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U.S. has a huge market for handhelds, as the 3DS is the best selling gaming device this gen and the DS is one of the best selling gaming devices of all time.

DS+3DS has a ton of variety. Not just a few games for everyone, but a TON of games for everyone of all different genres and subgenres.

The winning formula is there, but Sony tried to make it a portable PS3/4 and that was a terrible move.

It also has way too many Otaku/Weebo games. #1.6.2
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They figured out a great new direction for AC games in AC4:Black Flag = great pirate game.

The freedom to go to islands, the tropical setting, the characters and story were all a nice change of pace, but then they went back to boring blandness with Unity.

The appeal of this series is gone with me now but I used to love these. Haven't played the newest one because of how much I disliked Unity.

AC needs to evolve into a newer type of game,... #1.2
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Fighting games usually aren't as large as others. They aren't having to render huge 3D worlds all at once. #1.2
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This game is getting some pretty good reviews all around. Might have to try it out eventually. #1
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Dragon Quest XI will be on NX for sure.

They are releasing Dragon Quest 7&8 on 3Ds this year.

Bravely Default & Bravely Second are on the 3DS in the U.S.

They released Dragon Quest Heroes, a niche game within the Dragon Quest world in the U.S.

All signs point to Dragon Quest XI being releasing on the NX...

Nintendo has a great working relationship with Square-Enix right now, and I don't see that s... #1.2
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FFTA2 is one of my favorite games ever. The gameplay style, the options, the art style, the music, the amount of content is all awesome.

Do THAT ^ + make the story better and you have a good selling, appealing game.

FFTA3 please. #1.1
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It's not tricky at all.

Just have a wide variety of appealing games with art styles that are pleasing to look at like on 3DS.

Vita is a great handheld with a poor selection of games.

There isn't enough variety and most of the games released for it in the past 2 years have been cringeworthy teeny bop anime games full of women characters in short skirts with huge boobs.

^ That style only appeals to so many people, and I... #1.6
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Looks like a pretty fun character to use. #1
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Never got to play this one but I loved the show and the NES game where you got to pick between Plucky Duck,Furball & Dizzy Devil.

This game looks fun though. #1.1
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Horizon & Forza are developed by two different development teams and are basically two different series. #1.7.1
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I was talking about the claw special move that is like Wolverines from Marvel vs Capcom 1&2.

No need to get offended, Street Fighter 5 is going to be an awesome game. #1.2.2
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It's an upgraded 3DS XL. Loads and downloads faster, can right games more smoothly, + has the best colored screen of all 3DS.

The old 3DS XL had a yellowish tint, this has pure whites, and more true colors.

There are benefits.

I only had the regular 3DS, I was looking for an upgrade to a 3DS XL, and the NEW 3DS XL, was the obvious's much better than the old one.

THAT was it's intended purpose.
... #1.1
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Street Fighter 2: Special Championship Edition was my first Sega Genesis game I ever owned.

Christmas 1993 was awesome. #1.1
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Nice, looks like a fun game. #1.1
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Beautiful art style. #1.1
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I actually enjoy the Forza Horizon series now more than the actual regular Forza series, though both are good.

I love the freedom in Horizon 2. It makes it easy to pick up and play and just drive around and do whatever getting to race or enjoy whatever care I want.

I've still yet to beat Horizon 2 though. I'll play for a few days, then take 2-3 months of and do the same again. It's always just as fun as the first time and never gets old. Most like... #1.6
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I really like my Xbox One but I only own a few games for it and there are only so many that interest me.

At this point after the release in the Xbox 360's lifespan I'd played more Xbox 360 games, and same for the original Xbox.

There are games for the Xbox One, but there are a ton that just don't interest me at all.

I've actually played more games and enjoyed more games on the Wii U so far, but even that only has so many games th... #1.11
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Perfect Dark Zero on Xbox 360 had bots though so I actually had some fun playing it on the different maps.

I think it only seems bad in comparison to the N64 game and expectations were so high.

Super Mario Land is actually a pretty decent quality game with it's own play's different in the way that Mario Bros. 2 for NES was different. #1.4
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His hair annoys me and they basically gave him some of Wolverine's moves.

Really uninteresting character. #1.2
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Does mikeslemonade even like or play video games, or does he just come onto this site to make fun of every game in existence?

What a pathetic life.

TP is one of my least favorite LoZ games but it still looks pretty good for an HD remake of a Gamecube game.

Not as good as Wind Waker but still decent enough. #1.1.4
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