and there are still game-breaking bugs. The fact that some outlets called this GOTY back in 2011 is just absurd.

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Jacob Minkoff, Lead Creative Designer said: "The game has a lot of content. There’s a lot of variety in this game."

What that means is anyone's guess.


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This author says he played the game for 30 minutes, sat down to talk with the Creative Director of the game, and then formed an opinion based on that. How is that worse journalism than a person reading the article and saying "I don't really see it that way?" Especially when that person hasn't actually played it or spoken with the people who made the thing.

In fact, I'm willing to bet that most of the people who are posting comments haven't even read ...

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Rumor? Shouldn't you have your review copy by now?

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In the #1 spot on this list.

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At least they're working on it, right?

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Hey, Journey ultimately took home far more awards than Max Payne 3 did. MP3, though, was fantastic.

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Because your last 360 broke...

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Old Snake salutes Lee Everett.

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The problem with that assessment is that the reader base is driving traffic, and traffic is driving ad dollars. There are legitimate journalistic gaming sites out there, and they're being overrun by the one-click hype machine. Stop clicking it if you want it to change. In the meantime, what you click is what you get.

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It's about time we got some info on this.

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