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Capabilities include dual screen, which allows you to clear up a lot of space and have things like a map or items on the bottom at all times.

Not just graphical capabilities. #1.5
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Can't wait to play this.

Been waiting for a new good shooter to get into and the past few in 2013,2014 haven't really been that great.....

So the potential to get that + have it be Star Wars is awesome.

* We get to play the best representation of battles in a Star Wars game ever from the original trilogy, and then we will get to play games based on the new movies as well.

Not sure how you all can complain, unless you just w... #1.3
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Shiny - I'm going to make my job, commenting about your job. I'm going to make videos all about you doing your job, and I'm going to make money off of it.

Off of YOUR hard work.

Still cool with it ? #2.6
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Banjo-Toads-Kazooie #1.2
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* You guys don't get it do you?

This is the mutliplayer Battle game.

* They are making a separate game for Space Battles, and yet another game for the single player experience.

Take a step back and connect the dots.

Look at at the overall picture when you think about this.

NONE of this stuff is just happening. It's all well thought out and planned well ahead of time.

* They have Main... #2.2
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I actually wasn't interested in Single Player for this game because they are making another Star Wars game specifically for that.

* Resources and time to the single player takes away from the mulitplayer. #1.8
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Trying to sucker younger gamers who don't know any better into a Hilary vote.

LOL Nice Try.

This is a first level Political Move. Not even an advanced scumball move yet. Those are saved for closer to election. #1.1
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Bayonetta.....that style of gameplay is VERY NICHE.

Not hating on it, it's just a game almost nobody plays...or a game style.

It's still a worth and legit genre, but it just doesn't get played much, therefore 157,000 copies of that particular style or type of game, isn't really that bad.

It's actually decent.

I'm not into that style or that game and probably won't even play it, but it didn't do... #1.7
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* I still think Nintendo will have this:

* New Console

* New Handheld

* NX

3 separate devices, and I think the NX will focus on mobile while Handheld + console will connect to each other. #1.2
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Wesker ..... How do YOU know ?

What makes it "junk status"

Are you sure your not just hating on a game ?

It's like you WANT it to be bad?

I wonder if that is it..

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm #1.5
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PC version depends on your graphics card + future mods will increase the difference between the two.

It's always been a good looking game, even on Xbox 360 & PS3. #1.5
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* If you own STEAM, you own it because you've bought a game.

If that game was at least $5, your covered.

Please know facts. #1.7
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Give it some time. I'm sure Battlefront will overtake it once E3 is here and we finally see gameplay footage.

Battlefront has outside video games potential to lure in non FPS players. #1.3
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Just downloading this now.

Had it for Xbox 360.

* Time to start wars with Cruising Biker Crews. #1.3
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It's not, but luckily some of us also own a XB1 or PS4. or PC. #2.13
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Fanboys and liberals who don't care about facts, who want to create their own truth. #2.2
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Uncharted is about turning humans into monsters ?


Amy Pascal probably loves it. #1.3
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That or Polygon. #2.2
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* Disney & Lucas Films are involved with this game and also are in the movie industry.

* Microsoft is not in the movie industry.

* Sony is in the movie industry & games industry.

This is a business decision via connections from within the movie industry.

Anybody else see this ? #1.3
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@ sizeofyou - STOP LYING to everyone.

FACT: It won't be ready for launch.

* You get Battle of Jakku + 2 multiplayer maps for FREE.

You get to fight the battle of jakku, and then watch the aftermath of said battle about two weeks later in theaters.

That is awesome IMO.

* They aren't "tricking you".

Your delusional, you fail to assess reality correctly, and your outright lying... #1.1
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