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It is very you couldn't have a soldier doing anything else ?

Why does there always have to be a soldier on the front cover anyway....we know it's a fps war game with soldiers...we've played your games don't have to remind us on the cover.

At the same time...pitchford should shut it and just make Borderlands 3 already.

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* To be fair...his company makes PC games....and x4 ones at that...which have their own niche market.

Gal Civ 3 would be awesome on Switch though.

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* Nintendo gets the small details right that most devs don't focus on.

When you focus on the details at a "Nintendo level" get games like Horizon on PS4. Not many companies get the small details right like Nintendo does, and the developers that do, end up making classics like Nintendo does.

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* The game never looked interesting to me.

I've been an xbox gamer since OG Xbox...owned everyone.

I've never been so disappointed in a selection of games from one console in my entire life.

And that included the Wii U. At least the Wii U gave me like 10-15 really good games.....obviously nothing else besides that but at least it had those 10-15 solid high quality games.

Xbox one doesn't even have that. Th...

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It's called the Disney Afternoon Collection. All these games had cartoon shows on what was called Disney Afternoon, where there were tons of awesome cartoons on every single day and most of them got turned into some kind of video game for the NES/SNES/Sega Genesis and it was awesome.

Most were really high quality games too....or at least not trash games.

The games like Aladdin & Lion King will most likely be included in a separate bundle since tho...

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@Crotaaa "What's fun about Mario Kart single player? Why would you want to play this game on the go?"

^ Are you serious ?

Single player Mario Kart has always been fun....even since the SNES/N64 days.

You make your own fun with games most of the time and some people can have more fun with games than others.

I love playing the single player modes of Mario Kart by myself....but Battle Mode is awesome too.

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Need to play this game.

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Yea it was a logical business decision and a good one. Should help them compete against the Scorpio & Switch a bit, although I don't think anything is stopping the Switch's momentum for a while.

There is room for all 3 companies to succeed and do well, and decisions like this are part of that.

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So many RPGs between psp,Vita,3ds....I'll be playing rpgs on these handhelds for years.

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I own a PS4,XB1 & Switch....definitely been playing the Switch the most lately even the the PS4 games have "better graphics".

I just like games. No time to hate.

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Dude your missing out. Switch is like a Super Vita x5 with a PS4 like library of games (well potentially could have those types of games rather than just Vita/3DS handheld games.....hopefully you get what I'm saying), and ability to play handheld or on TV......

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* Good. I'd rather wait and have the game be good.

We've all scene recently what a rushed game can do for sales/reviews/hype and overall opinion of a game and it's developer.

By waiting this much longer we are also guaranteed to get more content as well. I'd be willing to bet we get a whole new Zone and probably an additional game mode like the multiplayer in Sonic 2 added as well.

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* It's why old Legend of Zelda games were still fun even though the maps weren't that big....they were packed with stuff to do.

Both Botw & Horizon got this write by learning from past games and doing what made sense.

Yea Botw's world is probably larger but both are great games with large great open worlds.

It's about what there is within the world and a few games over the past couple years have really gotten it righ...

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Give us Fantasy Life 2 on the Switch please.

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* It's another solid game. You need large AAA games but you also need games like this as well.

I'd rather have this game than Street Fighter 5.

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* I'd argue that Super Mario Bros. for NES & even Mario 64 were more crowning achievements considering what they did for gaming and the industry as a whole.

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I really liked Sidon. Thought his was well done.

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I've been going to gamestop for 15+ years and I've never had a problem with them...maybe I'm just lucky.

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* So many games for the 3DS to play still.

Like 5-6 games in 2017 I want + all the games I've yet to buy.

I'll personally be playing my 3DS for another 5-6 years at least. Love this system.

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I love Nintendo Directs, but I would prefer Microsoft & Sony do their own thing.

All 3 are different companies.

Can't stand all this "Everybody should be the same" bs that is being pushed lately.

Our whole planet is different.

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