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* Nintendo IS showing off a bunch of games....their booth is a big as Sony's this year at E3.

* Nintendo's only PLAYABLE game at E3 will be Legend of Zelda.

They are still showing off unannounced games and other games we've heard of but haven't seen yet. They just won't be playable.

Stop with all this trollish doom and gloom stuff. It makes YOU look bad, not Nintendo.

* If you are going to complain a...

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* 8 Character classes to choose from
* Bright colorful world like BL2, but with even more variation in landscapes and locations. 3 Planets to quest on.
* Have guns work like in BL1, when you could find a nice AR and use it for 15-20+ levels if you wanted to. It made getting an awesome gun actually feel awesome. AR's in BL2 weren't as good.
* Long term side story quests that eventually tie into the main quest and have some purpose to the overall story.

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* That is how this site/industry is now though. When Legend of Zelda is delayed "it's bad", but when Horizon is delayed "It's great"......makes no sense.

* Some people just want to gloat about Sony and bash anything Nintendo and then there are alot of us in the middle who just want all the games for all the companies to be good.

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* Nintendo said Legend of Zelda for Wii U is the only PLAYABLE game that will be at E3.

* Nintendo's E3 booth is a big as Sony's......They will still be showing a lot of new stuff at just won't be playable.

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* Good they got it fixed. Controllers should last a long time. All my NES/Sega Genesis/N64 controllers still work...All my gamecube and Dreamcast controllers & Xbox & Xbox 360 controllers still work.

Glad Sony owned up to it and fixed it. I don't own a PS4 but people who do own a PS4 deserve a great controller.

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* They get March 2017 Launch + E3 hype build up in E3 2017 + Holiday season 2017 all within that one year for them.

By launching in march 2017, it gives them time to work out a good release order for these games.

Instead of 5-6 games November 2016, we get 10-12 games in March 2017 + the next releases will be 4-5 months closer to completion and release than they would be with a November 2016 release.

* So rather than getting games at No...

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* Don't care what other people think....I like what I like and I love video games from all developers. Nintendo just happens to be my favorite so I'm really excited for the NX. I enjoy my Wii U for what it is...a Nintendo machine. Do I wish it had better 3rd party dev support? Yes, but it doesn't so I don't whine about it I just accept it.

* I have a PC,Wii U, XB1, 3DS XL, Vita, & PSP to play games on so I'm not 100% reliant upon the Wii U to give me...

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FAD? Oh like the analog stick ? or shoulder buttons ? or dual shoulder buttons ? or main a,b,x,y buttons on the right side of a controller ?.....

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Not always...just with the Wii & Wii U. Gamecube was more powerful than PS2, and N64 was more powerful than the PS1, so they have a history of also having a top powered console.

* I'm more concerned with games than max power though.

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* I've had at least as much fun on my Wii U as I have on my XB1. XB1 has more games but 80% of them are bland and don't even interest me. Too much generic copying and having just enough content but never anything really great.

Wii U has less games by far, but the highest quality games on the Wii U have been more fun to play for me than the games on XB1 overall.

* Games for Xbox 360 were much more fun to play at this specific point in time within i...

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* Ahh another UK article trying to bash Nintendo somehow.

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* As an XB1 owner I must admit that the PS4 lineup of games is just far better at this point in time. If a lot of these games don't make their way to the Nintendo NX, then I'll definitely get a PS4 at some point for games like Uncharted, No man's sky, Shenmue 3, King of fighters, Street Fighter and others.

* Still really like my XB1 as a console, I just wish the game selection was a bit better and of a wider variety.

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* I really want to play some COD again but the last 3-4 haven't really appealed to me that much.

I'd play MW1 & WaW again if it released for sure.

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* I'm still really excited for the NX. Releasing in March 2017 is not a disappointment for me.

* I play games on PC,WiiU,Xbox One,3DS,Vita,PSP currently so E3 is going to have more than enough for me to get excited for. That and I still get excited for PS4 announcements as well even though I don't own the console.

* Nintendo is still giving us an in-depth look at the new Legend of Zelda game which is definitely worth getting excited for.

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* With Legend of Zelda U being confirmed releasing at the same time as NX, I'm going to sell my Wii U and put that money towards an NX. I'd already sold most of my Wii U games in preparation of the NX launch, but LoZ was the only game I was waiting for.

* I'd rather play it on NX anyways and have it be an awesome launch game for the NX.

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* So many negative Nintendo articles coming out the the UK. I think they are being a bit snobby about Nintendo as a company completely misleading people with all their doom and gloom articles.

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* Even as far back as Late 2015 most of the speculation was that NX would launch in 2017.

Then a few sites started making crap up and speculating that a 2016 was possible and people somehow started thinking it would be fact, when there was no evidence either way.

Now that the March 2017 release is confirmed people want to act all mad and make a big deal out of it.

This was always going to be the launch point for the NX...WE just mislea...

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* It's being delayed so it can release at launch making it an awesome launch release game. If they release the Wii U versions first it would take away sales from the NX version, which is the more important version because it will launch with the new console.

* Also launching at release increases the quality of their launch window games and allows developers more time to finish and polish their games for release.

They would be rushing the NX at 2016 re...

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* BC isn't the same everywhere.

* BC is the best on the 3DS. You get All the 3DS games + 1,000 DS games to play.

* I don't need BC on a console or's just a nice bonus if it includes it and is kind of an after thought if the current console has enough games for it to keep me entertained.

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* They aren't skipping a Holiday just won't be ready for 2016 holiday.

* By releasing in March 2017, they get those initial launch sales + E3 2017 to re-hype newer games + Holiday season 2017 all within one year.

* Also gives developers 4 more months to work on games and should give us more games at launch.

* It sucks for fans having to wait, but it's a smart business decision.

Holidays aren&#...

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