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* 2 year dev cycle and two studios working on it, one for main series and one for Horizon.

It's fine. #1.3
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I had it back in the day and liked it but it was difficult.

Game Genie changed that.

Robocop 3 for SNES was way more difficult though, and had just way too many splatterpunks on the screen shooting at you for it to be considered anywhere near fun. #1.1
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Dragon Quest 7,8,11 announcements all in one day.

Today was a good day. #1.2
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* I agree, if you aren't a gamer yourself, you should be an "idea person" within the industry.

Just a money person. #1.2
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No, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 will have it. #1.3
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Gamecube was a great console.

Something that small, yet it was more powerful than a PS2. Awesome console actually, with a great controller and some memorable games.

* They definitely need to go back to the SNES/N64/Gamecube days with the NX and only take the best from the Wii/Wii U era moving forward. #1.10
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NO, $350 or $400 for a PS3 is money well spent...anything more was getting kicked in the nuts and trying to reason why it was actually ok for that to happen. #1.8
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* I think the scaling back in graphics allows the loading to be minimal, the game to run smoother, and the creative building aspect to all function properly and non-glitchy within the game.

* Increasing graphics would lead to one of those not be as good as it could be.

Art style is awesome for this game from what I've seen though, and I've never even played a Fallout game. #1.2
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Kotaku has no shame. #1.5
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* My guess:

* Whoever is in charge at Konami has issues about image and is arrogant.

Somebody at the top is taking time out of their life, to make being involved with this game a living hell, just to spite Kojima and his image.

* The Japanese do not normally do this in their culture so for it to get to this level is = to it being about 2-3x worse here in American business.

* They are really respectful and give anybody, even somebody... #1.5
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* 20 Million in first year ?

To do that they would need a Console more powerful than PS4.

* It would be the most powerful console and 3rd parties would actually make games for it then, because fan demand would be there.

* To assume 20 million sales in a market where games sell consoles, this would mean they have a solid amount of games releasing with the console day 1 or within the first 1-2 months.

I hope this prediction of theirs... #1.4
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Sick of seeing that Red & Blue jersey on a Fifa cover over and over and over and over again.

I know messi is the best but can we get a pic of him in some warm up gear or street clothes.

Ugly Kits..and at this point it's been on like 10 Fifa covers... #1.1
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ewww 100/100.

Do people who review games even understand the meaning of the word perfect ?

If even one thing isn't as good as it could be, the thing/product/whatever ceases to be perfect, because it LITERALLY can't be perfect if there are any imperfections.

100/100 implies perfection and this will just almost never happen.

* It's sad that our country is starting to accept BS like this without calling it out for wh... #1.1
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* They need to do what Guerrilla games did and just make a completely new IP, and one that isn't reliant upon other people's source material. #1.4
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* The same people that say those things to women are the same ones that say the same stuff to men.

Troll is a troll and will troll anybody.

Men just usually move on with their lives because nobody will give us sympathy for it. #1.1
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* So we get a game featuring Han Solo + Boba Fett ?

Awesome! #1.2
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* Breaking News: SonyCube Won & Microstation 4 are selling like Hot cakes....or whatever the Chinese equivalent to hot cakes are. #1.1
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* I like the look of the characters + the music better than Mighty NO.9 already. #1.2
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* If Nintendo launches NX with a ton of games, the future of the NX will be bright.

* It's literally the most important thing in year 1 of any console.

It needs games... a variety, and good ones. New IP's.

* It will be as powerful as XB1& PS4 at least, so the graphics complaints go out the window and so does the 3rd party dev excuses.

^ That problem gets eliminated immediately once that is done.

Next... #1.3
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* Nintendo is my favorite video game company, but I can't stand to see them do this to themselves.

* They need to be grown men & women and admit to their faults, mistakes, and then move forward with the NX.

* I wouldn't make a single new game for the Wii U

* Keep all the games for NX, so when it releases, there are like 20-30 games day one.

Games sell consoles. If NX ships with a huge library of actual good games... #1.5
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