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This looks so good. I used to love 3D platformers on the N64...can't wait to play this.

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* Like the Memory upgrade for N64 but only larger.

They could release NX in 2017 and in 2019 or 2020 release the upgrade for it for $100, that would increase the power of your console.

* ^ What this does is, near the end of a consoles cycle it is usually noticeably outdated.....this will help prevent some of that near the end of the life cycle.

* It will Not Replace Console generations, but it will be something to use in between to keep...

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* Awesome. I love that he lets us know what to possible expect right away and they line up with what I thought anyways.

Now I need to get a PS4 so I can actually play the damn thing.

* For $2,000 though I could have a really nice Synthesizer like a Prophet 08 or something.

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* Street Fighter was built on the average casual gamer and it's only gotten more geared toward the super hard core tournament player.

* Want to know why fighting games aren't as popular as they were in the 90's ? Devs keep making them for about 5 thousand players and ignoring the rest of their potential customers.

* Nobody wants to have to spend months mastering combos just to stand a chance online.

Most people's experienc...

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Awesome hero.

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* My guess is it can play ios/mobile games you would see on phones, but it also can play console games and some dedicated handheld games as well.

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* There is no "best RPG"......there are individual people's favorite RPGs though.

I've only really been playing standard RPGs for about 5-6 years now but my favorite is Dragon Quest 9.

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* Yea it's really not healthy to be this obsessed with anyone.

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* I think initially it may turn some people off because it's not what they wanted.....but the more we all think about the possibilities and "what ifs" about the games that could be on the NX I think that will excite people more.

I try and stay positive with all gaming related news and console launches.

I'd prefer a standard console but we know it won't be that.

I still want separate gaming libraries though for the ...

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Battlefield 4, the game prior to Battlefield 1 released on October 29th 2013.

There goes your "every year" argument.

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For me it's this, Dragon Quest 7&8 3DS & Dragon quest XI 3DS/PS4/NX

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* Not sure if my PC..or more specifically my graphics card is good enough. AMD 7770 HD. Might get a PS4 for this game.

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* N64 - The games that were classic, are still some of the best at doing what they do, even though they were released back in the 90's. Mario 64, Pilot Wings 64, Wave Race and plenty of others are still as good as you can get for those types of games.
Also, it was a dedicated local-multiplayer gaming console that is largely responsible for FPS shooters being as popular as they are because of games like Goldeneye 007 & Perfect Dark.

Love the N64.

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Naruga will never own a business that would be successful.

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* I bought it for $5 on Steam Summer sale like 2 years ago, and only played for like an hour. Haven't gone back to it since.

I just haven't been in the mood to play that Type of RPG, so it doesn't have any interest to me. I'm sure I'm missing out on a great game, but wouldn't be the only one.

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* What a terrible title....Nintendo actually has done this...many times.

Nice try "Journalist".

That being's good to at least see Sega acknowledge the 2D era and how much is means to the franchise.

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* Dragon Quest 7&8 3DS + Dragon Quest XI = can't wait to play these games.

Thank you Square-Enix.

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* You could change something a thousand times and somebody new will always be offended.

You aren't supposed to let those types of people control things....but some companies have weak leadership.

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* Sign in once every 5 years to maintain/keep gamertag. That is very reasonable and nobody should be complaining about that.

* One time every half-decade you need to take like 1-2 minutes out of your life and sign into XBL........= If you can't do this, and complain about it.....You are the problem.

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* This game & The Division looked like the most bland generic games ever when they were introduced.

Didn't appeal to me initially...doesn't now as well.

These types of games are useless this gen and serve no purpose because they bring nothing to the table except bland greyness and uninspired ideas.

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