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Sonic always had great music...can't wait to play this game eventually.

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* I have a PC,Switch,XB1,PS4,3DS,Vita,PSP .

I never have a gaming drought or low time as there is always some game that interests me about to release or look forward too.

Not that expensive either...I just prioritize gaming over other things, but I don't have to deal with the "console war".

Just appreciate the games you like and have fun with them, regardless of platform.

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Maybe on PS5.

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I picked up the triple pack for FF14 on my PS4 and played it every day for a month.

Enjoyed it a lot, as I hadn't really played an MMO since WoW back in 2004-2007. I haven't played in a month though because my mind is 100% on Destiny 2 and I can't even get into any other games at the moment aside from Fifa 17 a little bit.

Playing FF14 really got me back into the mood for MMO's and made me instantly want Destiny 2 that much more.

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How could these developers have ever known who this person is ?

This person has a mental illness.

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or get both if possible.

They are all worth owning.

Most gamestops will get like 10 Switches....give or take a few depending on how much sales your local store pulls in.

They sell out sometimes right away but within the first 4-5 hours is what the workers at Gamestop told me.

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Why the F would you rebrand something that has been a known thing since the 90's ?

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Whatever.....Me and everyone else will be enjoying the heck out of this game.

I played Destiny since day one and never felt disappointed in content even when I never did a Raid or continued with story missions.

One of the funnest gaming experiences I've ever had and while improvements needed to be made, I just don't understand some of the hate towards the game.

Some of you love being a victim.

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uhh you don't quite understand just how many tactical rpgs or tactics strategy games there are do you?

You realize there hundreds of games somewhat similar....right ?

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Hunter Story mode thing is dumb anyways and I'd never play it. I only play offline career mode anyways so I'll most likely get it for XB1 & Switch or maybe I'll get PES 2018 for XB1 & Fifa 18 for Switch.

Either way...this is the best portable soccer game in existence.

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* Fact, a lot of games will run better on XB1X than PS4 PRO. They should....the specs are better.

Just like a lot of games run better on PS4 than XB1...only barely slightly in most cases, but sometimes that matters with certain games or too certain people.

Either way....every handheld or console or PC is worth owning.

Just buy them and have fun.

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I bought the expansion at retail...although I bought the bundle collection as my first dip into FF14 so that is a bit different.

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The issue mainly lies in the core of the game and the dev team.

It's a terrible game with nothing to do that doesn't require much skill. It's boring after like 20 seconds.

The concept was amazing...the delivery....not so much

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Been waiting for this since the 90's. Game looks and sounds really good.

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Most likely Fall 2018

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Destiny 1 had 22-24 missions, and only 45 total between vanilla + DLC in all of Destiny 1.

We are getting 80 in just the base game of Destiny 2, of which, probably 35-40 will be story missions, as there are 50 cut scenes in the game as well.

Ton of content and stuff to do. Hype level is at the max for this game.

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Yea I bought it a while back but only put like 5 hours into it and haven't played since....this makes me want to play again though.

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Dispatches is the worst clickbait site ever

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Can't wait to play this in 2018

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it's more casual than anything. solid game though

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