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eww watch dogs 2?

New ip please #1.4
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Everytime I'm in Gamestop, there is a person who is completely clueless, buying something. The Clueless shopper makes up about half their sales. #1.3
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6v6 was normal, Ground War was 9v9.

if 8v8 is normal then maybe they can do 12v12 Groundwar or something. #1.3
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Not even into Naruto but this game looks beautiful. Is it a fighting game or beat em up ? #2
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* So a game that will be released in 3 years, another new IP, and then the 3rd game which will be similar to Dragon's Crown.

Sounds pretty good actually. #2.1
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Just bought this. Downloading it now.

PC version of BF4 has been working fine since Launch for me and since about a month after launch for most.

The Console versions give it a worse rep than it actually deserves, that and the loud cry babies.

The game itself is fine, except for the poor vanilla map inclusion.

These Dragon's Teeth maps look like what should have been in the original game and all the DLC's to begin with... #1.4
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There were female assassins in Brotherhood years ago. Why doesn't anybody else remember this ? #1.3
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This New gen has been ok, but nothing great so far.

It has great potential but not every game will live up to that.

2015 is when we really get to see if this gen is going to be as good as we think it can be.

By 2016 we WILL KNOW. #1.2
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That would be AWESOME! Seriously. #2.3
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Vita has games, but most of those only appeal to like 50,000-100,000 gamers.

The variety isn't really there. There is variety amongst the niche titles but they are all still niche and only appeal to so many people.

I love my Vita, but I've been playing my PSP more lately because there are more games that appeal to me for it that I still need to play or beat.

* Playing Legend of Heroes: Tear of Vermillion last night and I realized ther... #2.2
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Destiny is another solid game in your collection of 20,30,40+ games for this gen.

At least for most people it will be.

Some it may be their favorite, while other's it will be the 14th or 15th best game of the gen they played.

Some won't like it at all, and others it may be the reason they get back into gaming. #1.5
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4 years from now, people will be like " o yea I think I remember that access thing" #1.6
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The original is awesome. Loved that game. #1
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Seems like the same people "trying" the same things year after year.

Next year they will try a new "tactic" to try and get more money, while offering less value.

They do it, EA will try something, so will another company.

If nobody buys it, then it will fail and they will HAVE to think of something better and offer more. #1.1.5
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Back in the 90's, for the most part, you heard about a game or saw a commercial & within 2-3 weeks you coul;d play that game.

You didn't get overhyped because you didn't even know it existed until there was an ad on tv or your friend had the game.

* You got to be like " omg I want this now!"
- But you COULD ACTUALLY have it almost "now".

All the waiting leaves room for talking yourself out of liking... #1.1
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This is the best Sonic game since Sonic 2 or 3.

This is better than Sega's current versions of Sonic. #2.1
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I miss full 100% done games with no patches or DLC or glitches, they just worked and were fun, no BS. #1.2
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PS4 Price cut to $300 = Even more dev's switch to PS4 because of future install base increase. #1.5
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Instant Nostalgia. Game looks good. #1.1
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Al Borlin #1.3
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