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* It is Disptaches.....just move along people.....they offer nothing to this world.

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* Literally just got back from Gamestop about 10 minutes ago and had a great experience.

Find a good location...My main store closed but I had been going there since 1999-2000...I found another good one right up the road and have been there for 2 years now and haven't had a bad experience yet.

* In 16-17 years going to Gamestop I've had only 1 bad experience.

Some of you whine way too much.

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* PES is still a really good series so at least they have that.

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* More so now probably than at launch with added maps/content and a lower price.

I didn't want it at first but I kind of do now so I might get it used when we get closer to Rogue One releasing in theaters.

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* Simcity ( the new one) seems ok until you play Cities: Skylines.............then you see all the complaints people had of Simcity and they start to make more sense.

* To be fair though....I personally thought Mighty No.9 looks terrible from the first time it was shown...

All those stupid huge numbers flying around everywhere every time you hit an enemy is a distracting and a terrible design/art choice.

It has no character or charm com...

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* I'm not impressed with the XB1 lineup compared to the OG xbox & 360.....there have been some good games here and there but I think the 2nd half of the XB1's life cycle will be better than the first.

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* I showed Forza Horizon 2 to 5-10 people who don't really play games or play racing games.....had them try it out and they said it was the most fun racing game they had ever played.

Some of these people even had some top PS2/3/4 racing games as well...

It's just one of those games that is fun for almost everyone.

* Sucks PS4 owners don't get to experience it,as I know they'd like it, but at least they get Grand Turismo ...

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There will be more than 3-4 towns.

Each area will have at least one and the so will the smallest starting spot, which is about 10% as big as some other areas.

I'm thinking something like 10-15 towns, but only like 4-5 are larger towns with some being smaller little villages.

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* I still have only about 50-60% of FH2 beat. I'll probably never accomplish everything in game before FH3 arrives.

The best part....I can keep both games they will feel like individual games.....FH3 doesn't replace just compliments it.

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* Dragon Quest 7&8 3DS & Dragon Quest 11 for PS4/3DS/NX

* Legend of Zelda: BotW....while still an Action Adventure game, it creeps slightly closer to RPG territory with the newest version of the game......but still remains mostly and mainly an action adventure game.

* Mass Effect Andromeda

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ehhh..already have Halo Wars, & you'd have to pay me to play FF13....I don't like zombie games so to me this list doesn't do much for me, but I'm sure others will love these games to play.

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* Dev releases better version of game = gamers get mad at developer

* Dev releases same version with no upgrades = Neo/Scorpio users get mad at devs, Sony & Microsoft and wonder what is the point of the new hardware and more powerful system.

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* I'm not interested in VR now, but most likely will be in about 10 years when it's really awesome.

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* I watched the initial trailer and the first treehouse segment with bill playing for like 5-10 minutes.

After that, I've not watched anymore gameplay videos aside from a few random clips that were maybe 2-3 seconds each.

I want as much of this game to be new to me as possible.

I plan on putting 100-200 hours into this game easily.....Definitely getting the NX version though.

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* MvC3 had some awesome characters but then there were characters like female wolverine and she-hulk that made no sense.......and left Ken out ? like what ?

* MvC4 needs to have a HUGE roster. Basically MvC2 + MvC 3 roster = MvC 4 + maybe 5-10 other new characters.

* Also can we get a Capcom vs Nintendo game as well....that would be epic.

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* Maybe it's because in the last year there has been a breakthrough in tech for CPUs & GPUs.

* They hinted to us the gamers back in 2011 that this gen will be a "stop gap" type of gen that is just treading water until the tech advancements allow them to really push things in the new direction they are going.

* Things changed drastically in what can be put on a chip and the prices have decreased enough to make this possible now.

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* Whiny liberals who can't have their way turn a 1/10 issue into a 10/10 because they aren't actually good at their job.

What a trash article.

* I feel bad for the 10-15 real honest journalists out there still doing their job properly and being lumped in with these idiots.

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* Just because somebody doesn't buy the game the first week, doesn't mean they won't buy it at all.

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* I agree. I really want them to come back. So much more fun to collect them and the cover art was always nice as well.

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* Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild so far reminds me of Wind Waker on all the best ways.

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