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Can't wait to play this game. #1.1
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* Sega...What are you doing !?

* Capcom...What are you doing !?

* Square Enix...What are you doing !? #2
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I have Console, Handheld & PC, but I still prefer that a game is Art Style > Realism. #1.9
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Worst EMO article ever. #1.3
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The Only way Transformers will ever be good again is if they go back to the 80's with that art style. #1.1
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3DS + 3rd Party + New Information + Direct = Potential awesomeness.

* Dragon Quest 7 ?
* Final Fantasy Explorers ?
* Dragon Quest 11 ?
* New Fire Emblem Game ? #1.1
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i5 + AMD 7770 + 8GB RAM + Windows 8

BF4 has been working just fine since day one on my computer.

In fact, ALL GAMES have worked on my computer. Every game I've tried on Origins or STEAM or Physical copy New or old has worked FLAWLESSLY on my computer.

* It's most likely your computer....not the game.

Got it from ibuypower and it had 500/500 Positive ratings.

Basically, the combination of the abov... #1.5
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Because most studios aren't as talented as we think they are.

They make stupid easy mistakes that Nintendo's quality control, won't allow, so it's sometimes a bit stricter, and Nintendo doesn't want somebody else screwing up what they built up for the past 30+ years. #1.1.1
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* It's other uses ? REALLY?

I bought my Vita to play these individual games, not go on the internet or whatever.

* Saying stuff like that probably isn't going to make dev's want to make more games for Vita.

* It's such a good handheld too, but it will never get the support that the 3DS is getting.

I have both so o well, but I wish Vita had more games and more variety too.

* How can the same com... #1.2
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Yea I need to play this.

Think I'm going to get an eshop card and get Shovel Knight + Megaman X....Is X2 available as well, I've never played either.

Shovel Knight reminds me of a ton of games I played as a kid, but slightly enhanced for today's gaming. #1.1
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What a BORING game. #1.2
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Nintendo has done there fair share to support the Wii U....and then some. Look at the top 10 selling Wii U games.

9 out of 10 are Published by Nintendo.

* Somebody else needs to step up and grow a pair and take the risk. Nintendo can't make EVERY game for the Wii U.

At this point, 3rd party dev's have no excuse.

It's elitism on part of the Dev's as they want to make SUPER COOL GRAPHICS games, instead of making a... #1.7
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I still like the first one the best too, even though there are a ton of improvements in the other two.

There is a certain charm in the N64 version that is lacking from Melee & Brawl, but I'm getting a sense of it in the new game though.

* I love the Yoshi stages in the N64 version. Crazy fighting in a friendly and peaceful stage with melodic calm appealing music is a cool experience in a fighting game/brawler.

It's a nice contrast t... #1.1
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Somebody is going to learn the hard way that they should have released in August or Maybe Jan/Feb. #1.3
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I was saying THE DEV's should show some class, not about the animated women in the game. #1.5.4
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Shovel Knight 2 with SNES Art Style would be awesome. #3
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Nintendo is keeping Mega man Relevant by putting him in Smash Brothers. They do more for Mega man than Capcom. kind of sad really. #1.4
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This actually looks pretty fun. #1.2
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Awesome. Such a good quality game series. #1.1
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I mean...I play pretty much every genre and sub genre there is or at least have tried them. I'm a pretty open minded gamer, but I don't get how this adds to a game at all or makes it a better game.

It just seems extra pervy for no reason.

Nothing wrong with Beautiful women, I love women, but I mean, at least have SOME class. This is a bit much. #1.5
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