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* If I like a game I want to purchase it and own the physical copy if possible.

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* It didn't get heavily censored and the game is fine. We got 99.9999% the game Japan did.

Entitled spoiled brats who don't comprehend things correctly once again started making a huge deal out of nothing.

Seems to be the norm in video games now.

Idiot whiners

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Well 3DS has sold very well in US & Japan so there is a huge install base for it...........more so than the PS4...makes sense to make it for the 3DS.

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* Ensemble one of the best ever.

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* This is like asking why every Hockey player isn't as good as Wayne Gretzky.

Some people are just better at what they do than so leadership helps.

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* Not a ton of "great games", but definitely some potential good games on that list....maybe even some future hidden gems.

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* Nintendoenthusiast = Only write negative articles about Nintendo.

* The site name would imply they are fans of Nintendo, but nearly everyone of their articles are some how bashing Nintendo.

Does not make any sense unless they are fake Nintendo fans.

It goes beyond being critical when 90% of their articles are click bait speculation trash.

What a worthless site.

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Still can't believe Microsoft shut down Ensemble Studios. They never made a bad game....made a ton of classics with the Age of Empires series....get forced to make Halo Wars ( an RTS for consoles, which prior to this were almost all terrible except for games like Herzog Zwei ( Sega Genesis 1989).............and then Microsoft just shuts them down.

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* Some people are so pathetic and have nothing else going for them in life that when they can't get their way, they throw a tantrum and threaten to remove somebody from this earth.......................So me people are completely messed up in the head.

* I really want to play this game but I will wait as long as is needed.

To think, such a nice and humble developer is getting death threats is just embarrassing for the video games community.

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* The memory upgrade on the N64 actually worked but you didn't need to buy a new console,just the memory for it.

Something like that could work in future consoles.

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Most likely Late 2018

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* Why is a site called Nintendoenthusiast, and yet 95% of their articles are negative articles about Nintendo ?

Makes no sense. It's like they are a fake fan for the hits and just bash them for whatever reason they come up with on that day.

This is like the 20th negative Nintendo articles from this one site within the last 1-2 months.

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Loot boxes aren't required to win though. They don't give you boosts or powerups...just cosmetic stuff that you can also earn via playing.

Can't stand these drama queens.

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* Buying NX day one. Can't wait for it. ( even though I have to). Wii U is a cool little console with a dozen really awesome and fun games to play.

NX is going to get the 3rd party support that helps the 3DS stay a top it's market....I see the NX outselling the Wii U by at least double.

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* Overwatch isn't fun either though. It gets boring after 2-3 days of playing it. Also the game modes available aren't that fun to play.

There is nothing MOBA about Overwatch game. It is NOT a MOBA. It is a FPS game but your characters have other abilities to use.

* There are NO lanes or lane minions nor is there leveling up during the match, two things which all MOBA's have.

That being said, Uncharted 4's multiplayer l...

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* I refuse to listen to the opinions of anybody from a site called

* Don't they realize nobody is gong to take them seriously with a name like that ?

They must be really into themselves. Seriously telling me what games I should not like ?

What 10 year old wrote this trash ?

* Just looked at the profiles of the people who write for this site......Is this a joke site? like the onion ?

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* Dragon Quest XI for NX please.

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* 15+ futuristic FPS games in the past 5's time for a change in era,scenery & technology.

WW1 = less tech = more skill based = less reliant upon tech = potentially more fun and skillful game.

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* The demo showed off at last years E3 didn't really wow me. It didn't seem like much of a game...or there was much to it, but we also didn't see much.

I'd hate to see this do bad so even though I don't have a PS4, I still want this game to succeed and do really well.

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* I don't own a PS4, but if I did I'd buy The Order 1886 day one. That game....for what it is.....looks like some decent fun with an interesting story/atmosphere. I'd love to see a sequel.

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