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Been playing on Xbox & PC for a while now.

It's very well made and tons of fun.

Every Character truly plays differently and it's a nice fast paced moba that doesn't drag on forever + that art style is beautiful. #1.2
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* Article from Polygon on FRONT PAGE of Yahoo right now.

You can't comment on it ( of course), so America gets to read ONLY THEIR Side of the story, which is LEAVING OUT FACTS.

* I said it 2-3 days ago but I wasn't sure.

Polygon + Yahoo are in this together and are at the forefront of this.

They just outed themselves.... #1.3
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Journalist or not, Your a Human Being.

As a Human, your NOT SUPPOSED TO LIE. #1.2
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I don't like scary games, but this does interest me.

I'll get it when it's a low enough price for me. #1.2
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It's kind of odd because I was always really into COD amongst other games, but Ghosts looked terrible so I tried Battlefield 3 on xbox 360.

Loved the game and was surprised on what I was missing out on. It felt fresh..

* Then comes BF4 and I'm really excited for it, but then it was just kind of boring. It was also kind of fun, but not at the level I thought it would be.

* COD:AW = I haven't been this pumped for a COD game since MW2.
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Look at all you guys arguing with each other over who's gaming machine is better.

They have you right where they want you.

You FELL FOR IT. #1.2
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The worst thing.....is that it's "gaming" sites, ripping on gamers.

Do they expect those same "gamers" to continue to go to their sites ?

* Journalists with NO skill take the easy road.

They never try and uncover the real truth, by asking questions.....they just try and create the truth.

Should be illegal honestly.... #1.3
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People who are Offended at things, attempt to grant themselves some kind of authority over everyone else because of _______________Reason.

* Maybe we could try being offended at crappy journalism and it's effect on people's opinions on things. #1.1.3
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To me, 60 FPS matters more than 1080p.

720 would be noticeable, but 900 looks almost identical to 1080p....but slightly worse.

* 60 fps is VERY noticeable compared to 30 fps, more so than 900p is to 1080p. #1.5
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Timesplitters 2 had so many awesome multiplayer maps and characters.

Loved that game. Still have it for GC. #1.2
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These sites keep lining themselves up one by one and basically admitting.....

" Hey we are terrible journalists. There are actual interesting things we could be talking about, but we'd rather just stick to the same garbage and trick you into thinking an issue exists, when it doesn't. "

Another one off the list, that I'll never go to. #1.2
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Have PES 2014 on PC, and I'm fine playing that for now.

I'll get PES 2015 or Fifa 15 once they drop and I decide which I like more. #1.1
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Barto-la-mi/may Ron-ski #2.6
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* Captain Toad: Treasure Track - Sleeper Hit

* Smash Brothers

* Xenoblade Chronicles X

* Bayonetta 1-2

* Other 2015 Surprises.

Wii U is missing the big guns, but has some true hidden gems. #1.4
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Maybe they should scale the 30,000 people back to 20,000 #1.1
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I would love to see:

* Dragon Quest 11 = 3DS
* Dragon Quest 12 = Wii U, PS4 & XB1

* Dragon Quest 8 HD Remake = Wii U, PS4, XB1 & Vita

* Dragon Quest Tactics = 3DS/Vita

* Dragon Quest 7 = 3DS N.A. Localization #1.1
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Back like 10-15 years ago there used to be like 20+ different racing games.

Everyone cared more about having fun then mind blowing graphics.

If you have a PS4 Driveclub is probably a good driving game that could have been better.

There doesn't just have to be one good game of each kind....that is foolish.

This game looks like it could be pretty good. #1.2
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Level-5.....Remember when you had good games like Dragon Quest 8, Dragon Quest 9, Jeanne D arc ???? #1.2
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* Harassment is not cool......EVER.

* Lying about harassment is EVEN LESS COOL.

* If there are 100 FACTS in a story, and your picking and choosing to only present 5-10 of them, then that is NOT HONEST.

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Omg this game looks and sounds like a ton of fun.

I'm in..... #2
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