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Stop guys.

They are removing Fifa 14. It's not needed as Fifa 15,16,17 are all on there too and are much better games.

Stop hating just to hate.

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Can't wait to play this. 1 week away.

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"leagues" stop....just stop. Nobody who is sane is believing that.

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So basically the game isn't releasing until 2020...possibly even 2021, which means next gen, which is good for the visuals and what they want to do.

I think rather than a single player focused story, they want to give us the options of experiencing the game as many different types of people within the Star Wars universe.

So maybe options like an RPG, but with maybe a more action focus.

Like what if people just want to bounty hunt or...

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It's like what they did with Forza 5. The had to re-set/re-start with HD visuals so they had to re-scan all the cars and only had like 180 in the first game and more with the others, so I'm assuming the next GT will have even more.

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MVGeneral. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better or strokes your ego, but you are wrong. Factually wrong.

They just improved production to 2 million units a month + their deal with China insures they keep on selling for at least another 1-2 years.

Nice try.

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Switch has better games in it's first year and more of them than either PS4 or XB1 had in their first year.

That is all we can compare it to and the first year isn't even over yet. Not even close really.

You can disagree, but you'd be lying to yourself.

After year 2-3 is when PS4 really started pumping out games.

Just wait until year 2-3 of Switch to make that comparison.

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Go play Robocop 3 for SNES. Splatter Punks will destroy you. Good luck getting based stage 3.

Way harder than Dark Souls.

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Basically one games fanbase doesn't like them. They want everybody else who plays games to hate Konami at the same level they do.

The problem is this......most video gamers are Not Kojima fanboys and don't even worry or think about this stuff.

Konami still makes PES and it's a solid franchise and they still hold the rights to some of my favorite past games like Suikoden, Sunset Riders & Mysitcal Ninja

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I agree. Botw is an amazing game but it felt like because of how awesome all the stuff within felt like a building block.... a stepping stone towards a much more ambitious game the next time around.

I have a feeling next LoZ game we will see a slightly smaller world by about 20%, but with more stuff to do within it and packed with content.......more like how Super Mario Odyssey a mix between the two.

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I own all 3 and I'm not jealous of any other group of people.

We all get awesome games to play no matter if you own a Switch,XB1 or PS4.

All are worth owning but mostly for different reasons.

All have pros and cons of owning.

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If true....done with Naughty Dog.

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Pretty good for a niche racing game.....which is itself a niche genre within gaming.

Most people don't understand that selling 200k copies of a game isn't really bad.

People see a few EA games & GTA sell millions and expect all games to do that.

Plenty of games will sell 20,000-40,000 units weekly or even monthly and still get buy and make a profit.

6d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment can't own a gameplay style.

Nintendo doesn't own 3D platformers just because they were the first to do it.

Technically according to their logic, Nintendo could sue anybody who makes a 3D game that isn't in 2D on console.

Blizzard.....get over yourself. Overwatch isn't even that great.

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A lot of things are done first.....but not always to a high quality.

Nintendo took this idea and actually made it work in reality.

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That's cool....I'll be taking my sweet time with this game and savoring every moment of it. Been waiting for it since 1996/97. If the game takes 20 hours to beat....I'll take 30-35 just because.

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* If you plan on getting a Switch without a Micro SD card, you aren't living in reality.

It's a basic requirement.......we needed memory cards in the 90's........You Playstation people needed them for your rpgs...

It was fine then but not now because it's Nintendo ?

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install based on PS4 is too large for this not to sell well.

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If Wargroove sells well, maybe Nintendo will take notice and bring back Advance Wars

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Bring back the Nintendo seal of approval to filter out the trash games....or something similar.

I love options but a lot of indie devs aren't trying to hard and are just cash grabbing and making super simple games that don't push gaming forward or go in new directions.

The ones that stand out deserve the praise most of the time.

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