im happy playing edgeworld


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i try download that demo i could never find it in the store..

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hahahaha lmao

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Hell yea they were so excited they had to call the clean up crew to clean all the cum.

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Phil Spencer took mattrick place as the new mS stooge

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is alright the bots are having more fun navigating the menus and talking to their tvs

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some retards i tell you.. Who is calling men gods ? they saying naughty GODs retard no men gods lol

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reality is settling in

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Get on the choppa!

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The Truth.

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arrogance and lies of MS show no limit

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the truth hurt right ..?


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i own both systems and now i use glasses bz there is a difference.

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Finalfantasy13 after the 2nd day was feeling mad at SE for that garbage of game.

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there is not variety in games any more is the same old crap

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Why, biatch? Because Sony done cooked up a GAME CONSOLE n' Microsizzlez done cooked up a DRM infested multimedia box wit NSA thugged-out cameras. Because Sony hardware is up ta 50% mo' bangin naaahhmean, biatch? Because instead of sayin "just wait fo' tha Juice of tha Cloud" (TM), Sony straight-up delivers SHIPPING game dat look mo' betta n' play mo' betta on they hardware. Because Sony has DOUBLE tha number of game available. Because Sony aint had ta constan...

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with the kinect the cloud, dx13 and a 50% gpu unlock

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oh shiznit justin biber is back

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@someoneelse...Numbers is not up yet fo' sales.. tha Xbox is NOT up yet up in Japan.. There is NO numbers dat indicate LARGE preoprder numbers except tha Xbox bein up in tha top 10 or so up in tha Japanz amazon. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. I be bout ta wait fo' straight-up legit numbers rather than you sayin they "CRUSHING" it based off preorders. Da Ps4 was "crushing" it fo' preordaz n' look where itz at=pimpin round 7-8k/week. I b...

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