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life throws curve balls.

fuck it. you will pull through with positive attitude and patience.

MrHoney_Badger on PS4

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as I said with excitement.

I buy all open world games. I just want this ti be better then average since its a next gen debut

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GTA V was reason #1

Assassins Creed 4 was #2 (they were gonna launch both at the same time til 1 month from release)

Ubisoft need to win me back for WatchDogs. I am going to buy it, but I want to feel excited again

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so this loud mouth represents me and my friends?

nah thats too broad a brush stroke.
I play COD 2 hours a day at least. I never act like this.

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I think this "DLC" is stomach churning.

but if your dumb enough to buy this (as a COD fan)
I can do nothing but congratulate Activision.
They make $$$ from dummies all day.

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GameStop is actually a really fun job if you like games.
Technically we cannot "sell", but of course this happens when you get into great "gamer" talk with someone.

Its a cool "side gig" LoL

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were not allowed to "sell" an PS4 or X1.
we have to stay neutral.

But thats the truth.
On Black Friday we sold way more Nintendo stuff then X1 stuff as well.

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Just got off work @ Gamestop

we got 6 PS4s in today, and sold them within 2 hours of opening.
we got in 10 Xbox ones sold 3 whole shift.

kinda telling.

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The Wii U controller is genius.
thats not the problem.
problems for Nintendo are obvious ..

weak systems compared to PS and X
weak 3rd party games
weak online

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never owned Wii.

played and beat Twilight Princess at my brothers.
great game.

terrible system

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Guantanamo is a good thing.
and Fox news is a good balance to the PC Police of other news.

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uh...United States does have many enemies
some out in the open, some are our "friends" who want to see us fail.

Nothing wrong with showing what could happen, its only a game btw

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This game stole the show and my heart.
Day 1 purchase!!

would be great for Playstation to get this exclusive.
but honestly this game looks so good, why shouldnt xbox fans get to enjoy it as well?

game looks phenomenal!

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The title actually made me think, and when you put it in that context $300 for Nintendo's up coming library...The Wii U is awesome and a steal for sure.

Problem is Nintendo needs to attract more 3rd party exclusives and create new franchises.
Maybe go Disney route? They make animated G-rated classic stills, but also make $$ off something like Avengers.

great post I enjoyed it very much!

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that this guy and his garbage show/personality will not be advertised on my PS4.

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Straight Up

CODs multiplayer is so fun and addicting, I dont know why people have to hate on a solid formula? It brings family members together and co-workers, and friends. Why hate on it?

and by the way Ghost single player is absolutely fantastic.
If you take it for what it is a "Rambo" or "Die Hard" of video games Ghost was a spectacle and awesome as hell.

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hoping its a realistic Zelda or a new StarFox

but I wouldnt be surprised if its Nintendoland 2 or someshit

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a very well written article.

I have been getting sick of all this Nintendo is doomed talk because I do not think they are "doomed" at all.
The Wii U is a flop. Thats all.

The Wii concept never took off with me so I stayed away.
I fell in love with my PS3 and 360.
Wii U just isnt compelling enough ATM...

but a realistic open world Zelda RPG just might make me spend $$$ on a Nintendo console these days.

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Your just a mainstream scholar

Only yuppies believe Mandela loves white people and didnt want to "kill the boer"

You can clearly find youtube videos or articles on what Mandela and his group are responsible for.

again Whites in western countries have been taught they are monsters and deserve the awful treatment shown to them in countries like SA.

worst thing is You guys believe it!

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yup political correctness and fear rule.

I am not white but I do love history, and the fact that many white people are crying for this guy is pretty mind blowing.

This guy caused the rapes,murders etc of so many white Afrikaans is insane.

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