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Not too bad actually. Shouldn't take that long to install.

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To increase framerate. What a dumb question.

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It would certainly help Microsoft and be in their best interest to work with Nintendo.

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exactly. They are going to announce other stuff...not just the release of online service.

The online for me has been fine with the Switch so far though.

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No console/handheld sells like that just because of hardware. Has to have games to sell.

Games sell consoles.....it's why PS4 is doing so well...it had a lot of games.

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2018 will mostly be back loaded for Nintendo.

Smash & Fire Emblem most likely are Fall games...Smash for sure.

E3 will still hold some big reveals as well. Expect at least 1-2 games announced at E3 to be released in Summer, but most announcements will be for late 2018 and into 2019.

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* Dragon Quest XI Hero
* Pilot Wings 64 character - Either Lark or Goose
* Bomberman
* Goemon from Mystical Ninja 64
* New Fire Emblem character
* Arms character
* Surprise new character nobody has heard of from a yet unannounced New Nintendo IP releasing in 2019.
^ would essentially be a preview of the character like Roy and marth in melee before Fire Emblem 7 released for GBA in the U.S.

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Agree. It could never be my main shooter, but it's a new refreshing gameplay style that is always fun to pick up and play.

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until somebody comes along and does what PUBG does....but better.

The market is there for that type of game and it's known industry wide.

Guarantee somebody is currently making a PS5 & Next Xbox next gen version of Battle Royale game and it's going to deuce all over PUBG.

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Smash is the big one for me.

People don't realize we are getting a lot of reveals at E3. For 2018 and for what to expect for 2019 as well.

There is no way Smash is the only big main game coming to Switch in 2018. We are getting a Pokemon game & a Fire Emblem game.

Those are both huge releases. A new Kirby game is always a welcome addition and they are always at least somewhat fun to play and sometimes a lot of fun.

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People who bet against the gaming industry.

PS5 & Next Xbox & even next Nintendo console are being worked on by their companies.

PS5 & Next Xbox = 2020 launch. It will be reveal at E3 2019 or at an early 2020 conference per each company.

Then in 2022-23 Nintendo will release their next console....weather it's the Switch 2 or something else who knows.

I see Nintendo releasing a successor to the 3DS as ...

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One Smash per console or gen is the complete opposite of milking.

go get a hobby.

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Sunset Riders, Mystical Ninja, Suikoden 1-6

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It's a new smash. Partly re-invented Smash 4 with a ton of new content and features thrown in.

Get ready for a ton or all of the characters to get reworked....some in a major way like Botw Link, which literally changes up the type of character he will fight as because of the different tools/weapons/abilities he has compared to past Link's.

Just that alone excites me.

Also Stage Creator should make a comeback with even more optio...

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Botw link = new move set which = reworkings of other characters.

This is at the very least Smash 4.5.......but most likely smash 5.

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Exactly. Loved it on Wii U. Can't wait to play the newer stages as well.

I'm hoping this means we get a Captain Toad 2 at some point as well.

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Either way, I think it means at least a few reworkings of characters move sets and play styles.

It's Botw link which means completely different move set, which makes link like a new character.

I'd be willing to be they do that with a few other characters like Mario and some others.

I want Smash 5, but I'd still play the heck out of a Smash for EX or deluxe version.

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2019 at the earliest but most likely a revision the same year as the PS5 & next Xbox launch....which should most likely be 2020.

It will be a hardware upgrade similar to the New 3DS XL, that added more ram and a faster processor.

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