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Reminds me of Legend of Zelda + Action RPG.

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PS4 & Xbox get to do it....Vita & 3DS get too...PC's get to.....Why not the Switch?

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Yea the more I see about it the less excited I am to play....especially going 4v4 instead of 6v6 in multiplayer matches...

Anthem is looking more and more appealing by the day.

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@DaDrunkenJester - To be fair....the fog in Turok 64 is what made the atmosphere of that game and what made it kind of scary at times.

You never knew when another dino was about to pop out at you around the corner. Seeing raptors charge at you from out of the fog on the first level was kind of intense back in 1996/7.

Removing the fog ruined that aspect of the game and made it more generic IMO.

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I've heard it has possibility of coming to Switch and maybe PS4/XB1 as well.

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Arms + Street fighter 2 + Pokken Tournament DX is why Smash wasn't at E3.

Smash would overshadow all of those and they are trying to establish these franchises,\

This way these IP's get a fair shot at as much exposure as possible, and then Smash is the huge game for 2018....or one of them.

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Good to know. Been waiting for this game since the 90's.

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I own both so not triggered, but it was immature and foolish, and not a very professional thing to do. Nobody really likes bragging and boasting....It's one of the quickest ways to get people to resent and dislike you.

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This game looks absolutely awesome. Really interested in playing this. Ships inside of ships....monkey jetpacks...c'mon ..this is awesome.

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Things won't be how we want them to be this gen because of CPU.

PS4 Pro & XB1 can only look so much better.

I'm more excited for the PS5 and the next xbox after well as the Switch right now.

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* More games up front allows it to gives people incentive to buy the Switch because of the games already on it.

More people will have a Switch be new to them throughout 2017 and into 2018 so they will have games to play.

2018 could be just as good a year...not a Mario or Zelda, but more games overall and a few like Fire Emblem, and a possible new IP as well.

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So that is why it keeps happening. I just started playing today on PS4 for the first time and it's happened like 5-6 times.

Worse problem is the flickering while moving within the game on PS4. Is anyone else experiencing that ? Like the foliage and lighting shading is flickering and pulsing like a strobe.

Makes the game unplayable.

Is it like this on PC ?

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No 3ds is it's own version.

Switch version would be like the PS4 version but probably just tinkered with and altered a bit to fit the Switch's specs better.

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Same here. I want to play this on PS4/Switch & 3DS.

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* Exactly. For me I get to play Destiny & Anthem now. I'll have two awesome fun games to play and sink time into and will always have something to play weather they are my main game or just become the side game I play until the next game I want is released.

They both look like a lot of fun.

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I don't play games for achievements anyways. I can create my own in my mind if I need to give me some new incentive to play.

Can't wait to play Crimson Skies online multiplayer again. Never thought I'd be able to again once they shut it down.

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Balance is key. Industry needs a healthy dose of both single and multiplayer driven games. Offline & online driven games.

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* This site never write accurate articles about any gaming company ever. They've done the same to Sony & Microsoft as well.

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eww fatality...what a loser

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One of my most wanted to play games now. Looked amazing and it's the game that made me want an XB1X even though I have a XB1 already.

Mario Odyssey still excited me more than this, but this game looks awesome.

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