im happy playing edgeworld


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And mo' betta performance, res, fps, aa n' effect is better, there be a no way round dis shit. Im definitely gettin it on tha PS4

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Thatz tha history of MS consolez - MS lays on tha exclusives pretty thick up in tha beginnin courtin stages. Then straight-up neglects yo' needz as time goes on makin you feel unloved ta tha point where you find yo ass up in tha armz of another console!

Seriously though, Sony has a pimped out history of providin a phat stream of qualitizzle exclusives as well as providin a phat VARIETY of gamin experiences.

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As a cold-ass lil core gamer I spit up in yo' face, microsizzles.Yo ass may win back tha domeless sheep but not mah dirty ass.Give me a game like TLOU,Heavy Rain,Beyond:Two Souls,(basically anythang but a mindless blasta wit a generic story)and I may consider lettin you back tha fuck into mah livin room.Show me dat you also wanna cater ta mo' intelligent playas n' not just 12 year olds,bro dudes n' casual gamers.

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maybe they have 5 xbones

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wow this game is LAME!! they took out japanstudio and is nothing like demonsouls.
in Demonsouls you had enemies since the beginning of the game , the dude just walks half a mile into the game and you dont see any enemies...that is messup.

and i finish DS and the first darkS glad i pass on this one.

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thas because all microsoft do is troll their fan base and you guys bend over happily.. But this is sony we talking about here NOT ms you can bet your ass they will have games.

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haha sony is beating MS with out a camara bundle so my is following sony like always thas all.

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OMG why CANT some people accept the FACTS!

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i care because im not wasting my time and money supporting a pos.

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i dont need to waste money supporting a pos

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behold in the clouds we see the secret sauce coming down us.

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there is a lot ass on those games

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but but we have clear skys now , no more cloud

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why would they if microsof is trolling

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and ....that how you flip a switch
next flip coming soon.

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you are right , thats why i dont have any lag.[after i trade that pos game]

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care to show some backup to your claims ..if not then stfu with the lies and deal with it

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dont care, I have a pc right now and infamous in march

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lol that is from 3days ago when they lauch the ps4

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well said gold start for you

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